2003 Janice LeForce Memorial Wrestling Tournament
Franklin H.S. - December 6, 2003

Format: Two 5-man pools with winners paired for finals.

Final results posted: 07:53 AM - 07/24/2011.  Please hit refresh to review the latest data

2003 Janice LeForce Memorial Scores
 1. Clyde                     446.0
 2. Ben Logan                 346.0
 3. Western Brown             274.0
 4. Franklin                  229.0
 5. Preble Shawnee            198.0
 6. Spr. Shawnee              144.0
 7. Taylor                    125.0
 8. C-J                       123.0
 9. Edgewood                  106.0
10. McNicholas                 79.0

First Place
  103: Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Steve Sexton(Spr. Shawnee) 3:31
  112: Justin Blevins(Franklin) dec. Kenny Harrison(C-J) 6-4
  119: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) maj. dec. Mike Quigley(Franklin) 9-1
  125: Willie Fultz*CL(X1) dec. Brent Aona(Clyde) 6-5
  130: J.R. Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Wes Grant(Ben Logan) 2:36
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) dec. Jake Zieber(Clyde) 5-4 OT
  140: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) dec. Andy Slone(Clyde) 11-5
  145: Jon Taylor(Clyde) maj. dec. Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) 16-5
  152: Cody Allen(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Zach Fischesser(Taylor) 13-4
  160: Joe Walton(C-J) maj. dec. Jared Martin(Clyde) 11-3
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Zach Storts(Spr. Shawnee) 9-0
  189: Chris Schneider(Western Brown) dec. Mason Patrick(Ben Logan) 4-1
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) dec. Marc Middleton(Franklin) 5-3
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Donivan Henry(Preble Shawnee) 0:50

Third Place
  103: Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Heath Allen(Ben Logan) 0:33
  112: Troy Wetzel(Clyde) maj. dec. Billy Carrigg*CJ(X1) 16-6
  119: Eric Hodge(Preble Shawnee) pin Terry Stevenson(C-J) 1:32
  125: Adam Sweeney(Franklin) pin Jeremy Stuckey(Spr. Shawnee) 4:29
  130: Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) dec. Josh Warrick(Preble Shawnee) 12-7
  135: Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) dec. Zach Deem(Preble Shawnee) 9-7
  140: Derek Dancer*CL(X2) dec. Joe Zehler(Edgewood) 12-7
  145: Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Ryan Anon(Spr. Shawnee) 0:21
  152: Nick Garcia(Clyde) maj. dec. Jason Porter(Western Brown) 12-4
  160: Ryan Noble(Western Brown) dec. Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) 10-3
  171: Derek Terrill(Franklin) maj. dec. Cody Balogh(Clyde) 15-5
  189: Heath Davis(Edgewood) pin Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) 0:18
  215: Michael Matthews(Preble Shawnee) dec. Chanse Clements(Western Brown) 9-7
  275: Zach Thacker*PS(X1) over Andy Stafford(Taylor) forfeit

Fifth Place
  103: Mike Schmidt(Taylor) pin Terry Schilling(Edgewood) 1:22
  112: Brandon Richter(Western Brown) pin Josh Metz(Ben Logan) 3:49
  119: Chris Nelson(Ben Logan) pin Curtis Abbott(Western Brown) 0:34
  125: Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) 12-1
  130: Shawn Salamone(Taylor) pin Dan Cremons(McNicholas) 2:42
  135: Robbie Getz(Franklin) dec. Tyler Rigsby(C-J) 13-12
  140: Jake Coleman(Preble Shawnee) over Ronnie Scott*BL(X1) default
  145: Mike Haines(McNicholas) dec. Dustin Farrell(Edgewood) 9-4
  152: Darrel Cottle(Preble Shawnee) dec. Adam Hay(McNicholas) 9-7
  160: Jeff Sams(Franklin) dec. Cory Cottingim(Preble Shawnee) 6-0
  171: Andy Bridges(Western Brown) pin Pat Elam(Edgewood) 1:26
  189: Tim Schirmer(C-J) dec. Chris Wells(Preble Shawnee) 13-6
  215: Jordan Iiams(Ben Logan) dec. Will Hollaway(Spr. Shawnee) 10-9
  275: Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) 1:52

