2014 Lima Central Cath. Division III Sectional Wrestling Championships
February 14-15, 2014

2014 Lima Central Cath. Division III Sectional Scores
 1. Coldwater                 220.5
 2. Wayne Trace               167.5
 3. St. John's                160.5
 4. Spencerville              138.0
 5. Jefferson                 124.5
 6. Columbus Grove            123.5
 7. Ada                        98.5
 8. Allen East                 74.0
 9. Bluffton                   58.0
10. Lima C.C.                  45.0
11. Lincolnview                44.0
12. Van Wert                   39.0
13. Parkway                    11.0

First Place
  106: George Clemens(Wayne Trace) pin Andrew Meyer(Coldwater) 3:00
  113: Jay Uhlenhake(Coldwater) dec. Dustin Taylor(Wayne Trace) 2-0
  120: Ruger Goeltzenleuchter(Wayne Trace) dec. Lee Dues(Allen East) 8-6
  126: Spencer Seibert(Coldwater) maj. dec. Cody Dickson(Spencerville) 10-2
  132: Landon Schlater(Coldwater) dec. Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) 4-3
  138: Justin Siefker(St. John's) dec. Cole Bellows(Spencerville) 6-2
  145: Tyler Showalter(Wayne Trace) dec. Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) 8-7
  152: Austin Martin(St. John's) tech. fall Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) 15-0
  160: Austin Windle(Ada) pin Jake Schmidt(Coldwater) 1:41
  170: Wes Buettner(St. John's) tech. fall Doug Hicks(Lincolnview) 17-0
  182: Tyler Foust(Jefferson) pin Will Selhorst(Columbus Grove) 5:49
  195: Jack Huffman(Lima C.C.) maj. dec. Jarod Woodland(Ada) 8-0
  220: Justin Post(Coldwater) pin Dustin McConnahea(Jefferson) 2:37
  285: Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) pin Nate Schroeder(St. John's) 2:54

Third Place
  106: David Grant(Jefferson) pin Preston Brubaker(Columbus Grove) 0:43
  113: Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) dec. Alexander Rodriguez(Lincolnview) 11-10
  120: Tyler Hemmelgarn(Coldwater) maj. dec. Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 13-3
  126: Brett Sampson(Columbus Grove) dec. Matt Baxter(Wayne Trace) 5-3ot
  132: Nick Luke(Bluffton) over Evan Mohler(St. John's) default
  138: Brandon Soules(Allen East) pin Jordan Obringer(Coldwater) 3:56
  145: Reece Kaiser(Coldwater) pin Joseph Eisele(Lima C.C.) 1:47
  152: C.J. Seibert(Coldwater) dec. Tyler Schroeder(Columbus Grove) 12-5
  160: Jacob Dingus(Wayne Trace) dec. Alex Haunhorst(St. John's) 3-0
  170: Alec Gladwell(Columbus Grove) dec. Josh Bracy(Bluffton) 1-0
  182: Noah Beach(Ada) pin Andrew Gillum(Coldwater) 1:55
  195: Gabe Hill(Van Wert) dec. Austin Schulte(St. John's) 9-7ot
  220: Justin Pierce(Wayne Trace) pin Brady Pitney(Ada) 4:59
  285: Zack Thomas(Van Wert) pin Riley Moore(Wayne Trace) 3:36

Fifth Place
  106: Autumn Proctor(Lincolnview) advanced with bye
  113: Avery Martin(St. John's) pin Andrew Ford(Parkway) 2:30
  120: Anthony Badial-luna(Bluffton) tech. fall Andrew Foust(Jefferson) 15-0
  126: Andy Hammond(Van Wert) dec. Wyatt Place(Jefferson) 11-6
  132: Tyler Rockhill(Ada) dec. Eli Schroeder(Columbus Grove) 16-13
  138: Zaine Cotterman(Wayne Trace) pin Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) 2:10
  145: Brett Vonderwell(St. John's) dec. Christian Stechschulte(Columbus Grove) 6-2
  152: Clay Wilson(Bluffton) over Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) default
  160: Andrew Burgei(Columbus Grove) maj. dec. Logan Emerick(Allen East) 16-6
  170: Dylan Hannah(Ada) dec. Mitch Clune(Coldwater) 3-2otu
  182: Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) dec. Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) 4-3
  195: Alex Burgie(Columbus Grove) over Tristin Brister(Spencerville) default
  220: Andrew Nichols(Columbus Grove) pin Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) 2:43
  285: Alec Kimball(Lima C.C.) over Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) default

