2008 Franklin Junior High Wrestling Tournament
January 5, 2008

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2008 Franklin Junior High Scores
 1. Greenville                239.0
 2. Center. Black             188.0
 3. Miami Trace               154.5
 4. Franklin                  130.5
 5. Little Miami              111.0
 6. Mount Orab                108.0
 7. Spinning Hills            104.5
 8. Greeneview                 64.0
 9. West Carrollton            47.0
10. Carlisle                   29.5

First Place
   80: Tanner Hill(Greenville) tech. fall Jimmy York(West Carrollton) 16-1
   86: Anthony Mauro(Center. Black) pin Tyler Neff(Greenville) 0:24
   92: Jon Edwards(Greenville) pin Brendon Watson(Center. Black) 2:42
   98: Mike Crumley(Little Miami) dec. Aaron Cox(Franklin) 10-5
  104: Brennan Sexton(Franklin) dec. Jake Latham(Mount Orab) 11-6
  110: Chris Hymier(Franklin) pin Brad Burlile(Little Miami) 3:06
  116: Jamie Payton(Miami Trace) pin Gunnar Woodyard(Mount Orab) 2:31
  122: Nathan Bowers(Miami Trace) pin Noah Bradley(Center. Black) 0:53
  128: Jacob McAdams(Greeneview) dec. Bryson Eckard(Mount Orab) 14-9
  134: Jesse Scoville(Center. Black) dec. William Kaelbli(Miami Trace) 6-4ot
  142: Jordy Schricker(Greenville) pin Dillion Diss(Little Miami) 1:15
  150: Nick Pouder(Greenville) pin Nick Gilbert(Miami Trace) 0:40
  160: Michael Hale(Center. Black) dec. Kelly Leforce(Franklin) 9-6
  172: Alec Watkins(Greenville) pin B.J. Shelley(Greeneview) 1:08
  205: Ray DeRossett(Mount Orab) pin Tyler Mann(Spinning Hills) 4:35
  245: Nathan Auttelet(Center. Black) pin Chris Wolfe(Greenville) 4:29

Third Place
   80: Aaron Depugh(Miami Trace) pin Kenny Steele(Carlisle) 2:25
   86: Nelson Roberts*GVL(X2) dec. Easton Vonholle(Little Miami) 11-10
   92: Zak Neace(Franklin) pin Zach Wolf(Miami Trace) 0:18
   98: Cody Brennan(Spinning Hills) tech. fall Lucas McCabe(Greenville) 20-1
  104: Alec Gilcrest(Center. Black) dec. Zach Powell(Little Miami) 6-4ot
  110: Jordan Jenkinson(Greenville) dec. Dan Johnson(Spinning Hills) 8-5
  116: Derek Mcgrew(West Carrollton) pin Jeff Wolfe(Spinning Hills) 2:42
  122: Justin Helmer(Greenville) dec. Tyler Daniels*MT(X3) 9-6
  128: Carson Miller(Miami Trace) dec. Marcus Smith(Carlisle) 7-4
  134: Colt Taylor(Little Miami) pin Mike Puente(Spinning Hills) 2:59
  142: Nick Duffy(Center. Black) pin Brad Sorrell(Spinning Hills) 1:35
  150: Andy Durenburg(Center. Black) dec. John Pappas(Spinning Hills) 5-0
  160: Dustan Phillips(Greenville) pin Caleb Hogsett(Miami Trace) 1:23
  172: Thorn Swartout*GVL(X3) maj. dec. Toby Harold(Spinning Hills) 15-3
  205: Nick Woodruff(Greenville) pin Billy Moon*CAR(X1) 2:31
  245: Nick Helerfich(Franklin) dec. Chadd Sollenberger(Greeneview) 1-0

