2006 Edgewood Invitational Wrestling Tournament
December 16, 2006

Format: Two 5-man pools with winners paired for finals.

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2006 Edgewood Invitational Scores
 1. Edgewood                  321.0
 2. Bellbrook                 298.0
 3. Mt. Healthy               284.0
 4. West Carrollton           241.0
 5. Talawanda                 220.0
 6. Milton-Union              213.0
 7. McNicholas                169.0
 8. Tri-County No.            140.0
 9. Cin. Christian             73.0
10. Badin                      54.0 

First Place - Two Pools
  103: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) over Terry Schilling*EDG(X2) forfeit
  112: Nathan Bolton(Bellbrook) dec. Joe Dennis(McNicholas) 8-2
  119: Rodrick Stallings(Mt. Healthy) maj. dec. Christian Brunckhorst(Talawanda) 16-6
  125: Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) dec. Daniel Lukac(Talawanda) 7-1
  130: Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) pin Josiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) 1:03
  135: Brendon Johnson(Milton-Union) maj. dec. Sean Barker(Edgewood) 20-8
  140: Merritt Corbett(Mt. Healthy) dec. Zach Zehler(Edgewood) 11-8
  145: Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) pin Justin Couch(West Carrollton) 3:24
  152: Paul Seymour(Talawanda) pin Jeremy Myers(West Carrollton) 1:08
  160: John King(Milton-Union) dec. Jerrod Clack(Tri-County No.) 16-15
  171: Matt Collins(Bellbrook) pin Charles Martin(Mt. Healthy) 3:59
  189: Tyler Wright(Edgewood) pin Cody Fyffe(Bellbrook) 2:48
  215: Jimmy Rasche(Talawanda) pin Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) 0:37
  285: Scott Myers(Talawanda) pin Kevin Gaines(Mt. Healthy) 1:01

Third Place - Two Pools
  103: Randy Kocol(West Carrollton) dec. Austen Brower(Bellbrook) 8-4
  112: Brian Schilling(Edgewood) pin Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) 0:29
  119: Josh Tomlin(Bellbrook) pin Matt Parker(Edgewood) 2:37
  125: Adam Thoma(Bellbrook) maj. dec. Cody Huston*EDG(X1) 10-0
  130: Bryce Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) 0:28
  135: Dylan Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Isaiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) 0:31
  140: Nick Derbyshire(McNicholas) dec. Darion Brewer(West Carrollton) 7-3
  145: Matt Bruggeman(Bellbrook) maj. dec. Josh Dempsey(McNicholas) 10-0
  152: Ryane Wynn(Mt. Healthy) pin Steven Herick(Milton-Union) 3:49
  160: Brendan Saddlemire(McNicholas) dec. Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) 10-7
  171: Mike Farrell(Edgewood) dec. Stephen Schlater(Tri-County No.) 6-2
  189: Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Jesse Wright(West Carrollton) 1:20
  215: Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) dec. Fritz Schoolfield(McNicholas) 7-1
  285: Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) over Jordan Beverly*WC(X3) forfeit

Fifth Place - Two Pools
  103: Brandan Hartley*BEL(X1) pin Cody Jones(Milton-Union) 0:52
  112: Austin Rand*TA(X2) dec. Mark Parker*EDG(X1) 12-9
  119: Clay Robinson(Milton-Union) pin Ryan Berger(West Carrollton) 0:17
  125: Thomas Morris(Milton-Union) pin Joe Fay(Cin. Christian) 4:38
  130: Ryan O'Neill(Talawanda) pin Kaleb Birch(Edgewood) 2:31
  135: Stephen Norman(Mt. Healthy) pin Ben Smith(Bellbrook) 2:11
  140: Brandon Karlas(Bellbrook) dec. Tim Culbertson(Cin. Christian) 7-2
  145: Justin Baker(Milton-Union) pin Demetrius Coleman(Mt. Healthy) 2:16
  152: Justin Meineke(McNicholas) pin Nick Cifuentes(Badin) 0:46
  160: Remus Monnig(Bellbrook) pin Steve Tankersley(West Carrollton) 0:47
