2019 Western Buckeye League Championships
Defiance High School - October 12, 2019 - 10:00 AM

The Entry Window will open at 12:00 AM on Saturday, August 3

    1. Entry Window will close precisely at 10:00 PM on Monday, October 7

  1. Rosters must be submitted through Baum's Page Online Entry System before the entry deadline.

    1. Late entries will not be accepted!  Or if accepted, they may be subject to a Late Entry Penalty.

  2. Please note the following changes on baumspage.com!

    1. Inactive accounts prior to 2017-18 were deleted. Current accounts from 2017-2018 were retained, but the associations with the schools and teams were deleted.

    2. High school athletes from last season were advanced one grade level and retained. Please review your roster and delete any athlete that did not return. Use links below • Coaches • for team and athlete entry.

  3. Go to www.baumspage.com and use Online Entries or Login to access your account

    1. Click the Help link and print Online Entry Instructions for CC if you need detailed instructions.

    2. If you did not have an account last year, use Apply to create your account.

    3. If you had an account last year, you can login using that e-mail address and password.

  4. Use • Coaches • | Select Teams to claim your School and Team.

    1. Click Select School and select your school.

    2. After the school is selected, click Get Available School Teams.

    3. Click Select Sport and select your sport.

    4. After the sport is selected, click Make me the Coach.

    5. Repeat as necessary to if coaching multiple teams/sports/genders.

  5. Use • Coaches • | Cross Country | Modify Athletes to enter your athletes on your alphabetic roster.

    1. High school athletes from last season were advanced one grade level and retained. Please review your roster and delete any athlete that did not return.

    2. You may enter athletes one at a time by filling in name and grade, then Add Athlete.

    3. Or you can import your complete roster by pasting them from an Excel file. Use one row per athlete: First Name, Last Name, and Grade. Highlight and paste into textbox, then click Import Athletes.

  6. Use • Coaches • | Cross Country | Submit Rosters to enter them in a meet.

    1. Click Select your team to select the level and gender, then click Get Available Events.

    2. Select an event and click Get Roster

    3. The default entry form automatically includes everybody on your alphabetic roster!

      • If an athlete is definitely going to miss the meet, select Not Participating before you submit.

      • Do not delete the athlete from your roster if the athlete will participate in other meets.

    4. Click Submit Roster to save entries and Get Printable Roster to print a copy for your records.

      • Please note: Only the athletes listed are entered in the event!

  7. If there are any problems with the Online Form, click the Contact Us link and submit a Help Request.

    1. Please allow up to 8 hours for a response!  *Most responses will be in less than 4 hours.

    2. Call Gary Baumgartner at 513-594-6154 or Terry Young at 740-517-0195 if you need immediate help.


Create your account early and submit your roster online before the entry deadline!

Please help keep costs down! If an athlete is definitely going to miss the meet, make sure you check the Not Participating box before submitting!