Consolation Semifinal
   80: Aaron Depugh(Miami Trace) pin Kyle Oeder(Little Miami) 1:52
       Kenny Steele(Carlisle) tech. fall Jordan Fader(Center. Black) 18-2
   86: Nelson Roberts*GVL(X2) maj. dec. Chad Denman*GVL(X1) 11-1
       Easton Vonholle(Little Miami) dec. Devin Riley(Mount Orab) 8-7
   92: Zach Wolf(Miami Trace) dec. Jared Kaylor(Mount Orab) 9-5
       Zak Neace(Franklin) dec. Brandon Frahm(Little Miami) 5-1
   98: Lucas McCabe(Greenville) pin Wade Aills(Miami Trace) 1:33
       Cody Brennan(Spinning Hills) pin Kyle Tingle(Mount Orab) 0:46
  104: Zach Powell(Little Miami) dec. Dustin McFadden(Miami Trace) 3-2
       Alec Gilcrest(Center. Black) dec. Logan Horn(West Carrollton) 6-5
  110: Jordan Jenkinson(Greenville) dec. Derek Case*GVL(X1) 5-1
       Dan Johnson(Spinning Hills) dec. Jeff Litteral(Miami Trace) 8-4
  116: Jeff Wolfe(Spinning Hills) pin Nick Cashdollar(Center. Black) 0:47
       Derek Mcgrew(West Carrollton) dec. Matt Middleton(Franklin) 8-5
  122: Justin Helmer(Greenville) maj. dec. Zach Warner(Franklin) 11-1
       Tyler Daniels*MT(X3) pin William Bramble(Greeneview) 0:17
  128: Carson Miller(Miami Trace) pin Kenny Jordan(Little Miami) 1:59
       Marcus Smith(Carlisle) pin Josh Young*CAR(X1) 1:31
  134: Mike Puente(Spinning Hills) pin Chris Helbing(Mount Orab) 0:24
       Colt Taylor(Little Miami) dec. Tyler Hall(Franklin) 7-2
  142: Brad Sorrell(Spinning Hills) pin Omar Rojas*SH(X2) 0:39
       Nick Duffy(Center. Black) pin Seth Hendrix(Carlisle) 0:27
  150: John Pappas(Spinning Hills) dec. Cody Kessler(Carlisle) 13-8
       Andy Durenburg(Center. Black) pin Thomas Hughes(Little Miami) 1:52
  160: Caleb Hogsett(Miami Trace) dec. Cody Salyers(West Carrollton) 7-5
       Dustan Phillips(Greenville) pin Austin Mullins(Greeneview) 0:25
  172: Toby Harold(Spinning Hills) maj. dec. Remi Lutz(Center. Black) 10-0
       Thorn Swartout*GVL(X3) pin Micah Morris(Franklin) 0:35
  205: Billy Moon*CAR(X1) pin Carl Oeder(Little Miami) 0:21
       Nick Woodruff(Greenville) pin Sam Angelo(West Carrollton) 0:49
  245: Chadd Sollenberger(Greeneview) pin Joe Downey(Carlisle) 0:43
       Nick Helerfich(Franklin) over Dakota Harris*FRA(X1) default

   80: Tanner Hill(Greenville) pin Aaron Depugh(Miami Trace) 4:00
       Jimmy York(West Carrollton) pin Kenny Steele(Carlisle) 4:26
   86: Anthony Mauro(Center. Black) pin Chad Denman*GVL(X1) 0:28
       Tyler Neff(Greenville) tech. fall Devin Riley(Mount Orab) 21-5
   92: Jon Edwards(Greenville) pin Zach Wolf(Miami Trace) 1:18
       Brendon Watson(Center. Black) pin Zak Neace(Franklin) 1:27
   98: Mike Crumley(Little Miami) pin Lucas McCabe(Greenville) 4:28
       Aaron Cox(Franklin) dec. Cody Brennan(Spinning Hills) 12-11
  104: Jake Latham(Mount Orab) pin Dustin McFadden(Miami Trace) 1:11
       Brennan Sexton(Franklin) pin Logan Horn(West Carrollton) 0:42
  110: Brad Burlile(Little Miami) pin Derek Case*GVL(X1) 4:04
       Chris Hymier(Franklin) pin Dan Johnson(Spinning Hills) 1:46
  116: Gunnar Woodyard(Mount Orab) pin Nick Cashdollar(Center. Black) 0:23
       Jamie Payton(Miami Trace) tech. fall Derek Mcgrew(West Carrollton) 15-0
  122: Nathan Bowers(Miami Trace) pin Justin Helmer(Greenville) 1:01
       Noah Bradley(Center. Black) pin William Bramble(Greeneview) 0:33
  128: Bryson Eckard(Mount Orab) pin Carson Miller(Miami Trace) 4:02
       Jacob McAdams(Greeneview) pin Marcus Smith(Carlisle) 0:52
  134: Jesse Scoville(Center. Black) pin Mike Puente(Spinning Hills) 1:57
       William Kaelbli(Miami Trace) pin Tyler Hall(Franklin) 3:39
  142: Dillion Diss(Little Miami) pin Brad Sorrell(Spinning Hills) 3:22
       Jordy Schricker(Greenville) tech. fall Nick Duffy(Center. Black) 17-2
  150: Nick Pouder(Greenville) pin Cody Kessler(Carlisle) 2:05
       Nick Gilbert(Miami Trace) pin Andy Durenburg(Center. Black) 4:26
  160: Michael Hale(Center. Black) pin Cody Salyers(West Carrollton) 0:22
       Kelly Leforce(Franklin) pin Dustan Phillips(Greenville) 0:47
  172: Alec Watkins(Greenville) pin Toby Harold(Spinning Hills) 1:46
       B.J. Shelley(Greeneview) maj. dec. Micah Morris(Franklin) 11-0
  205: Ray DeRossett(Mount Orab) pin Billy Moon*CAR(X1) 1:09
       Tyler Mann(Spinning Hills) pin Nick Woodruff(Greenville) 3:37
  245: Chris Wolfe(Greenville) pin Chadd Sollenberger(Greeneview) 1:46
       Nathan Auttelet(Center. Black) over Dakota Harris*FRA(X1) default

