The 38th Annual Dave Bean Classic 
January 31, 2009

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Format: Two 5-Man Pools for weights with 10 or less.  135 was wrestled in 3 pools of 4 and 285 was a complete round robin!

2009 Dave Bean Classic Scores
 1. Greenville                259.0
 2. Oakwood                   220.0
 3. Bethel Tate               205.5
 4. Mt. Healthy               167.5
 5. Scott                     146.0
 6. Stebbins                  140.0
 7. Norwood                   121.0
 8. C-J                       118.0
 9. Wyoming                    99.0
10. Finneytown                 79.0
11. Dixi HTS                   75.0
12. Conner                     23.0
135 Pound Placers - Three Pools
1. Drew Napier, Bethel Tate
2. Will Lebouef, Oakwood
3. Zach Stull, Greenville
4. Matt Piekenbrock, C-J
5. Nick Taulbee, Stebbins
6. Matt Andersen, Wyoming
285 Pound Placers - Round Robin
1. Joe Groenfeld, Dixi HTS
2. Jake Horlacher, Oakwood
3. Paschal Lanigan, Bethel Tate
4. Winston Kemp, Mt. Healthy
5. Bobby Zidaroff, C-J
6. Chris Jones, Greenville

First Place - Two Pools
  103: Kevin Lee(Oakwood) dec. Jon Edwards(Greenville) 7-4
  112: Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) dec. Ritchie Supe(Scott) 3-2
  119: Dustin Davidson(Bethel Tate) dec. Ryan Addis(Norwood) 5-4
  125: Tyler Alsip(Norwood) maj. dec. Stephen Supe(Scott) 17-6
  130: Chris Miller(Greenville) dec. Alex Kooser(Oakwood) 8-1
  140: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) dec. Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) 14-8
  145: Selo Ramjattan(Greenville) dec. Cory Disbennett(Bethel Tate) 4-2
  152: Daniel Edwards(Greenville) dec. Zach Sowder(Scott) 14-7
  160: Will Garner(Finneytown) dec. Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) 13-6
  171: Steven Colvin(Finneytown) dec. Zack Ward(Bethel Tate) 6-3
  189: Stewart Stevens(Scott) over Gabe Dorsten(Greenville) default
  215: Maurice Henry(Mt. Healthy) pin Tyler Long(Greenville) 1:39

Third Place - Two Pools
  103: Chance Runion(Scott) pin Alex Screetch(C-J) 3:06
  112: Ben Edwards(Greenville) tech. fall Jacob Hamblin(Bethel Tate) 17-2
  119: JaMil Daniel(Mt. Healthy) pin Brandon Robbins(Scott) 5:59
  125: Evan Warner(Greenville) pin Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) 2:43
  130: Austin Bauer(Stebbins) pin Perry Stallings(Mt. Healthy) 2:24
  140: Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) dec. Mannin Patterson(C-J) 7-3
  145: Neal Williams(Wyoming) dec. Steven Cox(Norwood) 3-0
  152: Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) dec. Graham Rose(Bethel Tate) 10-5
  160: Victor Dornette(Norwood) maj. dec. Daniel Leish(Wyoming) 11-2
  171: Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Cole Brickler(Greenville) 2:58
  189: Connor Maglecic(Norwood) dec. Houston Dockery(Conner) 9-5
  215: Bobby Cole(Stebbins) pin Dillon Burk(Wyoming) 2:36

Fifth Place - Two Pools
  103: Anthony Castellano(Dixi HTS) pin Richawn Walker(Mt. Healthy) 0:59
  112: Daniel Johnson(Stebbins) pin Josh Sagan(Wyoming) 2:53
  119: Chris Sika(Dixi HTS) pin Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) 2:55
  125: Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) pin Trevor Gilmore(Stebbins) 3:23
  130: Patrick Dudney(Bethel Tate) over Josh Marshall(C-J) default
  140: Brent Gray(Mt. Healthy) pin Nathan Wampler(Greenville) 0:39
  145: Josh Hootman(Oakwood) dec. Josh Crum(Stebbins) 10-9
  152: Dan Kendig(Oakwood) dec. Pete Richman(Wyoming) 10-5
  160: Jordy Schricker(Greenville) pin Will Sweeney(Bethel Tate) 3:55
  171: Allen Carter(Mt. Healthy) pin Andrew Raichle(Oakwood) 3:10
  189: Jake Barrett(Bethel Tate) pin Justin Vaughn(C-J) 5:55
  215: Chris Davis*MH(X1) pin Ben Raichle(Oakwood) 0:48

