The 37th Annual Dave Bean Classic 
January 26, 2008

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Format: Two 5-Man Pools for weights with 10 or less.
Three 4-Man Pools for 152 and complete Round Robin for 285.

William Govig Most Valuable Wrestler Award
125 lbs. Champion - Robert James (Norwood)

2008 Dave Bean Classic Scores
 1. Lafayette                 211.0
 2. Bethel-Tate               184.0
 3. Finneytown                161.0
 4. Norwood                   157.5
 5. Stebbins                  157.5
 6. Mt. Healthy               147.0
 7. Urbana                    132.5
 8. C-J                       132.0
 9. Scott                     131.5
10. Wyoming                   123.5
11. Conner                    108.0
12. Oakwood                    76.5
152 Pound Placers - Three Pools
1. Duke Sherman, Urbana
2. Ryan Dillon, Conner
3. Marquis Brookins, Finneytown
4. Sam Clements, Mt. Healthy
5. Nathan Green, Lafayette
6. Matt Cox, Norwood

285 Pound Placers - Round Robin
1. Evan Bullock, Lafayette
2. Andy Wilmes, Norwood
3. Paschal Lanigan, Bethel-Tate
4. Bobby Zideroff, C-J
5. Chris Schrodi, Stebbins

First Place - Two Pools
  103: Dustin Davidson(Bethel-Tate) dec. Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) 7-2
  112: Will Bryant(Lafayette) maj. dec. Josh Marshall(C-J) 13-0
  119: Tyler Alsip(Norwood) over Neal Williams(Wyoming) default
  125: Robert James(Norwood) dec. Shawn Johnson(Lafayette) 10-3
  130: Justin Miley(Scott) maj. dec. Ryan Turley(Wyoming) 14-5
  135: Zach Sowder(Scott) dec. Jordan Wells(Stebbins) 13-7
  140: Shawn Stanhope(Urbana) maj. dec. Matt Obryan(Conner) 17-7
  145: Will Garner(Finneytown) pin Kevin Kidd(Stebbins) 3:24
  160: Steven Colvin(Finneytown) dec. Sean Adams(Bethel-Tate) 3-2
  171: Demond Sanford(Finneytown) dec. Eric Richardson(Mt. Healthy) 4-1
  189: Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Jeremy Dunn(Finneytown) 3:24
  215: Matt Green(Lafayette) pin Bobby Cole(Stebbins) 1:45

Third Place - Two Pools
  103: Richie Supe(Scott) pin D'Angelo Turner(Stebbins) 1:47
  112: Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) dec. Ryan Addis(Norwood) 5-1
  119: Steven Supe(Scott) pin Alex Kooser(Oakwood) 4:59
  125: Josh Crum(Stebbins) pin Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) 27
  130: T.J. Bates(Conner) maj. dec. Kaimi Cummings(Finneytown) 9-0
  135: Ryan Eickhoff(Urbana) dec. Kenny Alecia*FIN(X1) 13-6
  140: Cory Disbennett(Bethel-Tate) pin Jacob O'Neal(Stebbins) 4:54
  145: : Keith Wickstrom(Wyoming) dec. Drew Napier(Bethel-Tate) 3-0
  160: Jeff Perdue(Lafayette) pin Preston Adams(Conner) 4:23
  171: Stewart Stevens(Scott) pin Zack Ward(Bethel-Tate) 2:57
  189: Larry Lawson(Urbana) dec. Mitch Giar(Bethel-Tate) 7-6
  215: David Stacy(Mt. Healthy) pin Stephen Gilbert(C-J) 2:47

Fifth Place - Two Pools
  103: Camden Hanley(Lafayette) dec. Suzanna Garvey(Urbana) 5-4
  112: Chris Hartke(Wyoming) tech. fall Patrick Dudney(Bethel-Tate) 16-0
  119: Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) dec. Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) 11-7
  125: Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Terrel Taylor(Wyoming) 2:09
  130: Austin Bauer(Stebbins) maj. dec. Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) 11-2
  135: Matt Andersen(Wyoming) pin Matt Brewer(Conner) 1:39
  140: Daniel Leish(Wyoming) pin Steven Norman(Mt. Healthy) 6:17ot
  145: Corey Boger(Conner) dec. Josh Buck(C-J) 11-9
  160: Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Victor Dornette(Norwood) 37
  171: Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) pin Zach Borts(C-J) 4:24
  189: Connor Maglecic(Norwood) over Gary Robbins(Scott) default
  215: Doug Wick(Urbana) dec. Jake Barrett(Bethel-Tate) 7-4