Second Consolation
   80: Kyle Oeder(Little Miami) advanced with bye
       Kyle Oeder(Little Miami) advanced with bye
       Jordan Fader(Center. Black) pin Bobby Bullock(Mount Orab) 1:20
   86: Nelson Roberts*GVL(X2) dec. Austin Eversole(Franklin) 4-2
       Easton Vonholle(Little Miami) advanced with bye
   92: Jared Kaylor(Mount Orab) pin Trevor Credit*FRA(X1) 1:37
       Brandon Frahm(Little Miami) advanced with bye
   98: Wade Aills(Miami Trace) pin Allen Jackson*MT(X2) 2:33
       Kyle Tingle(Mount Orab) pin Jonah Reynolds(Center. Black) 2:29
  104: Zach Powell(Little Miami) dec. Austin Harville(Carlisle) 4-0
       Alec Gilcrest(Center. Black) pin Ryan Hall*FRA(X1) 2:49
  110: Jordan Jenkinson(Greenville) maj. dec. Jacob Wright*FRA(X2) 12-0
       Jeff Litteral(Miami Trace) pin Nick Waters(Greeneview) 1:43
  116: Jeff Wolfe(Spinning Hills) pin Mitchell Werner(Greenville) 2:41
       Matt Middleton(Franklin) pin Justin Roseberry(Little Miami) 0:41
  122: Zach Warner(Franklin) dec. Garrett Taylor(Mount Orab) 9-4
       Tyler Daniels*MT(X3) pin Will Ulrich(Little Miami) 0:18
  128: Kenny Jordan(Little Miami) pin Compton William(Greenville) 0:54
       Josh Young*CAR(X1) pin Tyler Jones(Center. Black) 1:23
  134: Chris Helbing(Mount Orab) maj. dec. Hailan Zhu(Carlisle) 14-6
       Colt Taylor(Little Miami) pin Ryan Herald(Greeneview) 0:49
  142: Omar Rojas*SH(X2) pin Dakota Bailey(Mount Orab) 2:37
       Seth Hendrix(Carlisle) dec. Ryan Detty(Miami Trace) 2-0
  150: John Pappas(Spinning Hills) pin Jon Danbury(Mount Orab) 0:57
       Thomas Hughes(Little Miami) pin Aaron Tucker*GVL(X2) 0:36
  160: Caleb Hogsett(Miami Trace) pin Will McMullen*MO(X1) 1:23
       Austin Mullins(Greeneview) pin Johnny Behrman(Mount Orab) 1:27
  172: Remi Lutz(Center. Black) dec. Andy Wallace(Mount Orab) 7-2
       Thorn Swartout*GVL(X3) pin Stephen Thompson*GVW(X2) 1:49
  205: Carl Oeder(Little Miami) pin Zach Richards*CAR(X2) 0:25
       Sam Angelo(West Carrollton) pin Dalton Woodson(Carlisle) 1:00
  245: Joe Downey(Carlisle) advanced with bye
       Nick Helerfich(Franklin) pin Caleb Caputo(West Carrollton) 0:42

