2009 Franklin Invitational Wrestling Tournament
Franklin H.S. - December 5, 2009

Format: Two 5-man pools with winners paired for finals. 
140 and 285 were wrestled in 3 pools of four & 3 final pools of three.

Outstanding Wrestler: 145 pound Champion - Korey Shotwell from Campbell County

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2009 Franklin Invitational Scores
 1. Valley View               323.0
 2. Campbell Co.              265.0
 3. Ross                      257.0
 4. Edgewood                  230.0
 5. Carroll                   215.5
 6. Ben Logan                 210.0
 7. Franklin                  195.0
 8. Middletown                154.0
 9. Hillsboro                 150.0
10. C-J                        95.0
11. Waynesville                46.5

First Place - Two Pools
  103: Garth Yente(Campbell Co.) pin Scott Lakes(Valley View) 0:50
  112: Cody Steiner(Waynesville) tech. fall Christian Hensley(Ross) 23-8
  119: Josh Nelson(Carroll) dec. Jordan Puska(Edgewood) 5-2
  125: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) dec. Travis Von Neumann(Carroll) 6-0
  130: David Day(Valley View) dec. Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) 12-8
  135: Joseph Jones(Ross) pin Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) 0:43
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) dec. Joe Conrad(Ross) 11-6
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) dec. Colton Payne(Ross) 10-6
  160: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) maj. dec. Desmond Hall(Middletown) 13-5
  171: Billy Malicote(Middletown) dec. John Gross(Franklin) 7-3
  189: David Day(Valley View) dec. Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) 2-1
  215: Shawn Focht(Valley View) over Heath Evans*VV(X1) forfeit

Third Place - Two Pools
  103: Cordell Byrd(Ross) pin R.J. Gilbert(Franklin) 2:03
  112: Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) dec. Zak Neace(Franklin) 4-2
  119: Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) dec. John Mills(Ross) 6-1
  125: Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Jamie Lawson(Valley View) 11-3
  130: Oscar Romero(Franklin) dec. Josh Marshall(C-J) 4-1
  135: John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Zach Warner(Franklin) 0:56
  145: Michael Land(Valley View) maj. dec. Shay Lenos(Edgewood) 13-4
  152: Colby Bowman*RO(X2) dec. Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) 9-4
  160: Eric Willis(Valley View) pin Eric Short(Hillsboro) 2:55
  171: Christian Estes(Edgewood) pin Jacob Miller(C-J) 2:42
  189: Alex Reese(Edgewood) dec. Frankie Heimkreiter(Ross) 11-6

Fifth Place - Two Pools
  103: A.J. Michalo(Carroll) pin Colby Coy(Ben Logan) 2:56
  112: Patrick McKernan*RO(X1) pin Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) 2:50
  119: Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Erick Delgado(Middletown) 3:51
  125: Matt Middleton(Franklin) dec. Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) 10-9
  130: Joe Withrow(Ross) dec. Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 13-8
  135: Nick Reeves(Middletown) dec. Shea Michael(Valley View) 8-4
  145: Ian Brown(Carroll) dec. Colt Blair(Ben Logan) 10-6
  152: Thomas Wilkin(Hillsboro) over Ryan Lewis(Middletown) forfeit
  160: Brian Justice(Edgewood) pin Chris Davis(Ben Logan) 3:47
  171: Tyler Davidson(Ross) pin Logan Carpenter(Valley View) 0:42
  189: Mike Stoermer*CJ(X1) pin Allen Shrout(Hillsboro) 1:37
  215: Jake Venable(Edgewood) maj. dec. Beau Harmon(Ben Logan) 14-6

