MeetPro Export:
  1. Prior to the meet (or immediately after), make sure the team abbreviations match the Hy-Tek Code in the OHSAA MS Hy-Tek Codes
    1. Sites that use the baumspage online entry system will be a perfect match.
    2. Sites using other entry systems should edit the Team Abbreviations to match the Hy-Tek Codes prior to the meet.
  2. After the meet is finished:
    1. Click on File -> Export  -> Results
    2. A pop-up allows one to choose either a Semi Colon or a CSV export
      1. Select Semi Colon and then select the Team to export
        1. The default is to NOT include Relay Athletes.
      2. Click OK and another pop-up allows you to save the file.
        1. Name the file appropriately.
      3. Repeat for the other teams that are registered for the OHSAA Tournament
  3. After all the teams that are registered are exported, combine them into one file.
    1. Open the first file using Notepad and paste into the 2nd file,
    2. Then paste the two teams into the third, and those into the fourth until all teams are combined into one file.
  4. Name the combined file appropriately to identify the meet: Example: Greenville Quad 4-10.txt or whatever. 
    1. Please include Meet Name & date
    2. Save file
  5. Attach it to an e-mail to
Call Gary Baumgartner at 513-594-6154 or Terry Young at 740-517-0195 if you have questions or need help.