2008 Franklin Invitational Wrestling Tournament
Franklin H.S. - December 6, 2008

Format: Two 5-man pools with winners paired for finals. 
103, 125, 215, and 285 were wrestled as complete round robins.

Outstanding Wrestler: 152 lb. Champion: Eric Hildenbrand - Franklin

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2008 Franklin Invitational Scores
 1. Valley View               328.0
 2. Campbell Co.              327.0
 3. Ross                      296.0
 4. Ben Logan                 267.0
 5. Edgewood                  191.0
 6. Franklin                  160.0
 7. Hillsboro                 160.0
 8. C-J                       139.0
 9. McNicholas                110.0
103 Pound Placers - Round Robin
1. Garth Yenter, Campbell Co.
2. Patrick McKernan, Ross
3. Trevor Newland, Ben Logan
4. Christian Hensley, ROS
5. Mason Moore, Franklin
6. Adam Zalewski, McNicholas

125 Pound Placers - Round Robin
1. Jon Wilson, Valley View
2. Caleb Schneider, Campbell Co.
3. Andrew Goolsby, Hillsboro
4. Bryan Newland, Ben Logan
5. Dom Ranieri, McNicholas
6. Joe Withrow, Ross

215 Pound Placers - Round Robin
1. Jacob Ilg, Campbell Co.
2. Payton Rose, Ben Logan
3. Simon Lawson, Franklin
4. Shawn Focht, Valley View
5. Cameron Sanford, Ross
6. Tyler Griego, Hillsboro

285 Pound Placers - Round Robin
1. Alex Jackson, Ben Logan
2. Bryan Day, Valley View
3. Jeremy Cross, Ross
4. Mason Frank, Campbell Co.
5. Zach Nitzche, Edgewood

First Place - Two Pools
  112: Jordan Puska(Edgewood) pin Zak Griffith(Valley View) 2:46
  119: Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) pin John Mills(Ross) 3:23
  130: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) pin Josh Marshall(C-J) 3:59
  135: Christian Unger(Ross) pin Luke Smith(Ben Logan) 4:47
  140: Joe Conrad(Ross) pin Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) 3:22
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Trey Smith(Valley View) 1:58
  152: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Colt McGinnis(Valley View) 3:03
  160: Zach Zehler(Edgewood) maj. dec. Kyle Williams(Hillsboro) 17-9
  171: Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Christian Estes(Edgewood) 1:32
  189: David Day(Valley View) dec. Carson Cagle(Ross) 9-7

Third Place - Two Pools
  112: Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Trenton Thomas(Ben Logan) 3:37
  119: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Brendon Sexton(Franklin) 1:12
  130: Matt Kelly(Hillsboro) maj. dec. Shea Michael(Valley View) 15-7
  135: Steve Isaacs(Valley View) maj. dec. Shay Lenos(Edgewood) 9-0
  140: Michael Land(Valley View) dec. Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) 5-3
  145: Jake Eby*VV(X3) maj. dec. Sam Beiting(Ross) 13-2
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) dec. Justin Black(Campbell Co.) 5-3
  160: Jake Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Miguel Cabrera(Ross) 2:23
  171: Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Tyler Davidson(Ross) 12-2
  189: Jon Gross(Franklin) dec. Michael Short*HIL(X1) 7-4

Fifth Place - Two Pools
  112: Will Keri(McNicholas) dec. Johnny Caudill(Franklin) 11-5
  119: Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) pin Steven Limbacker(Hillsboro) 4:50
  130: Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) pin Zach Warner(Franklin) 1:28
  135: Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) pin Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) 1:55
  140: Colt Blair(Ben Logan) pin Levi Flemming*HIL(X1) 0:58
  145: Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) dec. Colten Payne*ROS(X2) 12-7
  152: James Rutherford(Ross) dec. Bill Baughman*BL(X1) 4-1
  160: Justin Meineke(McNicholas) dec. Kenton Varney(Valley View) 10-5
  171: Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) dec. Eric Short(Hillsboro) 10-5
  189: Justin Vaughn(C-J) pin Justin Burns(Hillsboro) 0:32