Seventh Place
  103: Theo Hildenbrand*FR(X1) tech. fall Josh Atwell(Preble Shawnee) 21-2
  112: Tyler Morrison(Taylor) pin Samantha Rigsby(Spr. Shawnee) 2:27
  125: Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) dec. Joe Marco(Taylor) 8-6 OT
  130: Matt Stout(Edgewood) pin Keagan Brech(Franklin) 0:26
  135: Mike Hodges(Taylor) pin Nick Pittsley(McNicholas) 1:55
  140: Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) pin Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 2:40
  145: Thomas Schwartz*CL(X1) pin Justin Russell*WB(X2) 2:03
  152: Patrick Doyle(C-J) pin Joe Matthews(Spr. Shawnee) 2:40
  160: Scott Williams(Taylor) over Corey Gould*WB(X1) forfeit
  171: Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) pin Matt Anglin(Taylor) 2:30
  189: Dusty Petersime(Spr. Shawnee) pin Andrew Conners(Clyde) 3:40
  215: Terry Manning*WB(X1) pin Morgan Longshore*BL(X2) 2:35
  275: Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) pin Nick Smith(Spr. Shawnee) 2:00

The 119 Pound class was wrestled as a round robin.
119 Pound Placers
1. Robbie Michaels, Clyde
2. Mike Quigley, Franklin
3. Eric Hodge, Preble Shawnee
4. Terry Stevenson, C-J
5. Chris Nelson, Ben Logan
6. Curtis Abbott, Western Brown

Round 5
  103: Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Mike Schmidt(Taylor) 1:05
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) dec. Theo Hildenbrand*FR(X1) 12-5
       Steve Sexton(Spr. Shawnee) dec. Clay Anspach(Franklin) 15-8
       Terry Schilling(Edgewood) pin Chris Proffitt(Western Brown) 1:36
  112: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Brandon Richter(Western Brown) 1:54
       Billy Carrigg*CJ(X1) advanced with bye
       Kenny Harrison(C-J) pin Troy Wetzel(Clyde) 2:32
       Josh Metz(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  119: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) maj. dec. Mike Quigley(Franklin) 9-1
       Terry Stevenson(C-J) pin Curtis Abbott(Western Brown) 1:20
       Eric Hodge(Preble Shawnee) pin Chris Nelson(Ben Logan) 1:31
  125: Brent Aona(Clyde) tech. fall Jeremy Stuckey(Spr. Shawnee) 19-4
       Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) pin Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) 1:45
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) dec. Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) 8-5
       Joe Marco(Taylor) dec. Rob Poff(Preble Shawnee) 8-3
  130: J.R. Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) 0:47
       Keagan Brech(Franklin) pin Josh Miller*CJ(X1) 3:53
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) pin Josh Warrick(Preble Shawnee) 1:29
       Dan Cremons(McNicholas) pin Matt Stout(Edgewood) 4:38
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) pin Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) 1:11
       Tyler Rigsby(C-J) pin Nick Pittsley(McNicholas) 3:03
       Jake Zieber(Clyde) pin Zach Deem(Preble Shawnee) 3:25
       Robbie Getz(Franklin) advanced with bye
  140: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) tech. fall Jake Coleman(Preble Shawnee) 17-2
       Derek Dancer*CL(X2) pin Ed Paul(Taylor) 0:53
       Joe Zehler(Edgewood) pin Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) 1:39
       Andy Slone(Clyde) maj. dec. Ronnie Scott*BL(X1) 10-0
  145: Jon Taylor(Clyde) pin Ryan Anon(Spr. Shawnee) 1:47
       Mike Haines(McNicholas) pin Justin Russell*WB(X2) 0:50
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) 4:26
       Dustin Farrell(Edgewood) pin Nick Miller(C-J) 1:52
  152: Cody Allen(Ben Logan) dec. Nick Garcia(Clyde) 10-9
       Darrel Cottle(Preble Shawnee) over Cody Hamilton(Franklin) disq.
       Zach Fischesser(Taylor) dec. Jason Porter(Western Brown) 5-4
       Adam Hay(McNicholas) over Patrick Doyle(C-J) disq.
  160: Joe Walton(C-J) pin Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) 0:19
       Jeff Sams(Franklin) over Corey Gould*WB(X1) default
       Ryan Noble(Western Brown) pin Cory Cottingim(Preble Shawnee) 0:26
       Scott Williams(Taylor) advanced with bye
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) pin Cody Balogh(Clyde) 2:28
       Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) pin Lyle Johnson(Preble Shawnee) 5:44
       Zach Storts(Spr. Shawnee) maj. dec. Andy Bridges(Western Brown) 10-1
       Derek Terrill(Franklin) pin Matt Anglin(Taylor) 3:13
  189: Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Dusty Petersime(Spr. Shawnee) 0:20
       Heath Davis(Edgewood) over Seth Stolly*BL(X1) forfeit
       Mason Patrick(Ben Logan) dec. Tim Schirmer(C-J) 8-7
       Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) pin Rob Bamberger(Taylor) 3:29
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) pin Terry Manning*WB(X1) 1:05
       Jordan Iiams(Ben Logan) pin Karroll Robinson(C-J) 0:47
       Marc Middleton(Franklin) dec. Michael Matthews(Preble Shawnee) 11-5
       Will Hollaway(Spr. Shawnee) pin Morgan Longshore*BL(X2) 1:37
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Keith Griffey(Western Brown) 0:51
       Zach Thacker*PS(X1) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 1:03
       Donivan Henry(Preble Shawnee) pin Andy Stafford(Taylor) 4:45
       Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) pin Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) 3:44