Round 5 - Two Pools
  103: Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) pin Suzanna Garvey(Urbana) 1:45
       Cody Koenig(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Dustin Davidson(Bethel-Tate) maj. dec. Richie Supe(Scott) 12-2
       Nick Muhl(C-J) advanced with bye
  112: Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) pin Patrick Dudney(Bethel-Tate) 32
       Josh Marshall(C-J) advanced with bye
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) dec. Ryan Addis(Norwood) 7-4
       Nathan Beard(Urbana) advanced with bye
  119: Tyler Alsip(Norwood) dec. Alex Kooser(Oakwood) 6-1
       Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) maj. dec. Steven Supe(Scott) 10-2
       Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) advanced with bye
  125: Shawn Johnson(Lafayette) pin Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) 3:26
       Jessica McNeil(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Robert James(Norwood) tech. fall Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) 18-0
       Terrel Taylor(Wyoming) advanced with bye
  130: Ryan Turley(Wyoming) dec. Kaimi Cummings(Finneytown) 6-3
       Austin Bauer(Stebbins) pin Joe Fahrnbach(C-J) 3:53
       Justin Miley(Scott) dec. T.J. Bates(Conner) 5-4
       Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) pin Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) 21
  135: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) dec. Ryan Eickhoff(Urbana) 16-10
       Matt Andersen(Wyoming) pin Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) 1:15
       Matt Brewer(Conner) over Graham Rose(Bethel-Tate) disq.
       Kenny Alecia*FIN(X1) dec. Will Lebouef(Oakwood) 9-3
  140: Shawn Stanhope(Urbana) pin Cory Disbennett(Bethel-Tate) 5:53
       Steven Norman(Mt. Healthy) dec. Cody Potts(C-J) 14-9
       Matt Obryan(Conner) dec. Jacob O'Neal(Stebbins) 8-4
       Daniel Leish(Wyoming) dec. Ryan Baker(Norwood) 12-7
  145: Kevin Kidd(Stebbins) pin Corey Boger(Conner) 3:01
       Drew Napier(Bethel-Tate) pin Josh Hootman(Oakwood) 1:35
       Will Garner(Finneytown) pin : Keith Wickstrom(Wyoming) 49
       Josh Buck(C-J) pin Josh Lassitet*CON(X2) 1:46
  160: Sean Adams(Bethel-Tate) pin Victor Dornette(Norwood) 1:12
       Jeff Perdue(Lafayette) maj. dec. Dan Pohlman(Oakwood) 11-3
       Steven Colvin(Finneytown) dec. Preston Adams(Conner) 9-4
       Joe McKinney(Mt. Healthy) pin Tim Burkett(Urbana) 5:41
  171: Demond Sanford(Finneytown) pin Zack Ward(Bethel-Tate) 1:13
       Chris Cash(Urbana) maj. dec. Eric Wiles(Norwood) 12-1
       Eric Richardson(Mt. Healthy) maj. dec. Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) 15-5
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) tech. fall Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) 18-3
  189: Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Zac Brewer(Conner) 2:57
       Mitch Giar(Bethel-Tate) pin Connor Maglecic(Norwood) 1:33
       Jeremy Dunn(Finneytown) over Gary Robbins(Scott) default
       Shamon Brown(Lafayette) pin Morgan Towles(Wyoming) 1:47
  215: Matt Green(Lafayette) pin Jason Cobb(Norwood) 33
       Jake Barrett(Bethel-Tate) advanced with bye
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) dec. Stephen Gilbert(C-J) 11-8
       Doug Wick(Urbana) advanced with bye

