2008 Raider Rumble 16 Team Pool Wrestling Tournament
Ryle High School - December 13, 2008

Format: Four 4-man pools with winners paired for semifinals and runner-ups paired in consolation semifinals.

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2008 Ryle Raider Rumble Scores
 1. Grundy                    336.5
 2. Trinity                   279.5
 3. Ryle                      275.0
 4. Campbell Co.              222.5
 5. So. Dearborn              208.0
 6. John Hardin               200.0
 7. LaRue Co.                 182.0
 8. Union Co.                 137.0
 9. Henry Clay                131.0
10. Winton Woods              109.0
11. Cooper                    103.0
12. Lafayette                  97.0
13. So. Oldham                 93.0
14. Sycamore                   69.0
15. Conner                     48.0
16. Boone Co.                  24.0

First Place
  103: John Fahy(Trinity) pin T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) 1:59
  112: Sean Vandyke(Grundy) dec. Brent Hitchings(Trinity) 9-5
  119: Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) maj. dec. Michael Osborne(Ryle) 9-1
  125: Derek Anderson(Grundy) pin Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) 3:33
  130: Cody Rife(Grundy) dec. Aaron Carr(Union Co.) 11-10
  135: Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) dec. Ethan Owens(Grundy) 7-2
  140: John Dotson(Grundy) dec. Josh Johnson(John Hardin) 2-1
  145: Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) maj. dec. Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) 10-2
  152: Tyler McClanahan(Grundy) pin Justin Black(Campbell Co.) 2:26
  160: Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) dec. Preston Adams(Conner) 7-2
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) dec. Will Hogben(Ryle) 11-5
  189: Jake Bradford(Ryle) dec. Josh Lewis(Trinity) 7-2
  215: Ryan Houchens(So. Oldham) dec. Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) 5-3
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Shaun Smith(Winton Woods) 1:29

Third Place
  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Caleb Canter(LaRue Co.) 14-5
  112: Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) maj. dec. Jacob Smith*TR(X4) 9-0
  119: Matt Zarth(Henry Clay) dec. Myron Bradbury(Trinity) 3-1
  125: Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) dec. Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) 6-3
  130: T.J. Bates(Cooper) dec. Caleb Lonkard(Ryle) 3-0
  135: Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) dec. Zack Roland(Ryle) 3-2
  140: Cody Guiler(Henry Clay) pin Shaquille Cox(LaRue Co.) 1:20
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) dec. Luke Ervin(Union Co.) 8-2
  152: Ryan Duyzk(Henry Clay) dec. Court Mace(Ryle) 4-2
  160: Conner Coyle(Ryle) dec. Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) 7-1
  171: Tanner McClanahan(Grundy) pin Bernard Ray(LaRue Co.) INJ
  189: Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) dec. Daniel Lowe(Grundy) 7-0
  215: Shane Smith(Winton Woods) pin Drew Newberry(LaRue Co.) INJ
  285: Alex Edwards(Grundy) dec. Jake Cooper(Henry Clay) 4-2

Fifth Place
  103: Danny Crittenden(John Hardin) pin Logan Jones(Cooper) 3:42
  112: Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Jacob Penick(Cooper) 0:34
  119: John Kurz(Sycamore) dec. Justin Thompson(LaRue Co.) 7-3
  125: Ryan Whitney(Sycamore) dec. Austin Palmer(Ryle) 9-6
  130: Shelby Floyd(LaRue Co.) dec. Curtis Lusco*RY(X3) 8-2
  135: Brandon Whitehouse(So. Oldham) pin Lane Jones(Cooper) 0:29
  140: Tyler Witte(So. Dearborn) pin Matt Matheny(Trinity) 5:00
  145: Shawn Hull(LaRue Co.) dec. Jeremiah McGhee(John Hardin) 8-5
  152: Dez Jakes(LaRue Co.) dec. Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) 3-0
  160: Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) maj. dec. Max Malito(John Hardin) 16-5
  171: Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) dec. Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) 4-1
  189: Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) dec. Sam Bryant(Lafayette) 4-2
  215: Steven Underwood(Trinity) pin Shamon Brown(Lafayette) 2:30
  285: Brandon Adams(Ryle) pin Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) 3:49

