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Mobile Golf Manager Application

baumspage_logo.png (12525 bytes) Mobile Golf Manager Application

Complete Team and Individual Results Available Instantly!
Includes Online Entries, Mobile Application, Web Page for Tournament, and Support.

Click Mobile Golf Manager Application Demo to tryout a sample tournament.

The program imports baumspage online entries and generates results that can be posted after the tournament.
Works in most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
Although the application works with Safari Apple has some limitations with saving data.
If using a Mac or iPad please install and use Google Chrome!
Please download and install Google Chrome from the Google web site:

An internet connection is required only to download data and post results!

Click link to Mobile Web Quick Start Guide to download documentation.

*Contact Gary Baumgartner for questions, support, and pricing.


Mobile Golf Manager Application Demo:

  1. Some of the Save/Restore features are disabled on the Demo.
  2. To speed the testing and learning, the demo automatically loads a Sample 8 Team Tournament.
    1. The demo has 5 players per team and scores for 4 teams already entered..
    2. Three teams have the same team score and the final results are sorted by the 5th score tie-breaker.
      1. As you experiment, enter scores for some of the other teams.
      2. Also change the 5th tie-breaker scores for a couple of players to make sure team scores are sorted properly.
    3. You can change the number of players from 5 to 6 and adjust the number of qualifiers
  3. If you mess-up or want to start over, click the Clear Data & Start Over button.
MobileGolf1.JPG (78530 bytes)

Below are samples of the results and PDF files that can be generated.

Team score sheet generated directly from the online entry roster: (Landscape 11 x 8.5)

Score Card Labels (Formatted for Avery 5160 - 1 x 2 5/8 Three across 30 per page)

Cart labels for coaches: (Two per 8.5 x 11 page)

More about the Baumspage Mobile Golf Manager Application:

  1. If you like the Mobile Application, the interface to the Online Entry System and access to the database and web site makes it even better!
    1. Both the tournament manager and/or the computer support person can access the online database and web page for that tournament.
    2. With access:
      1. Entries can be imported directly into the Mobile Application.
      2. Tournament schedules, tee times, and rules information can be posted.
      3. Complete Final Results with all teams and players listed and Individual Results can be posted using the Post All to Baumspage button.
        1. Coaches names can be included in the final results.
        2. For Sectional and District Tournaments the teams and individuals that advance to the next level are automatically flagged.
        3. The qualifiers are exported automatically in the final dowload and imported by the manager at the next level.
        4. The final files can also be exported in CSV format and imported by the manager at the next level that does not use the Mobile Application.
  2. If you host a tournament and are interested, please call.
    1. Both the Mobile Application and Online Entries could be used separately, but the system is designed to do both.
    2. We will include the Mobile Application for no charge with the Online Entry System.
    3. Our Fee of $30 includes Online Entries, the Mobile Golf Manager Application, a Web Page for Tournament, and Support.
    4. Contact Contact Gary Baumgartner now for questions and support.










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