2004 Janice LeForce Memorial Wrestling Tournament
Franklin H.S. - December 4, 2004

Format: Two 5-man pools with winners paired for finals.

Ryan Brownlee, 140 lb. champion from Western Brown was voted Outstanding Wrestler!

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2004 Janice LeForce Memorial Scores
 1. Clyde                     406.0
 2. Ben Logan                 373.0
 3. Franklin                  299.0
 4. Western Brown             227.0
 5. Pre. Shawnee              194.0
 6. Ross                      191.0
 7. Edgewood                  170.0
 8. C-J                       111.0
 9. Taylor                    109.0
10. McNicholas                 91.5
11. Miami Valley               40.0

First Place
  103: Daniel Kolodzik(Miami Valley) pin Theo Hildenbrand(Franklin) 2:47
  112: Danny Michaels(Clyde) dec. Clay Anspach(Franklin) 13-7
  119: Joel Meyer(Clyde) dec. Ben Seimer(Ross) 8-7
  125: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Adam Thurn(Clyde) 3:52
  130: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) maj. dec. Adam Sweeney(Franklin) 17-5
  135: Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) dec. Brent Aona(Clyde) 5-0 OT
  140: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) dec. Wes Grant(Ben Logan) 10-6
  145: Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) dec. Joe Zehler(Edgewood) 5-3 OT
  152: Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) 0:35
  160: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) dec. Cody Hamilton(Franklin) 11-5
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) dec. Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) 9-5
  189: Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Lyle Johnson(Pre. Shawnee) 11-2
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) maj. dec. Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) 12-4
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) 1:42

Third Place
  103: Heath Allen(Ben Logan) dec. Joe Jellison(Ross) 2-0
  112: Mike Schmidt(Taylor) pin Tobias Deardorff(Edgewood) 4:50
  119: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) pin Johnny Tackett(Pre. Shawnee) 2:06
  125: Matt Cozad(Ross) dec. Kyle Wells(Pre. Shawnee) 4-3
  130: Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) dec. Terry Stevenson(C-J) 4-2
  135: Tyler Rigsby(C-J) dec. Ricky Starr(Franklin) 12-10
  140: Adam Ysaguirre(Clyde) over Jake Colman(Pre. Shawnee) forfeit
  145: Dylan Ray(Ross) dec. Thomas Schwartz(Clyde) 4-3
  152: Derek Dencer(Clyde) dec. Darrell Cottle(Pre. Shawnee) 8-1
  160: Andy Slone(Clyde) dec. J.J. Ellis(Western Brown) 7-4
  171: Nate Kanta(Ross) dec. Derek Terrill(Franklin) 3-1
  189: Cody Balogh(Clyde) dec. Jeff Sams(Franklin) 6-1
  215: Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) 2:25
  275: Donivan Henry(Pre. Shawnee) pin Adam Spears(Western Brown) 3:43

Fifth Place
  103: Adrian Rich(Clyde) pin Terry Shilling(Edgewood) 2:27
  112: Aaron Blakely(Ben Logan) pin Rodger Hall(Pre. Shawnee) 0:52
  119: Mike Ward(Western Brown) pin Ed Legendre(Taylor) 2:53
  125: Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) pin Billy Carrigg(C-J) 2:15
  130: Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) dec. Shohn Johnson(Ross) 7-3
  135: Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) maj. dec. Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 16-5
  140: Corey Nichols(Edgewood) over Josh Miller(C-J) forfeit
  145: Brett Bolton(Taylor) pin Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) 3:37
  152: Travis Rutherford(Ross) pin Kris Riley(Edgewood) 1:28
  160: Scott Williams(Taylor) pin Eli Lange(Edgewood) 3:13
  171: Bubba Andrews(Clyde) maj. dec. Cory Cottingim(Pre. Shawnee) 10-2
  189: Joe Ritter(McNicholas) tech. fall Martin Dria(Ross) 17-2
  215: Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Rob Bamberger(Taylor) 0:33
  275: Rodney Walls(Taylor) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 0:32