  171: Caleb Galbreath(Milton-Union) pin Josh Williamson(West Carrollton) 2:05
  189: Josh Young*EDG(X1) pin Katlin Clark(Milton-Union) 2:05
  215: John Davis(Mt. Healthy) dec. Brian Massey(Badin) 8-2
  285: Corey Wells(Edgewood) pin Phil Engleman*MH(X2) 1:42

Round 5 - Two Pools
  103: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Austen Brower(Bellbrook) 3:36
       Cody Jones(Milton-Union) advanced with bye
       Terry Schilling*EDG(X2) pin Randy Kocol(West Carrollton) 0:37
       Brandan Hartley*BEL(X1) advanced with bye
  112: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) pin Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) 2:19
       Amber Garett(Talawanda) advanced with bye
       Nathan Bolton(Bellbrook) pin Austin Rand*TA(X2) 1:59
       Nathan Arnold(Tri-County No.) pin Aaron Shepherd(Cin. Christian) 0:40
  119: Rodrick Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Ian Felty(Cin. Christian) 0:27
       Matt Parker(Edgewood) pin Clay Robinson(Milton-Union) 1:08
       Christian Brunckhorst(Talawanda) tech. fall Josh Tomlin(Bellbrook) 17-1
       Damon Fugate*MU(X1) over Jensen Flora(Tri-County No.) forfeit
  125: Daniel Lukac(Talawanda) pin Thomas Morris(Milton-Union) 1:56
       Cody Huston*EDG(X1) advanced with bye
       Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) pin Adam Thoma(Bellbrook) 1:54
       Joe Fay(Cin. Christian) advanced with bye
  130: Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) pin Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) 0:59
       Alex Holtzman(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
       Josiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) dec. Bryce Dudley(Tri-County No.) 6-0
       Ryan O'Neill(Talawanda) advanced with bye
  135: Brendon Johnson(Milton-Union) pin Ben Smith(Bellbrook) 1:57
       Isaiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) pin Dan Woeste(Badin) 3:45
       Sean Barker(Edgewood) maj. dec. Stephen Norman(Mt. Healthy) 12-2
       Dylan Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Kyle Jacobs*BAD(X2) 1:01
  140: Merritt Corbett(Mt. Healthy) pin Tim Culbertson(Cin. Christian) 0:23
       Darion Brewer(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) pin Nick Derbyshire(McNicholas) 1:31
       Matt Myer(Milton-Union) pin Zach Whaley(Talawanda) 0:41
  145: Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) pin Justin Baker(Milton-Union) 0:38
       Jonathon Beer(Badin) advanced with bye
       Justin Couch(West Carrollton) pin Matt Bruggeman(Bellbrook) 1:04
       Jacob Barns*MU(X1) advanced with bye
  152: Paul Seymour(Talawanda) pin Ryane Wynn(Mt. Healthy) 3:00
       Derek Oda(Tri-County No.) pin Drew Smoker(Cin. Christian) 1:36
       Jeremy Myers(West Carrollton) pin James Louie*CC(X1) 1:26
       Steven Herick(Milton-Union) pin Brandon Prater(Edgewood) 0:35
  160: John King(Milton-Union) pin Brendan Saddlemire(McNicholas) 2:59
       Jerry Helsinger(Edgewood) pin Wes Creed(Cin. Christian) 0:27
       Jerrod Clack(Tri-County No.) pin Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) 1:56
       Steve Tankersley(West Carrollton) pin Mike Dimuzio(Badin) 1:56
  171: Charles Martin(Mt. Healthy) pin Alex Mitchell(Badin) 0:38
       Josh Williamson(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
       Matt Collins(Bellbrook) pin Mike Farrell(Edgewood) 5:07
       Shawn Ashdown(Talawanda) pin Mike Fpinelli*BAD(X2) 0:51
  189: Tyler Wright(Edgewood) pin Jesse Wright(West Carrollton) 0:12
       Chris Martin*BAD(X2) maj. dec. David Heyl(McNicholas) 19-10
       Cody Fyffe(Bellbrook) over Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) disq.