Round 5 - Two Pools
  103: Jon Edwards(Greenville) tech. fall Chance Runion(Scott) 20-4
       Richawn Walker(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Kevin Lee(Oakwood) pin Anthony Castellano(Dixi HTS) 0:43
       Alex Screetch(C-J) advanced with bye
  112: Ritchie Supe(Scott) pin Josh Sagan(Wyoming) 1:44
       Jacob Hamblin(Bethel Tate) advanced with bye
       Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) dec. Ben Edwards(Greenville) 10-8
       Daniel Johnson(Stebbins) advanced with bye
  119: Dustin Davidson(Bethel Tate) pin JaMil Daniel(Mt. Healthy) 1:35
       Chris Sika(Dixi HTS) pin Max Norris(Conner) 3:03
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) pin Brandon Robbins(Scott) 0:30
       Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) dec. Cody Brennan(Stebbins) 8-5
  125: Stephen Supe(Scott) dec. Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) 7-6
       Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) dec. Patrick Mcmanus(C-J) 14-7
       Tyler Alsip(Norwood) dec. Evan Warner(Greenville) 7-2
       Trevor Gilmore(Stebbins) pin Nate Bauer*MH(X1) 4:59
  130: Chris Miller(Greenville) over Josh Marshall(C-J) forfeit
       Perry Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Mitchell Brown(Finneytown) 0:40
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) dec. Austin Bauer(Stebbins) 10-5
       Patrick Dudney(Bethel Tate) advanced with bye
  140: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) dec. Mannin Patterson(C-J) 15-8
       James Baron(Dixi HTS) advanced with bye
       Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) pin Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) 1:37
       Jonathan Rhodes(Norwood) advanced with bye
  145: Cory Disbennett(Bethel Tate) tech. fall Keonte Williams(Mt. Healthy) 18-2
       Steven Cox(Norwood) advanced with bye
       Selo Ramjattan(Greenville) pin Neal Williams(Wyoming) 3:40
       Josh Crum(Stebbins) advanced with bye
  152: Zach Sowder(Scott) dec. Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) 6-5
       Kennan Watson(C-J) advanced with bye
       Daniel Edwards(Greenville) dec. Graham Rose(Bethel Tate) 3-2
       Adam Pelley(Conner) advanced with bye
  160: Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Victor Dornette(Norwood) 0:45
       Jordy Schricker(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Will Garner(Finneytown) dec. Daniel Leish(Wyoming) 8-4
       Will Sweeney(Bethel Tate) pin John Pappas(Stebbins) 2:46
  171: Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Allen Carter(Mt. Healthy) 1:44
       Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 0:49
       Zack Ward(Bethel Tate) pin Jacob Miller(C-J) 5:13
       Andrew Raichle(Oakwood) pin Eric Wiles(Norwood) 4:43
  189: Gabe Dorsten(Greenville) dec. Houston Dockery(Conner) 4-2
       Jake Barrett(Bethel Tate) advanced with bye
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) maj. dec. Connor Maglecic(Norwood) 14-5
       Justin Vaughn(C-J) pin Anthony Dansby(Mt. Healthy) 0:42
  215: Maurice Henry(Mt. Healthy) pin Dillon Burk(Wyoming) 0:42
       Cory Doherty(Bethel Tate) advanced with bye
       Tyler Long(Greenville) dec. Bobby Cole(Stebbins) 9-6
       Chris Davis*MH(X1) advanced with bye

