Import of Roster File into Sydex

  1. The default file is named: ENTRIES.TXT but it can be named anything as long as it's formatted to import into Sydex.
  2. Use My Computer to copy the import file: ENTRIES.TXT from A: or C:\CCSTAT to the data folder (subdirectory) where the Sydex files are stored.
  3. After all rosters are imported, corrections can be done as normal in Sydex.
To import rosters into Sydex:
  1. Click on Entries Options | Receive Entries
  2. Select a meet
  3. Type the Location of entries:  in the Box or click Find and browse to it.  (See options below for disk or hard drive.)
  4. Choose athletes for Recieve: Usually Click the Entire team's roster
  5. Click Go to begin

Receiving Entries from floppy diskette:

  1. Insert the diskette into the correct drive (usually A)
  2. Select the meet from the list.
  3. Click A: or B: for the location of your entries.
  4. If you wish, you can change the letter case of runner names and the team name to all UPPER-case letters (ex. MIKE SMITH), or upper and lower case (ex. Mike Smith). Leave it at No Change if you don't wish to convert names.
  5. Click Go to begin:

Receiving Entries from email/hard drive location:

  1. The default name of the file is entries.txt but the online files will be named syimport.txt, syboys1.txt, syboth2.txt, etc.
    1. First copy this file to the folder where your cross country program is located on your hard drive (usually c:\ccstat) using Windows Explorer or My Computer.
      1. If using data from the Online Entry Conversion the file will be appropriately named.
    2. If the file named entries.txt or whatever is not found the system will give you the error message "No entries.txt file found".
  2. Select the meet from the list.
  3. Click Current directory of hard drive for the location of your entries.
  4. Change the letter case of team and roster names if needed (see #4 above).
  5. Click Go to begin