Sect. Tournament: (C) Division I Boys - Turnberry
Turnberry Golf Course
October 06, 2020

Qualifiers: Top 4 teams and 4 individuals not on a qualifying team.
( * Indicates qualifying individual.)

1Carson Bellish Pick. North11363470
2Ryan Seidensticker Dub. Coffman11363773
Max Hahn * Gah. Lincoln12383573
Andrew Blosser Olen. Liberty12373673
5Tison Alexander * Hil. Bradley12383674
Jack Snyder Olen. Liberty11344074
Tyler Brockwell Pick. North10363874
8Grant Smeltzer Olen. Liberty12363975
Jack O'Donnell Olen. Liberty11373875
Kirby Shaffery Pick. North11383775
11Ryan Schiefferle Dub. Coffman9393776
12Caden Fulkerson * Marysville123938773rd qualifier with a 4 on the 2nd playoff hole
Justin DeHoff Marysville12383977eliminated with a 6 on the 2nd playoff hole
Cole Crandall Pick. Central11393877
Carter Woodward Pick. Central11403777
Grant Raubenolt * Reynoldsburg94037774th qualifier with a 5 on the 2nd playoff hole
17Mitchell Soma Gah. Lincoln12413778
Tyler Ogg Jonathan Alder10403878
Ben Armbruster Olen. Liberty11413778
Jaden Thompson Pick. Central12393978
Ethan Schwartz Pick. North11403878
22Luke Lehman Hil. Bradley12433679
Griffin Dixon Hil. Bradley11384179
Jamison Boykins Reynoldsburg12364379
Mark Towns Wor. Kilbourne12423779
26James Bush Teays Valley9374380
27Klay Redman Dub. Coffman11423981
Nick Sowers Jonathan Alder11414081
Michael Murray Wester. South10404181
30Gabe Guthrie Dub. Coffman11453782
Andrew Rabe Marysville9414182
Owen Cotterman Wor. Kilbourne10384482
Sam Marano Wor. Kilbourne12433982
34Luke Warner Dub. Coffman9434083
Evan Henry Gah. Lincoln11394483
Riley Senften Lancaster10414283
37Noah Cox Canal Winchester12434184
Brandon Gargac Jonathan Alder11414384
Aidan Allen Pick. Central12444084
Ryan Schneider Pick. North11434184
Andrew Scurlock Wester. North11414384
42Brady Fox Jonathan Alder9424385
Jagger Snoke Lancaster11444185
Jay Niceswanger Lancaster10424385
J.D. Lathem Teays Valley10434285
Danny Crane Teays Valley11434285
Jack Yancey Wester. North12394685
48Jameson Hippler Canal Winchester11454287
Nolan Frey Canal Winchester10424587
Harrison Allen Lancaster11474087
51Kyle Lark Gah. Lincoln11424688
52Matthew Fox Jonathan Alder12434689
Gavin Cossette Marysville12454489
Litton Evan Reynoldsburg11444589
Alex Perez Reynoldsburg11484189
Kobe Hunter Wester. North12454489
57Simon Abbott Wor. Kilbourne10434790
58Isaac Henry Wor. Kilbourne12434891
59Isaac Reif Lancaster11454792
60Calvin Trigg Canal Winchester11435093
Eric Litterer Hil. Bradley11484593
Blake Bennett Pick. Central12454893
63D.J. Bridge Wester. North12494594
64Eli Gregg Teays Valley11494695
Nate Conkel Teays Valley11484795
Rocco Thomas Wester. North11474895
67Matthew Soma Gah. Lincoln10455196
Chapin Harrington Hil. Bradley10474996
69Dylan DeLauter Marysville11524597
70Andrew Sycks Canal Winchester10514899
Mason Campbell Wester. South12514899
Christopher Koval Wester. South9485199
Quentin Sheets Wester. South10544599
74Price Cooper Groveport-Madison115957116
75Braylon Polley Reynoldsburg96264126
76Patrick Bean Groveport-Madison96673139
77Andrew Collinsworth Wester. South12DNF0DNF

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