Seventh Place
  103: Brian Shilling*ED(X1) pin Sean Gleason(C-J) 1:52
  112: Jeff Fay(McNicholas) dec. Nolan Henry(Ross) 10-3
  119: Pat Dowd(C-J) advanced with bye
  125: Joe Fede(McNicholas) pin Joe Heileman(Taylor) 4:29
  130: Sam Benge(Pre. Shawnee) pin Tony Keri(McNicholas) 0:49
  135: Shayne Medows(Pre. Shawnee) dec. Daniel Tracy(Ross) 7-2
  140: Brent Sexton(Franklin) dec. Charlie Anderson(Ross) 4-0 OT
  145: Daniel Sperry(Franklin) pin Brendon Saddlemire(McNicholas) 1:43
  152: Julian Romero(C-J) dec. Justin Fiora*ED(X1) 6-5
  160: Zach Philpot(McNicholas) pin Brandon Bowling(Ross) 0:11
  171: Drew Place(C-J) pin Mike Farrell(Edgewood) 2:58
  189: Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) pin Nick Butler(Western Brown) 3:43
  215: Marc Middleton(Franklin) pin Josh Morgenson(Pre. Shawnee) 2:41
  275: Trey Foster(Ross) pin Morgan Longshore(Ben Logan) 2:56

Round 5
  103: Theo Hildenbrand(Franklin) dec. Joe Jellison(Ross) 4-2
       Adrian Rich(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Daniel Kolodzik(Miami Valley) tech. fall Heath Allen(Ben Logan) 17-1
       Terry Shilling(Edgewood) pin Sean Gleason(C-J) 1:17
  112: Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Rodger Hall(Pre. Shawnee) 0:27
       Nolan Henry(Ross) advanced with bye
       Danny Michaels(Clyde) pin Mike Schmidt(Taylor) 3:29
       Aaron Blakely(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  119: Ben Seimer(Ross) pin Ed Legendre(Taylor) 0:59
       Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Johnny Tackett(Pre. Shawnee) pin Mike Ward(Western Brown) 5:23
       Joel Meyer(Clyde) advanced with bye
  125: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Kyle Wells(Pre. Shawnee) 1:13
       Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) tech. fall Joe Heileman(Taylor) 19-4
       Adam Thurn(Clyde) maj. dec. Matt Cozad(Ross) 15-3
       Billy Carrigg(C-J) dec. Sean Barker(Edgewood) 11-4
  130: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) maj. dec. Shohn Johnson(Ross) 23-9
       Sam Benge(Pre. Shawnee) pin Cortez Phelia(Taylor) 0:25
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) pin Terry Stevenson(C-J) 5:42
       Tony Keri(McNicholas) pin Kyle Holcomb(Ben Logan) 5:08
  135: Brent Aona(Clyde) tech. fall Daniel Tracy(Ross) 20-4
       Ricky Starr(Franklin) pin Ed Paul(Taylor) 0:53
       Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) pin Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 4:28
       Shayne Medows(Pre. Shawnee) over Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) forfeit
  140: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) tech. fall Adam Ysaguirre(Clyde) 18-3
       Corey Nichols(Edgewood) pin Charlie Anderson(Ross) 1:52
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) over Jake Colman(Pre. Shawnee) forfeit
       Brent Sexton(Franklin) advanced with bye
  145: Joe Zehler(Edgewood) pin Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) 1:20
       Thomas Schwartz(Clyde) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 4:30
       Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) dec. Dylan Ray(Ross) 4-2
       Brendon Saddlemire(McNicholas) pin Clark Garrett(Pre. Shawnee) 3:43
  152: Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Darrell Cottle(Pre. Shawnee) 0:33
       Justin Fiora*ED(X1) advanced with bye
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) dec. Derek Dencer(Clyde) 19-13
       Kris Riley(Edgewood) advanced with bye
  160: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Andy Slone(Clyde) 14-5
       Eli Lange(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Cody Hamilton(Franklin) pin Scott Williams(Taylor) 2:48
       J.J. Ellis(Western Brown) pin Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 2:41
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) dec. Derek Terrill(Franklin) 9-3
       Drew Place(C-J) pin Brian Leibreich(McNicholas) 3:10
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) dec. Nate Kanta(Ross) 3-2
       Bubba Andrews(Clyde) advanced with bye
  189: Lyle Johnson(Pre. Shawnee) pin Cody Balogh(Clyde) 2:33
       Martin Dria(Ross) pin Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) 1:00
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Jeff Sams(Franklin) 10-2
       Nick Butler(Western Brown) pin Mike Schultz(C-J) 2:42
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) maj. dec. Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) 12-3
       Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) pin Dalton Craig(Ross) 0:33
       Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) dec. Keith Griffey(Western Brown) 5-3
       Josh Morgenson(Pre. Shawnee) advanced with bye
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Adam Spears(Western Brown) 0:33
       Trey Foster(Ross) pin Kyle Booher*BL(X1) 0:44
       Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) dec. Donivan Henry(Pre. Shawnee) 5-3
       Rodney Walls(Taylor) dec. David Hale*PS(C-J) 12-10

