Match Boards

Self-extracing Zip Instructions: Call if you want help with the download and install. 
Enable Macros Excel 2013 and 2016     Excel 2010     Excel 2007     Excel 2003   Change Macro Key
*With Team Scores





  1. Select the format needed.  Example: 6x4 is for 6 mats and 4 columns.
  2. The file is a self-extracting zip file that will install in the c:\matchboard\{type} folder.
    • If you prefer, you can save it to your Desktop!
    • Double-click on the *.exe file and choose either Run or Save.
    • Ignore the warning about "Unknown publisher!)
      • That's us and it's safe!
  3. Our preference is to Save it to your desktop, a folder on your hard drive, a disk, jump drive, or CD.
    • If you take the "master" copy with you, the complete program can be re-installed on a different computer in just a few seconds!
  4. To extract the files:
    • Double-click on *.exe
    • When the WinZip window opens, click Unzip
    • Accept the default path:c:\matchboard\{type} or browse to Desktop.
  5. After it's installed:.
    • Select the Excel file for the format needed:
      • The file without TS in  the name is formatted for a full window.
      • The file with TS in  the name is formatted for a split window with Team Scores.
    • You must enable Macros to use the Match Board!
    • Use [Ctrl] & A-S-D-F-G-H-I-J to slide the numbers to the left.
      • A is row 1, S is row 2, etc.
    • Use [Ctrl] & Q-W-E-R-T-Y-U-I to slide the numbers to the right.
      • Q is row 1, W is row 2, etc.
  6. Call if you have questions or need help!


Last Update: 12/18/18