Round 4 - Two Pools
  103: Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       D'Angelo Turner(Stebbins) maj. dec. Suzanna Garvey(Urbana) 16-7
       Richie Supe(Scott) advanced with bye
       Dustin Davidson(Bethel-Tate) pin Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 3:33
  112: Josh Marshall(C-J) pin Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) 3:17
       Patrick Dudney(Bethel-Tate) advanced with bye
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) pin Chris Hartke(Wyoming) 58
  119: Tyler Alsip(Norwood) advanced with bye
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) pin Zane Wickstrom*WYO(X2) 3:37
       Steven Supe(Scott) advanced with bye
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) pin Ja'mil Daniels(Mt. Healthy) 3:37
  125: Shawn Johnson(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Josh Crum(Stebbins) tech. fall Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) 19-2
       Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) tech. fall Terrel Taylor(Wyoming) 19-4
       Robert James(Norwood) advanced with bye
  130: Kaimi Cummings(Finneytown) dec. Austin Bauer(Stebbins) 3-1
       Ryan Turley(Wyoming) pin Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) 58
       T.J. Bates(Conner) pin Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) 1:15
       Justin Miley(Scott) pin Drew Ragle(Norwood) 2:20
  135: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) pin Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) 2:34
       Ryan Eickhoff(Urbana) dec. Brandon White(C-J) 11-9
       Will Lebouef(Oakwood) dec. Matt Brewer(Conner) 13-12
       Graham Rose(Bethel-Tate) dec. Zach Sowder(Scott) 9-2
  140: Shawn Stanhope(Urbana) pin Steven Norman(Mt. Healthy) 1:49
       Cory Disbennett(Bethel-Tate) over Ryan Haines(Finneytown) default
       Matt Obryan(Conner) maj. dec. Daniel Leish(Wyoming) 15-4
       Jacob O'Neal(Stebbins) pin Taylor Rhodes(Oakwood) 50
  145: Kevin Kidd(Stebbins) pin Josh Hootman(Oakwood) 1:14
       Corey Boger(Conner) maj. dec. Ben Bonfert(Lafayette) 8-0
       Will Garner(Finneytown) dec. Josh Buck(C-J) 12-7
       : Keith Wickstrom(Wyoming) pin Kyle Kaiser*BT(X1) 1:17
  160: Sean Adams(Bethel-Tate) pin Jeff Perdue(Lafayette) 38
       Victor Dornette(Norwood) dec. Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) 5-0
       Preston Adams(Conner) dec. Tim Burkett(Urbana) 2-1
       Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Jacob Miller(C-J) 52
  171: Demond Sanford(Finneytown) pin Eric Wiles(Norwood) 1:09
       Zack Ward(Bethel-Tate) dec. Zach Borts(C-J) 4-3
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) maj. dec. Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) 12-0
       Eric Richardson(Mt. Healthy) pin Nick Davis(Conner) 3:13
  189: Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) tech. fall Connor Maglecic(Norwood) 24-7
       Zac Brewer(Conner) pin Dylan Burk*WYO(X2) 20
       Jeremy Dunn(Finneytown) pin Shamon Brown(Lafayette) 2:19
       Larry Lawson(Urbana) over Gary Robbins(Scott) default
  215: Matt Green(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       David Stacy(Mt. Healthy) pin Jason Cobb(Norwood) 3:17
       Stephen Gilbert(C-J) advanced with bye
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) pin Wes Evans*LAF(X1) 2:20

