2003 Lake Catholic Division II Sectional Wrestling

     Final results are posted: 05:28 AM - 07/24/2011
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2003 Lake Catholic Division II Sectional Scores
 1. University School         220.0
 2. Lake Cath.                166.0
 3. West Geauga               160.5
 4. Perry                     157.0
 5. Harvey                     96.0
 6. Warrensville Hts.          93.5
 7. Conneaut                   91.0
 8. NDCL                       90.5
 9. Edgewood                   78.5
10. Jefferson Area             69.0

First Place
  103: Adam Kriwinsky(University School) maj. dec. Brian Connelly(Lake Cath.) 18-5
  112: Jacob Murton(West Geauga) maj. dec. Kevin Stone(University School) 10-0
  119: Trevor Bowers(Lake Cath.) maj. dec. Alex Small(University School) 11-2
  125: Geoff Protz(West Geauga) dec. Cody Pike(Perry) 14-9
  130: Jairus Murton(West Geauga) dec. Dan Patriarca(Lake Cath.) 2-0 OT
  135: Anthony Constantino(Lake Cath.) over Brian Cost(University School) forfeit
  140: Mikey Slovich(University School) dec. Steffon Portik(Harvey) 6-5
  145: Chris Tripp(University School) pin Adam Juhasz(NDCL) 1:33
  152: Andrew Zeiser(University School) dec. Matt Police(Perry) 11-7
  160: Adam Kopacz(Conneaut) dec. Joe Keller(University School) 6-2
  171: Jeff Moores(Jefferson Area) pin Chase Marshall(University School) 2:29
  189: Chad Unger(Perry) pin Jared Davin(Conneaut) 2:56
  215: Pat Davis(West Geauga) dec. John Konisiewicz(University School) 6-5
  275: Eric Ridenour(Harvey) pin Bill DePetro(West Geauga) 3:27

Third Place
  103: Mickey Rose(Perry) dec. Eddie Cirilo(Edgewood) 10-3
  112: Matt Connelly(Lake Cath.) pin Harrison Markel(Edgewood) 2:31
  119: Dave Zoldan(West Geauga) pin David Varkett(Edgewood) 2:00
  125: Mike Nettis(NDCL) pin Dionte Graves(Warrensville Hts.) 3:33
  130: Keith Heffernan(Harvey) maj. dec. Jack Nettis(NDCL) 12-4
  135: Jason Wiles(Perry) dec. Vedell Smith(Warrensville Hts.) 7-4
  140: Julian Jones(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Matt Bidwell(Conneaut) 6-0
  145: Jim Ciccone(Lake Cath.) pin Chris Mann(Harvey) 2:36
  152: Nate Zawoyski(Conneaut) dec. Craig LoPresti(West Geauga) 8-4
  160: Jason White(Warrensville Hts.) pin Greg Kanda(Perry) 1:09
  171: Brad Kozenko(NDCL) over Nick Carthen(Perry) default
  189: Joe Tymoszczuk(Lake Cath.) pin Joe Bell(Warrensville Hts.) 2:48
  215: Nick Aliff(Jefferson Area) pin Mike Ryan(Perry) 3:42
  275: Matt Root(Edgewood) pin Josh Wessell(Jefferson Area) 2:30

Fifth Place
  103: Darryl Evanetich(West Geauga) advanced with bye
  112: Derek Messenger(Perry) pin Tony Rinella(NDCL) 0:36
  119: Jeff Gill(Conneaut) pin Mike Lauria(Perry) 2:01
  125: Marton Kondray(University School) pin Andy Maylish(Jefferson Area) 0:05
  130: Frank Lauria(Perry) pin James Evans(Warrensville Hts.) 2:51
  135: Kevin Wright(Harvey) over Jesse Finlaw(Edgewood) default
  140: Jared Moritz(West Geauga) pin Anthony Soltis(NDCL) 2:26
  145: Jarreau Walker(Warrensville Hts.) pin Sean Ryan(Jefferson Area) 1:13
  152: Brendan Boone(Lake Cath.) dec. Eric Jackson(Warrensville Hts.) 8-6
  160: Tom Algier(NDCL) over Mickey Bitsko(West Geauga) forfeit
  171: Jack Stills(Edgewood) dec. Luke Palmisano(Lake Cath.) 11-4
  189: David White(Harvey) dec. Brendan Lucas(University School) 7-1
  215: Troy Adams(Conneaut) dec. Steve Sobkowich(Lake Cath.) 11-5
  275: Lee Murtha(Conneaut) pin Adrian Ivasic(Lake Cath.) 1:15

