2005 Franklin Junior High Wrestling Tournament
January 8, 2004

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2005 Franklin Junior High Scores
 1. Franklin                  225.0
 2. Miami Trace               197.0
 3. Eaton                     174.5
 4. Carlisle                  123.0
 5. Wayne                      79.0
 6. Madison                    52.5
 7. Verity                     23.0
 8. Emmanuel Chr.               4.0

First Place
   80: Cody Neff(Miami Trace) maj. dec. Bo Maggard(Eaton) 13-0
   86: Cody Rider(Eaton) pin Ben Sizemore(Franklin) 4:03
   92: Jacob Garringer(Miami Trace) pin Anthony Windsor(Wayne) 0:27
   98: Eric Hildabrand(Franklin) pin Jermichael Lampley(Wayne) 0:40
  104: Jacob Cook(Miami Trace) dec. Seth Moore*FR(X1) 6-1
  110: John Kopeckey(Franklin) dec. Tommy Armstrong(Miami Trace) 10-8
  116: Cody Washington(Carlisle) maj. dec. Devin Renner(Eaton) 16-8
  122: Dan Remakalus(Eaton) dec. Jeff Morris(Madison) 6-3
  128: Jake Snivley(Franklin) pin Jeff Dunaway(Miami Trace) 2:51
  134: Sam Gauze(Franklin) dec. Tyler Downing(Wayne) 11-5
  142: Jimmy Eddleman(Miami Trace) pin Darrel Bishop(Eaton) 1:19
  150: Kevin Axline(Miami Trace) pin Mike Shuler(Carlisle) 1:09
  160: Brandon Wood(Franklin) pin Derek Thomas(Eaton) 1:14
  172: Steven Dilley(Miami Trace) dec. Zack McKnight(Carlisle) 4-2
  230: Chris Saporito(Franklin) pin Nick Jackson(Eaton) 4:08

Third Place
   80: Ty Fisher(Carlisle) pin Brandon Crowe*EA(X1) 0:39
   86: Bo Mace(Verity) pin Zach Henry*EA(X1) 0:52
   92: Brandon Fuhr(Franklin) dec. Cory Anthony(Carlisle) 2-0
   98: Colt Ward(Miami Trace) pin Tyler Stebelton(Carlisle) 3:07
  104: Anthony Kitchens(Franklin) dec. Shea Hake(Eaton) 5-3
  110: Tyler Crowe(Eaton) dec. Danny Hasty(Carlisle) 16-14
  116: Eric Roach(Franklin) pin Chris Stegll(Verity) 1:59
  122: Mike Pope(Carlisle) pin Jonathan Gross*FR(X1) 3:28
  128: Austin Hawley(Eaton) pin Marc Miller(Madison) 1:47
  134: Kyle Bartlett(Carlisle) dec. Darin Abner(Eaton) 4-3
  142: Jake Flack(Franklin) pin Ron Jeter(Wayne) 1:05
  150: Jonathan Valentine(Franklin) pin Jordan Schenck(Madison) 0:54
  160: Kolby Watkins(Madison) dec. Devin Davis(Miami Trace) 6-4
  172: Kevin Ritchie(Franklin) pin Jacob Rudisill(Eaton) 1:23
  230: Anthony Pyle(Wayne) pin Justin Hall(Miami Trace) 2:51

Consolation Semifinal
   80: Ty Fisher(Carlisle) pin Michael Windsor(Wayne) 1:18
       Brandon Crowe*EA(X1) advanced with bye
   86: Bo Mace(Verity) pin Dylan Hall(Wayne) 2:01
       Zach Henry*EA(X1) advanced with bye
   92: Brandon Fuhr(Franklin) dec. Joe Stuart(Eaton) 2-0
       Cory Anthony(Carlisle) advanced with bye
   98: Tyler Stebelton(Carlisle) advanced with bye
       Colt Ward(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
  104: Shea Hake(Eaton) dec. Luke Stebelton(Carlisle) 4-1
       Anthony Kitchens(Franklin) maj. dec. Cody Trent(Verity) 15-1
  110: Danny Hasty(Carlisle) pin Jesse Sizemore*EA(X2) 2:04
       Tyler Crowe(Eaton) dec. David Holland(Wayne) 10-9
  116: Chris Stegll(Verity) pin Thomas Mann(Madison) 4:49
       Eric Roach(Franklin) dec. Garrett Stickle(Miami Trace) 7-0
  122: Mike Pope(Carlisle) pin Ethan DePugh(Miami Trace) 1:27
       Jonathan Gross*FR(X1) pin Nathan Howard(Wayne) 4:26
  128: Marc Miller(Madison) pin Chris Bilbrey(Wayne) 0:59
       Austin Hawley(Eaton) pin Mark Miller(Verity) 1:49
  134: Darin Abner(Eaton) dec. Alex Sills*EA(X1) 7-0
       Kyle Bartlett(Carlisle) pin Josh Hughes(Madison) 1:48
  142: Ron Jeter(Wayne) pin Colt Hawkins*EA(X1) 1:34
       Jake Flack(Franklin) pin Levi Shearer(Carlisle) 0:22
  150: Jonathan Valentine(Franklin) pin Nick Boomershine(Eaton) 2:00
       Jordan Schenck(Madison) pin Daniel Neal(Verity) 0:20
  160: Kolby Watkins(Madison) pin James Davenport(Verity) 1:29
       Devin Davis(Miami Trace) dec. Matt Kohl(Carlisle) 8-2
  172: Jacob Rudisill(Eaton) pin Stacey Fortney(Madison) 0:37
       Kevin Ritchie(Franklin) pin Jeff Lee(Verity) 1:03
  230: Justin Hall(Miami Trace) maj. dec. Jaye Hood*EA(X2) 12-0
       Anthony Pyle(Wayne) pin Cody Zinck(Carlisle) 0:47