Round 3 - Two Pools
  103: Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) pin Cody Koenig(Mt. Healthy) 13
       D'Angelo Turner(Stebbins) advanced with bye
       Richie Supe(Scott) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 22
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) advanced with bye
  112: Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Josh Marshall(C-J) advanced with bye
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Nathan Beard(Urbana) 31
       Chris Hartke(Wyoming) advanced with bye
  119: Tyler Alsip(Norwood) maj. dec. Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) 15-2
       Zane Wickstrom*WYO(X2) advanced with bye
       Steven Supe(Scott) pin Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) 2:52
       Ja'mil Daniels(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
  125: Shawn Johnson(Lafayette) pin Jessica McNeil(Mt. Healthy) 1:47
       Josh Crum(Stebbins) advanced with bye
       Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Terrel Taylor(Wyoming) advanced with bye
  130: Kaimi Cummings(Finneytown) maj. dec. Joe Fahrnbach(C-J) 11-2
       Austin Bauer(Stebbins) maj. dec. Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) 17-5
       T.J. Bates(Conner) pin Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) 1:25
       Drew Ragle(Norwood) pin Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) 27
  135: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) maj. dec. Matt Andersen(Wyoming) 15-7
       Brandon White(C-J) dec. Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) 10-7otu
       Kenny Alecia*FIN(X1) dec. Matt Brewer(Conner) 8-6
       Zach Sowder(Scott) dec. Will Lebouef(Oakwood) 17-15ot
  140: Shawn Stanhope(Urbana) maj. dec. Cody Potts(C-J) 18-8
       Steven Norman(Mt. Healthy) pin Ryan Haines(Finneytown) 1:57
       Matt Obryan(Conner) dec. Ryan Baker(Norwood) 10-3
       Daniel Leish(Wyoming) pin Taylor Rhodes(Oakwood) 1:48
  145: Kevin Kidd(Stebbins) dec. Drew Napier(Bethel-Tate) 6-2
       Ben Bonfert(Lafayette) dec. Josh Hootman(Oakwood) 11-4
       Will Garner(Finneytown) pin Josh Lassitet*CON(X2) 1:34
       Josh Buck(C-J) pin Kyle Kaiser*BT(X1) 2:50
  160: Sean Adams(Bethel-Tate) pin Dan Pohlman(Oakwood) 1:26
       Jeff Perdue(Lafayette) pin Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) 1:24
       Preston Adams(Conner) pin Joe McKinney(Mt. Healthy) 4:20
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Tim Burkett(Urbana) 57
  171: Demond Sanford(Finneytown) maj. dec. Chris Cash(Urbana) 14-4
       Zach Borts(C-J) dec. Eric Wiles(Norwood) 13-6
       Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) pin Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) 1:00
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) pin Nick Davis(Conner) 5:35
  189: Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) pin Mitch Giar(Bethel-Tate) 39
       Connor Maglecic(Norwood) pin Dylan Burk*WYO(X2) 1:04
       Jeremy Dunn(Finneytown) pin Morgan Towles(Wyoming) 1:35
       Larry Lawson(Urbana) pin Shamon Brown(Lafayette) 4:38
  215: Matt Green(Lafayette) pin Jake Barrett(Bethel-Tate) 53
       David Stacy(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Stephen Gilbert(C-J) pin Doug Wick(Urbana) 58
       Wes Evans*LAF(X1) advanced with bye

Round 2 - Two Pools
  103: D'Angelo Turner(Stebbins) pin Cody Koenig(Mt. Healthy) 4:34
       Suzanna Garvey(Urbana) advanced with bye
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 1:17
       Dustin Davidson(Bethel-Tate) advanced with bye
  112: Josh Marshall(C-J) pin Patrick Dudney(Bethel-Tate) 1:31
       Chris Hartke(Wyoming) pin Nathan Beard(Urbana) 25
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) advanced with bye
  119: Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) pin Zane Wickstrom*WYO(X2) 36
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) dec. Ja'mil Daniels(Mt. Healthy) 11-7
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) advanced with bye
  125: Josh Crum(Stebbins) pin Jessica McNeil(Mt. Healthy) 2:51
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) advanced with bye
       Robert James(Norwood) pin Terrel Taylor(Wyoming) 1:03
  130: Joe Fahrnbach(C-J) maj. dec. Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) 14-2
       Austin Bauer(Stebbins) dec. Ryan Turley(Wyoming) 8-4
       Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) pin Drew Ragle(Norwood) 59
       Justin Miley(Scott) pin Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) 46
  135: Matt Andersen(Wyoming) dec. Brandon White(C-J) 8-1
       Ryan Eickhoff(Urbana) pin Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) 3:35
       Zach Sowder(Scott) dec. Kenny Alecia*FIN(X1) 11-8
       Graham Rose(Bethel-Tate) pin Will Lebouef(Oakwood) 3:44
  140: Cody Potts(C-J) pin Ryan Haines(Finneytown) 1:30
       Cory Disbennett(Bethel-Tate) pin Steven Norman(Mt. Healthy) 5:40
       Ryan Baker(Norwood) pin Taylor Rhodes(Oakwood) 1:45
       Jacob O'Neal(Stebbins) dec. Daniel Leish(Wyoming) 6-2
  145: Drew Napier(Bethel-Tate) dec. Ben Bonfert(Lafayette) 7-3
       Corey Boger(Conner) pin Josh Hootman(Oakwood) 21
       Kyle Kaiser*BT(X1) maj. dec. Josh Lassitet*CON(X2) 15-6
       : Keith Wickstrom(Wyoming) dec. Josh Buck(C-J) 10-8ot
  160: Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) dec. Dan Pohlman(Oakwood) 6-1
       Jeff Perdue(Lafayette) dec. Victor Dornette(Norwood) 10-5
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Joe McKinney(Mt. Healthy) 5:40
       Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Tim Burkett(Urbana) 5:31
  171: Zach Borts(C-J) dec. Chris Cash(Urbana) 8-5
       Zack Ward(Bethel-Tate) maj. dec. Eric Wiles(Norwood) 11-3
       Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) maj. dec. Nick Davis(Conner) 9-1
       Eric Richardson(Mt. Healthy) dec. Stewart Stevens(Scott) 8-2
  189: Mitch Giar(Bethel-Tate) pin Dylan Burk*WYO(X2) 54
       Connor Maglecic(Norwood) pin Zac Brewer(Conner) 3:33
       Larry Lawson(Urbana) pin Morgan Towles(Wyoming) 3:45
       Gary Robbins(Scott) pin Shamon Brown(Lafayette) 48
  215: David Stacy(Mt. Healthy) maj. dec. Jake Barrett(Bethel-Tate) 13-2
       Jason Cobb(Norwood) advanced with bye
       Doug Wick(Urbana) dec. Wes Evans*LAF(X1) 13-12
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) advanced with bye