Consolation Semifinal
  103: Eddie Cirilo(Edgewood) pin Darryl Evanetich(West Geauga) 2:30
       Mickey Rose(Perry) advanced with bye
  112: Harrison Markel(Edgewood) pin Tony Rinella(NDCL) 2:40
       Matt Connelly(Lake Cath.) pin Derek Messenger(Perry) 2:34
  119: Dave Zoldan(West Geauga) pin Jeff Gill(Conneaut) 3:56
       David Varkett(Edgewood) pin Mike Lauria(Perry) 2:19
  125: Dionte Graves(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Andy Maylish(Jefferson Area) 5-3
       Mike Nettis(NDCL) pin Marton Kondray(University School) 3:44
  130: Jack Nettis(NDCL) maj. dec. Frank Lauria(Perry) 14-2
       Keith Heffernan(Harvey) pin James Evans(Warrensville Hts.) 2:56
  135: Jason Wiles(Perry) over Jesse Finlaw(Edgewood) forfeit
       Vedell Smith(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Kevin Wright(Harvey) 3-2
  140: Matt Bidwell(Conneaut) dec. Jared Moritz(West Geauga) 3-0
       Julian Jones(Warrensville Hts.) maj. dec. Anthony Soltis(NDCL) 9-1
  145: Jim Ciccone(Lake Cath.) maj. dec. Jarreau Walker(Warrensville Hts.) 10-1
       Chris Mann(Harvey) dec. Sean Ryan(Jefferson Area) 9-3
  152: Craig LoPresti(West Geauga) dec. Eric Jackson(Warrensville Hts.) 5-0
       Nate Zawoyski(Conneaut) dec. Brendan Boone(Lake Cath.) 12-9
  160: Greg Kanda(Perry) dec. Mickey Bitsko(West Geauga) 9-8
       Jason White(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Tom Algier(NDCL) 10-6
  171: Brad Kozenko(NDCL) maj. dec. Jack Stills(Edgewood) 10-2
       Nick Carthen(Perry) dec. Luke Palmisano(Lake Cath.) 11-8
  189: Joe Bell(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Brendan Lucas(University School) 7-5
       Joe Tymoszczuk(Lake Cath.) pin David White(Harvey) 3:55
  215: Nick Aliff(Jefferson Area) pin Troy Adams(Conneaut) 1:57
       Mike Ryan(Perry) maj. dec. Steve Sobkowich(Lake Cath.) 8-0
  275: Josh Wessell(Jefferson Area) dec. Lee Murtha(Conneaut) 2-0
       Matt Root(Edgewood) pin Adrian Ivasic(Lake Cath.) 2:27

  103: Adam Kriwinsky(University School) tech. fall Eddie Cirilo(Edgewood) 22-7
       Brian Connelly(Lake Cath.) dec. Mickey Rose(Perry) 8-2
  112: Kevin Stone(University School) dec. Harrison Markel(Edgewood) 5-2
       Jacob Murton(West Geauga) tech. fall Matt Connelly(Lake Cath.) 17-1
  119: Trevor Bowers(Lake Cath.) pin Dave Zoldan(West Geauga) 3:40
       Alex Small(University School) maj. dec. David Varkett(Edgewood) 9-1
  125: Geoff Protz(West Geauga) pin Andy Maylish(Jefferson Area) 2:30
       Cody Pike(Perry) pin Mike Nettis(NDCL) 3:58
  130: Dan Patriarca(Lake Cath.) tech. fall Jack Nettis(NDCL) 17-0
       Jairus Murton(West Geauga) pin Keith Heffernan(Harvey) 1:45
  135: Anthony Constantino(Lake Cath.) over Jesse Finlaw(Edgewood) forfeit
       Brian Cost(University School) pin Kevin Wright(Harvey) 4:55
  140: Steffon Portik(Harvey) dec. Matt Bidwell(Conneaut) 9-5
       Mikey Slovich(University School) dec. Julian Jones(Warrensville Hts.) 3-3 OT
  145: Chris Tripp(University School) tech. fall Jim Ciccone(Lake Cath.) 16-1
       Adam Juhasz(NDCL) pin Chris Mann(Harvey) 1:34
  152: Andrew Zeiser(University School) maj. dec. Craig LoPresti(West Geauga) 18-8
       Matt Police(Perry) dec. Nate Zawoyski(Conneaut) 4-3
  160: Joe Keller(University School) dec. Mickey Bitsko(West Geauga) 8-6 OT
       Adam Kopacz(Conneaut) maj. dec. Jason White(Warrensville Hts.) 13-3
  171: Chase Marshall(University School) dec. Brad Kozenko(NDCL) 6-6 OT
       Jeff Moores(Jefferson Area) pin Nick Carthen(Perry) 3:09
  189: Chad Unger(Perry) pin Joe Bell(Warrensville Hts.) 1:20
       Jared Davin(Conneaut) pin David White(Harvey) 0:49
  215: Pat Davis(West Geauga) pin Nick Aliff(Jefferson Area) 6:00
       John Konisiewicz(University School) dec. Mike Ryan(Perry) 2-1
  275: Eric Ridenour(Harvey) pin Lee Murtha(Conneaut) 0:41
       Bill DePetro(West Geauga) maj. dec. Matt Root(Edgewood) 17-7