Seventh Place - Two Pools
  103: Brandon Carter(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
  112: Jordan Imhoff(Middletown) pin Ben Heil(Carroll) 3:38
  119: Clayton Williams(Valley View) maj. dec. Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 13-3
  125: Nick Muhl(C-J) dec. Jake Williams(Middletown) 10-3
  130: Ryan Pyle(Edgewood) pin Joey DiLoreto(Ben Logan) 4:30
  135: Stephan Limbacher(Hillsboro) dec. Scott Kallet(Carroll) 8-4
  145: Tyler Baker(Middletown) dec. Kaleb West(Hillsboro) 6-3
  152: Corey Cagle(Carroll) tech. fall Tommy Redinger(C-J) 16-0
  160: Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) dec. Anthony Davis(Ross) 10-5
  171: Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) dec. Ryan Weiss*RO(X1) 5-4
  189: Donavan Layne(C-J) over Cody Wolfe(Carroll) forfeit
  215: James Penny(Middletown) pin Rob Youtsey(Campbell Co.) 3:48

140 Pound Placers - Three Pools
1. Tommy Willis, Carroll
2. Luke Smith, Ben Logan
3. Steve Isaacs, Valley View
4. Sam Beiting, Ross
5. C.J. Beery, Waynesville
6. Andrew Globke, Middletown
7. Mason Hunick, Hillsboro
8. Anthony Kitchen, Franklin

285 Pound Placers - Three Pools
1. Mason Franck, Campbell Co.
2. Bryan Day, Valley View
3. Payton Rose, Ben Logan
4. Steve Pisut, Carroll
5. Zach Nitzsche, Edgewood
6. Joey Bennett, ED
7. Lee Hollis Jr, C-J
8. Christian Brizlen, Franklin
Round 5 - Two Pools
  103: Garth Yente(Campbell Co.) pin Brandon Carter(Hillsboro) 1:49
       Cordell Byrd(Ross) advanced with bye
       R.J. Gilbert(Franklin) pin Colby Coy(Ben Logan) 1:56
       Scott Lakes(Valley View) advanced with bye
  112: Cody Steiner(Waynesville) maj. dec. Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) 17-8
       Jordan Imhoff(Middletown) advanced with bye
       Christian Hensley(Ross) pin Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) 0:57
       Zak Neace(Franklin) advanced with bye
  119: John Mills(Ross) pin Tyler Perry*ED(X1) 0:33
       Erick Delgado(Middletown) maj. dec. Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 18-9
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) dec. Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) 2-1
       Clayton Williams(Valley View) pin Alex Screetch(C-J) 0:29
  125: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Jamie Lawson(Valley View) 1:02
       Matt Middleton(Franklin) pin D.J. Davis(Hillsboro) 3:23
       Travis Von Neumann(Carroll) tech. fall Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) 15-0
       Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) pin Jeff Engel(Ross) 1:20
  130: David Day(Valley View) maj. dec. Josh Marshall(C-J) 19-7
       Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) over Logan Kelly*HI(X2) forfeit
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Joe Withrow(Ross) 2:40
       Ryan Pyle(Edgewood) dec. Kane Barnes*BL(X1) 14-8
  135: John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin T.J. Rose(Ben Logan) 0:44
       Nick Reeves(Middletown) dec. Scott Kallet(Carroll) 6-2
       Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) dec. Shea Michael(Valley View) 9-3
       Zach Warner(Franklin) dec. Cody Logan*BL(X1) 12-5
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Shay Lenos(Edgewood) 13-1
       Colt Blair(Ben Logan) over Beau Smedley(C-J) default
       Joe Conrad(Ross) dec. Michael Land(Valley View) 3-2
       Ian Brown(Carroll) pin Kaleb West(Hillsboro) 0:28
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Colby Bowman*RO(X2) 0:40
       Tommy Redinger(C-J) advanced with bye
       Colton Payne(Ross) maj. dec. Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) 17-5
       Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) over Ryan Lewis(Middletown) forfeit
  160: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Aaron Blankenship(Carroll) 3:08
       Chris Davis(Ben Logan) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 4:56
       Eric Willis(Valley View) dec. Brian Justice(Edgewood) 11-10
       Desmond Hall(Middletown) pin Anthony Davis(Ross) 0:44
  171: John Gross(Franklin) pin Jacob Miller(C-J) 3:01
       Logan Carpenter(Valley View) pin Ryan Weiss*RO(X1) 5:05
       Christian Estes(Edgewood) tech. fall Tyler Davidson(Ross) 15-0
       Billy Malicote(Middletown) pin Jay Titus(Carroll) 0:51
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Donavan Layne(C-J) 1:05
       Alex Reese(Edgewood) pin Allen Shrout(Hillsboro) 2:58
       David Day(Valley View) over Aaron Lewis(Middletown) forfeit
       Mike Stoermer*CJ(X1) dec. Cody Wolfe(Carroll) 7-6
  215: Shawn Focht(Valley View) pin Michael Clifford(Carroll) 0:49
       James Penny(Middletown) pin Brian Huber(Ross) 0:54
       Rob Youtsey(Campbell Co.) over Josh Powell(Waynesville) forfeit
       Heath Evans*VV(X1) pin Jake Venable(Edgewood) 0:40

