Year: 2021

Dist. Tournament: Division I - Perrysburg
Additional Information02-09-2021, 4:02 PM - The district wrestling tournament will be run in split sessions.

03-01-2021, 8:51 PM - The official guidance from OHSAA and the Wood County Health Department is that wrestlers leave the gym after their session is over and wrestlers do not return on day 2 after being eliminated on day 1. This was decided based on COVID-19 protocols and limitation of capacity. This limitation of capacity has allowed for 2 fans per participant on Friday and 4 fans per participant on Saturday.

We understand that is very tough and difficult for programs, but these are the regulations we must follow to be in compliance with the health department and the OHSAA. Thanks for your understanding and compliance during this challenging time.

03-02-2021, 3:41 PM - From: Tyler Brooks, Director of Officiating & Sport Management

Re: Update on Admitting Personnel to Tournaments

1 - No Administrator Tickets / Passes

There are no administrator tickets / passes to be given to participating school administrators at your tournament. This information has been shared with all school administrators (superintendents, principals, and athletic directors) multiple times through our office’s Administrator Updates over the last couple of weeks.

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