   80: Bo Maggard(Eaton) tech. fall Michael Windsor(Wayne) 17-0
       Cody Neff(Miami Trace) pin Brandon Crowe*EA(X1) 1:46
   86: Cody Rider(Eaton) maj. dec. Bo Mace(Verity) 10-0
       Ben Sizemore(Franklin) pin Zach Henry*EA(X1) 0:48
   92: Jacob Garringer(Miami Trace) pin Joe Stuart(Eaton) 1:12
       Anthony Windsor(Wayne) dec. Cory Anthony(Carlisle) 10-3
   98: Eric Hildabrand(Franklin) pin Tyler Stebelton(Carlisle) 1:17
       Jermichael Lampley(Wayne) pin Colt Ward(Miami Trace) 2:49
  104: Jacob Cook(Miami Trace) maj. dec. Luke Stebelton(Carlisle) 9-0
       Seth Moore*FR(X1) pin Cody Trent(Verity) 0:47
  110: John Kopeckey(Franklin) pin Danny Hasty(Carlisle) 1:26
       Tommy Armstrong(Miami Trace) pin David Holland(Wayne) 1:23
  116: Devin Renner(Eaton) pin Chris Stegll(Verity) 2:15
       Cody Washington(Carlisle) dec. Eric Roach(Franklin) 8-3
  122: Jeff Morris(Madison) pin Ethan DePugh(Miami Trace) 1:03
       Dan Remakalus(Eaton) dec. Nathan Howard(Wayne) 11-8
  128: Jeff Dunaway(Miami Trace) dec. Marc Miller(Madison) 12-9
       Jake Snivley(Franklin) pin Mark Miller(Verity) 0:46
  134: Sam Gauze(Franklin) pin Alex Sills*EA(X1) 1:08
       Tyler Downing(Wayne) pin Kyle Bartlett(Carlisle) 2:59
  142: Darrel Bishop(Eaton) pin Ron Jeter(Wayne) 1:11
       Jimmy Eddleman(Miami Trace) dec. Jake Flack(Franklin) 12-7
  150: Kevin Axline(Miami Trace) dec. Jonathan Valentine(Franklin) 10-6
       Mike Shuler(Carlisle) pin Jordan Schenck(Madison) 4:03
  160: Brandon Wood(Franklin) pin Kolby Watkins(Madison) 0:40
       Derek Thomas(Eaton) dec. Devin Davis(Miami Trace) 8-3
  172: Steven Dilley(Miami Trace) pin Jacob Rudisill(Eaton) 4:04
       Zack McKnight(Carlisle) pin Kevin Ritchie(Franklin) 3:50
  230: Nick Jackson(Eaton) pin Justin Hall(Miami Trace) 4:04
       Chris Saporito(Franklin) dec. Anthony Pyle(Wayne) 10-8 OT

Second Consolation
   80: Ty Fisher(Carlisle) advanced with bye
   86: Dylan Hall(Wayne) advanced with bye
   92: Brandon Fuhr(Franklin) advanced with bye
  104: Shea Hake(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Anthony Kitchens(Franklin) advanced with bye
  110: Colin Payton(Emmanuel Chr.) pin Jesse Sizemore*EA(X2) 0:14
       Tyler Crowe(Eaton) dec. Brandon Aarhood*EA(X1) 8-6
  116: Thomas Mann(Madison) pin Alex Stiver*EA(X1) 0:40
       Garrett Stickle(Miami Trace) pin Eric Hall(Wayne) 1:00
  122: Mike Pope(Carlisle) pin Tyler Foster*MA(X2) 3:58
       Jonathan Gross*FR(X1) dec. John Sanders(Franklin) 8-5
  128: Chris Bilbrey(Wayne) advanced with bye
       Austin Hawley(Eaton) pin Alex Doyle(Emmanuel Chr.) 1:06
  134: Darin Abner(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Josh Hughes(Madison) advanced with bye
  142: Colt Hawkins*EA(X1) pin Tyler Bray*FR(X2) 0:24
       Levi Shearer(Carlisle) dec. Mac Orsborne*FR(X3) 9-3
  150: Nick Boomershine(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Daniel Neal(Verity) advanced with bye
  160: James Davenport(Verity) advanced with bye
       Matt Kohl(Carlisle) advanced with bye
  172: Stacey Fortney(Madison) advanced with bye
       Jeff Lee(Verity) advanced with bye
  230: Jaye Hood*EA(X2) pin T.J. Bowling*CA(X1) 2:06
       Cody Zinck(Carlisle) pin Nathan Isnovsky*EA(X3) 1:23