       Josh Young*EDG(X1) pin Josh Stivers(Talawanda) 2:57
  215: Jimmy Rasche(Talawanda) over Tyler Cline(Tri-County No.) forfeit
       Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
       Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) dec. Fritz Schoolfield(McNicholas) 6-1
       Mikail Miller(Bellbrook) advanced with bye
  285: Kevin Gaines(Mt. Healthy) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 0:56
       Jordan Beverly*WC(X3) pin Garrett Peters(Cin. Christian) 0:29
       Scott Myers(Talawanda) pin Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) 5:30
       Phil Engleman*MH(X2) advanced with bye

Round 4 - Two Pools
  103: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Austen Brower(Bellbrook) pin Elijah Kalkhoff(Talawanda) 0:21
       Terry Schilling*EDG(X2) advanced with bye
       Randy Kocol(West Carrollton) pin Joe Bess(Tri-County No.) 2:42
  112: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) pin Mark Parker*EDG(X1) 0:57
       Austin Rand*TA(X2) pin Nathan Arnold(Tri-County No.) 1:25
       Nathan Bolton(Bellbrook) dec. Brian Schilling(Edgewood) 16-12
  119: Rodrick Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Matt Parker(Edgewood) 1:02
       Cam Losonsky(Badin) pin Ian Felty(Cin. Christian) 1:08
       Josh Tomlin(Bellbrook) over Jensen Flora(Tri-County No.) forfeit
       Christian Brunckhorst(Talawanda) pin Ryan Berger(West Carrollton) 0:22
  125: Daniel Lukac(Talawanda) pin Cody Huston*EDG(X1) 4:47
       Thomas Morris(Milton-Union) advanced with bye
       Adam Thoma(Bellbrook) advanced with bye
       Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) pin Sean Martin(Edgewood) 1:21
  130: Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) advanced with bye
       Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) pin Kaleb Birch(Edgewood) 3:47
       Josiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) advanced with bye
       Bryce Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Dustin Fugate(Milton-Union) 0:52
  135: Brendon Johnson(Milton-Union) pin Dan Woeste(Badin) 2:36
       Ben Smith(Bellbrook) pin Brandon Millhouse*TCN(X1) 2:55
       Sean Barker(Edgewood) dec. Dylan Dudley(Tri-County No.) 16-14
       Stephen Norman(Mt. Healthy) pin Eric Ashdown(Talawanda) 1:32
  140: Merritt Corbett(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Tim Culbertson(Cin. Christian) pin Zach Banks(Tri-County No.) 0:56
       Nick Derbyshire(McNicholas) pin Zach Whaley(Talawanda) 2:38
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) dec. Brandon Karlas(Bellbrook) 11-6
  145: Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Josh Dempsey(McNicholas) pin Justin Baker(Milton-Union) 1:11
       Matt Bruggeman(Bellbrook) advanced with bye
       Justin Couch(West Carrollton) pin Demetrius Coleman(Mt. Healthy) 0:48
  152: Paul Seymour(Talawanda) pin Drew Smoker(Cin. Christian) 0:30
       Ryane Wynn(Mt. Healthy) maj. dec. Nick Cifuentes(Badin) 19-8
       Brandon Prater(Edgewood) pin James Louie*CC(X1) 0:14
       Jeremy Myers(West Carrollton) pin Justin Meineke(McNicholas) 2:25
  160: Brendan Saddlemire(McNicholas) dec. Jerry Helsinger(Edgewood) 8-4
       John King(Milton-Union) pin Remus Monnig(Bellbrook) 3:16
       Jerrod Clack(Tri-County No.) pin Steve Tankersley(West Carrollton) 1:26
       Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Jeremy Sherbs(Talawanda) 2:47
  171: Charles Martin(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Stephen Schlater(Tri-County No.) pin Alex Mitchell(Badin) 4:13
       Matt Collins(Bellbrook) pin Mike Fpinelli*BAD(X2) 0:22
       Mike Farrell(Edgewood) dec. Caleb Galbreath(Milton-Union) 7-5ot
  189: Tyler Wright(Edgewood) pin David Heyl(McNicholas) 0:26
       Jesse Wright(West Carrollton) pin Katlin Clark(Milton-Union) 1:47
       Cody Fyffe(Bellbrook) pin Josh Young*EDG(X1) 0:55
       Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Ryan Gentile(Badin) 1:14
  215: Jimmy Rasche(Talawanda) advanced with bye
       Brian Massey(Badin) pin Tyler Cline(Tri-County No.) 5:26
       Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Fritz Schoolfield(McNicholas) dec. John Davis(Mt. Healthy) 5-1
  285: Kevin Gaines(Mt. Healthy) pin Jordan Beverly*WC(X3) 0:59
       Corey Wells(Edgewood) over Dakota Burke(Milton-Union) default
       Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
       Scott Myers(Talawanda) pin Bob Ervin*CC(X1) 1:10

Round 3 - Two Pools
  103: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Cody Jones(Milton-Union) 0:12
       Elijah Kalkhoff(Talawanda) advanced with bye
       Terry Schilling*EDG(X2) pin Brandan Hartley*BEL(X1) 0:58
       Joe Bess(Tri-County No.) advanced with bye
  112: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) pin Amber Garett(Talawanda) 1:13
       Mark Parker*EDG(X1) advanced with bye
       Austin Rand*TA(X2) pin Aaron Shepherd(Cin. Christian) 4:27
       Brian Schilling(Edgewood) pin Nathan Arnold(Tri-County No.) 0:38
  119: Rodrick Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Clay Robinson(Milton-Union) 1:12
       Matt Parker(Edgewood) pin Cam Losonsky(Badin) 1:17
       Josh Tomlin(Bellbrook) pin Damon Fugate*MU(X1) 0:34
       Jensen Flora(Tri-County No.) pin Ryan Berger(West Carrollton) 0:23
  125: Daniel Lukac(Talawanda) advanced with bye
       Cody Huston*EDG(X1) advanced with bye
       Adam Thoma(Bellbrook) pin Joe Fay(Cin. Christian) 2:51
       Sean Martin(Edgewood) advanced with bye
  130: Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) pin Alex Holtzman(West Carrollton) 1:07
       Kaleb Birch(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Josiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) pin Ryan O'Neill(Talawanda) 3:23
       Dustin Fugate(Milton-Union) advanced with bye
  135: Brendon Johnson(Milton-Union) pin Isaiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) 1:22
       Dan Woeste(Badin) pin Brandon Millhouse*TCN(X1) 1:21
       Sean Barker(Edgewood) pin Kyle Jacobs*BAD(X2) 1:19
       Dylan Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Eric Ashdown(Talawanda) 1:20
  140: Merritt Corbett(Mt. Healthy) pin Darion Brewer(West Carrollton) 1:15
       Zach Banks(Tri-County No.) advanced with bye
       Nick Derbyshire(McNicholas) pin Matt Myer(Milton-Union) 5:17
       Brandon Karlas(Bellbrook) pin Zach Whaley(Talawanda) 1:10
  145: Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) pin Jonathon Beer(Badin) 0:54
       Josh Dempsey(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Matt Bruggeman(Bellbrook) pin Jacob Barns*MU(X1) 0:35
       Demetrius Coleman(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
  152: Paul Seymour(Talawanda) pin Derek Oda(Tri-County No.) 0:26
       Nick Cifuentes(Badin) pin Drew Smoker(Cin. Christian) 2:31
       Steven Herick(Milton-Union) pin James Louie*CC(X1) 1:29
       Justin Meineke(McNicholas) pin Brandon Prater(Edgewood) 2:26
  160: Brendan Saddlemire(McNicholas) pin Wes Creed(Cin. Christian) 0:49
       Remus Monnig(Bellbrook) pin Jerry Helsinger(Edgewood) 3:59
       Jerrod Clack(Tri-County No.) pin Mike Dimuzio(Badin) 0:44
       Steve Tankersley(West Carrollton) pin Jeremy Sherbs(Talawanda) 1:01
  171: Charles Martin(Mt. Healthy) pin Josh Williamson(West Carrollton) 0:46
       Stephen Schlater(Tri-County No.) advanced with bye
       Matt Collins(Bellbrook) pin Shawn Ashdown(Talawanda) 0:45
       Caleb Galbreath(Milton-Union) pin Mike Fpinelli*BAD(X2) 0:43
  189: Tyler Wright(Edgewood) pin Chris Martin*BAD(X2) 0:17
       Katlin Clark(Milton-Union) pin David Heyl(McNicholas) 5:30
       Cody Fyffe(Bellbrook) pin Josh Stivers(Talawanda) 0:22
       Josh Young*EDG(X1) dec. Ryan Gentile(Badin) 13-9
  215: Jimmy Rasche(Talawanda) tech. fall Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) 18-3
       Brian Massey(Badin) advanced with bye
       Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) pin Mikail Miller(Bellbrook) 1:17
       John Davis(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
  285: Kevin Gaines(Mt. Healthy) pin Garrett Peters(Cin. Christian) 0:28
