Sect. Tournament: (SW) Division II Boys - The Mill Course
The Mill Course
September 27, 2023

Qualifiers: Top 4 teams and 4 individuals not on a qualifying team.
( * Indicates qualifying individual.)

1Finley Bartlett Wyoming11353267
2Eddie Hartung Madeira12353469
3Nick Mullen * Bethel-Tate12383674second indiv.
Alex Holzapfel Indian Hill12363874
Keegan World Madeira11373774
Jack Noone * McNicholas11383674first indiv.
Jack Webb Wyoming11373774
Hagan Kaylor Wyoming12373774
9Parker Woolery CNE12393675one hole - bogey
Carter McGahey Mariemont11383775
Allister Fike * Roger Bacon9383775one hole - par - third indiv.
Caleb Bessler * Taylor11373875one hole - par - fourth indiv.
13Alex Cotton Cin. Hills Christian Aca.10383977
John Mitchell Cin. Hills Christian Aca.9383977
15John Meis Wyoming10403878
16Jackson Cunningham Madeira12413879
Will Stevens Mariemont11394079
18Danny Hazen Indian Hill11404181
J. P. Widecan Mariemont11414081
Cannon Wells McNicholas12414081
Nolan Ey McNicholas9394281
Ryan Zestermann Roger Bacon12414081
23Jake Lewis Indian Hill9424082
Tanner Temar Madeira12453782
25Nick Stoffel New Richmond12453883
26Zac Vickers Cin. Hills Christian Aca.11444084
Luke Visconte Cin. Hills Christian Aca.10414384
Michael Figliola Cin. Hills Christian Aca.9434184
Logan Reindl Indian Hill12424284
Andrew Sampson Madeira12424284
Austin Childs Taylor12404484
32Cam Miller Indian Hill11444185
Carson Kuhlman New Richmond12424385
Charlie Steed Wyoming11444185
35Cooper Drum Mariemont11444286
Ethan Hern Mariemont9434386
37Noah Wentz Taylor10464288
38Logan Roller Batavia10444589
Ethan Detter McNicholas11444589
Ty Dumont Roger Bacon9434689
Nathan Weigand Roger Bacon11474289
42Brayden Schmittou Batavia10454590
Ryan Schmidt Taylor11474390
44James Baverman Roger Bacon12474491
Bradley Heckman Taylor11484391
46Jack Stowell Batavia10514192
47Jacob Mosbacher McNicholas9454893
48Colt Sexton CNE9464894
Brock Lindner New Richmond12484694
50Ryan Brose Batavia10494695
Kian Butler Batavia12474895
52Zach Dalton New Richmond10494796
53Quintin Rafie Finneytown11435598
Christian Minton Reading12544498
55C. J. Stober Bethel-Tate12485199
56Johnny Aildasani Reading95248100
57Garrett Minks Reading115547102
58Hayden Shepard Norwood105251103
59A. J. Johnson Bethel-Tate115450104
60Ryan Fischer New Richmond114857105
61Colton Schumacher CNE95749106
Cam Mefford Finneytown95551106
63Chase Sandker Bethel-Tate115552107
64Kevin Dang Norwood125356109
65Ryan Vondermeulen Reading105755112
66Ariakan Barnes CNE95661117
Judd Arthur Norwood125562117
68Colin Nickell Bethel-Tate126158119
69Ayden Guy Reading116258120
70Grady Laird Finneytown125964123
71Jack Drenner Norwood106164125
72Dominic Schoff Finneytown106859127
73Macy Hunter Finneytown106564129
74Logan Madison Norwood106766133
75A. J. Cunningham CNE107769146

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