First Consolation
  110: Colin Payton(Emmanuel Chr.) dec. Victor Brown(Verity) 16-13
  142: Levi Shearer(Carlisle) over Anthony Brown(Verity) forfeit

   80: Bo Maggard(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Michael Windsor(Wayne) advanced with bye
       Brandon Crowe*EA(X1) dec. Ty Fisher(Carlisle) 8-4
       Cody Neff(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
   86: Bo Mace(Verity) advanced with bye
       Cody Rider(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Zach Henry*EA(X1) pin Dylan Hall(Wayne) 2:45
       Ben Sizemore(Franklin) advanced with bye
   92: Jacob Garringer(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
       Joe Stuart(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Cory Anthony(Carlisle) advanced with bye
       Anthony Windsor(Wayne) dec. Brandon Fuhr(Franklin) 8-5
   98: Eric Hildabrand(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Tyler Stebelton(Carlisle) advanced with bye
       Colt Ward(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
       Jermichael Lampley(Wayne) advanced with bye
  104: Jacob Cook(Miami Trace) pin Anthony Kitchens(Franklin) 1:18
       Luke Stebelton(Carlisle) advanced with bye
       Seth Moore*FR(X1) dec. Shea Hake(Eaton) 9-4
       Cody Trent(Verity) advanced with bye
  110: John Kopeckey(Franklin) pin Brandon Aarhood*EA(X1) 2:43
       Danny Hasty(Carlisle) maj. dec. Tyler Crowe(Eaton) 16-8
       David Holland(Wayne) dec. Victor Brown(Verity) 10-3
       Tommy Armstrong(Miami Trace) pin Jesse Sizemore*EA(X2) 0:40
  116: Devin Renner(Eaton) pin Eric Hall(Wayne) 2:25
       Chris Stegll(Verity) pin Garrett Stickle(Miami Trace) 1:15
       Cody Washington(Carlisle) pin Thomas Mann(Madison) 2:20
       Eric Roach(Franklin) pin Alex Stiver*EA(X1) 0:15
  122: Jeff Morris(Madison) tech. fall Jonathan Gross*FR(X1) 16-0
       Ethan DePugh(Miami Trace) pin John Sanders(Franklin) 3:27
       Nathan Howard(Wayne) pin Mike Pope(Carlisle) 3:10
       Dan Remakalus(Eaton) pin Tyler Foster*MA(X2) 2:52
  128: Marc Miller(Madison) dec. Austin Hawley(Eaton) 9-2
       Jeff Dunaway(Miami Trace) pin Alex Doyle(Emmanuel Chr.) 1:13
       Jake Snivley(Franklin) pin Chris Bilbrey(Wayne) 1:51
       Mark Miller(Verity) advanced with bye
  134: Sam Gauze(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Alex Sills*EA(X1) pin Josh Hughes(Madison) 2:36
       Kyle Bartlett(Carlisle) pin Darin Abner(Eaton) 4:06
       Tyler Downing(Wayne) advanced with bye
  142: Ron Jeter(Wayne) dec. Levi Shearer(Carlisle) 18-17
       Darrel Bishop(Eaton) pin Mac Orsborne*FR(X3) 1:04
       Jimmy Eddleman(Miami Trace) pin Colt Hawkins*EA(X1) 0:20
       Jake Flack(Franklin) pin Tyler Bray*FR(X2) 0:45
  150: Kevin Axline(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
       Jonathan Valentine(Franklin) pin Daniel Neal(Verity) 0:22
       Jordan Schenck(Madison) pin Nick Boomershine(Eaton) 1:56
       Mike Shuler(Carlisle) advanced with bye
  160: Brandon Wood(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Kolby Watkins(Madison) dec. Matt Kohl(Carlisle) 9-5
       Derek Thomas(Eaton) pin James Davenport(Verity) 0:55
       Devin Davis(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
  172: Steven Dilley(Miami Trace) pin Jeff Lee(Verity) 0:39
       Jacob Rudisill(Eaton) advanced with bye
       Kevin Ritchie(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Zack McKnight(Carlisle) pin Stacey Fortney(Madison) 0:29
  230: Nick Jackson(Eaton) pin Nathan Isnovsky*EA(X3) 0:45
       Justin Hall(Miami Trace) pin Cody Zinck(Carlisle) 1:29
       Chris Saporito(Franklin) pin T.J. Bowling*CA(X1) 1:17
       Anthony Pyle(Wayne) pin Jaye Hood*EA(X2) 0:27

First Round
  110: Tyler Crowe(Eaton) pin Colin Payton(Emmanuel Chr.) 2:45
  142: Tyler Bray*FR(X2) over Anthony Brown(Verity) default