First Consolation
   98: Wade Aills(Miami Trace) pin Malcolm Smith(Carlisle) 0:19
       Kyle Tingle(Mount Orab) pin Josh Young*FRA(X1) 1:01
  110: Jordan Jenkinson(Greenville) pin Jake Duffy(Center. Black) 4:38
       Jacob Wright*FRA(X2) pin Jared Martin(Mount Orab) 0:40
       Nick Waters(Greeneview) pin Austin Salsbury*MT(X4) 0:57
  116: Jeff Wolfe(Spinning Hills) pin Blake Gephardt*FRA(X1) 1:41
       Justin Roseberry(Little Miami) pin Sam Fullen(Greeneview) 0:35
       Matt Middleton(Franklin) pin Kody Roark*GVL(X2) 0:43
  122: Garrett Taylor(Mount Orab) pin Oscar Romero*FRA(X1) 3:11
       Tyler Daniels*MT(X3) pin Jake Ashley*CVL(X5) 1:31
  134: Colt Taylor(Little Miami) pin Tyler Barton*CAR(X1) 1:15
  142: Omar Rojas*SH(X2) pin Trevor Savage*CAR(X1) 0:33
       Ryan Detty(Miami Trace) pin Marty McCelland(Franklin) 1:28
  150: Jon Danbury(Mount Orab) pin Stetson Zumbrun*GVL(X3) 0:19
  172: Thorn Swartout*GVL(X3) pin Blake Bowman(West Carrollton) 2:22

   80: Tanner Hill(Greenville) pin Jordan Fader(Center. Black) 0:54
       Aaron Depugh(Miami Trace) pin Bobby Bullock(Mount Orab) 2:15
       Jimmy York(West Carrollton) pin Kyle Oeder(Little Miami) 0:32
       Kenny Steele(Carlisle) advanced with bye
   86: Anthony Mauro(Center. Black) pin Easton Vonholle(Little Miami) 2:48
       Chad Denman*GVL(X1) advanced with bye
       Tyler Neff(Greenville) pin Nelson Roberts*GVL(X2) 1:29
       Devin Riley(Mount Orab) pin Austin Eversole(Franklin) 0:24
   92: Jon Edwards(Greenville) pin Brandon Frahm(Little Miami) 1:15
       Zach Wolf(Miami Trace) advanced with bye
       Zak Neace(Franklin) pin Trevor Credit*FRA(X1) 0:18
       Brendon Watson(Center. Black) pin Jared Kaylor(Mount Orab) 1:28
   98: Mike Crumley(Little Miami) pin Jonah Reynolds(Center. Black) 4:13
       Lucas McCabe(Greenville) pin Josh Young*FRA(X1) 0:26
       Aaron Cox(Franklin) pin Allen Jackson*MT(X2) 0:41
       Cody Brennan(Spinning Hills) maj. dec. Wade Aills(Miami Trace) 15-2
  104: Jake Latham(Mount Orab) pin Ryan Hall*FRA(X1) 0:47
       Dustin McFadden(Miami Trace) maj. dec. Alec Gilcrest(Center. Black) 11-2
       Logan Horn(West Carrollton) pin Zach Powell(Little Miami) 2:54
       Brennan Sexton(Franklin) pin Austin Harville(Carlisle) 0:24
  110: Brad Burlile(Little Miami) pin Austin Salsbury*MT(X4) 4:29
       Derek Case*GVL(X1) pin Jeff Litteral(Miami Trace) 2:22
       Dan Johnson(Spinning Hills) maj. dec. Jacob Wright*FRA(X2) 9-0
       Chris Hymier(Franklin) pin Jordan Jenkinson(Greenville) 1:22
  116: Gunnar Woodyard(Mount Orab) pin Kody Roark*GVL(X2) 0:46
       Nick Cashdollar(Center. Black) pin Justin Roseberry(Little Miami) 1:05
       Jamie Payton(Miami Trace) pin Mitchell Werner(Greenville) 0:33
       Derek Mcgrew(West Carrollton) pin Blake Gephardt*FRA(X1) 0:57
  122: Nathan Bowers(Miami Trace) pin Tyler Daniels*MT(X3) 1:38
       Justin Helmer(Greenville) pin Will Ulrich(Little Miami) 3:31
       Noah Bradley(Center. Black) pin Garrett Taylor(Mount Orab) 0:39
       William Bramble(Greeneview) dec. Zach Warner(Franklin) 6-3
  128: Bryson Eckard(Mount Orab) pin Josh Young*CAR(X1) 1:28
       Carson Miller(Miami Trace) pin Tyler Jones(Center. Black) 2:11
       Marcus Smith(Carlisle) pin Compton William(Greenville) 0:43
       Jacob McAdams(Greeneview) dec. Kenny Jordan(Little Miami) 7-1
  134: Mike Puente(Spinning Hills) pin Tyler Barton*CAR(X1) 0:34
       Jesse Scoville(Center. Black) pin Ryan Herald(Greeneview) 0:59
       Tyler Hall(Franklin) pin Chris Helbing(Mount Orab) 1:02
       William Kaelbli(Miami Trace) pin Hailan Zhu(Carlisle) 0:42
  142: Dillion Diss(Little Miami) pin Seth Hendrix(Carlisle) 0:49
       Brad Sorrell(Spinning Hills) pin Marty McCelland(Franklin) 0:17
       Jordy Schricker(Greenville) pin Dakota Bailey(Mount Orab) 2:26
       Nick Duffy(Center. Black) pin Omar Rojas*SH(X2) 3:12
  150: Nick Pouder(Greenville) pin Aaron Tucker*GVL(X2) 3:37
       Cody Kessler(Carlisle) pin Thomas Hughes(Little Miami) 0:55
       Nick Gilbert(Miami Trace) pin John Pappas(Spinning Hills) 0:42
       Andy Durenburg(Center. Black) pin Jon Danbury(Mount Orab) 1:05
  160: Michael Hale(Center. Black) pin Austin Mullins(Greeneview) 1:18
       Cody Salyers(West Carrollton) pin Johnny Behrman(Mount Orab) 0:36
       Kelly Leforce(Franklin) tech. fall Will McMullen*MO(X1) 18-0
       Dustan Phillips(Greenville) pin Caleb Hogsett(Miami Trace) 1:00
  172: Alec Watkins(Greenville) tech. fall Blake Bowman(West Carrollton) 16-0
       Toby Harold(Spinning Hills) pin Stephen Thompson*GVW(X2) 0:23
       Micah Morris(Franklin) pin Remi Lutz(Center. Black) 2:42
       B.J. Shelley(Greeneview) pin Andy Wallace(Mount Orab) 2:57
  205: Ray DeRossett(Mount Orab) pin Sam Angelo(West Carrollton) 1:17
       Billy Moon*CAR(X1) pin Dalton Woodson(Carlisle) 0:44
       Nick Woodruff(Greenville) pin Carl Oeder(Little Miami) 0:28
       Tyler Mann(Spinning Hills) pin Zach Richards*CAR(X2) 0:34
  245: Chris Wolfe(Greenville) pin Nick Helerfich(Franklin) 2:18
       Chadd Sollenberger(Greeneview) pin Caleb Caputo(West Carrollton) 2:27
       Dakota Harris*FRA(X1) advanced with bye
       Nathan Auttelet(Center. Black) pin Joe Downey(Carlisle) 0:47