Third Consolation
  103: Darryl Evanetich(West Geauga) advanced with bye
  112: Tony Rinella(NDCL) advanced with bye
       Derek Messenger(Perry) advanced with bye
  119: Jeff Gill(Conneaut) pin Fabian Razo(Harvey) 1:29
       Mike Lauria(Perry) pin Chip Martin(NDCL) 0:35
  125: Dionte Graves(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Nick Augustine(Lake Cath.) 5-4
       Marton Kondray(University School) pin Aaron Galusky(Harvey) 4:37
  130: Frank Lauria(Perry) maj. dec. Jake Wick(Jefferson Area) 11-3
       James Evans(Warrensville Hts.) pin Joey Savel(Edgewood) 0:45
  135: Jason Wiles(Perry) pin A.J. Booth(NDCL) 2:18
       Vedell Smith(Warrensville Hts.) pin Brian Delpra(West Geauga) 3:44
  140: Jared Moritz(West Geauga) dec. Zac Scott(Edgewood) 7-2
       Anthony Soltis(NDCL) dec. Josh Dobrzeniecki(Perry) 6-5
  145: Jarreau Walker(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Sean Leffler(West Geauga) 4-3
       Sean Ryan(Jefferson Area) dec. Stephen Gebe(Conneaut) 6-3
  152: Eric Jackson(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Justin Williams(Harvey) 7-3
       Brendan Boone(Lake Cath.) tech. fall Mike Vanderboom(NDCL) 20-5
  160: Greg Kanda(Perry) pin Brandon Vincenzo(Edgewood) 1:59
       Tom Algier(NDCL) dec. Dan Davies(Lake Cath.) 12-7
  171: Jack Stills(Edgewood) pin Nic Bronkall(West Geauga) 2:41
       Luke Palmisano(Lake Cath.) pin Tyree Johnson(Warrensville Hts.) 2:32
  189: Brendan Lucas(University School) dec. Mike Sobolewski(West Geauga) 9-5
       Joe Tymoszczuk(Lake Cath.) pin Garrett Nash(Jefferson Area) 4:13
  215: Troy Adams(Conneaut) advanced with bye
       Steve Sobkowich(Lake Cath.) advanced with bye
  275: Josh Wessell(Jefferson Area) pin Mike Calabuno(Perry) 2:33
       Adrian Ivasic(Lake Cath.) advanced with bye

Second Consolation
  125: Aaron Galusky(Harvey) dec. Tom Wilson(Edgewood) 13-11
  130: Joey Savel(Edgewood) pin Ryan Lundin(Conneaut) 2:21
  135: Jason Wiles(Perry) pin Bryan Distelrath(Conneaut) 2:03
  140: Jared Moritz(West Geauga) dec. Brandon Veri(Lake Cath.) 6-0
       Josh Dobrzeniecki(Perry) maj. dec. John Ashley(Jefferson Area) 14-2
  145: Sean Ryan(Jefferson Area) dec. Derek Cole(Perry) 3-2
  171: Jack Stills(Edgewood) pin David Howiler(Harvey) 4:03
       Luke Palmisano(Lake Cath.) pin Denny Distelrath(Conneaut) 2:00