Round 4
  103: Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Heath Allen(Ben Logan) 2:30
       Mike Schmidt(Taylor) pin Kevin McCormick(C-J) 1:02
       Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Chris Proffitt(Western Brown) 0:43
       Steve Sexton(Spr. Shawnee) pin Josh Atwell(Preble Shawnee) 1:21
  112: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Billy Carrigg*CJ(X1) 3:33
       Brandon Richter(Western Brown) pin Tyler Morrison(Taylor) 1:42
       Troy Wetzel(Clyde) pin Josh Metz(Ben Logan) 0:32
       Kenny Harrison(C-J) pin Samantha Rigsby(Spr. Shawnee) 0:46
  119: Mike Quigley(Franklin) maj. dec. Terry Stevenson(C-J) 20-10
       Chris Nelson(Ben Logan) pin Curtis Abbott(Western Brown) 0:34
       Robbie Michaels(Clyde) pin Eric Hodge(Preble Shawnee) 3:44
  125: Brent Aona(Clyde) tech. fall Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) 18-3
       Jeremy Stuckey(Spr. Shawnee) pin Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 3:00
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) tech. fall Rob Poff(Preble Shawnee) 15-0
       Willie Fultz*CL(X1) dec. Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) 14-7
  130: J.R. Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Keagan Brech(Franklin) 0:55
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) pin Shawn Salamone(Taylor) 1:52
       Josh Warrick(Preble Shawnee) tech. fall Matt Stout(Edgewood) 15-0
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 0:43
  135: Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) pin Nick Pittsley(McNicholas) 0:55
       Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Jake Zieber(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Zach Deem(Preble Shawnee) tech. fall Mike Hodges(Taylor) 17-1
  140: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) tech. fall Derek Dancer*CL(X2) 19-4
       Jake Coleman(Preble Shawnee) pin Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 1:19
       Andy Slone(Clyde) dec. Joe Zehler(Edgewood) 8-6
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) advanced with bye
  145: Jon Taylor(Clyde) pin Mike Haines(McNicholas) 2:39
       Ryan Anon(Spr. Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Nick Miller(C-J) 1:26
       Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Thomas Schwartz*CL(X1) 0:26
  152: Cody Allen(Ben Logan) pin Darrel Cottle(Preble Shawnee) 3:01
       Nick Garcia(Clyde) pin Joe Matthews(Spr. Shawnee) 1:12
       Zach Fischesser(Taylor) pin Patrick Doyle(C-J) 3:07
       Jason Porter(Western Brown) over Bill Jones(Edgewood) forfeit
  160: Joe Walton(C-J) tech. fall Corey Gould*WB(X1) 19-4
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) pin Joe Ritter(McNicholas) 3:26
       Cory Cottingim(Preble Shawnee) pin Scott Williams(Taylor) 5:16
       Jared Martin(Clyde) dec. Ryan Noble(Western Brown) 8-1
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) pin Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) 0:32
       Cody Balogh(Clyde) pin Pat Elam(Edgewood) 5:56
       Zach Storts(Spr. Shawnee) pin Matt Anglin(Taylor) 1:47
       Andy Bridges(Western Brown) pin Ed Hutchinson(McNicholas) 0:52
  189: Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Seth Stolly*BL(X1) 3:55
       Chris Wells(Preble Shawnee) dec. Dusty Petersime(Spr. Shawnee) 8-7
       Mason Patrick(Ben Logan) pin Rob Bamberger(Taylor) 0:45
       Tim Schirmer(C-J) pin Andrew Conners(Clyde) 0:34
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) pin Karroll Robinson(C-J) 0:31
       Terry Manning*WB(X1) maj. dec. Chanse Clements(Western Brown) 16-3
       Michael Matthews(Preble Shawnee) pin Morgan Longshore*BL(X2) 1:58
       Marc Middleton(Franklin) pin Ben Brietenbach(McNicholas) 0:39
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) tech. fall Zach Thacker*PS(X1) 19-4
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Nick Smith(Spr. Shawnee) 1:59
       Donivan Henry(Preble Shawnee) pin Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) 5:22
       Andy Stafford(Taylor) pin Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) 1:00