Consolation Semifinal
  106: Preston Brubaker(Columbus Grove) advanced with bye
       David Grant(Jefferson) pin Autumn Proctor(Lincolnview) 3:34
  113: Alexander Rodriguez(Lincolnview) pin Andrew Ford(Parkway) 2:57
       Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) pin Avery Martin(St. John's) 4:31
  120: Peyton Ford(Spencerville) pin Andrew Foust(Jefferson) 2:47
       Tyler Hemmelgarn(Coldwater) maj. dec. Anthony Badial-luna(Bluffton) 11-2
  126: Matt Baxter(Wayne Trace) dec. Wyatt Place(Jefferson) 7-5
       Brett Sampson(Columbus Grove) dec. Andy Hammond(Van Wert) 10-6
  132: Evan Mohler(St. John's) maj. dec. Tyler Rockhill(Ada) 16-5
       Nick Luke(Bluffton) dec. Eli Schroeder(Columbus Grove) 8-4
  138: Jordan Obringer(Coldwater) dec. Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) 4-3
       Brandon Soules(Allen East) pin Zaine Cotterman(Wayne Trace) 1:42
  145: Reece Kaiser(Coldwater) dec. Christian Stechschulte(Columbus Grove) 10-3
       Joseph Eisele(Lima C.C.) dec. Brett Vonderwell(St. John's) 5-3ot
  152: Tyler Schroeder(Columbus Grove) pin Clay Wilson(Bluffton) 3:59
       C.J. Seibert(Coldwater) dec. Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) 4-2
  160: Jacob Dingus(Wayne Trace) pin Logan Emerick(Allen East) 0:31
       Alex Haunhorst(St. John's) dec. Andrew Burgei(Columbus Grove) 5-3ot
  170: Alec Gladwell(Columbus Grove) pin Dylan Hannah(Ada) 4:24
       Josh Bracy(Bluffton) pin Mitch Clune(Coldwater) 1:35
  182: Andrew Gillum(Coldwater) pin Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) 3:59
       Noah Beach(Ada) pin Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) 1:53
  195: Austin Schulte(St. John's) pin Tristin Brister(Spencerville) 4:51
       Gabe Hill(Van Wert) dec. Alex Burgie(Columbus Grove) 5-3
  220: Justin Pierce(Wayne Trace) pin Andrew Nichols(Columbus Grove) 4:57
       Brady Pitney(Ada) dec. Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) 4-2
  285: Riley Moore(Wayne Trace) pin Alec Kimball(Lima C.C.) 4:02
       Zack Thomas(Van Wert) over Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) default

  106: George Clemens(Wayne Trace) pin Preston Brubaker(Columbus Grove) 2:32
       Andrew Meyer(Coldwater) pin David Grant(Jefferson) 3:08
  113: Jay Uhlenhake(Coldwater) maj. dec. Alexander Rodriguez(Lincolnview) 11-2
       Dustin Taylor(Wayne Trace) maj. dec. Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) 12-4
  120: Ruger Goeltzenleuchter(Wayne Trace) tech. fall Peyton Ford(Spencerville) 17-2
       Lee Dues(Allen East) pin Tyler Hemmelgarn(Coldwater) 1:26
  126: Spencer Seibert(Coldwater) maj. dec. Wyatt Place(Jefferson) 9-0
       Cody Dickson(Spencerville) pin Andy Hammond(Van Wert) 0:59
  132: Landon Schlater(Coldwater) pin Tyler Rockhill(Ada) 1:09
       Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) dec. Nick Luke(Bluffton) 6-0
  138: Justin Siefker(St. John's) dec. Jordan Obringer(Coldwater) 4-2ot
       Cole Bellows(Spencerville) pin Brandon Soules(Allen East) 4:32
  145: Tyler Showalter(Wayne Trace) pin Reece Kaiser(Coldwater) 2:10
       Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) maj. dec. Brett Vonderwell(St. John's) 12-2
  152: Austin Martin(St. John's) maj. dec. Clay Wilson(Bluffton) 11-0
       Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) maj. dec. C.J. Seibert(Coldwater) 11-2
  160: Austin Windle(Ada) pin Jacob Dingus(Wayne Trace) 1:55
       Jake Schmidt(Coldwater) dec. Andrew Burgei(Columbus Grove) 7-2
  170: Wes Buettner(St. John's) pin Dylan Hannah(Ada) 3:42
       Doug Hicks(Lincolnview) dec. Josh Bracy(Bluffton) 6-2
  182: Will Selhorst(Columbus Grove) pin Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) 1:15
       Tyler Foust(Jefferson) pin Noah Beach(Ada) 4:17
  195: Jack Huffman(Lima C.C.) pin Tristin Brister(Spencerville) 5:02
       Jarod Woodland(Ada) dec. Gabe Hill(Van Wert) 6-4
  220: Justin Post(Coldwater) over Justin Pierce(Wayne Trace) default
       Dustin McConnahea(Jefferson) pin Brady Pitney(Ada) 1:54
  285: Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) pin Riley Moore(Wayne Trace) 0:46
       Nate Schroeder(St. John's) pin Zack Thomas(Van Wert) 1:23