Round 4 - Two Pools
  103: Jon Edwards(Greenville) tech. fall Richawn Walker(Mt. Healthy) 20-4
       Chance Runion(Scott) advanced with bye
       Anthony Castellano(Dixi HTS) advanced with bye
       Kevin Lee(Oakwood) pin Aaron Boh(Conner) 1:08
  112: Ritchie Supe(Scott) advanced with bye
       Josh Sagan(Wyoming) pin Chris Keyes(Mt. Healthy) 1:21
       Ben Edwards(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) pin Derrick Taylor(Dixi HTS) 0:34
  119: Dustin Davidson(Bethel Tate) pin Chris Sika(Dixi HTS) 2:42
       JaMil Daniel(Mt. Healthy) dec. Nick Muhl(C-J) 9-7
       Brandon Robbins(Scott) pin Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) 1:47
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) pin Brandon Vanata(Greenville) 0:10
  125: Stephen Supe(Scott) pin Patrick Mcmanus(C-J) 2:52
       Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) pin Mikey Gonzalez(Wyoming) 1:23
       Evan Warner(Greenville) tech. fall Nate Bauer*MH(X1) 21-5
       Tyler Alsip(Norwood) pin Derek Torok(Bethel Tate) 53
  130: Chris Miller(Greenville) tech. fall Mitchell Brown(Finneytown) 26-11
       Josh Marshall(C-J) pin Drew Miller(Scott) 0:46
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Austin Bauer(Stebbins) pin Alex Furman(Dixi HTS) 2:22
  140: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) advanced with bye
       Mannin Patterson(C-J) tech. fall Nathan Wampler(Greenville) 21-3
       Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) maj. dec. Brent Gray(Mt. Healthy) 9-1
  145: Cory Disbennett(Bethel Tate) advanced with bye
       Josh Hootman(Oakwood) dec. Keonte Williams(Mt. Healthy) 14-13
       Selo Ramjattan(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) pin Taylor Cubbie(C-J) 5:44
  152: Zach Sowder(Scott) advanced with bye
       Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) pin Dan Kendig(Oakwood) 0:43
       Graham Rose(Bethel Tate) advanced with bye
       Daniel Edwards(Greenville) maj. dec. Pete Richman(Wyoming) 12-4
  160: Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Victor Dornette(Norwood) pin William Howard(C-J) 1:20
       Daniel Leish(Wyoming) pin Will Sweeney(Bethel Tate) 4:00
       Will Garner(Finneytown) pin Chad Munday(Conner) 0:42
  171: Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 0:39
       Cole Brickler(Greenville) pin Allen Carter(Mt. Healthy) 3:32
       Zack Ward(Bethel Tate) maj. dec. Andrew Raichle(Oakwood) 12-0
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Lee Trong(Dixi HTS) 0:26
  189: Gabe Dorsten(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Houston Dockery(Conner) pin Zach Lawerence(Wyoming) 1:55
       Connor Maglecic(Norwood) pin Justin Vaughn(C-J) 2:25
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) pin Josh Closser*BT(X1) 0:51
  215: Maurice Henry(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Dillon Burk(Wyoming) pin Ben Raichle(Oakwood) 2:41
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) advanced with bye
       Tyler Long(Greenville) pin Zack Boger(Conner) 1:23

Round 3 - Two Pools
  103: Jon Edwards(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Richawn Walker(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Alex Screetch(C-J) pin Anthony Castellano(Dixi HTS) 3:22
       Aaron Boh(Conner) advanced with bye
  112: Ritchie Supe(Scott) dec. Jacob Hamblin(Bethel Tate) 10-3
       Chris Keyes(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Ben Edwards(Greenville) tech. fall Daniel Johnson(Stebbins) 19-1
       Derrick Taylor(Dixi HTS) advanced with bye
  119: Dustin Davidson(Bethel Tate) pin Max Norris(Conner) 0:42
       Chris Sika(Dixi HTS) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 0:42
       Brandon Robbins(Scott) pin Cody Brennan(Stebbins) 1:24
       Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) pin Brandon Vanata(Greenville) 4:44
  125: Stephen Supe(Scott) maj. dec. Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) 16-5
       Patrick Mcmanus(C-J) pin Mikey Gonzalez(Wyoming) 3:16
       Evan Warner(Greenville) tech. fall Trevor Gilmore(Stebbins) 20-5
       Nate Bauer*MH(X1) pin Derek Torok(Bethel Tate) 48
  130: Chris Miller(Greenville) tech. fall Perry Stallings(Mt. Healthy) 18-1
       Drew Miller(Scott) dec. Mitchell Brown(Finneytown) 10-3
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) pin Patrick Dudney(Bethel Tate) 2:46
       Alex Furman(Dixi HTS) advanced with bye
  140: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) pin James Baron(Dixi HTS) 0:22
       Nathan Wampler(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) pin Jonathan Rhodes(Norwood) 2:52
       Brent Gray(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
  145: Cory Disbennett(Bethel Tate) maj. dec. Steven Cox(Norwood) 10-2
       Josh Hootman(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Selo Ramjattan(Greenville) tech. fall Josh Crum(Stebbins) 17-2
       Taylor Cubbie(C-J) advanced with bye
  152: Zach Sowder(Scott) pin Kennan Watson(C-J) 0:49
       Dan Kendig(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Graham Rose(Bethel Tate) pin Adam Pelley(Conner) 2:52
       Pete Richman(Wyoming) advanced with bye
  160: Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin Jordy Schricker(Greenville) 1:46
       William Howard(C-J) advanced with bye
       Daniel Leish(Wyoming) pin John Pappas(Stebbins) 1:14
       Will Sweeney(Bethel Tate) pin Chad Munday(Conner) 4:45
  171: Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) 1:03
       Cole Brickler(Greenville) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 2:18
       Zack Ward(Bethel Tate) pin Eric Wiles(Norwood) 3:37
       Andrew Raichle(Oakwood) pin Lee Trong(Dixi HTS) 0:44
  189: Gabe Dorsten(Greenville) pin Jake Barrett(Bethel Tate) 0:39
       Zach Lawerence(Wyoming) advanced with bye
       Connor Maglecic(Norwood) pin Anthony Dansby(Mt. Healthy) 0:50
       Justin Vaughn(C-J) pin Josh Closser*BT(X1) 0:30
  215: Maurice Henry(Mt. Healthy) pin Cory Doherty(Bethel Tate) 0:44
       Ben Raichle(Oakwood) advanced with bye
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) pin Chris Davis*MH(X1) 3:34
       Zack Boger(Conner) advanced with bye

