2005 Bellbrook Invitational Wrestling Tournament
January 8, 2005

Posted: 07:52 AM - 07/24/2011
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2005 Bellbrook Invitational Scores
 1. Valley View               162.0
 2. Greeneview                151.0
 3. Bellbrook                 141.0
 4. Hillsboro                 130.5
 5. Chillicothe                98.5
 6. Purcell Marian             81.5
 7. West Carrollton            77.0
 8. Buckeye Valley             70.0
 9. Dayton Christian           56.0
10. Winton Woods               42.5
11. Kenton Ridge               32.0
12. Waynesville                 6.0

First Place
  103: Kyle Quickle(Hillsboro) pin Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) 1:18
  112: Branden Pike(Greeneview) dec. Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) 6-2
  119: Clem Artmann(Hillsboro) pin Mike Eavers(Greeneview) 3:47
  125: Ben Pike(Greeneview) dec. Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) 5-0
  130: Brett Horne(Hillsboro) dec. Corey Minton(Valley View) 5-0
  135: Bryce Hughes(Buckeye Valley) dec. Dan Brower(Bellbrook) 9-6
  140: J.T. Tomlin(Bellbrook) dec. Brian Focht(Valley View) 9-2
  145: Chase Rutherford(Chillicothe) dec. Billy Deeter(Valley View) 8-6
  152: Jacob Robison(Greeneview) dec. Lucas Kramer(Valley View) 6-4
  160: Justin Elam(West Carrollton) pin Jessie Sargent(Valley View) 2:22
  171: Derrick Strickland(Greeneview) dec. Adam Steele(Chillicothe) 11-4
  189: Jason Cook(Bellbrook) pin Doug Randall(Greeneview) 0:22
  215: Oney Snyder(Hillsboro) dec. Craig Burton(Valley View) 6-4
  275: Brian Parker(Valley View) pin Zach Humbert(Winton Woods) 1:18

Third Place
  103: Jamel Buckner(West Carrollton) pin Sam Hancock(Bellbrook) 2:09
  112: Griffin Brink(Buckeye Valley) pin Matthew Fisco(Dayton Christian) 2:48
  119: Tommy Gagen(West Carrollton) dec. Josh Clunk(Buckeye Valley) 6-0
  125: Stephen Aleshire(Buckeye Valley) pin Nick Detty(Chillicothe) 1:19
  130: Isaac Steele(Chillicothe) dec. Marius Monnig(Bellbrook) 4-2 OT
  135: Carey Tighe(Purcell Marian) dec. Scott Stevens(Valley View) 7-2
  140: Matt Smith(Purcell Marian) maj. dec. Eric Martin(Chillicothe) 12-3
  145: Mike Burns(Hillsboro) dec. Joe Kidder(Kenton Ridge) 7-5
  152: Greg Rhoads(Hillsboro) dec. Jeremey Usher(Purcell Marian) 5-2
  160: Danny Herres(Bellbrook) dec. Travis Winterrowd(Greeneview) 7-0
  171: Nic Perry(Winton Woods) dec. Chris Brackett(Bellbrook) 3-2
  189: Sam Pierson(Purcell Marian) pin Willy Velarde(Chillicothe) 4:54
  215: Steve Keeney(Purcell Marian) dec. Duston Harper(Bellbrook) 7-4
  275: Josh Reynolds(Greeneview) dec. Ansel Benson(Chillicothe) 1-0

