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What's New on Baum's Page for 2011?

Revised: 8-1-11 9:53 PM

Welcome to our updated web site! Please note the following information:

  1. We changed file servers and are revising procedures to make the results pages more dynamic and efficient.
    • Please pardon any inconvenience as we are still in the revision process.
    • The 2011-12 sports pages will be generated dynamically from our online entry database.
    • All pre 2011-12 results are archived and still available on baumspage although the links may be different.
    • Please use the Contact Us form to report errors or broken hyperlinks.
      • Include specific details so we can fix it.
  2. The online entry system has been refined. Users can login from any page.
    • All user accounts, e-mail addresses, passwords, and phone numbers from last school year were retained!
    • The associations to specific events, schools, sports, and teams have been cleared.
    • Returning users should login using their e-mail address and password from 2010-2011.
      • Please note: All passwords are case sensitive and encrypted!.
      • The first login will require validation of the account information.
        • If you changed e-mail accounts since last year, login using the old e-mail address. On the account validation screen, change it to the new one.
  3. After accounts are validated:
    • Coaches will use My Sports | Select Teams to add the school and sports to their account.
    • Event managers/computer support personnel will use Admin Sports to setup events for hosting.

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