Round 2 - Two Pools
  103: Chance Runion(Scott) pin Richawn Walker(Mt. Healthy) 0:57
       Alex Screetch(C-J) pin Aaron Boh(Conner) 2:16
       Kevin Lee(Oakwood) advanced with bye
  112: Jacob Hamblin(Bethel Tate) pin Chris Keyes(Mt. Healthy) 0:50
       Josh Sagan(Wyoming) advanced with bye
       Daniel Johnson(Stebbins) pin Derrick Taylor(Dixi HTS) 1:16
       Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) advanced with bye
  119: Nick Muhl(C-J) dec. Max Norris(Conner) 4-2
       JaMil Daniel(Mt. Healthy) pin Chris Sika(Dixi HTS) 4:21
       Cody Brennan(Stebbins) pin Brandon Vanata(Greenville) 3:59
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) pin Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) 5:43
  125: Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) pin Mikey Gonzalez(Wyoming) 2:18
       Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) pin Patrick Mcmanus(C-J) 1:34
       Trevor Gilmore(Stebbins) pin Derek Torok(Bethel Tate) 3:06
       Tyler Alsip(Norwood) pin Nate Bauer*MH(X1) 0:56
  130: Perry Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Drew Miller(Scott) 2:24
       Josh Marshall(C-J) pin Mitchell Brown(Finneytown) 3:59
       Patrick Dudney(Bethel Tate) pin Alex Furman(Dixi HTS) 3:57
       Austin Bauer(Stebbins) advanced with bye
  140: Nathan Wampler(Greenville) pin James Baron(Dixi HTS) 1:30
       Mannin Patterson(C-J) advanced with bye
       Brent Gray(Mt. Healthy) tech. fall Jonathan Rhodes(Norwood) 15-0
       Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) advanced with bye
  145: Steven Cox(Norwood) pin Josh Hootman(Oakwood) 3:17
       Keonte Williams(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Josh Crum(Stebbins) dec. Taylor Cubbie(C-J) 11-4
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) advanced with bye
  152: Dan Kendig(Oakwood) pin Kennan Watson(C-J) 3:44
       Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) advanced with bye
       Pete Richman(Wyoming) pin Adam Pelley(Conner) 1:07
       Daniel Edwards(Greenville) advanced with bye
  160: Jordy Schricker(Greenville) pin William Howard(C-J) 1:52
       Victor Dornette(Norwood) advanced with bye
       John Pappas(Stebbins) dec. Chad Munday(Conner) 14-11
       Will Garner(Finneytown) pin Will Sweeney(Bethel Tate) 2:45
  171: Cole Brickler(Greenville) pin Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) 1:49
       Allen Carter(Mt. Healthy) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 0:45
       Eric Wiles(Norwood) pin Lee Trong(Dixi HTS) 1:47
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Andrew Raichle(Oakwood) 1:19
  189: Jake Barrett(Bethel Tate) pin Zach Lawerence(Wyoming) 0:48
       Houston Dockery(Conner) advanced with bye
       Josh Closser*BT(X1) pin Anthony Dansby(Mt. Healthy) 0:46
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) pin Justin Vaughn(C-J) 3:17
  215: Ben Raichle(Oakwood) pin Cory Doherty(Bethel Tate) 1:12
       Dillon Burk(Wyoming) advanced with bye
       Chris Davis*MH(X1) pin Zack Boger(Conner) 1:12
       Tyler Long(Greenville) advanced with bye

