2011 GMVWA Holiday Tournament

Dates: Thursday, December 29 and Friday, December 30
Site: Wright State University's Nutter Center
Session Times: Thursday- 12:00 Noon  Friday- 11:00 AM and Finals: 5:00 PM
Fee: $325 GMVWA Member Teams and $375 non-GMVWA Teams
Team Passes: 1 per wrestler, 3 coaches,  2 for others (trainers, stats, managers, etc. )
Additional coach's passes: $20
Participating Teams: See participating teams
Spectator Information: Thursday: $10 per adult/$8 per student
Friday: $10 per adult/$8 per student before 3 PM -- $5 per adult/$4 per student after 3 PM
All-session passes: $15 adult, $12 student
Entrance Gate: Use Gate #3
Parking: Thursday only: $5 - No charge Friday
Motels: Click the links on the web site for information.
Entry Procedure:  Use web site at www.baumspage.com to submit roster and seed nominations.
Must be submitted by 1:00 PM on Wednesday, December 28th! 
For details see Online Entry Instructions for Wrestling.
Seeding: 1. By criteria - see seeding and entry instructions.
2. By a tournament committee
Parking: Coaches and Teams: Use Lot 9   -   Spectators: Use Lots 1 & 2
Team Entrance: Teams: Gate 9
Food: Teams - wrestlers allowed to bring in food Only inot McLin #4. NO FOOD IN THE ARENA (NO GLASS).
Spectators - NOT ALLOWED to bring food, drinks, containers, cookers, stoves, etc. inside the building.
Check-in: Teams will check in at the pass gate #9 to pick up your packets and verify rosters.
All corrections must be made at the pass gate before going to weigh-in.
All teams must turn-in a copy of their OHSAA Weight Certification Alpha Master Report!
Weighs-ins: *All wrestlers must be present when their weight class is called!
10:00 AM -  Thursday, December 29 (Eight scales.)
   *Weigh-in by weight class.  All wrestlers must be present!
9:30 A M - Friday, December 30 (Eight scales.)
   *Weigh-in by weight class.  All wrestlers must be present!
Locker Rooms: Use #2, #7, and #8
Hospitality Room: Not available
Coaches Meetings: McLin #2 11:30 AM - Thursday
Wrestling Schedule: See Schedule
Awards: Team - 1st and 2nd in each School Division
Individuals - 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th Plaques  5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Medals
Outstanding Wrestler 103 to 140 and Outstanding Wrestler 145-285
Most Pins in Winners & Losers
The coach of the weight class champions will present the awards for the class.    
Table Help: EACH LOCAL GMVWA-AREA TEAM in the tournament will supply 5 table workers, 1 being an adult per the schedule that will be sent to the coach at a later date. They will receive a free all-session pass. They will work only One (1) session. THE TOURNAMENT WILL NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THEM.
Thanks for your help with this very important part of the tournament.
Warm-up: We will use a match board, as last year, for moving wrestlers to their mat for wrestling. The board will display wrestling, on deck, and warm-up.   The wrestler will move out of the warm-up when his match number shows on deck. As coaches, please help us with this part of the tournament. THANKS.
Tournament Director: Max Benton   Home: 937-696-2065       E-mail: max.benton@frontier.com

Table Help - Worker's Schedule
Please e-mail Max Benton to confirm your assigment!

Time Mat 1 Mat 2 Mat 3 Mat 4 Mat 5 Mat 6 Mat 7 Mat 8
Thur.: 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM Franklin Versailles Carroll Stebbins Troy Waynesville Carlisle Brookville
Thur.: 5:00 PM - finish Tecumseh Chaminade-Julienne Indian Lake Greeneview Edgewood Wayne

Miami Trace

Fri.: 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM Kenton Ridge Covington Sidney Bellbrook Wilmington Piqua Trotwood-Madison Troy Christian
Fri.: 5:00 PM Eaton Miamisburg Greenville          

Please have 5 table workers with at least one being an adult.  Workers will receive a free all-session pass.   Pick-up passes at gate #9!