Consolation Semifinal
  103: Sam Hancock(Bellbrook) maj. dec. Daniel Davis(Dayton Christian) 15-6
       Jamel Buckner(West Carrollton) tech. fall Bradley Carter(Kenton Ridge) 23-8
  112: Matthew Fisco(Dayton Christian) pin Aaron Ray(Chillicothe) 2:35
       Griffin Brink(Buckeye Valley) dec. Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) 6-5 OT
  119: Tommy Gagen(West Carrollton) dec. Sean Scaglia(Kenton Ridge) 5-0
       Josh Clunk(Buckeye Valley) pin Kyle Grable(Dayton Christian) 1:58
  125: Nick Detty(Chillicothe) dec. Travis Green(Kenton Ridge) 9-7
       Stephen Aleshire(Buckeye Valley) pin Rick Jantzen(West Carrollton) 2:05
  130: Isaac Steele(Chillicothe) dec. Kyle Tatem(Dayton Christian) 6-2
       Marius Monnig(Bellbrook) pin Robert Keegan(Waynesville) 5:36
  135: Scott Stevens(Valley View) dec. Brennan Black(Dayton Christian) 8-6
       Carey Tighe(Purcell Marian) pin Denny Shivener(West Carrollton) 2:26
  140: Matt Smith(Purcell Marian) dec. Rob Holt(Hillsboro) 3-1 OT
       Eric Martin(Chillicothe) pin Trick Marriott(Dayton Christian) 0:36
  145: Joe Kidder(Kenton Ridge) dec. Bert Boyd(Winton Woods) 12-7
       Mike Burns(Hillsboro) dec. Sol Mullikin(Greeneview) 8-1
  152: Jeremey Usher(Purcell Marian) dec. Andrew Lucas(West Carrollton) 6-2
       Greg Rhoads(Hillsboro) pin Dustin Foster(Kenton Ridge) 0:26
  160: Danny Herres(Bellbrook) dec. Seth Brown(Kenton Ridge) 1-0
       Travis Winterrowd(Greeneview) dec. Ryan Wogoman(Chillicothe) 7-3
  171: Nic Perry(Winton Woods) tech. fall Jon Abney(Dayton Christian) 17-1
       Chris Brackett(Bellbrook) dec. Brock Cochran(Kenton Ridge) 6-3
  189: Sam Pierson(Purcell Marian) pin Joel Martycz(Kenton Ridge) 1:34
       Willy Velarde(Chillicothe) pin Mitch Westwood(Valley View) 3:40
  215: Steve Keeney(Purcell Marian) pin Zach Housler(Buckeye Valley) 3:16
       Duston Harper(Bellbrook) over Danny Ward(West Carrollton) default
  275: Ansel Benson(Chillicothe) over Matt Kumbalek(Bellbrook) default
       Josh Reynolds(Greeneview) dec. Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) 4-1

  103: Kyle Quickle(Hillsboro) tech. fall Daniel Davis(Dayton Christian) 19-0
       Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) dec. Jamel Buckner(West Carrollton) 9-7
  112: Branden Pike(Greeneview) pin Matthew Fisco(Dayton Christian) 1:03
       Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) pin Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) 2:22
  119: Clem Artmann(Hillsboro) maj. dec. Tommy Gagen(West Carrollton) 12-1
       Mike Eavers(Greeneview) dec. Josh Clunk(Buckeye Valley) 11-4
  125: Ben Pike(Greeneview) tech. fall Nick Detty(Chillicothe) 18-2
       Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) maj. dec. Stephen Aleshire(Buckeye Valley) 19-6
  130: Brett Horne(Hillsboro) maj. dec. Isaac Steele(Chillicothe) 11-2
       Corey Minton(Valley View) dec. Robert Keegan(Waynesville) 9-4
  135: Bryce Hughes(Buckeye Valley) tech. fall Brennan Black(Dayton Christian) 22-5
       Dan Brower(Bellbrook) dec. Carey Tighe(Purcell Marian) 7-0
  140: J.T. Tomlin(Bellbrook) dec. Rob Holt(Hillsboro) 3-1
       Brian Focht(Valley View) pin Eric Martin(Chillicothe) 3:35
  145: Billy Deeter(Valley View) pin Joe Kidder(Kenton Ridge) 0:56
       Chase Rutherford(Chillicothe) pin Sol Mullikin(Greeneview) 0:30
  152: Lucas Kramer(Valley View) dec. Jeremey Usher(Purcell Marian) 9-4
       Jacob Robison(Greeneview) pin Greg Rhoads(Hillsboro) 0:54
  160: Jessie Sargent(Valley View) dec. Danny Herres(Bellbrook) 11-6
       Justin Elam(West Carrollton) dec. Travis Winterrowd(Greeneview) 11-6
  171: Adam Steele(Chillicothe) maj. dec. Nic Perry(Winton Woods) 20-9
       Derrick Strickland(Greeneview) dec. Chris Brackett(Bellbrook) 5-0
  189: Jason Cook(Bellbrook) dec. Sam Pierson(Purcell Marian) 11-4
       Doug Randall(Greeneview) tech. fall Willy Velarde(Chillicothe) 20-4
  215: Craig Burton(Valley View) maj. dec. Zach Housler(Buckeye Valley) 10-1
       Oney Snyder(Hillsboro) pin Danny Ward(West Carrollton) 1:53
  275: Brian Parker(Valley View) pin Matt Kumbalek(Bellbrook) 1:24
       Zach Humbert(Winton Woods) pin Josh Reynolds(Greeneview) 3:50