       Jordan Beverly*WC(X3) pin Dakota Burke(Milton-Union) 3:07
       Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) pin Phil Engleman*MH(X2) 2:55
       Bob Ervin*CC(X1) advanced with bye

Round 2 - Two Pools
  103: Cody Jones(Milton-Union) pin Elijah Kalkhoff(Talawanda) 2:47
       Austen Brower(Bellbrook) advanced with bye
       Brandan Hartley*BEL(X1) pin Joe Bess(Tri-County No.) 1:03
       Randy Kocol(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
  112: Mark Parker*EDG(X1) pin Amber Garett(Talawanda) 2:59
       Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Brian Schilling(Edgewood) pin Aaron Shepherd(Cin. Christian) 1:14
       Nathan Bolton(Bellbrook) pin Nathan Arnold(Tri-County No.) 1:01
  119: Clay Robinson(Milton-Union) pin Cam Losonsky(Badin) 1:59
       Matt Parker(Edgewood) pin Ian Felty(Cin. Christian) 1:35
       Ryan Berger(West Carrollton) pin Damon Fugate*MU(X1) 0:23
       Christian Brunckhorst(Talawanda) pin Jensen Flora(Tri-County No.) 1:15
  125: Cody Huston*EDG(X1) pin Thomas Morris(Milton-Union) 1:00
       Joe Fay(Cin. Christian) dec. Sean Martin(Edgewood) 18-15
       Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
  130: Kaleb Birch(Edgewood) pin Alex Holtzman(West Carrollton) 1:45
       Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Ryan O'Neill(Talawanda) pin Dustin Fugate(Milton-Union) 1:50
       Bryce Dudley(Tri-County No.) advanced with bye
  135: Isaiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) pin Brandon Millhouse*TCN(X1) 3:26
       Ben Smith(Bellbrook) pin Dan Woeste(Badin) 4:30
       Eric Ashdown(Talawanda) pin Kyle Jacobs*BAD(X2) 4:53
       Dylan Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Stephen Norman(Mt. Healthy) 1:42
  140: Darion Brewer(West Carrollton) pin Zach Banks(Tri-County No.) 0:35
       Tim Culbertson(Cin. Christian) advanced with bye
       Brandon Karlas(Bellbrook) pin Matt Myer(Milton-Union) 2:25
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) pin Zach Whaley(Talawanda) 1:52
  145: Josh Dempsey(McNicholas) pin Jonathon Beer(Badin) 0:31
       Justin Baker(Milton-Union) advanced with bye
       Demetrius Coleman(Mt. Healthy) maj. dec. Jacob Barns*MU(X1) 26-16
       Justin Couch(West Carrollton) advanced with bye
  152: Nick Cifuentes(Badin) dec. Derek Oda(Tri-County No.) 17-10
       Ryane Wynn(Mt. Healthy) pin Drew Smoker(Cin. Christian) 1:32
       Steven Herick(Milton-Union) maj. dec. Justin Meineke(McNicholas) 12-4
       Jeremy Myers(West Carrollton) pin Brandon Prater(Edgewood) 3:00
  160: Remus Monnig(Bellbrook) pin Wes Creed(Cin. Christian) 0:55
       John King(Milton-Union) pin Jerry Helsinger(Edgewood) 3:13
       Mike Dimuzio(Badin) pin Jeremy Sherbs(Talawanda) 1:31
       Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Steve Tankersley(West Carrollton) 1:05
  171: Stephen Schlater(Tri-County No.) pin Josh Williamson(West Carrollton) 5:21
       Alex Mitchell(Badin) advanced with bye
       Caleb Galbreath(Milton-Union) pin Shawn Ashdown(Talawanda) 3:13
       Mike Farrell(Edgewood) pin Mike Fpinelli*BAD(X2) 0:17
  189: Katlin Clark(Milton-Union) pin Chris Martin*BAD(X2) 4:25
       David Heyl(McNicholas) pin Jesse Wright(West Carrollton) 1:45
       Ryan Gentile(Badin) pin Josh Stivers(Talawanda) 1:15
       Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Josh Young*EDG(X1) 0:44
  215: Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) dec. Brian Massey(Badin) 6-2
       Tyler Cline(Tri-County No.) advanced with bye
       John Davis(Mt. Healthy) pin Mikail Miller(Bellbrook) 2:18
       Fritz Schoolfield(McNicholas) advanced with bye
  285: Dakota Burke(Milton-Union) pin Garrett Peters(Cin. Christian) 5:05
       Jordan Beverly*WC(X3) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 0:42
       Phil Engleman*MH(X2) pin Bob Ervin*CC(X1) 0:56
       Scott Myers(Talawanda) advanced with bye

Round 1 - Two Pools
  103: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Elijah Kalkhoff(Talawanda) 0:40