  103: Adam Kriwinsky(University School) advanced with bye
       Eddie Cirilo(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Mickey Rose(Perry) pin Darryl Evanetich(West Geauga) 3:58
       Brian Connelly(Lake Cath.) advanced with bye
  112: Kevin Stone(University School) maj. dec. Derek Messenger(Perry) 16-4
       Harrison Markel(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Matt Connelly(Lake Cath.) pin Tony Rinella(NDCL) 1:48
       Jacob Murton(West Geauga) advanced with bye
  119: Trevor Bowers(Lake Cath.) pin Chip Martin(NDCL) 5:32
       Dave Zoldan(West Geauga) pin Mike Lauria(Perry) 1:32
       Alex Small(University School) pin Fabian Razo(Harvey) :51
       David Varkett(Edgewood) tech. fall Jeff Gill(Conneaut) 18-2
  125: Geoff Protz(West Geauga) maj. dec. Marton Kondray(University School) 12-3
       Andy Maylish(Jefferson Area) dec. Tom Wilson(Edgewood) 9-5
       Mike Nettis(NDCL) pin Dionte Graves(Warrensville Hts.) 2:44
       Cody Pike(Perry) pin Nick Augustine(Lake Cath.) 0:49
  130: Dan Patriarca(Lake Cath.) pin Ryan Lundin(Conneaut) 1:39
       Jack Nettis(NDCL) maj. dec. James Evans(Warrensville Hts.) 18-7
       Jairus Murton(West Geauga) tech. fall Jake Wick(Jefferson Area) 16-0
       Keith Heffernan(Harvey) maj. dec. Frank Lauria(Perry) 16-6
  135: Anthony Constantino(Lake Cath.) pin Brian Delpra(West Geauga) 2:33
       Jesse Finlaw(Edgewood) over Vedell Smith(Warrensville Hts.) disq.
       Kevin Wright(Harvey) dec. Jason Wiles(Perry) 6-2
       Brian Cost(University School) dec. A.J. Booth(NDCL) 3-1
  140: Steffon Portik(Harvey) maj. dec. Josh Dobrzeniecki(Perry) 11-0
       Matt Bidwell(Conneaut) dec. Anthony Soltis(NDCL) 16-13
       Mikey Slovich(University School) maj. dec. Zac Scott(Edgewood) 12-0
       Julian Jones(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Brandon Veri(Lake Cath.) 2-0
  145: Chris Tripp(University School) pin Stephen Gebe(Conneaut) 1:42
       Jim Ciccone(Lake Cath.) maj. dec. Derek Cole(Perry) 15-3
       Adam Juhasz(NDCL) pin Jarreau Walker(Warrensville Hts.) 4:44
       Chris Mann(Harvey) dec. Sean Leffler(West Geauga) 10-7
  152: Andrew Zeiser(University School) pin Mike Vanderboom(NDCL) 1:48
       Craig LoPresti(West Geauga) dec. Brendan Boone(Lake Cath.) 4-2
       Matt Police(Perry) pin Eric Jackson(Warrensville Hts.) 3:18
       Nate Zawoyski(Conneaut) pin Justin Williams(Harvey) 1:17
  160: Mickey Bitsko(West Geauga) maj. dec. Tom Algier(NDCL) 11-3
       Joe Keller(University School) dec. Dan Davies(Lake Cath.) 8-3
       Jason White(Warrensville Hts.) pin Greg Kanda(Perry) 2:49
       Adam Kopacz(Conneaut) pin Brandon Vincenzo(Edgewood) 1:08
  171: Brad Kozenko(NDCL) tech. fall Tyree Johnson(Warrensville Hts.) 17-2
       Chase Marshall(University School) dec. Luke Palmisano(Lake Cath.) 14-7
       Nick Carthen(Perry) dec. Jack Stills(Edgewood) 6-3
       Jeff Moores(Jefferson Area) pin Nic Bronkall(West Geauga) 1:03
  189: Chad Unger(Perry) pin Garrett Nash(Jefferson Area) 3:12
       Joe Bell(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Joe Tymoszczuk(Lake Cath.) 12-11
       David White(Harvey) dec. Brendan Lucas(University School) 8-1
       Jared Davin(Conneaut) pin Mike Sobolewski(West Geauga) 0:48
  215: Nick Aliff(Jefferson Area) pin Steve Sobkowich(Lake Cath.) 3:31
       Pat Davis(West Geauga) advanced with bye
       Mike Ryan(Perry) advanced with bye
       John Konisiewicz(University School) pin Troy Adams(Conneaut) 3:06
  275: Eric Ridenour(Harvey) pin Adrian Ivasic(Lake Cath.) 0:33
       Lee Murtha(Conneaut) advanced with bye
       Matt Root(Edgewood) pin Mike Calabuno(Perry) 1:24
       Bill DePetro(West Geauga) tech. fall Josh Wessell(Jefferson Area) 16-1

First Round
  125: Dionte Graves(Warrensville Hts.) dec. Aaron Galusky(Harvey) 14-12
  130: Keith Heffernan(Harvey) pin Joey Savel(Edgewood) 1:42
  135: Vedell Smith(Warrensville Hts.) tech. fall Bryan Distelrath(Conneaut) 16-0
  140: Josh Dobrzeniecki(Perry) dec. Jared Moritz(West Geauga) 8-4
       Julian Jones(Warrensville Hts.) pin John Ashley(Jefferson Area) 3:47
  145: Jarreau Walker(Warrensville Hts.) maj. dec. Sean Ryan(Jefferson Area) 17-4
  171: Chase Marshall(University School) pin David Howiler(Harvey) 3:11
       Jack Stills(Edgewood) pin Denny Distelrath(Conneaut) 3:30