Round 3
  103: Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Theo Hildenbrand*FR(X1) 0:24
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Kevin McCormick(C-J) 1:02
       Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Terry Schilling(Edgewood) 0:57
       Josh Atwell(Preble Shawnee) pin Chris Proffitt(Western Brown) 1:49
  112: Justin Blevins(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Billy Carrigg*CJ(X1) maj. dec. Tyler Morrison(Taylor) 11-1
       Troy Wetzel(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Josh Metz(Ben Logan) over Samantha Rigsby(Spr. Shawnee) forfeit
  119: Mike Quigley(Franklin) pin Eric Hodge(Preble Shawnee) 2:59
       Robbie Michaels(Clyde) pin Curtis Abbott(Western Brown) 0:57
       Terry Stevenson(C-J) pin Chris Nelson(Ben Logan) 2:28
  125: Brent Aona(Clyde) pin Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) 3:04
       Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) dec. Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) 10-7
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) pin Joe Marco(Taylor) 3:14
       Willie Fultz*CL(X1) pin Rob Poff(Preble Shawnee) 0:49
  130: J.R. Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Josh Miller*CJ(X1) 0:58
       Shawn Salamone(Taylor) dec. Keagan Brech(Franklin) 12-7
       Josh Warrick(Preble Shawnee) pin Dan Cremons(McNicholas) 5:16
       Matt Stout(Edgewood) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 0:31
  135: Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) pin Tyler Rigsby(C-J) 3:06
       Nick Pittsley(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Jake Zieber(Clyde) pin Robbie Getz(Franklin) 1:42
       Mike Hodges(Taylor) advanced with bye
  140: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) pin Ed Paul(Taylor) 1:46
       Derek Dancer*CL(X2) pin Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 1:09
       Joe Zehler(Edgewood) tech. fall Ronnie Scott*BL(X1) 22-6
       Andy Slone(Clyde) advanced with bye
  145: Jon Taylor(Clyde) pin Justin Russell*WB(X2) 2:49
       Mike Haines(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Dustin Farrell(Edgewood) 0:49
       Thomas Schwartz*CL(X1) pin Nick Miller(C-J) 3:54
  152: Cody Allen(Ben Logan) pin Cody Hamilton(Franklin) 0:31
       Darrel Cottle(Preble Shawnee) dec. Joe Matthews(Spr. Shawnee) 8-4
       Zach Fischesser(Taylor) pin Adam Hay(McNicholas) 1:36
       Patrick Doyle(C-J) over Bill Jones(Edgewood) forfeit
  160: Joe Walton(C-J) tech. fall Jeff Sams(Franklin) 15-0
       Corey Gould*WB(X1) pin Joe Ritter(McNicholas) 1:22
       Cory Cottingim(Preble Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Jared Martin(Clyde) pin Scott Williams(Taylor) 3:03
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) pin Lyle Johnson(Preble Shawnee) 3:45
       Pat Elam(Edgewood) dec. Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) 8-6 OT
       Zach Storts(Spr. Shawnee) dec. Derek Terrill(Franklin) 10-6
       Matt Anglin(Taylor) pin Ed Hutchinson(McNicholas) 2:34
  189: Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Heath Davis(Edgewood) 1:08
       Chris Wells(Preble Shawnee) pin Seth Stolly*BL(X1) 1:50
       Mason Patrick(Ben Logan) pin Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) 1:16
       Andrew Conners(Clyde) pin Rob Bamberger(Taylor) 1:15
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) pin Jordan Iiams(Ben Logan) 0:29
       Chanse Clements(Western Brown) pin Karroll Robinson(C-J) 1:08
       Michael Matthews(Preble Shawnee) pin Will Hollaway(Spr. Shawnee) 0:27
       Morgan Longshore*BL(X2) dec. Ben Brietenbach(McNicholas) 11-10
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 0:09
       Zach Thacker*PS(X1) pin Nick Smith(Spr. Shawnee) 5:07
       Donivan Henry(Preble Shawnee) pin Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) 0:28
       Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) pin Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) 0:55

