Cinicnnati Hills League Middle School Challenge 2018

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Wyoming (Wymn) 190.0 9 13 17 21 14 0 0
Madeira (MAD) 171.0 7 12 14 20 13 0 0
Reading (READ) 155.0 7 7 20 3 14 0 1
Taylor (TAY) 149.0 6 7 15 6 12 0 0
Indian Hill (IH) 82.0 2 6 9 10 9 0 0
All Star 1 (AS1) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
All Star 2 (AS2) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

80 (back to top)

1. Will Maney (MAD)
1W. Maney (MAD)2. Adam Cristo (IH)
Will Maney (Madeira)BYE3. Kahiel Linton (Wymn)
Kahiel Linton (Wyoming)
Mat #1 2A. Cristo (IH)
Adam Cristo (Indian Hill)Pin 3:24
from N:1Mat #2 32A. Cristo (IH)from N:32Mat #1 59K. Linton (Wymn)
A. Cristo (IH)BYEK. Linton (Wymn)BYE
from S:2from S:33
W. Maney (MAD)A. Cristo (IH)
from S:1Mat #1 33W. Maney (MAD)from S:32Mat #2 60W. Maney (MAD)
K. Linton (Wymn)Pin :13W. Maney (MAD)Pin :51
from N:2from N:33

86 (back to top)

Jacob Gaffney (Madeira)1. Jared Ullman (TAY)
Mat #2 3J. Ullman (TAY)2. Jacob Gaffney (MAD)
Jared Ullman (Taylor)Pin 1:543. Brayden McLean (Wymn)
Brayden McLean (Wyoming)
4B. McLean (Wymn)
J. Gaffney (MAD)J. Gaffney (MAD)
from N:3Mat #2 34J. Gaffney (MAD)from N:34Mat #1 61J. Gaffney (MAD)
BYEB. McLean (Wymn)Pin 2:06
from S:4from S:35
J. Ullman (TAY)
from S:3Mat #1 35J. Ullman (TAY)from S:34Mat #2 62J. Ullman (TAY)
B. McLean (Wymn)Pin :12J. Ullman (TAY)BYE
from N:4from N:35

92 (back to top)

Owen Farrell (Madeira)Champion1. Owen Farrell (MAD)
Mat #1 5O. Farrell (MAD)2. Clay Van Fossen (Wymn)
Clay Van Fossen (Wyoming)6-1

98 (back to top)

Nate Opichka (Madeira)N. Opichka (MAD)1. Nate Opichka (MAD)
6N. Opichka (MAD)from N:6Mat #2 36N. Opichka (MAD)2. Joden George (READ)
BYEW. Kerry-NS (MAD)Pin 2:423. Michael Cech (IH)
from S:74. Will Kerry-NS (MAD)
Michael Cech (Indian Hill)
Mat #2 7M. Cech (IH)from S:6Mat #1 37I. Saladonis (Wymn)
Will Kerry-NS (Madeira)Pin 2:47I. Saladonis (Wymn)BYE
from S:8
Joden George (Reading)M. Cech (IH)
Mat #1 8J. George (READ)from N:7Mat #2 38J. George (READ)
Ian Saladonis (Wyoming)Pin :58J. George (READ)Pin 3:27
from N:8
N. Opichka (MAD)N. Opichka (MAD)N. Opichka (MAD)
from N:36Mat #1 63N. Opichka (MAD)from N:63Mat #2 86N. Opichka (MAD)from N:86Mat #1 95N. Opichka (MAD)
I. Saladonis (Wymn)Pin 1:25J. George (READ)Pin :30M. Cech (IH)Pin :39
from S:37from S:64from S:87
W. Kerry-NS (MAD)I. Saladonis (Wymn)J. George (READ)
from S:36Mat #2 64J. George (READ)from S:63Mat #1 87M. Cech (IH)from S:86Mat #2 96J. George (READ)
J. George (READ)1-0M. Cech (IH)Pin 3:33BYE
from S:38from S:65from S:88
W. Kerry-NS (MAD)I. Saladonis (Wymn)
from N:37Mat #1 65M. Cech (IH)from N:64Mat #2 88W. Kerry-NS (MAD)from N:87Mat #1 97W. Kerry-NS (MAD)
M. Cech (IH)BYEBYEW. Kerry-NS (MAD)Pin :41
from N:38from N:65from N:88