Third Consolation
  106: Autumn Proctor(Lincolnview) advanced with bye
  113: Andrew Ford(Parkway) maj. dec. Jacob Boop(Jefferson) 10-2
       Avery Martin(St. John's) tech. fall Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) 16-1
  120: Andrew Foust(Jefferson) advanced with bye
       Anthony Badial-luna(Bluffton) tech. fall Brad Keating(Lima C.C.) 18-2
  126: Matt Baxter(Wayne Trace) pin Evyn Pohlman(St. John's) 3:41
       Brett Sampson(Columbus Grove) pin Caleb McDonald(Lima C.C.) 1:58
  132: Evan Mohler(St. John's) pin Caleb Schultz(Wayne Trace) 2:24
       Eli Schroeder(Columbus Grove) tech. fall Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) 15-0
  138: Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) dec. Matt Higgins(Ada) 4-2ot
       Zaine Cotterman(Wayne Trace) dec. Nick Ogle(Columbus Grove) 8-4
  145: Christian Stechschulte(Columbus Grove) maj. dec. Cole Wilson(Bluffton) 13-0
       Joseph Eisele(Lima C.C.) dec. Derrick Smith(Spencerville) 3-2
  152: Tyler Schroeder(Columbus Grove) dec. Chandler Adams(Van Wert) 7-2
       Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) pin Hunter Allen(Ada) 0:51
  160: Logan Emerick(Allen East) pin Dylan Alt(Bluffton) 4:40
       Alex Haunhorst(St. John's) maj. dec. Trenton Schwartz(Spencerville) 9-0
  170: Alec Gladwell(Columbus Grove) pin Race King(Allen East) 0:55otu
       Mitch Clune(Coldwater) dec. Josh Reel(Wayne Trace) 4-2
  182: Andrew Gillum(Coldwater) pin Jacob McKinnley(Lima C.C.) 0:49
       Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) dec. Jorden Boone(St. John's) 10-3
  195: Austin Schulte(St. John's) pin Jesse Erevia(Allen East) 2:17
       Alex Burgie(Columbus Grove) dec. Reid Corzine(Jefferson) 12-5
  220: Andrew Nichols(Columbus Grove) maj. dec. Brody Couts(Van Wert) 9-0
       Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) pin Andrew Shawhan(St. John's) 1:44
  285: Alec Kimball(Lima C.C.) advanced with bye
       Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) advanced with bye