Round 1 - Two Pools
  103: Jon Edwards(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Chance Runion(Scott) advanced with bye
       Anthony Castellano(Dixi HTS) pin Aaron Boh(Conner) 33
       Kevin Lee(Oakwood) pin Alex Screetch(C-J) 54
  112: Ritchie Supe(Scott) pin Chris Keyes(Mt. Healthy) 1:05
       Jacob Hamblin(Bethel Tate) pin Josh Sagan(Wyoming) 5:10
       Ben Edwards(Greenville) tech. fall Derrick Taylor(Dixi HTS) 19-3
       Daniel Jacobs(Oakwood) tech. fall Daniel Johnson(Stebbins) 19-0
  119: Dustin Davidson(Bethel Tate) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 1:40
       JaMil Daniel(Mt. Healthy) pin Max Norris(Conner) 3:00
       Brandon Robbins(Scott) pin Brandon Vanata(Greenville) 5:09
       Ryan Addis(Norwood) maj. dec. Cody Brennan(Stebbins) 14-2
  125: Stephen Supe(Scott) pin Mikey Gonzalez(Wyoming) 1:55
       Brandon Bustillo(Oakwood) pin Kevin Weathers(Mt. Healthy) 1:08
       Evan Warner(Greenville) tech. fall Derek Torok(Bethel Tate) 19-3
       Tyler Alsip(Norwood) pin Trevor Gilmore(Stebbins) 3:21
  130: Chris Miller(Greenville) tech. fall Drew Miller(Scott) 19-4
       Perry Stallings(Mt. Healthy) pin Josh Marshall(C-J) 1:09
       Alex Kooser(Oakwood) tech. fall Alex Furman(Dixi HTS) 24-8
       Austin Bauer(Stebbins) pin Patrick Dudney(Bethel Tate) 1:01
  140: Jordan Wells(Stebbins) pin Nathan Wampler(Greenville) 2:34
       Mannin Patterson(C-J) pin James Baron(Dixi HTS) 0:28
       Jameson Kordik(Oakwood) pin Brent Gray(Mt. Healthy) 5:04
       Rouwan Hug(Finneytown) maj. dec. Jonathan Rhodes(Norwood) 9-0
  145: Cory Disbennett(Bethel Tate) pin Josh Hootman(Oakwood) 5:32
       Steven Cox(Norwood) dec. Keonte Williams(Mt. Healthy) 12-7
       Selo Ramjattan(Greenville) tech. fall Taylor Cubbie(C-J) 23-6
       Neal Williams(Wyoming) pin Josh Crum(Stebbins) 2:43
  152: Zach Sowder(Scott) pin Dan Kendig(Oakwood) 3:16
       Matt Sopczak(Stebbins) pin Kennan Watson(C-J) 0:16
       Graham Rose(Bethel Tate) dec. Pete Richman(Wyoming) 7-2
       Daniel Edwards(Greenville) tech. fall Adam Pelley(Conner) 22-4
  160: Sam Clements(Mt. Healthy) pin William Howard(C-J) 0:40
       Victor Dornette(Norwood) dec. Jordy Schricker(Greenville) 9-4
       Daniel Leish(Wyoming) pin Chad Munday(Conner) 1:36
       Will Garner(Finneytown) pin John Pappas(Stebbins) 1:56
  171: Steven Colvin(Finneytown) pin Cole Brickler(Greenville) 4:32
       Allen Carter(Mt. Healthy) pin Ryan Dierker(Wyoming) 1:33
       Zack Ward(Bethel Tate) pin Lee Trong(Dixi HTS) 1:13
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Eric Wiles(Norwood) 1:51
  189: Gabe Dorsten(Greenville) pin Zach Lawerence(Wyoming) 2:18
       Houston Dockery(Conner) pin Jake Barrett(Bethel Tate) 3:25
       Connor Maglecic(Norwood) pin Josh Closser*BT(X1) 1:22
       Stewart Stevens(Scott) pin Anthony Dansby(Mt. Healthy) 0:46
  215: Maurice Henry(Mt. Healthy) maj. dec. Ben Raichle(Oakwood) 14-5
       Dillon Burk(Wyoming) pin Cory Doherty(Bethel Tate) 0:28
       Bobby Cole(Stebbins) pin Zack Boger(Conner) 0:42
       Tyler Long(Greenville) dec. Chris Davis*MH(X1) 9-8
Final 1 - Three Pools
  135: Drew Napier(Bethel Tate) dec. Zach Stull(Greenville) 10-3

