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January 13, 2016


To: Head Wrestling Coaches & Athletic Directors

From: Josh Meyer, Sectional Tournament Manager

Re: Division II Sectional Seed Meeting and Tournament


Your wrestling team has been assigned to participate in the Division II Sectional Wrestling Tournament at Napoleon High School on February 19 & 20, 2016.  The OHSAA has posted revised Individual Tournament Regulations on the OHSAA website.  No tournament meeting will be scheduled on Thursday.   Rosters must be submitted online by 7:00 PM on Thursday, February 18; wrestlers are locked into their weights at that time.  The seeding meeting will be Friday at 2:30pm, ½ hour before weigh-ins.  Brackets will be drawn, but will not be official until weigh-ins at 3:00pm are confirmed.      

Please make sure that the following actions are taken and that I receive the following items prior to weigh-ins on Friday:

            1. Official Eligibility list

            2. Alpha Master report and the wrestler weigh-in sheet


Roster and seed information will be submitted online at www.baumspage.com prior to Thursday, February 18 at 7:00 p.m. The window opens on Sunday, January 17 at 8:00 AM.


Seed criteria is uniform statewide and may be found in 10.6 of the 2016 OHSAA regulations.  Criteria will include returning 2015 state placer (1-3), returning 2015 state placer (4-8), district placer (1-6) and current record by percentage with a minimum of 12 matches.  Freshmen with 25 or 20 wins who have defeated a criteriaed wrestler also may be considered for a seed, by criteria. 


Individual tournament regulations were adopted on October 22; the NWDAB managers meeting was on January 6.  We may receive further guidelines as the tournament approaches.


If you have questions prior to February 19, please contact me at the numbers below.




Josh Meyer

Asst.Principal/Athletic Director

Napoleon Jr./Sr. High School

Phone: 419-599-1050 Option: 5


Schools: Bath, Bryan, Celina, Defiance, Elida, Napoleon, Shawnee (Lima), Memorial, (St. Marys), Van Wert, Wapakoneta and Wauseon (11)

2016 Division II Sectional Wrestling
Napoleon High School
Online  Instructions

Use the Online Roster and Seed Form on www.baumspage.com to submit entry data before 7:00 PM, Thursday, February 18, 2016!

Seeding Criteria

                                             1.  State Place (1-3)                      3.  District Place (1-6)
                                 2.  State Place (3-8)                      4.  Current Record (12 match Min.)

Please read the enclosed sheet on seeding criteria and drawing procedures carefully.  Although the seed list will include State and District Places for last year, it will be sorted by 2015-2016 winning percentage.   


1.       Entries must be submitted using the Online Entry Form at www.baumspage.com!   

a)       Create your account early and enter your master alphabetic roster.

2.       Please note the following changes on baumspage.com!  

a)       All User Accounts from 2014-2015 were retained, but the associations with the schools and teams were cleared.

b)       Athletes from last season were advanced one grade and retained. 

c)       After login, the coach will be able to add multiple teams/sports/genders to the same account!

3.       Go to www.baumspage.com and click Online Entries or Login to access your account.

a)       If you did not have an account last year, use Apply to create your account.

b)       If you had an account last year, you can login using that e-mail address and password.

i)        Please note: Passwords are case-sensitive!  

ii)      If you donÕt know your password, click the Forget your password? link to have a temporary password e-mailed to you.

4.       Use ¥ Coaches ¥ | Select Teams to select your school from the drop-down list.

a)       Click Get Available School Teams | click Select Sport in the dropdown below | highlight your sport | then click Make me the Coach.

b)       If your school is not listed or somebody else has already claimed your team, use My Tools | Online Help and submit the appropriate Help Request.

5.       Use ¥ Coaches ¥ | Wrestling | Modify Athletes to enter athletes to your alphabetic roster.

a)       You may enter athletes one at a time by entering first name, last name, and grade, then Add Athlete.

i)        Type all names in upper and lower case.  *Please check all entries carefully! 

b)       Or you can import your complete roster by pasting them from an Excel file.  Use one row per athlete:  First Name, Last Name, and Grade.  Highlight and paste into textbox, then click Import Athletes.