Seventh Place - Two Pools
  112: Brad Whitaker(Ross) dec. Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 7-2
  119: D.J. Davis*HIL(X1) dec. Clayton Williams(Valley View) 1-0
  130: John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Jake Sefton(Ross) 2:43
  135: Joey Middleton(Hillsboro) pin Dillon Lett(C-J) 1:57
  140: Johnny Abell(Hillsboro) pin Tyler Keen(Edgewood) 2:36
  145: Taylor Cubbie(C-J) pin Adam Moore(Edgewood) 0:49
  152: Mannin Patterson(C-J) pin Zack Flemming(Hillsboro) 2:21
  160: Logan Watson*HIL(X1) dec. Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 6-4
  171: Clay Gates(Ben Logan) pin Chris Dorson-King(McNicholas) 0:38
  189: Justin Mulloney(McNicholas) pin Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 4:48

Round 5 - Round Robin
  103: Patrick McKernan(Ross) pin Christian Hensley*ROS(X1) 2:39
       Mason Moore(Franklin) pin Adam Zalewski(McNicholas) 0:40
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) 10-1
  125: Jon Wilson(Valley View) dec. Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) 7-4
       Dom Ranieri(McNicholas) pin Joe Withrow(Ross) 3:21
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) 1:44
  215: Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) dec. Payton Rose(Ben Logan) 5-3
       Cameron Sanford(Ross) pin Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) 1:35
       Simon Lawson(Franklin) dec. Shawn Focht(Valley View) 8-4
  285: Alex Jackson(Ben Logan) pin Jeremy Cross(Ross) 3:36
       Mason Frank(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Bryan Day(Valley View) pin Zach Nitzche(Edgewood) 0:37

Round 5 - Two Pools
  112: Zak Griffith(Valley View) dec. Will Keri(McNicholas) 6-0
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) pin Trenton Thomas(Ben Logan) 2:52
       Brad Whitaker(Ross) advanced with bye
  119: Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) pin Nick McSorley(Edgewood) 5:24
       Clayton Williams(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 1:16
       Brendon Sexton(Franklin) pin D.J. Davis*HIL(X1) 2:21
  130: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) pin Jake Sefton(Ross) 0:17
       Shea Michael(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Josh Marshall(C-J) pin Curt Douglas(Ben Logan) 3:30
       Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) pin John Hale(Campbell Co.) 4:57
  135: Christian Unger(Ross) maj. dec. Steve Isaacs(Valley View) 11-1
       Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) pin Dillon Lett(C-J) 3:41
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Shay Lenos(Edgewood) 17-7
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) dec. Joey Middleton(Hillsboro) 12-11
  140: Joe Conrad(Ross) dec. Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) 10-4
       Levi Flemming*HIL(X1) pin Tyler Keen(Edgewood) 2:15
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Michael Land(Valley View) 1:45
       Colt Blair(Ben Logan) pin Daniel List*MCN(X2) 2:46
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Taylor Cubbie(C-J) 1:30
       Derrick Hatmaker(Ben Logan) dec. Colten Payne*ROS(X2) 12-5
       Trey Smith(Valley View) pin Sam Beiting(Ross) 1:45
       Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) dec. Adam Moore(Edgewood) 7-4
  152: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) maj. dec. Justin Black(Campbell Co.) 13-3
       Bill Baughman*BL(X1) advanced with bye
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) dec. Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) 6-2
       Mannin Patterson(C-J) advanced with bye
  160: Jake Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Justin Meineke(McNicholas) 2:43
       Kyle Williams(Hillsboro) pin Dan Casey(C-J) 3:57
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) maj. dec. Miguel Cabrera(Ross) 13-4
       Logan Watson*HIL(X1) advanced with bye
  171: Christian Estes(Edgewood) tech. fall Tyler Davidson(Ross) 16-1
       Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) pin Chris Dorson-King(McNicholas) 1:59
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) 5:04
       Clay Gates(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  189: David Day(Valley View) pin Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 1:08
       Michael Short*HIL(X1) pin Justin Vaughn(C-J) 3:29
       Carson Cagle(Ross) dec. Justin Burns(Hillsboro) 6-2
       Jon Gross(Franklin) advanced with bye

Round 4 - Round Robin
  103: Patrick McKernan(Ross) pin Adam Zalewski(McNicholas) 0:28
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) pin Mason Moore(Franklin) 1:19
       Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) pin Christian Hensley*ROS(X1) 2:56
  125: Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) pin Dom Ranieri(McNicholas) 0:51
       Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) dec. Joe Withrow(Ross) 3-2
       Jon Wilson(Valley View) tech. fall Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) 19-4
  215: Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) 16-1
       Shawn Focht(Valley View) maj. dec. Cameron Sanford(Ross) 12-2
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) pin Simon Lawson(Franklin) 2:59
  285: Alex Jackson(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Bryan Day(Valley View) pin Mason Frank(Campbell Co.) 1:38
       Jeremy Cross(Ross) pin Zach Nitzche(Edgewood) 0:44