Round 4
  103: Joe Jellison(Ross) advanced with bye
       Theo Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Brian Shilling*ED(X1) 0:42
       Daniel Kolodzik(Miami Valley) pin Sean Gleason(C-J) 1:03
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Lex Shoemaker(Pre. Shawnee) 0:45
  112: Clay Anspach(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Tobias Deardorff(Edgewood) pin Rodger Hall(Pre. Shawnee) 1:38
       Danny Michaels(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Mike Schmidt(Taylor) pin Jeff Fay(McNicholas) 2:15
  119: Ben Seimer(Ross) advanced with bye
       Ed Legendre(Taylor) dec. Pat Dowd(C-J) 19-17 OT
       Joel Meyer(Clyde) pin Johnny Tackett(Pre. Shawnee) 2:15
       Mike Ward(Western Brown) advanced with bye
  125: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Joe Heileman(Taylor) 1:45
       Kyle Wells(Pre. Shawnee) pin Mark Lambertson*ED(X1) 1:26
       Matt Cozad(Ross) pin Sean Barker(Edgewood) 1:54
       Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Joe Fede(McNicholas) 1:21
  130: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) pin Cortez Phelia(Taylor) 1:59
       Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) pin Shohn Johnson(Ross) 1:20
       Terry Stevenson(C-J) pin Tony Keri(McNicholas) 0:48
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) pin Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) 5:44
  135: Brent Aona(Clyde) tech. fall Ed Paul(Taylor) 19-4
       Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) maj. dec. Daniel Tracy(Ross) 10-2
       Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) over Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) disq.
       Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Tyler Rigsby(C-J) 15-4
  140: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) pin Charlie Anderson(Ross) 1:42
       Adam Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Alex Schreiner(McNicholas) 1:04
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Jake Colman(Pre. Shawnee) pin Josh Miller(C-J) 5:05
  145: Joe Zehler(Edgewood) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 0:32
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) maj. dec. Daniel Sperry(Franklin) 17-7
       Dylan Ray(Ross) pin Brendon Saddlemire(McNicholas) 1:40
       Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) tech. fall Brett Bolton(Taylor) 15-0
  152: Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Darrell Cottle(Pre. Shawnee) maj. dec. Travis Rutherford(Ross) 13-4
       Derek Dencer(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) pin Julian Romero(C-J) 1:21
  160: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Andy Slone(Clyde) pin Brandon Bowling(Ross) 0:10
       J.J. Ellis(Western Brown) maj. dec. Scott Williams(Taylor) 11-1
       Cody Hamilton(Franklin) pin Robby Stratton(Pre. Shawnee) 0:49
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) pin Drew Place(C-J) 2:25
       Derek Terrill(Franklin) dec. Cory Cottingim(Pre. Shawnee) 3-0
       Nate Kanta(Ross) advanced with bye
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Mike Farrell(Edgewood) 1:57
  189: Cody Balogh(Clyde) dec. Martin Dria(Ross) 15-13
       Lyle Johnson(Pre. Shawnee) pin Mike Toth Jr(Taylor) 0:33
       Jeff Sams(Franklin) pin Mike Schultz(C-J) 1:36
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) pin Joe Ritter(McNicholas) 1:05
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) pin Dalton Craig(Ross) 1:10
       Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) dec. Marc Middleton(Franklin) 5-2
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) pin Rob Bamberger(Taylor) 0:36
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Kyle Booher*BL(X1) 0:24
       Adam Spears(Western Brown) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 1:12
       Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) pin David Hale*PS(C-J) 3:45
       Donivan Henry(Pre. Shawnee) pin Morgan Longshore(Ben Logan) 1:15