Round 4 - Two Pools
  103: Garth Yente(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       A.J. Michalo(Carroll) maj. dec. Brandon Carter(Hillsboro) 12-0
       Scott Lakes(Valley View) pin R.J. Gilbert(Franklin) 3:36
       Colby Coy(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  112: Cody Steiner(Waynesville) advanced with bye
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) dec. Patrick McKernan*RO(X1) 11-4
       Christian Hensley(Ross) advanced with bye
       Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) pin Ben Heil(Carroll) 5:48
  119: Erick Delgado(Middletown) pin Tyler Perry*ED(X1) 0:43
       Josh Nelson(Carroll) pin John Mills(Ross) 2:32
       Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) pin Alex Screetch(C-J) 0:21
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) tech. fall Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 17-2
  125: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin D.J. Davis(Hillsboro) 1:46
       Jamie Lawson(Valley View) dec. Nick Muhl(C-J) 9-2
       Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) 16-6
       Travis Von Neumann(Carroll) pin Jake Williams(Middletown) 0:34
  130: David Day(Valley View) over Logan Kelly*HI(X2) forfeit
       Josh Marshall(C-J) pin Joey DiLoreto(Ben Logan) 1:20
       Joe Withrow(Ross) pin Ryan Pyle(Edgewood) 0:56
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Oscar Romero(Franklin) 3:40
  135: John Hale(Campbell Co.) dec. Nick Reeves(Middletown) 6-0
       Joseph Jones(Ross) pin T.J. Rose(Ben Logan) 1:44
       Shea Michael(Valley View) dec. Cody Logan*BL(X1) 9-8
       Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) pin Stephan Limbacher(Hillsboro) 1:09
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Colt Blair(Ben Logan) 3:36
       Shay Lenos(Edgewood) dec. Tyler Baker(Middletown) 7-4
       Michael Land(Valley View) pin Kaleb West(Hillsboro) 2:28
       Joe Conrad(Ross) pin Michael Hooser(Waynesville) 0:54
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Colby Bowman*RO(X2) pin Thomas Wilkin(Hillsboro) 2:18
       Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) pin Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) 1:39
       Colton Payne(Ross) pin Corey Cagle(Carroll) 3:49
  160: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) tech. fall Chris Davis(Ben Logan) 19-4
       Eric Short(Hillsboro) pin Aaron Blankenship(Carroll) 1:23
       Brian Justice(Edgewood) pin Anthony Davis(Ross) 0:42
       Eric Willis(Valley View) dec. Jacob Porter(C-J) 8-4
  171: Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Logan Carpenter(Valley View) 1:01
       John Gross(Franklin) tech. fall Clay Gates(Ben Logan) 16-1
       Billy Malicote(Middletown) maj. dec. Tyler Davidson(Ross) 14-2
       Christian Estes(Edgewood) pin Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 1:47
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Allen Shrout(Hillsboro) 17-2
       Donavan Layne(C-J) pin Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 1:43
       Mike Stoermer*CJ(X1) over Aaron Lewis(Middletown) forfeit
       David Day(Valley View) pin Frankie Heimkreiter(Ross) 0:46
  215: Shawn Focht(Valley View) pin Brian Huber(Ross) 1:05
       Michael Clifford(Carroll) pin Beau Harmon(Ben Logan) 1:44
       Jake Venable(Edgewood) pin Rob Youtsey(Campbell Co.) 1:30
       Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) over Josh Powell(Waynesville) forfeit