Round 1 - Two Pools
  103: Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) pin D'Angelo Turner(Stebbins) 50
       Suzanna Garvey(Urbana) pin Cody Koenig(Mt. Healthy) 5:00
       Richie Supe(Scott) pin Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 1:02
       Dustin Davidson(Bethel-Tate) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 27
  112: Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Patrick Dudney(Bethel-Tate) advanced with bye
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Chris Hartke(Wyoming) 1:00
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) pin Nathan Beard(Urbana) 1:00
  119: Tyler Alsip(Norwood) pin Zane Wickstrom*WYO(X2) :30
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) dec. Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) 8-5
       Steven Supe(Scott) pin Ja'mil Daniels(Mt. Healthy) 21
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) pin Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) 2:49
  125: Shawn Johnson(Lafayette) pin Josh Crum(Stebbins) 5:25
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Jessica McNeil(Mt. Healthy) 2:57
       Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Robert James(Norwood) advanced with bye
  130: Kaimi Cummings(Finneytown) pin Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) 3:30
       Ryan Turley(Wyoming) maj. dec. Joe Fahrnbach(C-J) 14-5
       T.J. Bates(Conner) pin Drew Ragle(Norwood) 30
       Justin Miley(Scott) pin Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) 41
  135: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) dec. Brandon White(C-J) 6-3
       Ryan Eickhoff(Urbana) tech. fall Matt Andersen(Wyoming) 22-5
       Zach Sowder(Scott) dec. Matt Brewer(Conner) 14-12
       Graham Rose(Bethel-Tate) dec. Kenny Alecia*FIN(X1) 8-2
  140: Shawn Stanhope(Urbana) pin Ryan Haines(Finneytown) 1:23
       Cory Disbennett(Bethel-Tate) pin Cody Potts(C-J) 4:44
       Matt Obryan(Conner) pin Taylor Rhodes(Oakwood) 1:59
       Jacob O'Neal(Stebbins) pin Ryan Baker(Norwood) 4:58
  145: Kevin Kidd(Stebbins) pin Ben Bonfert(Lafayette) 3:14
       Drew Napier(Bethel-Tate) dec. Corey Boger(Conner) 12-10
       Will Garner(Finneytown) pin Kyle Kaiser*BT(X1) 1:17
       : Keith Wickstrom(Wyoming) pin Josh Lassitet*CON(X2) 1:54
  160: Sean Adams(Bethel-Tate) pin Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) 46
       Victor Dornette(Norwood) pin Dan Pohlman(Oakwood) 3:29
       Preston Adams(Conner) pin Jacob Miller(C-J) 3:03
       Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Joe McKinney(Mt. Healthy) 2:25
  171: Demond Sanford(Finneytown) maj. dec. Zach Borts(C-J) 15-1
       Zack Ward(Bethel-Tate) dec. Chris Cash(Urbana) 8-2
       Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) maj. dec. Nick Davis(Conner) 16-4
       Eric Richardson(Mt. Healthy) pin Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) 1:25
  189: Derek Mincy(Mt. Healthy) tech. fall Dylan Burk*WYO(X2) 18-1
       Mitch Giar(Bethel-Tate) pin Zac Brewer(Conner) 1:32
       Jeremy Dunn(Finneytown) dec. Larry Lawson(Urbana) 6-4
       Gary Robbins(Scott) pin Morgan Towles(Wyoming) 1:30
  215: Matt Green(Lafayette) pin David Stacy(Mt. Healthy) 58
       Jake Barrett(Bethel-Tate) pin Jason Cobb(Norwood) 3:56
       Stephen Gilbert(C-J) pin Wes Evans*LAF(X1) 1:18
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) pin Doug Wick(Urbana) 48