Round 3
  103: Joe Jellison(Ross) tech. fall Adrian Rich(Clyde) 19-4
       Brian Shilling*ED(X1) advanced with bye
       Daniel Kolodzik(Miami Valley) pin Terry Shilling(Edgewood) 0:36
       Sean Gleason(C-J) tech. fall Lex Shoemaker(Pre. Shawnee) 18-2
  112: Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Nolan Henry(Ross) 1:13
       Tobias Deardorff(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Danny Michaels(Clyde) pin Aaron Blakely(Ben Logan) 1:48
       Jeff Fay(McNicholas) advanced with bye
  119: Ben Seimer(Ross) dec. Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) 8-3
       Pat Dowd(C-J) advanced with bye
       Johnny Tackett(Pre. Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Joel Meyer(Clyde) advanced with bye
  125: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) 0:33
       Joe Heileman(Taylor) pin Mark Lambertson*ED(X1) 3:02
       Matt Cozad(Ross) pin Billy Carrigg(C-J) 3:03
       Joe Fede(McNicholas) pin Sean Barker(Edgewood) 5:12
  130: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) pin Sam Benge(Pre. Shawnee) 1:41
       Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) pin Cortez Phelia(Taylor) 0:47
       Terry Stevenson(C-J) tech. fall Kyle Holcomb(Ben Logan) 16-1
       Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) pin Tony Keri(McNicholas) 1:56
  135: Brent Aona(Clyde) maj. dec. Ricky Starr(Franklin) 15-3
       Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) pin Ed Paul(Taylor) 0:21
       Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) pin Shayne Medows(Pre. Shawnee) 2:51
       Tyler Rigsby(C-J) pin Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) 0:47
  140: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) tech. fall Corey Nichols(Edgewood) 20-5
       Charlie Anderson(Ross) pin Alex Schreiner(McNicholas) 3:21
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) pin Brent Sexton(Franklin) 1:30
       Josh Miller(C-J) advanced with bye
  145: Joe Zehler(Edgewood) dec. Thomas Schwartz(Clyde) 13-10
       Daniel Sperry(Franklin) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 2:53
       Dylan Ray(Ross) pin Clark Garrett(Pre. Shawnee) 1:37
       Brett Bolton(Taylor) pin Brendon Saddlemire(McNicholas) 2:16
  152: Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Justin Fiora*ED(X1) 0:24
       Travis Rutherford(Ross) advanced with bye
       Derek Dencer(Clyde) pin Kris Riley(Edgewood) 1:08
       Julian Romero(C-J) advanced with bye
  160: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) pin Eli Lange(Edgewood) 1:32
       Brandon Bowling(Ross) advanced with bye
       Scott Williams(Taylor) maj. dec. Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 12-4
       J.J. Ellis(Western Brown) pin Robby Stratton(Pre. Shawnee) 1:30
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) pin Brian Leibreich(McNicholas) 2:23
       Cory Cottingim(Pre. Shawnee) maj. dec. Drew Place(C-J) 10-0
       Nate Kanta(Ross) dec. Bubba Andrews(Clyde) 8-2
       Mike Farrell(Edgewood) advanced with bye
  189: Cody Balogh(Clyde) pin Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) 0:34
       Martin Dria(Ross) pin Mike Toth Jr(Taylor) 1:05
       Jeff Sams(Franklin) pin Nick Butler(Western Brown) 2:00
       Joe Ritter(McNicholas) pin Mike Schultz(C-J) 1:54
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) tech. fall Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) 19-3
       Marc Middleton(Franklin) dec. Dalton Craig(Ross) 7-3
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Josh Morgenson(Pre. Shawnee) 1:53
       Rob Bamberger(Taylor) advanced with bye
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Trey Foster(Ross) 0:43
       Corey Wells(Edgewood) pin Kyle Booher*BL(X1) 1:13
       Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) pin Rodney Walls(Taylor) 1:33
       Morgan Longshore(Ben Logan) dec. David Hale*PS(C-J) 5-4

