Current Season: 2022

Hghland MS Quad 4-6 Ontario/Galion/ Pleasant
Additional Information04-07-2022, 9:27 AM - Good morning! With the rain, the camera was not cooperating very well last night and my computer also decided to update and change some settings that I was unaware of. I do not capture or times for the third heat of boys 100 m dash ( If Pleasant and Ontario coaches have times, Iw ill add the .25 I will input and score the event. I have places but no times. For Girls, I do not have capture and times for 200H either. Not sure why, I know I marked them but I can not find them. Sorry about that. If field events are incorrect please reach outa s the papers came back sopping wet so we did our best to read them. I still have them and might be able to read now that they are dry. Again my sincere apologies. Derek

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