Three Pool Results:
Final 1 - Three Pools
  152: Ryan Dillon(Conner) dec. Marquis Brookins(Finneytown) 8-5

Final 2 - Three Pools
  152: Duke Sherman(Urbana) pin Marquis Brookins(Finneytown) 47

Final 3 - Three Pools
  152: Duke Sherman(Urbana) dec. Ryan Dillon(Conner) 12-6

Consolation 1 - Three Pools
  152: Nathan Green(Lafayette) dec. Matt Cox(Norwood) 8-5

Consolation 2 - Three Pools
  152: Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Matt Cox(Norwood) 3:26

Consolation 3 - Three Pools
  152: Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Nathan Green(Lafayette) 2:04

Round 3 - Three Pools
  152: Ryan Dillon(Conner) dec. Julian Romero(C-J) 8-3
       Nathan Green(Lafayette) pin Dan Kendig(Oakwood) 42
       Marquis Brookins(Finneytown) maj. dec. Matt Cox(Norwood) 18-8
       Pete Richman(Wyoming) dec. Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) 2-0
       Duke Sherman(Urbana) dec. Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) 13-8
       Eric Craycraft(Bethel-Tate) pin Nathan Angel*CON(X1) 1:39

Round 2 - Three Pools
  152: Ryan Dillon(Conner) pin Dan Kendig(Oakwood) PIN 102
       Nathan Green(Lafayette) dec. Julian Romero(C-J) 4-3
       Marquis Brookins(Finneytown) pin Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) 1:18
       Matt Cox(Norwood) dec. Pete Richman(Wyoming) 8-2
       Duke Sherman(Urbana) pin Eric Craycraft(Bethel-Tate) 1:37
       Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Nathan Angel*CON(X1) 1:15

Round 1 - Three Pools
  152: Ryan Dillon(Conner) pin Nathan Green(Lafayette) 3:16
       Julian Romero(C-J) pin Dan Kendig(Oakwood) 1:06
       Marquis Brookins(Finneytown) dec. Pete Richman(Wyoming) 13-10
       Matt Cox(Norwood) dec. Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) 7-2
       Duke Sherman(Urbana) pin Nathan Angel*CON(X1) 1:20
       Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Eric Craycraft(Bethel-Tate) 1:30

Round Robin Results:
Round 5 - Round Robin
  285: Evan Bullock(Lafayette) dec. Andy Wilmes(Norwood) 7-4
       Bobby Zideroff(C-J) advanced with bye
       Paschal Lanigan(Bethel-Tate) pin Chris Schrodi(Stebbins) 47

Round 4 - Round Robin
  285: Evan Bullock(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Bobby Zideroff(C-J) pin Chris Schrodi(Stebbins) 1:00
       Andy Wilmes(Norwood) pin Paschal Lanigan(Bethel-Tate) 2:44

Round 3 - Round Robin
  285: Evan Bullock(Lafayette) pin Paschal Lanigan(Bethel-Tate) 25
       Andy Wilmes(Norwood) pin Bobby Zideroff(C-J) 2:27
       Chris Schrodi(Stebbins) advanced with bye

Round 2 - Round Robin
  285: Evan Bullock(Lafayette) pin Chris Schrodi(Stebbins) 28
       Paschal Lanigan(Bethel-Tate) pin Bobby Zideroff(C-J) 1:08
       Andy Wilmes(Norwood) advanced with bye

Round 1 - Round Robin
  285: Evan Bullock(Lafayette) pin Bobby Zideroff(C-J) 1:40
       Andy Wilmes(Norwood) pin Chris Schrodi(Stebbins) 45
       Paschal Lanigan(Bethel-Tate) advanced with bye