Import of TCL File into Hy-Tek

After results are finalized an Export File can be created and imported directly into Meet Manager.

  1. The file generated is formatted to import into Meet Manager for Windows.
  2. Use My Computer to copy the import file: TCL01-01.TCL from A: or C:\TRWEB to the data folder (subdirectory) where the Regional Meet files are stored.
  3. After data is imported, corrections and seeding can be done as normal in Hy-Tek.
Meet Manager for Windows:
  1. Use the File tab in upper left corner
    1. Select Import | Entries or Import | Athlete Rosters (For CC it's the same data.)
    2. Browse to the import file: A:TCL01-01.TCL (or C:\TRWEB\TCL01-01.TCL
      1. Hy-Tek automatically names the files so if more than one file, it will be something like: TCL02-01.TCL or TCL01-02.TCL, etc.
      2. Be sure to pay attention to the files name/names begin used.
    3. Hit [Enter] or click OK to select the file.
    4. Click OK finish.
  2. Use the Athletes tab | Reports
    1. To print all the rosters alphabetically by team on one or two pages total.
      1. Click the Check Box for 4 Column Roster by Team
      2. Sort by Team | In Gender - Select either Boys or Girls | Click OK
    2. To print a basic Roster alphabetically by team
      1. Click the Check Box for Athlete Rosters
    3. Sort by Team | In Gender - Select either Boys or Girls | Click OK
  3. Use the Athletes tab | Edit Athlete to edit or modify data