104 (back to top)

Roman Thompson (Madeira)1. Steven Velazco (READ)
Mat #2 9S. Huwel (IH)2. Dozier Ambrose (Wymn)
Sam Huwel (Indian Hill)Pin 2:453. Sam Huwel (IH)
4. Roman Thompson (MAD)
Dozier Ambrose (Wyoming)
Mat #1 10S. Velazco (READ)
Steven Velazco (Reading)Pin :40
R. Thompson (MAD)R. Thompson (MAD)
from N:9Mat #1 39S. Velazco (READ)from N:39Mat #2 66D. Ambrose (Wymn)
S. Velazco (READ)Pin 1:02D. Ambrose (Wymn)Pin 1:09
from S:10from S:40
S. Huwel (IH)S. Velazco (READ)
from S:9Mat #2 40D. Ambrose (Wymn)from S:39Mat #1 67S. Velazco (READ)
D. Ambrose (Wymn)Pin 3:45S. Huwel (IH)Major Dec. 11-2
from N:10from N:40

110 (back to top)

Luke Cimpello (Madeira)1. Sean Castro (IH)
Mat #2 11L. Cimpello (MAD)2. Robert Bravard (READ)
Ben Obringer (Wyoming)Pin :393. Luke Cimpello (MAD)
4. Ben Obringer (Wymn)
Robert Bravard (Reading)
Mat #1 12S. Castro (IH)
Sean Castro (Indian Hill)Pin 3:57
L. Cimpello (MAD)L. Cimpello (MAD)
from N:11Mat #1 41S. Castro (IH)from N:41Mat #2 68R. Bravard (READ)
S. Castro (IH)Pin 3:25R. Bravard (READ)8-6
from S:12from S:42
B. Obringer (Wymn)S. Castro (IH)
from S:11Mat #2 42R. Bravard (READ)from S:41Mat #1 69S. Castro (IH)
R. Bravard (READ)Pin :45B. Obringer (Wymn)Pin :22
from N:12from N:42

116 (back to top)

Ryan Stallworth (Madeira)Champion1. Liam Qiu (TAY)
Mat #2 13L. Qiu (TAY)2. Ryan Stallworth (MAD)
Liam Qiu (Taylor)Pin 2:50

122 (back to top)

Nathan Robins (Reading)1. Adam Taylor (TAY)
Mat #1 14N. Robins (READ)2. Nathan Robins (READ)
Noah Finney (Wyoming)Pin 2:273. Gus Kyser (MAD)
4. Noah Finney (Wymn)
Gus Kyser (Madeira)
Mat #2 15A. Taylor (TAY)
Adam Taylor (Taylor)10-4
N. Robins (READ)N. Robins (READ)
from N:14Mat #1 43A. Taylor (TAY)from N:43Mat #2 70N. Robins (READ)
A. Taylor (TAY)DQG. Kyser (MAD)8-1
from S:15from S:44
N. Finney (Wymn)A. Taylor (TAY)
from S:14Mat #2 44G. Kyser (MAD)from S:43Mat #1 71A. Taylor (TAY)
G. Kyser (MAD)Pin 2:17N. Finney (Wymn)Pin 3:15
from N:15from N:44

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Jacob Kyler (Reading)1. Jacob Kyler (READ)
Mat #1 16J. Kyler (READ)2. Max Wilking (Wymn)
Keenan Michelsen (Madeira)Pin :233. Schuyler Ireland (TAY)
4. Keenan Michelsen (MAD)
Schuyler Ireland (Taylor)
Mat #2 17M. Wilking (Wymn)
Max Wilking (Wyoming)10-5
J. Kyler (READ)J. Kyler (READ)
from N:16Mat #1 45J. Kyler (READ)from N:45Mat #2 72J. Kyler (READ)
M. Wilking (Wymn)6-4 SVS. Ireland (TAY)Pin :26
from S:17from S:46
K. Michelsen (MAD)M. Wilking (Wymn)
from S:16Mat #2 46S. Ireland (TAY)from S:45Mat #1 73M. Wilking (Wymn)
S. Ireland (TAY)Pin 0:23K. Michelsen (MAD)Pin 1:04
from N:17from N:46