       Austen Brower(Bellbrook) pin Cody Jones(Milton-Union) 0:30
       Terry Schilling*EDG(X2) pin Joe Bess(Tri-County No.) 0:18
       Randy Kocol(West Carrollton) dec. Brandan Hartley*BEL(X1) 10-5
  112: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) pin Mark Parker*EDG(X1) 0:46
       Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) pin Amber Garett(Talawanda) 1:50
       Brian Schilling(Edgewood) pin Austin Rand*TA(X2) 0:28
       Nathan Bolton(Bellbrook) pin Aaron Shepherd(Cin. Christian) 0:51
  119: Rodrick Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Cam Losonsky(Badin) 0:22
       Clay Robinson(Milton-Union) pin Ian Felty(Cin. Christian) 1:17
       Josh Tomlin(Bellbrook) pin Ryan Berger(West Carrollton) 1:06
       Christian Brunckhorst(Talawanda) pin Damon Fugate*MU(X1) 0:49
  125: Daniel Lukac(Talawanda) advanced with bye
       Thomas Morris(Milton-Union) advanced with bye
       Adam Thoma(Bellbrook) pin Sean Martin(Edgewood) 2:59
       Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) pin Joe Fay(Cin. Christian) 3:19
  130: Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) pin Kaleb Birch(Edgewood) 2:19
       Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) pin Alex Holtzman(West Carrollton) 0:56
       Josiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) pin Dustin Fugate(Milton-Union) 3:08
       Bryce Dudley(Tri-County No.) pin Ryan O'Neill(Talawanda) 1:19
  135: Brendon Johnson(Milton-Union) pin Brandon Millhouse*TCN(X1) 3:32
       Isaiah Bragg(Cin. Christian) maj. dec. Ben Smith(Bellbrook) 10-0
       Sean Barker(Edgewood) tech. fall Eric Ashdown(Talawanda) 20-5
       Stephen Norman(Mt. Healthy) pin Kyle Jacobs*BAD(X2) 1:58
  140: Merritt Corbett(Mt. Healthy) pin Zach Banks(Tri-County No.) 0:18
       Darion Brewer(West Carrollton) pin Tim Culbertson(Cin. Christian) 1:24
       Nick Derbyshire(McNicholas) pin Brandon Karlas(Bellbrook) 4:23
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) tech. fall Matt Myer(Milton-Union) 17-0
  145: Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) pin Josh Dempsey(McNicholas) 0:38
       Justin Baker(Milton-Union) pin Jonathon Beer(Badin) 1:39
       Matt Bruggeman(Bellbrook) pin Demetrius Coleman(Mt. Healthy) 1:26
       Justin Couch(West Carrollton) pin Jacob Barns*MU(X1) 0:44
  152: Paul Seymour(Talawanda) tech. fall Nick Cifuentes(Badin) 16-1
       Ryane Wynn(Mt. Healthy) pin Derek Oda(Tri-County No.) 3:43
       Justin Meineke(McNicholas) pin James Louie*CC(X1) 0:50
       Jeremy Myers(West Carrollton) pin Steven Herick(Milton-Union) 2:29
  160: Brendan Saddlemire(McNicholas) dec. Remus Monnig(Bellbrook) 9-3
       John King(Milton-Union) pin Wes Creed(Cin. Christian) 0:31
       Jerrod Clack(Tri-County No.) pin Jeremy Sherbs(Talawanda) 0:38
       Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Mike Dimuzio(Badin) 1:31
  171: Charles Martin(Mt. Healthy) dec. Stephen Schlater(Tri-County No.) 24-17
       Josh Williamson(West Carrollton) dec. Alex Mitchell(Badin) 8-7
       Matt Collins(Bellbrook) dec. Caleb Galbreath(Milton-Union) 2-0
       Mike Farrell(Edgewood) pin Shawn Ashdown(Talawanda) 0:39
  189: Tyler Wright(Edgewood) pin Katlin Clark(Milton-Union) 1:00
       Jesse Wright(West Carrollton) dec. Chris Martin*BAD(X2) 15-13
       Cody Fyffe(Bellbrook) pin Ryan Gentile(Badin) 0:57
       Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Josh Stivers(Talawanda) 0:20
  215: Jimmy Rasche(Talawanda) pin Brian Massey(Badin) 1:31
       Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) pin Tyler Cline(Tri-County No.) 1:14
       Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) dec. John Davis(Mt. Healthy) 6-5
       Fritz Schoolfield(McNicholas) pin Mikail Miller(Bellbrook) 2:37
  285: Dakota Burke(Milton-Union) dec. Kevin Gaines(Mt. Healthy) 4-3
       Corey Wells(Edgewood) pin Garrett Peters(Cin. Christian) 0:21
       Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) pin Bob Ervin*CC(X1) 0:30
       Scott Myers(Talawanda) pin Phil Engleman*MH(X2) 1:34