Round 2
  103: Adrian Rich(Clyde) pin Brian Shilling*ED(X1) 2:07
       Theo Hildenbrand(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Terry Shilling(Edgewood) tech. fall Lex Shoemaker(Pre. Shawnee) 15-0
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Sean Gleason(C-J) 0:56
  112: Tobias Deardorff(Edgewood) pin Nolan Henry(Ross) 5:54
       Rodger Hall(Pre. Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Aaron Blakely(Ben Logan) pin Jeff Fay(McNicholas) 1:27
       Mike Schmidt(Taylor) advanced with bye
  119: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) pin Pat Dowd(C-J) 1:49
       Ed Legendre(Taylor) advanced with bye
       Joel Meyer(Clyde) pin Mike Ward(Western Brown) 1:24
  125: Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) dec. Mark Lambertson*ED(X1) 9-7
       Kyle Wells(Pre. Shawnee) pin Joe Heileman(Taylor) 1:54
       Billy Carrigg(C-J) dec. Joe Fede(McNicholas) 17-10
       Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Sean Barker(Edgewood) 1:20
  130: Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) pin Sam Benge(Pre. Shawnee) 4:12
       Shohn Johnson(Ross) pin Cortez Phelia(Taylor) 1:28
       Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) dec. Kyle Holcomb(Ben Logan) 10-7
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) pin Tony Keri(McNicholas) 1:33
  135: Ricky Starr(Franklin) pin Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) 2:32
       Daniel Tracy(Ross) dec. Ed Paul(Taylor) 10-4
       Tyler Rigsby(C-J) pin Shayne Medows(Pre. Shawnee) 1:16
       Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) pin Tommy Schroeder(Edgewood) 0:34
  140: Corey Nichols(Edgewood) pin Alex Schreiner(McNicholas) 0:53
       Adam Ysaguirre(Clyde) pin Charlie Anderson(Ross) 0:41
       Josh Miller(C-J) dec. Brent Sexton(Franklin) 11-4
       Jake Colman(Pre. Shawnee) advanced with bye
  145: Thomas Schwartz(Clyde) maj. dec. Daniel Sperry(Franklin) 16-4
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) pin Keith Ward(C-J) 2:15
       Brett Bolton(Taylor) pin Clark Garrett(Pre. Shawnee) 4:49
       Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) pin Brendon Saddlemire(McNicholas) 2:37
  152: Travis Rutherford(Ross) pin Justin Fiora*ED(X1) 0:54
       Darrell Cottle(Pre. Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Kris Riley(Edgewood) maj. dec. Julian Romero(C-J) 10-2
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) advanced with bye
  160: Eli Lange(Edgewood) pin Brandon Bowling(Ross) 0:39
       Andy Slone(Clyde) advanced with bye
       Zach Philpot(McNicholas) tech. fall Robby Stratton(Pre. Shawnee) 16-0
       Cody Hamilton(Franklin) maj. dec. J.J. Ellis(Western Brown) 14-4
  171: Cory Cottingim(Pre. Shawnee) pin Brian Leibreich(McNicholas) 1:26
       Derek Terrill(Franklin) tech. fall Drew Place(C-J) 19-3
       Bubba Andrews(Clyde) pin Mike Farrell(Edgewood) 0:54
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) advanced with bye
  189: Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) pin Mike Toth Jr(Taylor) 2:11
       Lyle Johnson(Pre. Shawnee) pin Martin Dria(Ross) 4:54
       Joe Ritter(McNicholas) pin Nick Butler(Western Brown) 2:42
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) over Mike Schultz(C-J) forfeit
  215: Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) dec. Marc Middleton(Franklin) 10-7
       Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) dec. Dalton Craig(Ross) 11-7
       Rob Bamberger(Taylor) pin Josh Morgenson(Pre. Shawnee) 1:32
       Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  275: Corey Wells(Edgewood) pin Trey Foster(Ross) 1:02
       Adam Spears(Western Brown) pin Kyle Booher*BL(X1) 0:31
       Rodney Walls(Taylor) pin Morgan Longshore(Ben Logan) 0:22
       Donivan Henry(Pre. Shawnee) over David Hale*PS(C-J) forfeit