Second Consolation
  103: Sam Hancock(Bellbrook) dec. Brian Muller(Buckeye Valley) 6-0
       Bradley Carter(Kenton Ridge) maj. dec. Ronnie Vest(Chillicothe) 17-7
  112: Aaron Ray(Chillicothe) dec. Sean Mchone(Winton Woods) 10-8
       Griffin Brink(Buckeye Valley) dec. Dustin Carter(Hillsboro) Tiebrk
  119: Sean Scaglia(Kenton Ridge) dec. Ed VonAllmen(Purcell Marian) 7-4
       Kyle Grable(Dayton Christian) dec. Andy Turner(Bellbrook) 8-4
  125: Travis Green(Kenton Ridge) maj. dec. Zac Castor(Bellbrook) 14-2
       Rick Jantzen(West Carrollton) dec. Andy Gallagher(Valley View) 4-3
  130: Kyle Tatem(Dayton Christian) pin Cedric Riley(Winton Woods) 3:36
       Marius Monnig(Bellbrook) maj. dec. Cole Robinson(Greeneview) 13-0
  135: Scott Stevens(Valley View) dec. Pat Flannigan(Chillicothe) 6-3
       Denny Shivener(West Carrollton) pin Ben Retherford(Kenton Ridge) 0:59
  140: Matt Smith(Purcell Marian) pin Kaleb Dew(Buckeye Valley) 1:23
       Trick Marriott(Dayton Christian) pin Jeramy Fyffe(Greeneview) 3:33
  145: Bert Boyd(Winton Woods) pin Layton Ramsey(West Carrollton) 1:44
       Mike Burns(Hillsboro) pin Dan Nartker(Bellbrook) 4:08
  152: Andrew Lucas(West Carrollton) pin Pete Alimonos(Bellbrook) 1:40
       Dustin Foster(Kenton Ridge) dec. Dan Partee(Chillicothe) 11-8
  160: Seth Brown(Kenton Ridge) pin Carlton Braunskill(Winton Woods) 1:58
       Ryan Wogoman(Chillicothe) pin Chris Klein(Waynesville) 2:20
  171: Jon Abney(Dayton Christian) advanced with bye
       Brock Cochran(Kenton Ridge) pin Matt Mendle(Buckeye Valley) 0:49
  189: Joel Martycz(Kenton Ridge) pin DeMarcco Kinamore(Winton Woods) 2:21
       Mitch Westwood(Valley View) maj. dec. Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) 11-3
  215: Steve Keeney(Purcell Marian) pin Joe Gord(Dayton Christian) 3:06
       Duston Harper(Bellbrook) pin Jared Graves(Kenton Ridge) 3:00
  275: Ansel Benson(Chillicothe) advanced with bye
       Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) advanced with bye

