Current Season: 2015

Sect. Tournament: Division I Girls - Mentel Memorial
Additional Information09-23-2015, 6:16 PM - COACHES PLEASE NOTE: THE BALL WILL BE PLAYED ‘LIFT, CLEAN, AND PLACE” ON THE FAIRWAYS ONLY (WITHIN TWO CLUB LENGTHS). This is due to too much rain in June that has created many brown patches in the fairways. Too many to mark GUR. Teach your players to follow the proper procedure. Bumping the ball up with their club is not allowed. Further, this does not include the rough. If an area in the rough is not marked but clearly GUR (bare area, not a divot) the player may ask for free relief

09-23-2015, 6:21 PM - 1. COACHES, Please email me immediately that you received the Draw Meeting Information Sheet at
so I can verify your correct email. I will be sending you further information as the event nears.

2. Carts are provided at no charge for a designated coach (representative) but only that coach may drive the cart.

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