Round 4 - Two Pools
  112: Will Keri(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Zak Griffith(Valley View) pin Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 0:39
       Trenton Thomas(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) pin Johnny Caudill(Franklin) 3:25
  119: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) advanced with bye
       Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) pin Steven Limbacker(Hillsboro) 1:53
       D.J. Davis*HIL(X1) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 2:53
       John Mills(Ross) maj. dec. Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) 17-7
  130: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) advanced with bye
       Zach Warner(Franklin) dec. Jake Sefton(Ross) 7-3
       John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Curt Douglas(Ben Logan) 0:34
       Josh Marshall(C-J) dec. Matt Kelly(Hillsboro) 5-2
  135: Christian Unger(Ross) pin Dillon Lett(C-J) 1:59
       Steve Isaacs(Valley View) pin Thomas Wilkin*HIL(X3) 0:56
       Shay Lenos(Edgewood) dec. Joey Middleton(Hillsboro) 10-5
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Mitch Hoog*VV(X4) 2:38
  140: Joe Conrad(Ross) pin Levi Flemming*HIL(X1) 0:19
       Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) pin Michael Voet(McNicholas) 1:14
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Colt Blair(Ben Logan) 1:58
       Michael Land(Valley View) pin Johnny Abell(Hillsboro) 2:54
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Colten Payne*ROS(X2) 2:26
       Jake Eby*VV(X3) pin Taylor Cubbie(C-J) 5:44
       Trey Smith(Valley View) pin Adam Moore(Edgewood) 2:32
       Sam Beiting(Ross) tech. fall T.J. Rose*BL(X1) 23-6
  152: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Justin Black(Campbell Co.) pin Zack Flemming(Hillsboro) 0:22
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin James Rutherford(Ross) 3:02
  160: Jake Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Dan Casey(C-J) 2:44
       Justin Meineke(McNicholas) maj. dec. Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 13-2
       Miguel Cabrera(Ross) advanced with bye
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) pin Kenton Varney(Valley View) 5:48
  171: Tyler Davidson(Ross) pin Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) 2:38
       Christian Estes(Edgewood) pin Josh Gregory*HIL(X2) 0:17
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Clay Gates(Ben Logan) 0:43
       Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) pin Eric Short(Hillsboro) 2:45
  189: David Day(Valley View) pin Michael Short*HIL(X1) 0:52
       Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) pin Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 1:52
       Justin Burns(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Carson Cagle(Ross) pin Justin Mulloney(McNicholas) 2:38

Round 3 - Round Robin
  103: Patrick McKernan(Ross) maj. dec. Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) 14-3
       Christian Hensley*ROS(X1) pin Mason Moore(Franklin) 3:58
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) pin Adam Zalewski(McNicholas) 1:04
  125: Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) dec. Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) 8-4
       Jon Wilson(Valley View) pin Joe Withrow(Ross) 3:23
       Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) dec. Dom Ranieri(McNicholas) 5-2
  215: Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Simon Lawson(Franklin) 1:50
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) pin Cameron Sanford(Ross) 0:55
       Shawn Focht(Valley View) pin Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) 2:34
  285: Alex Jackson(Ben Logan) pin Zach Nitzche(Edgewood) 0:43
       Jeremy Cross(Ross) pin Mason Frank(Campbell Co.) 0:17
       Bryan Day(Valley View) advanced with bye

