Import of Semi-colon Delimited File into Hy-Tek

After entry data is submitted on the Online Entry Form and converted through the Control Program, it can be imported directly into Meet Manager.

  1. The process is for sites using  Meet Manager for Windows.   If using DOS, click this e-mail link and ask for instructions.
  2. Use My Computer to copy the import file: HTIMPORT.TXT from A: or C:\TRWEB to the data folder (subdirectory) where the Cross Country database files are stored. 
    1. Usually c:\tfmeets but can be in a different folder such as c:\ccmeets
  3. After data is imported, assign numbers and print reports as normal in Hy-Tek.
  4. Note: Before Importing the data the first time, you should do a Selective Purge of the old data!

Meet Manager for Windows

Selective Purge:
  1. Use the File tab in upper left corner
    1. Select Purge | Remove Data Selectively
    2. Click  the check box for Teams and the other three boxes: Athletes | Entries/Results | Relays are checked automatically.
      1. If you have not added/edited the Short Name and Alternate Abbreviations accept all four and click OK at the bottom.
      2. If you have edited the Short Name and Alternate Abbreviation,  uncheck the box for Teams, then click Ok at the bottom.
  2. On the first pop-up window:  Are you sure you want to delete the current database?   The process is NOT reversible! Make a backup of the data first if in doubt!
    1. Click on Ok.
  3. On the second pop-up window: Deletion of data is completed!
    1. Click on Ok.
  4. Follow instructions below to import the HTIMPORT.TXT file when finished!
Semi-colon Delimited Import:
  1. Use the File tab in upper left corner
    1. Select Import | Semi-Colon Delimited Rosters/Entries
    2. Browse to the import file: A:HTIMPORT.TXT (or C:\TRWEB\HTIMPORT.TXT
    3. Highlight the file and hit [Enter] to select the file or Click Open
  2. Use the Athletes tab
    1. Use Edit Athlete to edit or modify data.
    2. Use Comp# to assign competitor numbers
      1. Select Female Athletes or Male Athletes
      2. Starting Number: [???] *Use whatever is appropriate.
      3. Select Alphabetically by Team
      4. Click Ok
  3. Use the Reports tab | Athlete Rosters
    1. For most meets the 4 Column Roster by Team is perfect.
    2. Check the boxes for Include athletes with no entries and Include Competitor #
    3. Click on Ok