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Bill Barry Invitational - Tallmadge
Additional Information03-28-2018, 2:49 PM - Bill Barry Invitational

Date: April 6th Place: Tallmadge Middle School

Coaches: All ENTRIES WILL BE DONE ON BAUMS PAGE ( Please follow instructions on

Teams: Tallmadge, Highland, CVCA, St. Vincent/St. Mary, Walsh, Lake, South, North, Villa Angela-St. Joseph, and Rocky River

Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1

Team Awards: 1st and 2nd place team trophies

Individual Awards: 1st place (T-shirt), second and third place medals.

Admission: Adults - $6.00
Students - $4.00 (League guidelines)

Coaches: free pizza and pop in the press box

Spikes: eighth inch only

Information: There will be information about the meet along with directions to Tallmadge High School on the Tallmadge High School website. Please feel free to contact me (Coach Mike Srodawa) with any questions at (330) 310–3669.

If you have wheelchair athletes please let me know.

Time schedule:

Coaches’ meeting: 3:15

Field Events: begin at 3:30.
Boys Girls
High Jump Long Jump
Discus Pole Vault

Starting height for the high jump is 5’ for boys and 4’ for girls. We will be increasing by 3” until 6’ and 5’ respectively.
Starting height for the boys’ pole vault is 8’6”. Starting height for the girls’ pole vault is 6’6”.
Shot put and discus will have four attempts with no finals. Implements for the throwing events will be provided. If an athlete wishes to use his or her own implement, everyone in the event will have access to it.
Long jump will be open pit. All athletes will have 1hour to complete four attempts with no finals.
Remaining field events will begin after the completion of the 3:30 events.

Running Events: begin at 4:30.


Finals: 4 x 800m relay (girls / boys)
110m/100m HH
300m IH

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