Round 3 - Two Pools
  103: Garth Yente(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Cordell Byrd(Ross) 12-4
       A.J. Michalo(Carroll) advanced with bye
       R.J. Gilbert(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Scott Lakes(Valley View) advanced with bye
  112: Cody Steiner(Waynesville) maj. dec. Jordan Imhoff(Middletown) 14-4
       Patrick McKernan*RO(X1) advanced with bye
       Christian Hensley(Ross) dec. Zak Neace(Franklin) 9-6
       Ben Heil(Carroll) advanced with bye
  119: Josh Bice(Hillsboro) pin Tyler Perry*ED(X1) 1:55
       Josh Nelson(Carroll) tech. fall Erick Delgado(Middletown) 15-0
       Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) pin Clayton Williams(Valley View) 3:17
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Alex Screetch(C-J) 0:52
  125: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) tech. fall Matt Middleton(Franklin) 16-0
       Nick Muhl(C-J) pin D.J. Davis(Hillsboro) 5:41
       Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) pin Jeff Engel(Ross) 1:13
       Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) pin Jake Williams(Middletown) 0:58
  130: David Day(Valley View) tech. fall Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 21-6
       Joey DiLoreto(Ben Logan) pin Logan Kelly*HI(X2) 4:43
       Joe Withrow(Ross) maj. dec. Kane Barnes*BL(X1) 17-5
       Oscar Romero(Franklin) pin Ryan Pyle(Edgewood) 0:34
  135: John Hale(Campbell Co.) dec. Scott Kallet(Carroll) 8-2
       Joseph Jones(Ross) pin Nick Reeves(Middletown) 4:28
       Zach Warner(Franklin) pin Shea Michael(Valley View) 5:17
       Stephan Limbacher(Hillsboro) pin Cody Logan*BL(X1) 1:42
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Beau Smedley(C-J) 2:27
       Colt Blair(Ben Logan) dec. Tyler Baker(Middletown) 9-8
       Michael Land(Valley View) dec. Ian Brown(Carroll) 13-7
       Kaleb West(Hillsboro) dec. Michael Hooser(Waynesville) 12-10
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Tommy Redinger(C-J) 0:12
       Thomas Wilkin(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) over Ryan Lewis(Middletown) default
       Corey Cagle(Carroll) dec. Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) 9-4
  160: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 3:37
       Eric Short(Hillsboro) dec. Chris Davis(Ben Logan) 10-9
       Desmond Hall(Middletown) pin Brian Justice(Edgewood) 4:42
       Anthony Davis(Ross) pin Jacob Porter(C-J) 1:00
  171: Jacob Miller(C-J) pin Ryan Weiss*RO(X1) 0:52
       Clay Gates(Ben Logan) dec. Logan Carpenter(Valley View) 7-4
       Tyler Davidson(Ross) pin Jay Titus(Carroll) 0:16
       Billy Malicote(Middletown) tech. fall Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 16-0
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Alex Reese(Edgewood) 15-1
       Allen Shrout(Hillsboro) dec. Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 10-4
       Cody Wolfe(Carroll) over Aaron Lewis(Middletown) disq.
       Frankie Heimkreiter(Ross) pin Mike Stoermer*CJ(X1) 5:43
  215: Shawn Focht(Valley View) pin James Penny(Middletown) 2:29
       Beau Harmon(Ben Logan) pin Brian Huber(Ross) 1:46
       Heath Evans*VV(X1) pin Rob Youtsey(Campbell Co.) 1:46
       Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) dec. Jake Venable(Edgewood) 7-3