Second Consolation
  113: Jacob Boop(Jefferson) over Ritchie Espinoza(Van Wert) default
       Andrew Ford(Parkway) pin Josh Haugh(Bluffton) 0:28
       Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) maj. dec. Justin Calvelage(Columbus Grove) 17-5
  126: Caleb McDonald(Lima C.C.) dec. James Mortimer(Bluffton) 9-3
  132: Eli Schroeder(Columbus Grove) pin Jacob Durden(Van Wert) 1:29
  138: Matt Higgins(Ada) tech. fall Lee Clay(Lincolnview) 17-2
       Zaine Cotterman(Wayne Trace) pin Vinny Pignataro(Lima C.C.) 4:01
  145: Christian Stechschulte(Columbus Grove) pin Josh McKenzie(Lincolnview) 2:48
       Derrick Smith(Spencerville) dec. Austin Tafe(Allen East) 4-2
  152: Tyler Schroeder(Columbus Grove) pin Cameron Hahn(Lima C.C.) 3:09
       Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) pin Brandon Laney(Wayne Trace) 0:33
  160: Dylan Alt(Bluffton) dec. Tyler Garcia(Lima C.C.) 15-9
       Logan Emerick(Allen East) pin Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) 3:45
       Trenton Schwartz(Spencerville) pin Luca Cardone(Parkway) 2:53
  170: Alec Gladwell(Columbus Grove) maj. dec. Jaret Brown(Lima C.C.) 14-3
       Race King(Allen East) pin Marcel Salcido(Van Wert) 0:36
       Josh Reel(Wayne Trace) pin Dakota Hucke(Parkway) 1:50
       Mitch Clune(Coldwater) pin Lane Bennett(Jefferson) 2:35

First Consolation
  170: Dakota Hucke(Parkway) pin Zach Brown(Spencerville) 3:25

  106: George Clemens(Wayne Trace) advanced with bye
       Preston Brubaker(Columbus Grove) pin Autumn Proctor(Lincolnview) 3:15
       David Grant(Jefferson) advanced with bye
       Andrew Meyer(Coldwater) advanced with bye
  113: Jay Uhlenhake(Coldwater) pin Brandon Patterson(Spencerville) 3:29
       Alexander Rodriguez(Lincolnview) pin Avery Martin(St. John's) 4:15
       Schuyler Caprella(Allen East) pin Andrew Ford(Parkway) 1:35
       Dustin Taylor(Wayne Trace) over Ritchie Espinoza(Van Wert) default
  120: Ruger Goeltzenleuchter(Wayne Trace) tech. fall Brad Keating(Lima C.C.) 21-6
       Peyton Ford(Spencerville) dec. Anthony Badial-luna(Bluffton) 6-5
       Tyler Hemmelgarn(Coldwater) advanced with bye
       Lee Dues(Allen East) pin Andrew Foust(Jefferson) 1:13
  126: Spencer Seibert(Coldwater) tech. fall Caleb McDonald(Lima C.C.) 15-0
       Wyatt Place(Jefferson) dec. Brett Sampson(Columbus Grove) 12-10
       Andy Hammond(Van Wert) pin Matt Baxter(Wayne Trace) 3:31
       Cody Dickson(Spencerville) pin Evyn Pohlman(St. John's) 1:58
  132: Landon Schlater(Coldwater) pin Jacob Harvey(Jefferson) 2:48
       Tyler Rockhill(Ada) dec. Eli Schroeder(Columbus Grove) 15-12ott
       Nick Luke(Bluffton) dec. Evan Mohler(St. John's) 9-5
       Trevor Bockey(Spencerville) pin Caleb Schultz(Wayne Trace) 3:48
  138: Jordan Obringer(Coldwater) maj. dec. Nick Ogle(Columbus Grove) 14-1
       Justin Siefker(St. John's) dec. Zaine Cotterman(Wayne Trace) 8-6
       Cole Bellows(Spencerville) pin Dylan Hicks(Jefferson) 5:52
       Brandon Soules(Allen East) pin Lee Clay(Lincolnview) 1:21
  145: Tyler Showalter(Wayne Trace) maj. dec. Joseph Eisele(Lima C.C.) 18-5
       Reece Kaiser(Coldwater) dec. Derrick Smith(Spencerville) 8-1
       Brett Vonderwell(St. John's) pin Josh McKenzie(Lincolnview) 3:31
       Tanner Vermule(Jefferson) tech. fall Cole Wilson(Bluffton) 17-0
  152: Austin Martin(St. John's) tech. fall Hunter Allen(Ada) 17-0
       Clay Wilson(Bluffton) maj. dec. Dakota Sutherland(Spencerville) 15-4
       Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) pin Cameron Hahn(Lima C.C.) 1:47
       C.J. Seibert(Coldwater) dec. Chandler Adams(Van Wert) 2-0ot
  160: Austin Windle(Ada) pin Luca Cardone(Parkway) 0:17
       Jacob Dingus(Wayne Trace) maj. dec. Alex Haunhorst(St. John's) 9-1
       Andrew Burgei(Columbus Grove) pin Logan Emerick(Allen East) 0:20
       Jake Schmidt(Coldwater) maj. dec. Tyler Garcia(Lima C.C.) 16-3
  170: Wes Buettner(St. John's) pin Mitch Clune(Coldwater) 0:53
       Dylan Hannah(Ada) dec. Josh Reel(Wayne Trace) 4-1
       Doug Hicks(Lincolnview) tech. fall Race King(Allen East) 26-8
       Josh Bracy(Bluffton) dec. Alec Gladwell(Columbus Grove) 6-3
  182: Will Selhorst(Columbus Grove) pin Jorden Boone(St. John's) 0:23
       Caleb Sutherland(Spencerville) dec. Dylan Pletcher(Bluffton) 5-3
       Tyler Foust(Jefferson) pin Jacob McKinnley(Lima C.C.) 2:53
       Noah Beach(Ada) pin Andrew Gillum(Coldwater) 2:41
  195: Jack Huffman(Lima C.C.) pin Reid Corzine(Jefferson) 1:25
       Tristin Brister(Spencerville) pin Alex Burgie(Columbus Grove) 3:07
       Jarod Woodland(Ada) dec. Austin Schulte(St. John's) 6-5
       Gabe Hill(Van Wert) pin Jesse Erevia(Allen East) 1:01
  220: Justin Post(Coldwater) pin Andrew Shawhan(St. John's) 0:08
       Justin Pierce(Wayne Trace) dec. Wyatt Krouskop(Spencerville) 7-4
       Brady Pitney(Ada) pin Andrew Nichols(Columbus Grove) 1:35
       Dustin McConnahea(Jefferson) pin Brody Couts(Van Wert) 2:41
  285: Logan Vandemark(Spencerville) advanced with bye
       Riley Moore(Wayne Trace) over Adam Crabtree(Jefferson) default
       Nate Schroeder(St. John's) pin Alec Kimball(Lima C.C.) 0:45
       Zack Thomas(Van Wert) advanced with bye