134 (back to top)

Caden Conner (Reading)1. Caden Conner (READ)
Mat #1 18C. Conner (READ)2. Ray Cook (Wymn)
Ray Cook (Wyoming)4-03. James Vollmer (IH)
4. Kyle Tuttle-NS (READ)
Kyle Tuttle-NS (Reading)
Mat #2 19J. Vollmer (IH)
James Vollmer (Indian Hill)Pin 2:09
C. Conner (READ)C. Conner (READ)
from N:18Mat #1 47C. Conner (READ)from N:47Mat #2 74C. Conner (READ)
J. Vollmer (IH)Pin 2:56K. Tuttle-NS (READ)Pin 2:10
from S:19from S:48
R. Cook (Wymn)J. Vollmer (IH)
from S:18Mat #2 48R. Cook (Wymn)from S:47Mat #1 75R. Cook (Wymn)
K. Tuttle-NS (READ)Pin 1:20R. Cook (Wymn)Pin 2:56
from N:19from N:48

142 (back to top)

Michael Carter (Reading)M. Carter (READ)1. Michael Carter (READ)
20M. Carter (READ)from N:20Mat #1 49M. Carter (READ)2. Terrance Gragston (Wymn)
BYEM. Miller (IH)Pin :293. Brenden Feeley (MAD)
from S:214. Matt Miller (IH)
Terrance Gragston (Wyoming)
Mat #2 21T. Gragston (Wymn)from S:20Mat #2 50B. Feeley (MAD)
Matt Miller (Indian Hill)Pin :36B. Feeley (MAD)BYE
from S:22
Nathan Bender (Taylor)T. Gragston (Wymn)
Mat #2 22B. Feeley (MAD)from N:21Mat #1 51T. Gragston (Wymn)
Brenden Feeley (Madeira)Pin :52N. Bender (TAY)Pin 1:15
from N:22
M. Carter (READ)M. Carter (READ)M. Carter (READ)
from N:49Mat #2 76M. Carter (READ)from N:76Mat #1 89M. Carter (READ)from N:89Mat #2 98M. Carter (READ)
B. Feeley (MAD)Pin 4:03N. Bender (TAY)Pin :58T. Gragston (Wymn)Pin 3:27
from S:50from S:77from S:90
M. Miller (IH)B. Feeley (MAD)N. Bender (TAY)
from S:49Mat #2 77M. Miller (IH)from S:76Mat #2 90T. Gragston (Wymn)from S:89Mat #1 99N. Bender (TAY)
N. Bender (TAY)Pin :26T. Gragston (Wymn)3-1BYE
from S:51from S:78from S:91
M. Miller (IH)B. Feeley (MAD)
from N:50Mat #2 78T. Gragston (Wymn)from N:77Mat #1 91M. Miller (IH)from N:90Mat #1 100B. Feeley (MAD)
T. Gragston (Wymn)BYEBYEM. Miller (IH)Pin :45
from N:51from N:78from N:91

150 (back to top)

Jared Hancock (Wyoming)1. Jared Hancock (Wymn)
Mat #1 23J. Hancock (Wymn)2. Peter Magenheim (MAD)
Bryce Green-NS (Wyoming)Pin :083. Sally Dallio-NS (Wymn)
4. Bryce Green-NS (Wymn)
Sally Dallio-NS (Wyoming)
Mat #2 24P. Magenheim (MAD)
Peter Magenheim (Madeira)Pin :23
J. Hancock (Wymn)J. Hancock (Wymn)
from N:23Mat #2 52J. Hancock (Wymn)from N:52Mat #1 79J. Hancock (Wymn)
P. Magenheim (MAD)Pin :20S. Dallio-NS (Wymn)Pin :15
from S:24from S:53
B. Green-NS (Wymn)P. Magenheim (MAD)
from S:23Mat #1 53S. Dallio-NS (Wymn)from S:52Mat #2 80P. Magenheim (MAD)
S. Dallio-NS (Wymn)Pin :50B. Green-NS (Wymn)Pin :12
from N:24from N:53