6.       Use ¥ Coaches ¥ | Wrestling | Submit Rosters to enter them in a tournament.

a)       Select your team | click Get Available Events | Select an event | click Get Roster.

i)        For each weight class, click on None and select the athlete from the drop-down list.

ii)      If appropriate, enter seeding information as requested.  Leave blank if not up for seed!

b)       Click Submit Roster to save.  Use Get Printable Roster to print a copy for your records.

c)       If a name or grade is not correct or an athlete is missing, use ¥ Coaches ¥ | Wrestling | Modify Athletes to make the correction, then submit your entries again.

d)       You may make changes to your line-up when you check-in on January 19!

7.       Event Rosters can only be submitted or corrected while the "Entry Window" is open!

a)       The window closes automatically precisely at the time and date listed.

b)       Submit Rosters early and return to make changes anytime before the window closes.

c)       Entries cannot be edited or submitted online after the window closes.

8.       If there are any problems with the Online Form, click the Contact Us link and submit a Help Request.

a)       Please allow up to 8 hours for a response!  *Most responses will be in less than 4 hours.   Call Gary Baumgartner at 513-594-6201 or Terry Young at 740-517-0195 if you need immediate help.

Schedule:  Friday, 02-19-2016, 5:00 PM
                  Saturday, 02-20-2016, 9:30 AM

2016 Napoleon Division II Sectional Wrestling


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Submit Online Roster and Seed Nomination Form at www.baumspage.com by 7:00 PM deadline!  (The OHSAA has adopted a penalty for missing this deadline!)


Friday, February 19, 2016

       2:00 PM  Check-in and confirm rosters. 

A. Review records listed and make corrections as needed.

Please check all names, spelling, and records listed on the weigh-in sheet.  Data will update automatically and transfer all the way through to the State Tournament for those wrestlers that qualify!

           2:30 PM Coaches Meeting  Location TBA: Will Send Information Day Before Seed Meeting Procedures:

A.    We will seed the top six wrestlers and an alternate in each class based on the following criteria (the

                                    criteria is a starting  point; coaches may challenge for any seed):

     1. State and District Place from 2015.

     2. Head to head competition against other seed nominees.

     3. Record against common opponents.

     4. Current overall record (Top winning percentage.)

B. Brackets will be drawn during the meeting, but will not be official until after weigh-ins are completed!

           3:00 PM Weigh-in: All wrestlers shall be present and remain in the designated weigh-in area.

A.    All OHSAA Skin Authorizations appropriately signed and dated must be presented at check-in.

B.    The weigh-in shall proceed through weight classes beginning at 106 lbs. and end immediately upon  

         completion of the 285 lbs. class.  A contestant may step on and off the first scale two times.  If he fails  

       to make weight on the first scale, he shall immediately step on each available scale one time in an

       attempt to make weight.



We will use a match board to help athletes, coaches and fans track progress of the tournament.  Please have wrestlers in the warm-up area as their match approaches; wrestlers will be called from the warm-up area much like the state tournament.  Please do not crowd the staging area in anticipation of a match.  Only two coaches or a coach and wrestler are permitted in the 2 chairs at the edge of the mat. 


5:00 PM            First Round (2,3,3.5,4)

                        Quarterfinals (5,6,6.5,7)

                        First Consolation (1,2,2.5,3)  *Actually Second Consolations on the 16-man bracket!

                        **Weigh-outs will begin following the 145 lb. quarterfinals and continue until ½ hour after the 285 lb

                             consolations have finished.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

      8:00 AM - 8:30 AM  Weigh-in:

      9:30 AM      Semifinals (11,12,12.5,13) & Third Consolation (4,5,5.5,6)

                        *Semifinals and Third Consolation wrestled simultaneously.

                        Consolation Semifinals (5,6,6.5,7)

                        There will be a break following the consolation semi-finals

TBA           Approx. 60 minutes following cons. semi-finals. First (4,4.5,5,6), Third (2,3,3.5,4) and Fifth Place (2,3,3.5,4)

                        *Wrestling will be continuous.  Presentations will be done after 285.  Qualifiers will be asked to verify their name, year, and record while waiting for the presentation.


Please check with your district qualifiers to confirm that the data listed on the qualifier form is correct.  Brookside (NE),  Sandusky (NW), Clyde (NW) and Napoleon (NW) each will qualify four (4) per weight class.  The fifth place finisher will be the alternate.  Please notify the District Manager ASAP if you know your qualifier will not be able to compete in the Fostoria District Tournament.  Four (4) wrestlers from the Fostoria District will qualify for the State Tournament.


Sectional Pairings and Results will be posted at: www.baumspage.com

District Pairings will be posted at: www.baumspage.com