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Ohio High School Athletic Association
State and Regional Track Tournament
Record Archive
*For Tournament Managers

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  1. State records are listed at OHSAA Track & Field State Record Book.
  2. All State Records must be validated by the OHSAA!
    • If a State Record is broken at a Regional Tournament, please initiate the validation process immediately!
    • Contact Tim Stried at 614-267-2502 if there are questions.
  3. All OHSAA Regional Tournaments should include both the OHSAA Division Record and their Regional Records in the Hy-Tek database.
    • The regional records are updated after the Regional Tournaments and converted back to "tcl" files for import into Hy-Tek.
      • The record formats were standardized to indicate hand times for records that were set prior to the use of FAT systems.    Example: 10.60 is listed as 10.6h
      • All relay names were converted to the Hy-Tek default format with First Initial - space - Last Name,  First Initial - space - Last Name, etc.
      • School names were modified to use the OHSAA full team name (city and directory name) where possible. 
        • The Hy-Tek field length limitations required abbreviations as necessary.
    • All regional tournaments should use the same record order listing OHSAA State Division Records, Regional Records, then Stadium Records.
      • For consistency, the Tag Names should be OHSAA Div. # and Region #.
  4. To import a records file into Hy-Tek Meet Manager:
    • Click Events | Records
    • Define the Record Tag with an Order | Tag Name | Flag
      • Use OHSAA Div. # with the tag % and Region # for Regional Records with the tag #.
      • For multiple record holders in the same event, there may be several tcl files. 
        • Create multiple record tags with the same Tag Name and Flag.    See table below:
          Order Tag Name Flag
          01 OHSAA Div. 2 %
          02 OHSAA Div. 2 %
          03 Region 4 #
          04 Region 4 #
          05 Stadium @
  • Select the Record | click Import at the top of the Records Menu.
OHSAA State Records
Division TCL Import File *Hy-Tek Format PDF Format Updated:
I OHSAA1.tcl OHSAA1.pdf 5/5/24
II OHSAA2a.tcl  OHSAA2b.tcl OHSAA2.pdf 5/24/24
III OHSAA3a.tcl  OHSAA3b.tcl OHSAA3.pdf 5/5/24
Seated OHSAA4.tcl OHSAA4.pdf 5/18/24
OHSAA Regional Records
*Updated though 2022.  Will be corrected if 2023 records are received!
Region TCL Import File *Hy-Tek Format PDF Format Updated:
1 region1.tcl Region1.pdf 6/6/22
2 region2.tcl Region2.pdf 6/6/22
3 region3.tcl Region3.pdf 6/6/22
4 region4a.tcl  region4b.tcl Region4.pdf 6/6/22
5 region5.tcl Region5.pdf 6/6/22
6 region6a.tcl  region6b.tcl Region6.pdf 6/6/22
7 region7a.tcl  region7b.tcl   Region7.pdf 6/6/22
8 region8a.tcl  region8b.tcl Region8.pdf 6/6/22
9 region9.tcl Region9.pdf 6/6/22
10 region10.tcl Region10.pdf 6/6/22
11 region11.tcl Region11.pdf 6/6/22
12 region12.tcl Region12.pdf 6/6/22

If you have problems or need help with the download or import, contact:

Gary Baumgartner

Terry Young




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