Round 2 - Two Pools
  103: Cordell Byrd(Ross) pin A.J. Michalo(Carroll) 5:44
       Brandon Carter(Hillsboro) advanced with bye
       Scott Lakes(Valley View) pin Colby Coy(Ben Logan) 3:45
  112: Patrick McKernan*RO(X1) maj. dec. Jordan Imhoff(Middletown) 15-6
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Zak Neace(Franklin) dec. Ben Heil(Carroll) 14-9
       Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  119: Josh Nelson(Carroll) tech. fall Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 17-0
       John Mills(Ross) pin Erick Delgado(Middletown) 0:39
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) dec. Clayton Williams(Valley View) 9-8
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) tech. fall Alex Screetch(C-J) 21-6
  125: Matt Middleton(Franklin) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 0:10
       Jamie Lawson(Valley View) maj. dec. D.J. Davis(Hillsboro) 10-0
       Jake Williams(Middletown) dec. Jeff Engel(Ross) 9-4
       Travis Von Neumann(Carroll) pin Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) 3:34
  130: Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) pin Joey DiLoreto(Ben Logan) 3:07
       Josh Marshall(C-J) tech. fall Logan Kelly*HI(X2) 15-0
       Oscar Romero(Franklin) pin Kane Barnes*BL(X1) 3:30
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Ryan Pyle(Edgewood) 3:39
  135: Joseph Jones(Ross) pin Scott Kallet(Carroll) 3:07
       Nick Reeves(Middletown) pin T.J. Rose(Ben Logan) 2:26
       Zach Warner(Franklin) dec. Stephan Limbacher(Hillsboro) 11-9
       Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) pin Cody Logan*BL(X1) 4:24
  145: Tyler Baker(Middletown) maj. dec. Beau Smedley(C-J) 12-2
       Shay Lenos(Edgewood) dec. Colt Blair(Ben Logan) 11-9
       Ian Brown(Carroll) pin Michael Hooser(Waynesville) 2:21
       Joe Conrad(Ross) pin Kaleb West(Hillsboro) 3:26
  152: Thomas Wilkin(Hillsboro) dec. Tommy Redinger(C-J) 10-6
       Colby Bowman*RO(X2) advanced with bye
       Ryan Lewis(Middletown) dec. Corey Cagle(Carroll) 8-2
       Colton Payne(Ross) pin Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) 2:47
  160: Eric Short(Hillsboro) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 2:38
       Chris Davis(Ben Logan) dec. Aaron Blankenship(Carroll) 8-3
       Desmond Hall(Middletown) pin Jacob Porter(C-J) 1:44
       Eric Willis(Valley View) dec. Anthony Davis(Ross) 11-6
  171: Ryan Weiss*RO(X1) maj. dec. Clay Gates(Ben Logan) 14-5
       John Gross(Franklin) tech. fall Logan Carpenter(Valley View) 18-3
       Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) pin Jay Titus(Carroll) 5:22
       Billy Malicote(Middletown) dec. Christian Estes(Edgewood) 7-4
  189: Alex Reese(Edgewood) dec. Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 6-2
       Allen Shrout(Hillsboro) dec. Donavan Layne(C-J) 5-4
       Frankie Heimkreiter(Ross) maj. dec. Cody Wolfe(Carroll) 13-5
       David Day(Valley View) pin Mike Stoermer*CJ(X1) 2:33
  215: Beau Harmon(Ben Logan) maj. dec. James Penny(Middletown) 11-0
       Michael Clifford(Carroll) pin Brian Huber(Ross) 0:28
       Heath Evans*VV(X1) pin Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) 1:39
       Jake Venable(Edgewood) over Josh Powell(Waynesville) default

