TrackMate Export:
  1. Prior to the meet (or immediately after), make sure the team abbreviations match the Hy-Tek Code in the OHSAA MS Hy-Tek Codes
    1. Sites that use the baumspage online entry system will be a perfect match.
    2. Sites using other entry systems should edit the Team Abbreviations to match the Hy-Tek Codes prior to the meet.
  2. After the meet is finished:
    1. Click on Resuts -> Export Results
      1. A pop-up displays the results for export.
        1. Click Hy-Tek ENTRIES Export Format as the export format.
        2. Select All Entries as the filter.
        3. Click Export and another pop-up displays
          1. Under the Schools tab, be sure to change the Hy-Tek School Code to the correct OHSAA MS Hy-Tek Code
          2. Click Export
    2. Name the file appropriately to identify the meet: Example: Greenville Quad 4-10.csv or whatever. 
      1. Please include Meet Name & date
      2. Save file
  3. Attach it to an e-mail to
Call Gary Baumgartner at 513-594-6154 or Terry Young at 740-517-0195 if you have questions or need help.