Online Entry Instructions - Track
Please use the Online Entry Form at to submit entries before the entry deadline. 
The entry window will close precisely at the time listed in your information!
Submit your "intended" roster early!  Return anytime before the deadline to make changes!

  1. Entries must be submitted using the Online Entry Form at!
    1. If you are not a "computer user" find an assistant, student, parent, or friend who is!
    2. If someone else enters your data, please review the printed data and confirm the accuracy!
    3. The system is secure! Only you, the webmaster, and meet officials will see your data!
  2. You will need an account to submit data using Baum’s Page Online Entry System!
    1. If you already have an account, login and use  Coaches  | Select Teams to claim your school and team.
      1. If you forgot your Password, click the Forget your password link on the Login page to request.a new one.
      2. Multiple sports, levels, and genders can all be included on one account!
    2. If you are a "first time" user, please create your account early! *See #2 below!
      1. If there is a problem creating an account, you may need to temporarily disable a "firewall", change the Internet security setting in your web browser, or try a different computer!
      2. If your school is not included in the list of schools or someone else is already "associated" with your school and team, click the Help link and submit a request. Please allow up to 8 hours for a response!
  3. The actual data entry is a multi-step process:
    1. Use  Coaches | Select Teams to select your school and sport.
      1. Find your school in the dropdown list and highlight it
      2. Click Get Available School Teams / Sports | then Select Sport | click Make me the coach
      3. Repeat if coaching both genders or HS and MS.
    2. Use  Coaches  | Track | {Select your Team} | Modify Athletes to enter your athlete's names and grades into the database.
      • You may enter them one at time or paste your complete roster from an Excel file.
      • To paste from Excel use three fields - first name, last name, and grade.
    3. Use  Coaches  | Track | {Select Team and Available Event} | Submit Rosters to enter athletes into their events.
    4. Click Submit Roster to submit your entry form.
    5. Click Get Printable Roster to print a copy for your records.
  4. Data will be stored so it may be edited and submitted for other meets that use Baum’s Page for entries!

To enter roster online:

  1. Go to, follow links to Track. the specific meet,  and the Online Entry Form.
    1. Or click Online Entry or Login at the top lof Baum's Page.
    2. Make sure entries are submitted before the posted entry deadline!
  2. If you do not have an account, click on Apply.
    1. Enter the Account Holder’s Name, an active E-mail Address, and a Password.
      1. Use either the coach’s e-mail address or the coach’s designee!
      2. If you do not have an e-mail account, use the e-mail address of a friend or someone who will give you messages that are sent to the e-mail address.
      3. Enter E-mail address and Password twice! *Write them down and use for all future logins
    2. Enter your Work and Home phones. *If unlisted, enter unlisted or none.
    3. Select your School and Sport from the drop-down menus. *Boys/Girls or HS/MS Track are separate!
      1. If you coach both HS and MS, enter one and use the Add/Drop Teams link to add the others!
      2. If your school is not listed, click the Help link and submit a request that it be added!
  3. If you have an account, click on Login and enter your UserID and Password!
    1. Use  Coaches  | Select Teams to claim your school and team.
      1. If you coach both Boys and Girls (or HS and MS), add each team separately.
      2. If Association already exists for a user, click the Contact Us link and submit a request.
    2. Use  Coaches  | Track | {select your team} | Modify Athletes to enter your roster! *Return at your convenience to edit it.
      1. Type all names in upper and lower case. *Please check all entries carefully!
      2. OHSAA member high schools must also enter the competitor number!
      3. Colleges and middle schools may leave the number blank!
    3. Use  Coaches  | Track | {Select your team & Event} | Submit Rosters  to submit entries for a meet.
      1. Select the correct meet from the Event "drop-down" menu.
      2. To enter contestants in individual events:
        1. Select the athlete from the drop down menu and enter the Competitor’s Mark.
          1. For time use 1 or 2 decimal places depending in whether the time was manual or not.
            1. Examples: 1:07.4, 10:12.5, 53.54, 14.52, etc. *No blank spaces!
          2. For height or distance, enter feet in the text box, then inches with decimal for fractional inches.
            1. Examples: 6 ft. 3.25 in., 143 ft. 7 in., 21 ft.10.5 in., etc.
      3. To enter a Relay Team:
        1. Fill-in the Mark and select the four anticipated relay members in the expected order they will run.
          1. For entry purposes, list the four athletes that you expect will compete. Relay Cards will be used as always!
        2. Relay members may be changed but must be designated prior to competing for the first time!
    4. Click Submit Roster to save your entries, then click Get Printable Roster to print a copy for your records.  What you see is what will be processed!
  4. If there are errors or an athlete is missing, use Modify Athletes to make the correction and use Submit  Rosters to submit entries again.
  5. Event Rosters for a meet can only be submitted or corrected while the "Entry Window" is open!
    1. Submit Event Rosters early and return to make changes anytime before the window closes.
      1. The window closes automatically precisely at the time and date listed!
      2. Entries cannot be edited or submitted online after the window closes!
  6. For some track meets there will also be an Online Scratch/Substitution Form.
    1. The form will only be available from the time the entry window closes until the until "Scratch/Substitution" deadline!
    2. Please note: Only scratches and substitutions may be submitted on this form!  Meet entries will not be accepted!

If there are any problems with the Online Form, click the Contact Us link and submit a Help Request!   Please allow up to 8 hours for a response.  For immediate help  call Gary Baumgartner at 513-594-6154 or Terry Young at 740-517-0195.