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2018 State Track and Field Championships
Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium,  The Ohio State University, Columbus        

June 1-2, 20

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Jesse Owens Facility Layout

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State Meet Traffic Advisory
NEW IN 2018: Guests coming to Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium for the state track and field meet should use State Route 315 and either the Ackerman Road exit or the Lane Avenue exit. For reference, Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium is located at 2450 Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus, Ohio. Please follow the direction of the traffic & parking attendants for the nearest available parking.

Facility Layout and Parking Map:
The Facility Layout and Parking Map is posted at: http://www.ohsaa.org/Portals/0/Sports/Track-Field/2018/FacilityDiagram.pdf

Participant Drop Off and School Vehicle Parking
For state qualifying participant drop-off, only vehicles marked as “School Transportation” will be permitted to enter the parking lot south of the stadium to drop off state qualifiers and coaches. AFTER DROP-OFF, ALL SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES MUST PARK IN THE LOT BESIDE THE OSU BASEBALL STADIUM.

East Side Spectator Seating Note
Due to construction at OSU’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center, the bleacher seating on the east side of the stadium has been removed. Fans watching the long jump will have access to bleachers south of the east side straight-away, which is indicated by No. 19 on the facility map linked above.

New Building Construction in Area
There are multiple construction projects taking place in the surrounding area of Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.  Team camp sites, access roads and parking lots may have changed since your last visit.  Please familiarize yourself with the parking map & facility diagram and follow the instruction of the traffic officers, parking attendants and event staff.

Stadium Open May 31 from 4:00 to 6:00
Only the track at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium (not the shot put or discus areas) will be open from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 31, for state qualifiers to visit. No implements (including batons, hurdles, starter blocks, shot puts, discus, etc.) are permitted. The facility will not open until exactly 4 p.m. and will close promptly at 6 p.m. On Thursday, ALL VEHICLES must pay the automatic teller machines for the hourly rate. Parking is free on Friday and Saturday.

Team Check-in and Packet Pickup
Coaches may secure the school packet of track and field materials from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on Friday and from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on Saturday. Coaches of both boys and girls squads may pick up their materials on the Southeast side of Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium at the designated area.

Spike Regulation
Only pyramid spikes no longer than 1/4" are permitted. Needle spikes and Christmas tree spikes are not permitted. The clerks will be checking spike length just before the races and at check-in. If a competitor is in violation of this rule, he/she will not be allowed to participate. 

RVs are permitted to park in the Buckeye Lot #2, which is located just north of the shot put and discus areas (west of Fred Taylor Drive). RVs that arrive on Thursday must use the pay-to-park and purchase three parking spaces (http://parkmobile.io) Parking is free beginning Friday morning in designated lots.

Temporary Tents Not Permitted in Pole Vault Area
Temporary tents are not permitted in the pole vault area at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.

Coach Infield Passes for Pole Vault, High Jump and Long Jump
Schools that have a state qualifier in pole vault, high jump or long jump will receive one infield pass for a coach. Only one pass is given per school. The passes are specific for event, division and gender and are valid only when those competitions are being held.

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