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Solutions to Miscellaneous Problems/Frequently Asked Questions
Problem Possible Solution
Quick Links
I'm not sure where to start!
I'm not sure what the problem is.
  • Click the Contact Us link.
  • Fill-in the appropriate fields and submit a request.
  • Please allow up to 8 hours for a response!
I had an account last year but cannot login now.
  • The E-Mail Address and Password must exactly match what you used when creating the account!
    • Passwords are case sensitive and encrypted on our server.
  • If you know the E-Mail Address but forgot Password, click the Forget your password link. A new password will be e-mailed to you!
  • If you don't know what E-mail Address you used, click the Contact Us link and submit a request to confirm the E-Mail Address.
My school is not included on the master list of schools.
  • Click the Add School link.
  • Fill-in the appropriate fields and submit a request.
How can I find my current password or change my password?
  • Your password is both case sensitive and encrypted. We cannot retrieve it!
  • Click the Forget your password link to have a new password e-mailed to you!
  • To change your password, login to your account. Use My Tools | Change Password to change it!
When I select my school and try to add a sport, my sport is not listed.
  • Someone else has already claimed that team under their account.  
  • If you are the responsible party, please click the Contact Us link.
  • Select Change School Association in the dropdown menu.
  • Fill-in the appropriate fields and submit a request.
  • Please allow 8 hours for a response.
Do I have to re-enter everything to submit for the next event?
  • No, but you do have to login. Follow the instructions below:
  • Login using the E-mail address and Password you established when you created the account.
  • Use Submit Event Rosters and select the event from the event list.
    • For Track the names and marks from the "last submitted" meet will be copied to the entries for the new meet.
      • Edit and make changes as needed. 
    • For Wrestling, the only the State/District/ Sectional seeding information will be copied.
      • Edit and make changes as needed.
    • For Cross Country the comple roster may be submitted in it's entirety for multiple meets as long as the entry window is open.
  • When you finish editing the athletes and other information:
    • Make sure you click the Save/Submit and Print Entries button.
    • Click the Printable List and Confirmation Form to generate a list for your records.
I did not print a copy of the roster I submitted.  What can I do now?
  • Login again and follow the instructions below.  
    • You can edit and review/print until the window closes.
    • If the window is closed, select the event again. Your data should be there.
      • Scroll to the bottom and click the View Printable List to generate a list for your records.
      • It will print from your web browser if you have a printer attached.
The system seems to run really slow.
  • The internet is not always as responsive as everyone expects.
  • The web site and database are hosted on a dedicated server and has plenty of band-width and redundancy.
    • The problems are usually not "host server" related!
  • The online system was developed and tested with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
    • There should be minimal delays in processing data as submitted.
    • At peak times with a high-volume of users there may a slight slow-down.
  • For Mac users, the problem may be the browser.
    • Macintosh no longer supports Internet Explorer so you might try one of the other browsers.
      • But, the systems runs fine on some Macs with Internet Explorer.
    • Some users have "suggested" that Safari and Chrome work better for them. 
    • Some find a different computer.
  • School networks are complex and varied.  Depending on the level of security and setup, some computers may interact with the database very quickly and others may be slow.
    • Sometimes trying a different computer resolves the issues.
  • If you don't find something simple, it may be easier to try on a different computer. 
    • Maybe at a friend's house, at school, or anywhere that they have internet access.  
When I Apply for an account, I fill-in all the appropriate fields and hit Submit, but keep getting sent back to the Apply Screen.
  • There may be a firewall installed that may be blocking the submission of form data. 
    • Turn the firewall off and try again
  • The problem could be with your Internet Browser Security Settings and the level of protection.
    • Try lowering the settings.
      • For Internet Explorer use Tools | Security | Internet | Custom Level | Low
    • If you don't find something simple, it may be easier to try on a different computer. 
      • Maybe at a friend's house, at school, or anywhere that they have internet access.  
** If unable to submit the Contact Us form, send an e-mail to

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