OHSAA Sectional Tournament Information and Help Files

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Sample Sectional Online Entry Instructions
Online Entry Instructions
*One page document for mailing.

  • Edit as necessary.  Check all dates, times, seed criteria, etc. carefully!
  • Copy file or paste whatever fits your needs into your mailing.
  • E-mail support@baumspage.com if you want help editing the file.

Sectional Manager Help Files
Sectional Manager Timeline
Seed Meeting Guidelines
Seventh Match Placement Policy (32-man Bracket)
Tournament Manager Manual
OHSAA Coach & AD Contact List
Participation Report

Baumspage Mobile Wrestling Manager Application
*Imports Rosters and Teams from Baumspage Online Entry System

  • Download Rosters and Seed Nominations directly from web site.
  • Seed, Draw, and Score the tournament.
  • Post results to baumspage wth one-clck of Post to Baumspage button
  • Post Brackets, Complete Results, AP Style Results, and Placers after the tournament.
  • Export District Qualifiers directly to District Tournament.

Export From TWT to TWT for District *Revised: 02/08/11
*Use with The Wrestling Tourney program.
*Export District Qualifiers from TWT to District also using TWT.

Trackwrestling Scoring Errors
Samples and Solutions

Trackwrestling Patch to Set Matches to Non-Scoring
Trackwrestling Non-Scoring Corrections for 16-line Brackets
Posted: February 2, 2024

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