Round 2
  103: Theo Hildenbrand*FR(X1) tech. fall Kevin McCormick(C-J) 22-7
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) tech. fall Mike Schmidt(Taylor) 17-2
       Terry Schilling(Edgewood) pin Josh Atwell(Preble Shawnee) 3:15
       Steve Sexton(Spr. Shawnee) pin Chris Proffitt(Western Brown) 0:24
  112: Tyler Morrison(Taylor) advanced with bye
       Billy Carrigg*CJ(X1) pin Brandon Richter(Western Brown) 4:39
       Samantha Rigsby(Spr. Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Kenny Harrison(C-J) pin Josh Metz(Ben Logan) 1:39
  119: Mike Quigley(Franklin) tech. fall Chris Nelson(Ben Logan) 20-5
       Eric Hodge(Preble Shawnee) pin Curtis Abbott(Western Brown) 0:16
       Robbie Michaels(Clyde) pin Terry Stevenson(C-J) 2:43
  125: Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) maj. dec. Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 17-7
       Jeremy Stuckey(Spr. Shawnee) pin Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) 1:27
       Willie Fultz*CL(X1) pin Joe Marco(Taylor) 0:58
       Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) pin Rob Poff(Preble Shawnee) 3:34
  130: Shawn Salamone(Taylor) pin Josh Miller*CJ(X1) 0:36
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) dec. Keagan Brech(Franklin) 8-7
       Dan Cremons(McNicholas) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 2:36
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) pin Matt Stout(Edgewood) 0:41
  135: Tyler Rigsby(C-J) advanced with bye
       Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) pin Nick Pittsley(McNicholas) 1:50
       Robbie Getz(Franklin) pin Mike Hodges(Taylor) 0:20
       Zach Deem(Preble Shawnee) advanced with bye
  140: Zach Philpot(McNicholas) tech. fall Ed Paul(Taylor) 15-0
       Derek Dancer*CL(X2) dec. Jake Coleman(Preble Shawnee) 14-9
       Ronnie Scott*BL(X1) advanced with bye
       Andy Slone(Clyde) tech. fall Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) 20-5
  145: Justin Russell*WB(X2) advanced with bye
       Ryan Anon(Spr. Shawnee) maj. dec. Mike Haines(McNicholas) 16-4
       Dustin Farrell(Edgewood) dec. Thomas Schwartz*CL(X1) 13-8
       Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Nick Miller(C-J) 0:30
  152: Joe Matthews(Spr. Shawnee) maj. dec. Cody Hamilton(Franklin) 12-2
       Nick Garcia(Clyde) pin Darrel Cottle(Preble Shawnee) 5:00
       Adam Hay(McNicholas) over Bill Jones(Edgewood) forfeit
       Jason Porter(Western Brown) pin Patrick Doyle(C-J) 3:26
  160: Jeff Sams(Franklin) pin Joe Ritter(McNicholas) 3:22
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) pin Corey Gould*WB(X1) 3:46
       Jared Martin(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Ryan Noble(Western Brown) pin Scott Williams(Taylor) 5:43
  171: Pat Elam(Edgewood) dec. Lyle Johnson(Preble Shawnee) 8-1
       Cody Balogh(Clyde) dec. Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) 7-5
       Derek Terrill(Franklin) dec. Ed Hutchinson(McNicholas) 12-7
       Andy Bridges(Western Brown) pin Matt Anglin(Taylor) 0:36
  189: Heath Davis(Edgewood) pin Chris Wells(Preble Shawnee) 0:17
       Dusty Petersime(Spr. Shawnee) maj. dec. Seth Stolly*BL(X1) 13-5
       Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) pin Andrew Conners(Clyde) 0:54
       Rob Bamberger(Taylor) over Tim Schirmer(C-J) forfeit
  215: Chanse Clements(Western Brown) pin Jordan Iiams(Ben Logan) 3:39
       Terry Manning*WB(X1) pin Karroll Robinson(C-J) 1:57
       Will Hollaway(Spr. Shawnee) pin Ben Brietenbach(McNicholas) 2:28
       Marc Middleton(Franklin) pin Morgan Longshore*BL(X2) 4:13
  275: Nick Smith(Spr. Shawnee) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 1:02
       Zach Thacker*PS(X1) dec. Keith Griffey(Western Brown) 8-2
       Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) dec. Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) 8-1
       Andy Stafford(Taylor) pin Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) 1:45