Round 3 - Two Pools
  112: Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) dec. Will Keri(McNicholas) 4-3
       Josh Bice(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Trenton Thomas(Ben Logan) dec. Brad Whitaker(Ross) 7-2
       Johnny Caudill(Franklin) advanced with bye
  119: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Clayton Williams(Valley View) 0:43
       Steven Limbacker(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Brendon Sexton(Franklin) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 3:37
       John Mills(Ross) pin D.J. Davis*HIL(X1) 1:06
  130: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) tech. fall Shea Michael(Valley View) 17-2
       Zach Warner(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) pin Curt Douglas(Ben Logan) 1:05
       Matt Kelly(Hillsboro) pin John Hale(Campbell Co.) 4:51
  135: Christian Unger(Ross) pin Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) 4:49
       Dillon Lett(C-J) pin Thomas Wilkin*HIL(X3) 3:45
       Shay Lenos(Edgewood) dec. Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) 15-11
       Joey Middleton(Hillsboro) pin Mitch Hoog*VV(X4) 1:52
  140: Joe Conrad(Ross) pin Tyler Keen(Edgewood) 0:54
       Levi Flemming*HIL(X1) pin Michael Voet(McNicholas) 2:39
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Daniel List*MCN(X2) 1:55
       Colt Blair(Ben Logan) pin Johnny Abell(Hillsboro) 5:22
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Derrick Hatmaker(Ben Logan) 1:06
       Jake Eby*VV(X3) dec. Colten Payne*ROS(X2) 10-5
       Trey Smith(Valley View) pin Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) 4:18
       Adam Moore(Edgewood) pin T.J. Rose*BL(X1) 5:02
  152: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Bill Baughman*BL(X1) 2:44
       Zack Flemming(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) pin Mannin Patterson(C-J) 0:48
       James Rutherford(Ross) advanced with bye
  160: Kyle Williams(Hillsboro) dec. Jake Barnes(Ben Logan) 5-3
       Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) pin Dan Casey(C-J) 2:50
       Miguel Cabrera(Ross) dec. Logan Watson*HIL(X1) 12-6
       Kenton Varney(Valley View) advanced with bye
  171: Tyler Davidson(Ross) pin Chris Dorson-King(McNicholas) 1:17
       Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) pin Josh Gregory*HIL(X2) 1:37
       Jacob Miller(C-J) advanced with bye
       Eric Short(Hillsboro) dec. Clay Gates(Ben Logan) 14-10
  189: David Day(Valley View) pin Justin Vaughn(C-J) 2:25
       Michael Short*HIL(X1) pin Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 2:24
       Jon Gross(Franklin) dec. Justin Burns(Hillsboro) 3-1
       Justin Mulloney(McNicholas) advanced with bye

Round 2 - Round Robin
  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) dec. Patrick McKernan(Ross) 10-7
       Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) pin Mason Moore(Franklin) 5:32
       Christian Hensley*ROS(X1) pin Adam Zalewski(McNicholas) 0:34
  125: Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) 17-1
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Joe Withrow(Ross) 0:54
       Jon Wilson(Valley View) pin Dom Ranieri(McNicholas) 1:04
  215: Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Shawn Focht(Valley View) 1:14
       Simon Lawson(Franklin) pin Cameron Sanford(Ross) 2:44
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) pin Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) 4:29
  285: Alex Jackson(Ben Logan) pin Bryan Day(Valley View) 3:13
       Mason Frank(Campbell Co.) pin Zach Nitzche(Edgewood) 3:02
       Jeremy Cross(Ross) advanced with bye

Round 2 - Two Pools
  112: Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 0:30
       Zak Griffith(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Johnny Caudill(Franklin) pin Brad Whitaker(Ross) 1:43
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) advanced with bye
  119: Steven Limbacker(Hillsboro) pin Clayton Williams(Valley View) 5:17
       Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       John Mills(Ross) maj. dec. Brendon Sexton(Franklin) 13-4
       Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) pin D.J. Davis*HIL(X1) 1:54
  130: Shea Michael(Valley View) maj. dec. Zach Warner(Franklin) 18-4
       Jake Sefton(Ross) advanced with bye
       Matt Kelly(Hillsboro) dec. Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) 7-4
       John Hale(Campbell Co.) dec. Josh Marshall(C-J) 12-5
  135: Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) pin Thomas Wilkin*HIL(X3) 0:36
       Steve Isaacs(Valley View) pin Dillon Lett(C-J) 1:04
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) pin Mitch Hoog*VV(X4) 3:06
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Joey Middleton(Hillsboro) 5:14
  140: Tyler Keen(Edgewood) dec. Michael Voet(McNicholas) 15-13
       Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) pin Levi Flemming*HIL(X1) 1:40
       Johnny Abell(Hillsboro) pin Daniel List*MCN(X2) 0:58
       Michael Land(Valley View) pin Colt Blair(Ben Logan) 3:31
  145: Jake Eby*VV(X3) pin Derrick Hatmaker(Ben Logan) 3:34
       Colten Payne*ROS(X2) pin Taylor Cubbie(C-J) 3:32
       Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) dec. T.J. Rose*BL(X1) 7-4
       Sam Beiting(Ross) dec. Adam Moore(Edgewood) 16-10
  152: Bill Baughman*BL(X1) pin Zack Flemming(Hillsboro) 0:16
       Justin Black(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       James Rutherford(Ross) pin Mannin Patterson(C-J) 5:23
       Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  160: Kyle Williams(Hillsboro) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 3:01
       Justin Meineke(McNicholas) pin Dan Casey(C-J) 4:24
       Kenton Varney(Valley View) dec. Logan Watson*HIL(X1) 4-1
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) advanced with bye
  171: Chris Dorson-King(McNicholas) pin Josh Gregory*HIL(X2) 2:19
       Christian Estes(Edgewood) pin Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) 3:20
       Eric Short(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Clay Gates(Ben Logan) 17-0
  189: Justin Vaughn(C-J) pin Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 1:00
       Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) pin Michael Short*HIL(X1) 5:42
       Jon Gross(Franklin) pin Justin Mulloney(McNicholas) 0:58
       Carson Cagle(Ross) advanced with bye

