Export of Advancer File for Sydex

  1. If you host a district or regional with the CCSTAT GOLD software, the Extract Qualifiers button creates a file of qualifiers to the final meet.
  2. This file can be automatically imported into a computer-run state final (even meets run with a competitor's software!)
  3. After all rosters are imported, corrections can be done as normal in Sydex.
To export advancers:
  1. After you've scored the meet and printed results, click Extract Qualifiers from the Main Menu.
  2. For Ohio click the General option.
    1. Sydex automatically creates an export file called 2004QUAL.txt
      1. If all races are sending the same number, just pick the number and hit Go!
      2. If some races are sending different numbers there are several options.
        1. Setup all the races that qualify the same number as separate meets.
          1. Generate an Export File for each meet
          2. Name each file appropriately.  Example: 2004QUAL1.txt, etc.
          3. Send all files.
        2. Generate one Export File for the greatest number
          1. Name the Export File appropriately.    Example: 2004QUAL.txt
          2. Open the file in Notepad or WordPad and delete the extra team/teams and individuals.
  3. Select your meet from the list.
  4. Then set your Extract Options:
    1. Set the number of teams and members per team that advance.
    2. For individuals, pick only the first of the two choices:
      1. Advance Individuals up to place will additionally qualify any runners that finished up to the specified finish place, even if their team does not advance.  
        1. For Ohio use 4 times the number of teams plus 1 advancing.
        2. Specifically:  If advancing 16 individuals, click the box and use Advance individuals up to place: 17
    3. The File Options sets the name of the extract file: 2004QUAL.txt and the file location.
      1. If you check the Copy File to Floppy box , make sure to put a floppy disk in the drive before you click *Go*.
  5. When all information is correct, click *Go*.
    1. Make sure you are connected to a printer, then click OK on the print screen.
    2. This completes the extract. Check to make sure the print-out has the correct qualifiers!
  6. To send the extract file to your finals host
    1. Create an e-mail message and attach the file 2004QUAL.txt to the e-mail
    2. Browse to the file which is in the c:\ccstat directory, and/or on the floppy you created.