Round 1 - Two Pools
  103: Garth Yente(Campbell Co.) pin A.J. Michalo(Carroll) 1:05
       Cordell Byrd(Ross) pin Brandon Carter(Hillsboro) 2:46
       R.J. Gilbert(Franklin) advanced with bye
       Colby Coy(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
  112: Cody Steiner(Waynesville) maj. dec. Patrick McKernan*RO(X1) 16-3
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) dec. Jordan Imhoff(Middletown) 11-9
       Christian Hensley(Ross) pin Ben Heil(Carroll)  1:48
       Zak Neace(Franklin) pin Trevor Newland(Ben Logan) 2:58
  119: Josh Nelson(Carroll) tech. fall Tyler Perry*ED(X1) 15-0
       John Mills(Ross) pin Josh Bice(Hillsboro) 0:40
       Bryan Newland(Ben Logan) dec. Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 5-0
       Jordan Puska(Edgewood) dec. Clayton Williams(Valley View) 10-5
  125: Nick McSorley(Edgewood) pin Nick Muhl(C-J) 1:30
       Jamie Lawson(Valley View) dec. Matt Middleton(Franklin) 9-3
       Zach Creamer(Ben Logan) pin Jake Williams(Middletown) 0:23
       Travis Von Neumann(Carroll) tech. fall Jeff Engel(Ross) 15-0
  130: David Day(Valley View) pin Joey DiLoreto(Ben Logan) 3:09
       Josh Marshall(C-J) dec. Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 10-8
       Oscar Romero(Franklin) dec. Joe Withrow(Ross) 10-4
       Andrew Goolsby(Hillsboro) pin Kane Barnes*BL(X1) 2:51
  135: Joseph Jones(Ross) dec. John Hale(Campbell Co.) 7-5ot
       Scott Kallet(Carroll) tech. fall T.J. Rose(Ben Logan) 15-0
       Shea Michael(Valley View) dec. Stephan Limbacher(Hillsboro) 5-0
       Jacob McHenry(Edgewood) pin Zach Warner(Franklin) 1:13
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Tyler Baker(Middletown) 4:44
       Shay Lenos(Edgewood) tech. fall Beau Smedley(C-J) 15-0
       Michael Land(Valley View) pin Michael Hooser(Waynesville) 0:23
       Joe Conrad(Ross) maj. dec. Ian Brown(Carroll) 18-10
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Thomas Wilkin(Hillsboro) 0:42
       Colby Bowman*RO(X2) pin Tommy Redinger(C-J) 1:13
       Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) pin Corey Cagle(Carroll) 3:19
       Ryan Lewis(Middletown) dec. Colton Payne(Ross) 8-5
  160: Eric Hildenbrand(Franklin) pin Eric Short(Hillsboro) 2:50
       Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Aaron Blankenship(Carroll) 18-0
       Jacob Porter(C-J) pin Brian Justice(Edgewood) 2:58
       Desmond Hall(Middletown) pin Eric Willis(Valley View) 3:58
  171: Jacob Miller(C-J) maj. dec. Clay Gates(Ben Logan) 15-1
       John Gross(Franklin) pin Ryan Weiss*RO(X1) 4:45
       Tyler Davidson(Ross) pin Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 0:35
       Christian Estes(Edgewood) pin Jay Titus(Carroll) 1:59
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Sam Baker(Ben Logan) 19-4
       Alex Reese(Edgewood) pin Donavan Layne(C-J) 5:55
       Aaron Lewis(Middletown) pin Frankie Heimkreiter(Ross) 0:47
       David Day(Valley View) pin Cody Wolfe(Carroll) 5:25
  215: Shawn Focht(Valley View) pin Beau Harmon(Ben Logan) 1:25
       Michael Clifford(Carroll) pin James Penny(Middletown) 0:33
       Tyler Griego(Hillsboro) tech. fall Rob Youtsey(Campbell Co.) 16-0
       Heath Evans*VV(X1) over Josh Powell(Waynesville) default

Final 1 - Three Pools
  140: Tommy Willis(Carroll) maj. dec. Steve Isaacs(Valley View) 14-5
  285: Bryan Day(Valley View) pin Payton Rose(Ben Logan) 1:50

Final 2 - Three Pools
  140: Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Steve Isaacs(Valley View) 1:41
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Payton Rose(Ben Logan) 0:29

Final 3 - Three Pools
  140: Tommy Willis(Carroll) maj. dec. Luke Smith(Ben Logan) 9-0
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) dec. Bryan Day(Valley View) 8-6

Consolation 1 - Three Pools
  140: Andrew Globke(Middletown) dec. Sam Beiting(Ross) 3-2
  285: Zach Nitzsche(Edgewood) over Joey Bennett*ED(X3) forfeit

