Cross Country Online Processing Fees

*** Customer Appreciation and Loyalty Discounts ***
Rates reduced 20 to 30%!

To setup a PO please use the following ranges as a guideline:

We use a "sliding scale" for pricing. As the number of rosters increases, the cost per roster decreases
With the uncertainty of the weather, there will be no charge if the meet is cancelled.
From 1 to 20 rosters, estimate cost at $ 1.00 per roster.
From 21 to 40 rosters, estimate cost at $ 0.90 per roster.
From 41 to 60 rosters, estimate cost at $ 0.80 per roster.
From 61 to 80 rosters, estimate cost at $ 0.70 per roster.
From 81 to 100 rosters, estimate cost at $ 0.60 per roster.
From 101 and up, estimate cost at $ 0.50 per roster.

Payable To: LLC
EIN#: 11-3810102

Mail To:
*Please Note: The current billing address! LLC
4340 Oxford Reily Road
Oxford, Ohio 45056
For multi-meet or other pricing,
contact Gary Baumgartner at
Cell: (513) 594-6154