First Round
   98: Mike Crumley(Little Miami) pin Malcolm Smith(Carlisle) 1:17
       Allen Jackson*MT(X2) over Kyle Tingle(Mount Orab) disq.
  110: Brad Burlile(Little Miami) dec. Jake Duffy(Center. Black) 12-6
       Derek Case*GVL(X1) pin Jared Martin(Mount Orab) 2:33
       Jordan Jenkinson(Greenville) pin Nick Waters(Greeneview) 1:48
  116: Gunnar Woodyard(Mount Orab) pin Jeff Wolfe(Spinning Hills) 1:29
       Jamie Payton(Miami Trace) pin Sam Fullen(Greeneview) 0:20
       Derek Mcgrew(West Carrollton) pin Matt Middleton(Franklin) 2:45
  122: Will Ulrich(Little Miami) pin Oscar Romero*FRA(X1) 1:14
       William Bramble(Greeneview) pin Jake Ashley*CVL(X5) 0:58
  134: William Kaelbli(Miami Trace) pin Colt Taylor(Little Miami) 0:59
  142: Seth Hendrix(Carlisle) pin Trevor Savage*CAR(X1) 1:00
       Dakota Bailey(Mount Orab) pin Ryan Detty(Miami Trace) 0:49
  150: Nick Pouder(Greenville) pin Stetson Zumbrun*GVL(X3) 3:36
  172: B.J. Shelley(Greeneview) pin Thorn Swartout*GVL(X3) 0:40