160 (back to top)

Champion1. Liam Flynn (Wymn)
25L. Flynn (Wymn)
Liam Flynn (Wyoming)BYE

172 (back to top)

Bruce Wagers (Wyoming)1. Dillonn Davidson (TAY)
Mat #1 26B. Wagers (Wymn)2. Bruce Wagers (Wymn)
Nate Wickemeier-NS (Wyoming)Pin :183. Grayson Evans-NS (TAY)
4. Nate Wickemeier-NS (Wymn)
Dillonn Davidson (Taylor)
Mat #1 27D. Davidson (TAY)
Grayson Evans-NS (Taylor)Pin 1:03
B. Wagers (Wymn)B. Wagers (Wymn)
from N:26Mat #2 54B. Wagers (Wymn)from N:54Mat #1 81D. Davidson (TAY)
G. Evans-NS (TAY)Pin :57D. Davidson (TAY)Pin 1:56
from S:27from S:55
N. Wickemeier-NS (Wymn)G. Evans-NS (TAY)
from S:26Mat #1 55D. Davidson (TAY)from S:54Mat #2 82G. Evans-NS (TAY)
D. Davidson (TAY)Pin :23N. Wickemeier-NS (Wymn)Pin 1:29
from N:27from N:55

205 (back to top)

Wyatt Metz (Wyoming)W. Metz (Wymn)1. Chris Allen (TAY)
28W. Metz (Wymn)from N:28Mat #2 56W. Metz (Wymn)2. Wyatt Metz (Wymn)
BYEL. Miller (MAD)Forfeit3. Gil Davis-NS (TAY)
from S:294. Conner Rusnak-NS (Wymn)
Gil Davis-NS (Taylor)
Mat #1 29G. Davis-NS (TAY)from S:28Mat #1 57C. Allen (TAY)
Liam Miller (Madeira)ForfeitC. Allen (TAY)BYE
from S:30
Conner Rusnak-NS (Wyoming)G. Davis-NS (TAY)
Mat #2 30C. Allen (TAY)from N:29Mat #1 58G. Davis-NS (TAY)
Chris Allen (Taylor)Pin 2:28C. Rusnak-NS (Wymn)Pin 2:40
from N:30
W. Metz (Wymn)W. Metz (Wymn)W. Metz (Wymn)
from N:56Mat #1 83C. Allen (TAY)from N:83Mat #1 92W. Metz (Wymn)from N:92Mat #1 101W. Metz (Wymn)
C. Allen (TAY)Pin 2:08C. Rusnak-NS (Wymn)Pin 2:25G. Davis-NS (TAY)Pin :20
from S:57from S:84from S:93
L. Miller (MAD)C. Allen (TAY)C. Rusnak-NS (Wymn)
from S:56Mat #2 84C. Rusnak-NS (Wymn)from S:83Mat #2 93C. Allen (TAY)from S:92Mat #2 102C. Rusnak-NS (Wymn)
C. Rusnak-NS (Wymn)ForfeitG. Davis-NS (TAY)Pin 2:10BYE
from S:58from S:85from S:94
L. Miller (MAD)C. Allen (TAY)
from N:57Mat #1 85G. Davis-NS (TAY)from N:84Mat #2 94L. Miller (MAD)from N:93Mat #1 103C. Allen (TAY)
G. Davis-NS (TAY)BYEBYEL. Miller (MAD)Forfeit
from N:58from N:85from N:94

245 (back to top)

Will Carter (Taylor)Champion1. Will Carter (TAY)
Mat #1 31W. Carter (TAY)2. Aidan Fertig (MAD)
Aidan Fertig (Madeira)Pin :32