First Consolation
  119: Sean Scaglia(Kenton Ridge) dec. Ethan Depugh(Chillicothe) 7-4
  130: Cedric Riley(Winton Woods) pin Josh Berry(Kenton Ridge) 2:49
       Cole Robinson(Greeneview) pin Ricky May(Buckeye Valley) 1:38
  135: Scott Stevens(Valley View) tech. fall Corey Frazer(Hillsboro) 19-4
       Denny Shivener(West Carrollton) tech. fall John Armlovich(Greeneview) 17-2
  140: Matt Smith(Purcell Marian) pin Joe Booker(Winton Woods) 4:55
       Trick Marriott(Dayton Christian) pin Luke Klosterman(Kenton Ridge) 0:52
       Jeramy Fyffe(Greeneview) pin Josh Miracle(West Carrollton) 1:43
  145: Layton Ramsey(West Carrollton) pin Tyler Phillipeck(Buckeye Valley) 1:50
       Mike Burns(Hillsboro) maj. dec. Pat Mitchell(Purcell Marian) 10-1
  152: Andrew Lucas(West Carrollton) pin Micah Cleary(Winton Woods) 3:54
  189: Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) pin Zack Young(Waynesville) 2:47
  215: Joe Gord(Dayton Christian) pin D.J. Shontz(Greeneview) 2:28
       Duston Harper(Bellbrook) pin Tyler Woodbridge(Chillicothe) 0:26

  103: Kyle Quickle(Hillsboro) pin Bradley Carter(Kenton Ridge) 1:09
       Daniel Davis(Dayton Christian) pin Ronnie Vest(Chillicothe) 0:11
       Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) pin Brian Muller(Buckeye Valley) 1:36
       Jamel Buckner(West Carrollton) dec. Sam Hancock(Bellbrook) 11-5
  112: Branden Pike(Greeneview) pin Griffin Brink(Buckeye Valley) 0:47
       Matthew Fisco(Dayton Christian) maj. dec. Dustin Carter(Hillsboro) 15-4
       Kyle Marler(West Carrollton) pin Aaron Ray(Chillicothe) 3:01
       Patrick McHugh(Bellbrook) pin Sean Mchone(Winton Woods) 1:50
  119: Clem Artmann(Hillsboro) pin Kyle Grable(Dayton Christian) 1:01
       Tommy Gagen(West Carrollton) maj. dec. Andy Turner(Bellbrook) 12-3
       Josh Clunk(Buckeye Valley) maj. dec. Sean Scaglia(Kenton Ridge) 16-4
       Mike Eavers(Greeneview) pin Ed VonAllmen(Purcell Marian) 1:04
  125: Ben Pike(Greeneview) pin Rick Jantzen(West Carrollton) 2:41
       Nick Detty(Chillicothe) maj. dec. Andy Gallagher(Valley View) 9-1
       Stephen Aleshire(Buckeye Valley) pin Zac Castor(Bellbrook) 0:51
       Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) pin Travis Green(Kenton Ridge) 2:25
  130: Brett Horne(Hillsboro) dec. Marius Monnig(Bellbrook) 7-0
       Isaac Steele(Chillicothe) maj. dec. Cole Robinson(Greeneview) 12-0
       Robert Keegan(Waynesville) pin Kyle Tatem(Dayton Christian) 1:54
       Corey Minton(Valley View) pin Cedric Riley(Winton Woods) 3:14
  135: Bryce Hughes(Buckeye Valley) pin Ben Retherford(Kenton Ridge) 0:08
       Brennan Black(Dayton Christian) pin Denny Shivener(West Carrollton) 3:53
       Carey Tighe(Purcell Marian) pin Pat Flannigan(Chillicothe) 1:14
       Dan Brower(Bellbrook) dec. Scott Stevens(Valley View) 5-1
  140: J.T. Tomlin(Bellbrook) dec. Josh Miracle(West Carrollton) 6-0
       Rob Holt(Hillsboro) pin Trick Marriott(Dayton Christian) 1:29
       Eric Martin(Chillicothe) dec. Matt Smith(Purcell Marian) 9-6
       Brian Focht(Valley View) pin Kaleb Dew(Buckeye Valley) 2:35
  145: Billy Deeter(Valley View) pin Mike Burns(Hillsboro) 2:49
       Joe Kidder(Kenton Ridge) maj. dec. Dan Nartker(Bellbrook) 20-8
       Sol Mullikin(Greeneview) maj. dec. Layton Ramsey(West Carrollton) 12-2
       Chase Rutherford(Chillicothe) pin Bert Boyd(Winton Woods) 0:59
  152: Lucas Kramer(Valley View) maj. dec. Dan Partee(Chillicothe) 12-4
       Jeremey Usher(Purcell Marian) pin Dustin Foster(Kenton Ridge) 0:56
       Greg Rhoads(Hillsboro) pin Andrew Lucas(West Carrollton) 3:09
       Jacob Robison(Greeneview) pin Pete Alimonos(Bellbrook) 1:50
  160: Danny Herres(Bellbrook) pin Ryan Wogoman(Chillicothe) 1:59
       Jessie Sargent(Valley View) pin Chris Klein(Waynesville) 1:26
       Justin Elam(West Carrollton) pin Carlton Braunskill(Winton Woods) 1:02
       Travis Winterrowd(Greeneview) dec. Seth Brown(Kenton Ridge) 9-5
  171: Adam Steele(Chillicothe) tech. fall Brock Cochran(Kenton Ridge) 24-9
       Nic Perry(Winton Woods) pin Matt Mendle(Buckeye Valley) 0:45
       Chris Brackett(Bellbrook) pin Jon Abney(Dayton Christian) 2:16
       Derrick Strickland(Greeneview) advanced with bye
  189: Jason Cook(Bellbrook) pin Zack Young(Waynesville) 0:42
       Sam Pierson(Purcell Marian) pin Mitch Westwood(Valley View) 3:09
       Willy Velarde(Chillicothe) pin DeMarcco Kinamore(Winton Woods) 1:19
       Doug Randall(Greeneview) pin Joel Martycz(Kenton Ridge) 1:26
  215: Craig Burton(Valley View) maj. dec. Duston Harper(Bellbrook) 12-4
       Zach Housler(Buckeye Valley) tech. fall Jared Graves(Kenton Ridge) 23-7
       Oney Snyder(Hillsboro) pin Joe Gord(Dayton Christian) 1:33
       Danny Ward(West Carrollton) pin Steve Keeney(Purcell Marian) 0:52
  275: Brian Parker(Valley View) pin Andrew Zemany(West Carrollton) 1:21
       Matt Kumbalek(Bellbrook) advanced with bye
       Zach Humbert(Winton Woods) pin Ansel Benson(Chillicothe) 0:31
       Josh Reynolds(Greeneview) advanced with bye