Round 1
  103: Joe Jellison(Ross) pin Brian Shilling*ED(X1) 0:19
       Theo Hildenbrand(Franklin) maj. dec. Adrian Rich(Clyde) 12-0
       Daniel Kolodzik(Miami Valley) tech. fall Lex Shoemaker(Pre. Shawnee) 18-1
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Terry Shilling(Edgewood) 0:57
  112: Clay Anspach(Franklin) pin Tobias Deardorff(Edgewood) 1:15
       Rodger Hall(Pre. Shawnee) pin Nolan Henry(Ross) 2:50
       Danny Michaels(Clyde) pin Jeff Fay(McNicholas) 0:20
       Mike Schmidt(Taylor) pin Aaron Blakely(Ben Logan) 2:55
  119: Pat Dowd(C-J) pin Ben Seimer(Ross) 2:38
       Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) tech. fall Ed Legendre(Taylor) 16-0
       Johnny Tackett(Pre. Shawnee) advanced with bye
       Mike Ward(Western Brown) advanced with bye
  125: Justin Blevins(Franklin) pin Mark Lambertson*ED(X1) 1:32
       Kyle Wells(Pre. Shawnee) maj. dec. Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) 15-1
       Matt Cozad(Ross) tech. fall Joe Fede(McNicholas) 17-2
       Adam Thurn(Clyde) pin Billy Carrigg(C-J) 2:43
  130: Robbie Michaels(Clyde) tech. fall Tommy Zimmerman(Edgewood) 17-1
       Shohn Johnson(Ross) pin Sam Benge(Pre. Shawnee) 2:00
       Terry Stevenson(C-J) dec. Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) 10-7
       Adam Sweeney(Franklin) pin Kyle Holcomb(Ben Logan) 1:21
  135: Brent Aona(Clyde) tech. fall Steve Sandmann(McNicholas) 19-4
       Ricky Starr(Franklin) pin Daniel Tracy(Ross) 2:31
       Tyler Rigsby(C-J) pin Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 4:22
       Jordy Buck(Ben Logan) pin Shayne Medows(Pre. Shawnee) 4:30
  140: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) tech. fall Alex Schreiner(McNicholas) 18-2
       Adam Ysaguirre(Clyde) dec. Corey Nichols(Edgewood) 5-4
       Wes Grant(Ben Logan) pin Josh Miller(C-J) 1:26
       Jake Colman(Pre. Shawnee) maj. dec. Brent Sexton(Franklin) 16-3
  145: Joe Zehler(Edgewood) maj. dec. Daniel Sperry(Franklin) 14-0
       Thomas Schwartz(Clyde) pin Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) 4:28
       Dylan Ray(Ross) dec. Brett Bolton(Taylor) 5-1
       Quincy Coleman(Ben Logan) pin Clark Garrett(Pre. Shawnee) 0:35
  152: Ryan Whitlow(Ben Logan) pin Travis Rutherford(Ross) 0:37
       Darrell Cottle(Pre. Shawnee) pin Justin Fiora*ED(X1) 1:24
       Derek Dencer(Clyde) pin Julian Romero(C-J) 1:33
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) pin Kris Riley(Edgewood) 0:32
  160: Matt Stahl(Ben Logan) pin Brandon Bowling(Ross) 0:14
       Andy Slone(Clyde) pin Eli Lange(Edgewood) 5:08
       Scott Williams(Taylor) pin Robby Stratton(Pre. Shawnee) 1:41
       Cody Hamilton(Franklin) pin Zach Philpot(McNicholas) 4:50
  171: Cody VanBuskirk(Ben Logan) tech. fall Cory Cottingim(Pre. Shawnee) 17-1
       Derek Terrill(Franklin) pin Brian Leibreich(McNicholas) 1:40
       Nate Kanta(Ross) pin Mike Farrell(Edgewood) 1:01
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Bubba Andrews(Clyde) 0:29
  189: Cody Balogh(Clyde) pin Mike Toth Jr(Taylor) 0:22
       Lyle Johnson(Pre. Shawnee) pin Cortlen Banks(Edgewood) 0:31
       Jeff Sams(Franklin) pin Joe Ritter(McNicholas) 3:38
       Tyler Blakely(Ben Logan) pin Nick Butler(Western Brown) 1:38
  215: Eric Schwartz(Clyde) pin Marc Middleton(Franklin) 5:16
       Joe Trenkamp(McNicholas) dec. Jason Piekenbrock(C-J) 10-5
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Rob Bamberger(Taylor) 1:33
       Kyle Spence(Ben Logan) pin Josh Morgenson(Pre. Shawnee) 1:11
  275: Matt Guhn(Clyde) pin Corey Wells(Edgewood) 0:46
       Adam Spears(Western Brown) pin Trey Foster(Ross) 2:30
       Ricky Sizemore(Franklin) pin Morgan Longshore(Ben Logan) 0:53
       Donivan Henry(Pre. Shawnee) pin Rodney Walls(Taylor) 0:45