Round 1 - Round Robin
  103: Patrick McKernan(Ross) pin Mason Moore(Franklin) 1:24
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Christian Hensley*ROS(X1) 20-4
       Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) pin Adam Zalewski(McNicholas) 0:30
  125: Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Joe Withrow(Ross) 16-0
       Jon Wilson(Valley View) pin Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) 0:44
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Dom Ranieri(McNicholas) 3:22
  215: Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Cameron Sanford(Ross) 1:35
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) dec. Shawn Focht(Valley View) 8-5
       Simon Lawson(Franklin) maj. dec. Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) 13-5
  285: Alex Jackson(Ben Logan) pin Mason Frank(Campbell Co.) 1:07
       Bryan Day(Valley View) dec. Jeremy Cross(Ross) 5-3
       Zach Nitzche(Edgewood) advanced with bye
Round 1 - Two Pools
  112: Will Keri(McNicholas) pin Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 0:41
       Zak Griffith(Valley View) pin Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 5:56
       Trenton Thomas(Ben Logan) dec. Johnny Caudill(Franklin) 10-7
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) tech. fall Brad Whitaker(Ross) 18-3
  119: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) tech. fall Steven Limbacker(Hillsboro) 15-0
       Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) pin Clayton Williams(Valley View) 1:59
       John Mills(Ross) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 0:24
       Brendon Sexton(Franklin) maj. dec. Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) 12-4
  130: Joe Dennis(McNicholas) pin Zach Warner(Franklin) 2:51
       Shea Michael(Valley View) pin Jake Sefton(Ross) 1:34
       Matt Kelly(Hillsboro) pin Curt Douglas(Ben Logan) 1:59
       Josh Marshall(C-J) dec. Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) 10-7
  135: Christian Unger(Ross) pin Thomas Wilkin*HIL(X3) 0:34
       Steve Isaacs(Valley View) pin Dan Rasfeld(McNicholas) 3:48
       Shay Lenos(Edgewood) pin Mitch Hoog*VV(X4) 5:26
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) 1:08
  140: Joe Conrad(Ross) pin Michael Voet(McNicholas) 0:43
       Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) pin Tyler Keen(Edgewood) 0:42
       Matt Piekenbrock(C-J) pin Johnny Abell(Hillsboro) 3:31
       Michael Land(Valley View) pin Daniel List*MCN(X2) 1:33
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Jake Eby*VV(X3) 1:37
       Taylor Cubbie(C-J) dec. Derrick Hatmaker(Ben Logan) 14-11
       Trey Smith(Valley View) pin T.J. Rose*BL(X1) 3:41
       Sam Beiting(Ross) dec. Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) 4-2
  152: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Zack Flemming(Hillsboro) 3:05
       Justin Black(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Bill Baughman*BL(X1) 17-2
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) maj. dec. James Rutherford(Ross) 19-5
       Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Mannin Patterson(C-J) 3:22
  160: Jake Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 4:00
       Kyle Williams(Hillsboro) pin Justin Meineke(McNicholas) 3:48
       Miguel Cabrera(Ross) pin Kenton Varney(Valley View) 3:11
       Zach Zehler(Edgewood) pin Logan Watson*HIL(X1) 2:50
  171: Tyler Davidson(Ross) pin Josh Gregory*HIL(X2) 1:00
       Christian Estes(Edgewood) pin Chris Dorson-King(McNicholas) 2:22
       Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Eric Short(Hillsboro) 2:47
       Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
  189: David Day(Valley View) pin Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 2:12
       Justin Vaughn(C-J) pin Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 3:07
       Justin Burns(Hillsboro) pin Justin Mulloney(McNicholas) 1:57
       Carson Cagle(Ross) tech. fall Jon Gross(Franklin) 16-0