Current Season: 2013-2014

Cincinnati Hills League Championships
Additional Information01-30-2014, 3:00 PM - Here's a a message from OHSAA about weights this weekend:

To: Wrestling Coaches and Athletic Directors

From: Beau Rugg, Assistant Commissioner

Subject: Weather Affecting Wrestling Events during the January 31-February 1 Weekend

This has obviously been a historically cold Winter season and schools have been cancelled for long stretches of time including this past week. We felt it was important for the safety of our wrestlers in the State of Ohio to make some special weight allowances for events wrestled this weekend. Therefore, in all events (7-12) wrestled this weekend (January 31- February 1), the weight allowance will be the maximum scratch plus 4.

02-01-2014, 6:17 PM - Posted team score results on brackets are correct. Posted results are correct, except place winners at 126, 145, and 182. They are correct on the Place Winners file.

02-01-2014, 6:18 PM - Congrats to Coach of the Year Dick Engel of Reading and Wrestler of the Year Baden Pinson of Reading.

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