First Round
  119: Andy Turner(Bellbrook) pin Ethan Depugh(Chillicothe) 1:28
  130: Marius Monnig(Bellbrook) pin Josh Berry(Kenton Ridge) 1:31
       Kyle Tatem(Dayton Christian) pin Ricky May(Buckeye Valley) 1:45
  135: Bryce Hughes(Buckeye Valley) pin Corey Frazer(Hillsboro) 0:42
       Carey Tighe(Purcell Marian) pin John Armlovich(Greeneview) 1:43
  140: Rob Holt(Hillsboro) pin Joe Booker(Winton Woods) 3:46
       Eric Martin(Chillicothe) pin Luke Klosterman(Kenton Ridge) 0:43
       Brian Focht(Valley View) tech. fall Jeramy Fyffe(Greeneview) 18-3
  145: Dan Nartker(Bellbrook) pin Tyler Phillipeck(Buckeye Valley) 0:47
       Bert Boyd(Winton Woods) pin Pat Mitchell(Purcell Marian) 2:14
  152: Jeremey Usher(Purcell Marian) tech. fall Micah Cleary(Winton Woods) 17-0
  189: Doug Randall(Greeneview) pin Cory Bohn(West Carrollton) 2:46
  215: Jared Graves(Kenton Ridge) pin D.J. Shontz(Greeneview) 1:28
       Steve Keeney(Purcell Marian) pin Tyler Woodbridge(Chillicothe) 0:54