AOL Download Instructions - From Bill Grafflin

When I have an attachment in AOL, the Download choice is visible at the bottom of the message.  I click on that and I can Download Now or Download Later.  I choose Now.  It goes to my desktop and automatically opens when I sign off of AOL.  Here's how that all happens.

In AOL 8.0 (and I think 6.0 and 7.0), at the top menu bar there is a choice called Settings.  Open that and choose Preferences.  On the Preferences menu under Organization, there is a Download link.  Choose that one.  Near the bottom of the page, there is a "Put files I download in the following directory:" and a Browse button.  I always change that so that my downloaded files are on the Desktop -- so I can find them.

On the right side of that same menu is "Automatically decompress Zip files:" and you get three choices: 1) When I download them; 2) When I sign off; and 3) Do not decompress.  I choose the 2nd one, because I won't do anything with them until I get off AOL.  Also on that page is a place to select "Delete Zip files after they are decompressed."  I don't select that, but I do save them to a folder called Wrestling that I have set up in the Filing Cabinet on AOL.

I think all of this works without Win-Zip being the default decompresser, but I've set Win-Zip to handle everything.

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