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East Canton Cross Country Invitational
East Canton High School
Wednesday, 08-31-2016, 4:30 PM

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Baumspage Event

Current year: 2016

East Canton Cross Country Invitational
East Canton High School
Wednesday, 08-31-2016, 4:30 PM
Additional Information09-01-2016, 9:47 AM - Using the back-up times, it appears that the top 9 MS boys' times were missed or did not dump into hy-teck. So, The 10th place boy really had the first place time shown. The top 10 times were: 1) 11:44, 2)11:50, 3)12:33, 4)12:34, 5)12:41, 6)12:45, 7)12:49, 8)12:51, 9)12:52. Accurate times should be found by just moving your kids "up" accordingly.

Girls' Middle school had a similar problem, but the rain damaged the back-up as well, so times are not so "clear cut". The top 9 times for the girls appear to be around: 1)12:52, 2)13:06, 3)13:21, 4)13:38, 5)13:46, 6)13:55?, 7)14:06?, 8)14:20's, 9)14:30's. Again, all places and scores should be OK, just move your kids times up 9 places.

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