Round 1
  103: Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Kevin McCormick(C-J) 1:39
       Mike Schmidt(Taylor) dec. Theo Hildenbrand*FR(X1) 6-1
       Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Josh Atwell(Preble Shawnee) 1:11
       Steve Sexton(Spr. Shawnee) tech. fall Terry Schilling(Edgewood) 16-1
  112: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Tyler Morrison(Taylor) 1:47
       Brandon Richter(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Troy Wetzel(Clyde) over Samantha Rigsby(Spr. Shawnee) forfeit
       Kenny Harrison(C-J) advanced with bye
  119: Mike Quigley(Franklin) pin Curtis Abbott(Western Brown) 1:03
       Robbie Michaels(Clyde) tech. fall Chris Nelson(Ben Logan) 16-0
       Eric Hodge(Preble Shawnee) pin Terry Stevenson(C-J) 1:32
  125: Brent Aona(Clyde) tech. fall Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 16-0
       Jeremy Stuckey(Spr. Shawnee) dec. Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) 8-7
       Willie Fultz*CL(X1) dec. Adam Sweeney(Franklin) 12-8
       Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) pin Joe Marco(Taylor) 1:08
  130: J.R. Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Shawn Salamone(Taylor) 1:16
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) pin Josh Miller*CJ(X1) 1:21
       Josh Warrick(Preble Shawnee) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 1:19
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) pin Dan Cremons(McNicholas) 1:42
  135: Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) pin Tyler Rigsby(C-J) 3:32
       Jake Zieber(Clyde) pin Mike Hodges(Taylor) 2:31
       Zach Deem(Preble Shawnee) pin Robbie Getz(Franklin) 3:47
  140: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) pin Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 3:47
       Jake Coleman(Preble Shawnee) pin Ed Paul(Taylor) 1:04
       Joe Zehler(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Ronnie Scott*BL(X1) maj. dec. Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) 18-5
  145: Jon Taylor(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Ryan Anon(Spr. Shawnee) pin Justin Russell*WB(X2) 3:55
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Thomas Schwartz*CL(X1) 3:23
       Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Dustin Farrell(Edgewood) 0:36
  152: Cody Allen(Ben Logan) dec. Joe Matthews(Spr. Shawnee) 6-2
       Nick Garcia(Clyde) dec. Cody Hamilton(Franklin) 14-8
       Zach Fischesser(Taylor) over Bill Jones(Edgewood) forfeit
       Jason Porter(Western Brown) pin Adam Hay(McNicholas) 1:47
  160: Joe Walton(C-J) pin Joe Ritter(McNicholas) 1:40
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) dec. Jeff Sams(Franklin) 2-1
       Jared Martin(Clyde) maj. dec. Cory Cottingim(Preble Shawnee) 9-0
       Ryan Noble(Western Brown) advanced with bye
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) tech. fall Pat Elam(Edgewood) 16-1
       Cody Balogh(Clyde) pin Lyle Johnson(Preble Shawnee) 2:40
       Zach Storts(Spr. Shawnee) pin Ed Hutchinson(McNicholas) 1:45
       Derek Terrill(Franklin) dec. Andy Bridges(Western Brown) 12-8
  189: Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Chris Wells(Preble Shawnee) 1:27
       Heath Davis(Edgewood) dec. Dusty Petersime(Spr. Shawnee) 5-3
       Mason Patrick(Ben Logan) pin Andrew Conners(Clyde) 2:22
       Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) over Tim Schirmer(C-J) forfeit
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) pin Chanse Clements(Western Brown) 2:11
       Jordan Iiams(Ben Logan) over Caleb Ortez*SS(X1) forfeit
       Michael Matthews(Preble Shawnee) pin Ben Brietenbach(McNicholas) 0:51
       Marc Middleton(Franklin) pin Will Hollaway(Spr. Shawnee) 1:42
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Nick Smith(Spr. Shawnee) 1:49
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 0:55
       Donivan Henry(Preble Shawnee) pin Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) 3:23
       Andy Stafford(Taylor) dec. Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) 12-5