First Round
  113: Jay Uhlenhake(Coldwater) pin Jacob Boop(Jefferson) 2:48
       Alexander Rodriguez(Lincolnview) pin Josh Haugh(Bluffton) 0:20
       Dustin Taylor(Wayne Trace) tech. fall Justin Calvelage(Columbus Grove) 17-1
  126: Evyn Pohlman(St. John's) tech. fall James Mortimer(Bluffton) 16-1
  132: Nick Luke(Bluffton) dec. Jacob Durden(Van Wert) 1-0
  138: Nick Ogle(Columbus Grove) dec. Matt Higgins(Ada) 4-2
       Cole Bellows(Spencerville) pin Vinny Pignataro(Lima C.C.) 3:31
  145: Derrick Smith(Spencerville) maj. dec. Christian Stechschulte(Columbus Grove) 12-4
       Brett Vonderwell(St. John's) pin Austin Tafe(Allen East) 3:49
  152: Clay Wilson(Bluffton) dec. Tyler Schroeder(Columbus Grove) 15-13
       Hunter Binkley(Jefferson) pin Brandon Laney(Wayne Trace) 1:58
  160: Austin Windle(Ada) pin Dylan Alt(Bluffton) 1:53
       Alex Haunhorst(St. John's) dec. Aaron Parkins(Jefferson) 8-2
       Tyler Garcia(Lima C.C.) dec. Trenton Schwartz(Spencerville) 6-1
  170: Mitch Clune(Coldwater) pin Jaret Brown(Lima C.C.) 3:03
       Dylan Hannah(Ada) pin Marcel Salcido(Van Wert) 1:18
       Doug Hicks(Lincolnview) tech. fall Zach Brown(Spencerville) 17-0
       Race King(Allen East) pin Dakota Hucke(Parkway) 1:20
       Alec Gladwell(Columbus Grove) maj. dec. Lane Bennett(Jefferson) 16-7