52nd Sandusky Invitational

FRIDAY MAY 2, 2014

Strobel Field at Cedar Point Stadium

Hosted by: Sandusky High School


3:00 PM- Facility Opens (Do Not Arrive Prior)

3:45 PM- Coaches and Officials Meeting in the Press box Media Room

4:15 PM– Boys High Jump, Girls & Boys Long Jump, Girls Shot, Boys Discus, Girls Pole Vault

4:30 PM- Running Events (Girls 4 x 800 Relay)

Entries this year must be done online at www.baumspage.com. (Sandusky Invite)

All entries must be submitted before 10:00 AM on Friday May 2, 2014. Please make all changes before this time. Each head coach may enter no more than 2 athletes for each individual event and one relay team. Please submit a time/effort

No individual event substations will be allowed after the entry window closes. Only scratches.

Relay changes will be accepted until event is run.

We will be scoring eight places (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) for individual races and six places for relay races (10-8-6-4-2-1) with medals awarded to the 1st-3rd place finishers in all events.

We ask that all buses park in the western most section of the main stadium parking lot. This lot will be designated as bus parking only.


1. Meeting of all head coaches at 3:45 a.m. in the Press box Main Media Room.

2. Only 1/8" spikes are permitted on the track and field surfaces - the Clerks/Officials may check the length of spikes.

3. Some standard 4 point blocks will be furnished. If an athlete wishes to use their own legal starting blocks, it is their responsibility to have them at the starting line for the beginning of each race.

4. Each team should furnish their own legal baton for all Relay races.

5. Contestants should compete in a legal uniform with the proper number displayed on the back of the jersey.

6. Any legal implement for the Shot and Discus can be used. - no practicing on the pads after competition has been completed.

7. Starting heights for the High Jump and Pole Vault will be determined by the event judge/meet manager based upon entries.

8. In the all field events, the competitors will be listed in order from lowest qualifying height/distance to highest/longest.

9. Competitors in the 800m, 1600m, & 3200m runs will be placed as follows in 1 random section. All other running events will be seeded according to time – slow heat first.

10. Competitors in all events should report to the start line/ field event by the second call and be ready to participate at the appropriate time. Athletes should report in legal uniforms for all events - Relay teams should report with a completed Relay card and a legal baton.

11. Tennis ball halves will be allowed on the track for Relay races (no chalk or tape).

12. Tennis ball halves may be used on the High Jump surface except for a 10" radius by the pit. In the Long Jump and Pole Vault, all markers must be off the runway.

13. Scoring for each event:

Individual (Top 8) 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Relays (Top 6) 10-8-6-4-2-1

14. All contestants must remain outside the track oval when not competing . No athletes, coaches, or spectators will be allowed on the inside of the soccer playing field (No crossing the field, warming up, or stretching on the playing fields at any time). NO SPIKES are permitted anywhere on the Field Turf Surface. These areas will be strictly monitored.

15. Team tents can be located on the grassy area or black top area on the south side of the stadium’s home side bleachers. Please clean up your area before leaving.

16. Locker room space is not available - please come dressed. Restrooms are available on the home side.

17. Results will be available shortly after the Boys 4x400m Relay and on www.baumspage.com. Final Results can be emailed to coaches or media upon request.

18. There will be concessions and t-shirt sales. Please pass on to your athletes & parents.

19. Team area in the home side bleachers will be designated ONLY in Sections D and E. Sections A, B, and C are designated for spectators on the home side.

20. No unauthorized personnel are permitted in the press box.