Consolation 2 - Three Pools
  140: C.J. Beery(Waynesville) dec. Andrew Globke(Middletown) 2-1
  285: Steve Pisut(Carroll) dec. Joey Bennett*ED(X3) 6-4

Consolation 3 - Three Pools
  140: Sam Beiting(Ross) maj. dec. C.J. Beery(Waynesville) 17-7
  285: Steve Pisut(Carroll) pin Zach Nitzsche(Edgewood) 2:42

Seventh 1 - Three Pools
  140: Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) tech. fall Dominic Genovesi(C-J) 18-1
  285: Lee Hollis Jr(C-J) pin Christian Brizlen(Franklin) 1:48

Seventh 2 - Three Pools
  140: Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) pin Dominic Genovesi(C-J) 1:35
  285: Christian Brizlen(Franklin) pin Jacob Mosely(Hillsboro) 2:37

Seventh 3 - Three Pools
  140: Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) dec. Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) 8-2
  285: Lee Hollis Jr(C-J) pin Jacob Mosely(Hillsboro) 1:06

Round 3 - Three Pools
  140: Tommy Willis(Carroll) maj. dec. Sam Beiting(Ross) 13-1
       Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) pin Tarren Cozad*BL(X1) 2:39
       Steve Isaacs(Valley View) dec. Andrew Globke(Middletown) 4-2
       Dominic Genovesi(C-J) pin E Shane Ramey(Edgewood) 2:09
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin C.J. Beery(Waynesville) 0:40
       Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) dec. Dylan Watson(Campbell Co.) 4-2ot
  285: Bryan Day(Valley View) pin Zach Nitzsche(Edgewood) 0:48
       Lee Hollis Jr(C-J) dec. Chris Allen(Ross) 5-0
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Joey Bennett*ED(X3) 13-3
       Christian Brizlen(Franklin) pin Brian Simpson(Middletown) 5:48
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) dec. Steve Pisut(Carroll) 4-2
       Jacob Mosely(Hillsboro) pin Wes Shepherd*BL(X1) 1:07

Round 2 - Three Pools
  140: Tommy Willis(Carroll) maj. dec. Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) 14-3
       Sam Beiting(Ross) pin Tarren Cozad*BL(X1) 1:35
       Andrew Globke(Middletown) maj. dec. Dominic Genovesi(C-J) 15-4
       Steve Isaacs(Valley View) pin E Shane Ramey(Edgewood) 1:59
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Dylan Watson(Campbell Co.) 3:30
       C.J. Beery(Waynesville) pin Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) 3:38
  285: Bryan Day(Valley View) pin Lee Hollis Jr(C-J) 0:36
       Zach Nitzsche(Edgewood) pin Chris Allen(Ross) 2:41
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) pin Brian Simpson(Middletown) 5:09
       Joey Bennett*ED(X3) pin Christian Brizlen(Franklin) 1:03
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Wes Shepherd*BL(X1) 0:42
       Steve Pisut(Carroll) pin Jacob Mosely(Hillsboro) 0:34

Round 1 - Three Pools
  140: Tommy Willis(Carroll) tech. fall Tarren Cozad*BL(X1) 15-0
       Sam Beiting(Ross) dec. Mason Hunick(Hillsboro) 6-4
       Andrew Globke(Middletown) pin E Shane Ramey(Edgewood) 2:45
       Steve Isaacs(Valley View) pin Dominic Genovesi(C-J) 3:49
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Anthony Kitchen(Franklin) 14-4
       Dylan Watson(Campbell Co.) dec. C.J. Beery(Waynesville) 6-0
  285: Bryan Day(Valley View) pin Chris Allen(Ross) 1:15
       Zach Nitzsche(Edgewood) pin Lee Hollis Jr(C-J) 1:36
       Payton Rose(Ben Logan) dec. Christian Brizlen(Franklin) 13-8
       Brian Simpson(Middletown) dec. Joey Bennett*ED(X3) 14-10
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Jacob Mosely(Hillsboro) 1:05
       Steve Pisut(Carroll) pin Wes Shepherd*BL(X1) 1:11