Final 2 - Three Pools
  135: Will Lebouef(Oakwood) maj. dec. Zach Stull(Greenville) 16-4

Final 3 - Three Pools
  135: Drew Napier(Bethel Tate) dec. Will Lebouef(Oakwood) 8-3

Consolation 1 - Three Pools
  135: Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) 5:02

Consolation 2 - Three Pools
  135: Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) dec. Matt Andersen(Wyoming) 12-6

Consolation 3 - Three Pools
  135: Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) dec. Matt Andersen(Wyoming) 11-7

Seventh 3 - Three Pools
  135: TJ Baird(Dixi HTS) over Drew Ragle(Norwood) default

Round 3 - Three Pools
  135: Drew Napier(Bethel Tate) dec. Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) 10-6
       TJ Baird(Dixi HTS) pin Cliff Yeager(Scott) 0:45
       Zach Stull(Greenville) dec. Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) 16-11
       Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) advanced with bye
       Will Lebouef(Oakwood) tech. fall Matt Andersen(Wyoming) 20-5
       Drew Ragle(Norwood) maj. dec. Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) 19-8

Round 2 - Three Pools
  135: Drew Napier(Bethel Tate) pin Cliff Yeager(Scott) 0:42
       Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) pin TJ Baird(Dixi HTS) 0:31
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) advanced with bye
       Zach Stull(Greenville) pin Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) 1:29
       Matt Andersen(Wyoming) pin Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) 2:21
       Will Lebouef(Oakwood) over Drew Ragle(Norwood) default

Round 1 - Three Pools
  135: Drew Napier(Bethel Tate) pin TJ Baird(Dixi HTS) 1:51
       Nick Taulbee(Stebbins) pin Cliff Yeager(Scott) 0:54
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) tech. fall Dominique Clendenning(Mt. Healthy) 16-0
       Zach Stull(Greenville) advanced with bye
       Matt Andersen(Wyoming) pin Drew Ragle(Norwood) 3:10
       Will Lebouef(Oakwood) tech. fall Ikaika Cummings(Finneytown) 52-7
Round 5 - Round Robin
  285: Joe Groenfeld(Dixi HTS) dec. Jake Horlacher(Oakwood) 1-0
       Bobby Zidaroff(C-J) pin Chris Jones(Greenville) 1:05
       Paschal Lanigan(Bethel Tate) pin Winston Kemp(Mt. Healthy) 1:08

Round 4 - Round Robin
  285: Joe Groenfeld(Dixi HTS) pin Bobby Zidaroff(C-J) 3:07
       Winston Kemp(Mt. Healthy) pin Chris Jones(Greenville) 2:49
       Jake Horlacher(Oakwood) pin Paschal Lanigan(Bethel Tate) 5:35

Round 3 - Round Robin
  285: Joe Groenfeld(Dixi HTS) pin Paschal Lanigan(Bethel Tate) 1:25
       Jake Horlacher(Oakwood) pin Chris Jones(Greenville) 1:27
       Winston Kemp(Mt. Healthy) pin Bobby Zidaroff(C-J) 1:01

Round 2 - Round Robin
  285: Joe Groenfeld(Dixi HTS) over Winston Kemp(Mt. Healthy) disq.
       Paschal Lanigan(Bethel Tate) pin Chris Jones(Greenville) 1:25
       Jake Horlacher(Oakwood) pin Bobby Zidaroff(C-J) 3:58

Round 1 - Round Robin
  285: Joe Groenfeld(Dixi HTS) pin Chris Jones(Greenville) 1:08
       Jake Horlacher(Oakwood) pin Winston Kemp(Mt. Healthy) 2:27
       Paschal Lanigan(Bethel Tate) pin Bobby Zidaroff(C-J) 3:42