Seventh Place
  103: Camden Hanley(Lafayette) maj. dec. Luke Rearic*LAF(X1) 9-1
  112: Raymundo Perez*LC(X2) dec. Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 7-5
  119: Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) dec. Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) 5-0
  125: Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) dec. Sean Gillespie(Trinity) 4-2
  130: John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Brandon Windisch(Conner) 2:36
  135: Ausdin Pender(Trinity) maj. dec. Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) 16-3
  140: Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) pin Hugo Galon(Ryle) 4:38
  145: Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) pin Garland Cleek(Grundy) 0:42
  152: Erin McCauley(Trinity) pin Andy Gilliland(Cooper) 2:18
  160: Adam Gunn(Trinity) pin Josh Parker*RY(X7) 4:25
  171: Eric Zientek(Sycamore) pin Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) INJ
  189: Christian Caddell(Cooper) pin Quincy Powell*WW(X2) 2:20
  215: Tony Napier(So. Dearborn) pin Brian Robertson(Boone Co.) 0:58
  285: Nathan Bell(LaRue Co.) pin Brendan Darrow*TR(X3) 2:06

  103: John Fahy(Trinity) tech. fall Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) 19-3
       T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) dec. Caleb Canter(LaRue Co.) 12-5
  112: Sean Vandyke(Grundy) maj. dec. Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) 11-0
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) dec. Jacob Smith*TR(X4) 4-0
  119: Michael Osborne(Ryle) dec. Matt Zarth(Henry Clay) 10-8ot
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) dec. Myron Bradbury(Trinity) 6-4ot
  125: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) dec. Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) 10-6
       Derek Anderson(Grundy) pin Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) 2:53
  130: Aaron Carr(Union Co.) pin T.J. Bates(Cooper) 4:50
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin Caleb Lonkard(Ryle) 1:38
  135: Ethan Owens(Grundy) dec. Zack Roland(Ryle) 7-2
       Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) dec. Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) 10-3
  140: Josh Johnson(John Hardin) pin Shaquille Cox(LaRue Co.) 1:13
       John Dotson(Grundy) tech. fall Cody Guiler(Henry Clay) 17-1
  145: Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) dec. Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) 4-2
       Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) dec. Luke Ervin(Union Co.) 9-4
  152: Justin Black(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Ryan Duyzk(Henry Clay) 18-3
       Tyler McClanahan(Grundy) pin Court Mace(Ryle) 2:55
  160: Preston Adams(Conner) dec. Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) 6-4
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) dec. Conner Coyle(Ryle) 7-6
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Tanner McClanahan(Grundy) 0:25
       Will Hogben(Ryle) maj. dec. Bernard Ray(LaRue Co.) 13-2
  189: Jake Bradford(Ryle) pin Daniel Lowe(Grundy) 0:26
       Josh Lewis(Trinity) dec. Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) 9-3
  215: Ryan Houchens(So. Oldham) maj. dec. Shane Smith(Winton Woods) 10-2
       Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) dec. Drew Newberry(LaRue Co.) 9-8
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Jake Cooper(Henry Clay) 4:49
       Shaun Smith(Winton Woods) pin Alex Edwards(Grundy) 1:57

Consolation Semifinals
  103: Danny Crittenden(John Hardin) dec. Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 5-4
       Logan Jones(Cooper) dec. Luke Rearic*LAF(X1) 13-8
  112: Jacob Penick(Cooper) pin Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 2:30
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Raymundo Perez*LC(X2) 1:43
  119: Justin Thompson(LaRue Co.) dec. Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) 8-4
       John Kurz(Sycamore) dec. Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) 14-9ot
  125: Austin Palmer(Ryle) pin Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) 2:57
       Ryan Whitney(Sycamore) maj. dec. Sean Gillespie(Trinity) 12-3
  130: Curtis Lusco*RY(X3) pin Brandon Windisch(Conner) 1:33
       Shelby Floyd(LaRue Co.) dec. John Hale(Campbell Co.) 6-3
  135: Brandon Whitehouse(So. Oldham) dec. Ausdin Pender(Trinity) 8-4
       Lane Jones(Cooper) dec. Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) 7-3
  140: Tyler Witte(So. Dearborn) pin Hugo Galon(Ryle) 2:38
       Matt Matheny(Trinity) dec. Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) 10-8ot
  145: Shawn Hull(LaRue Co.) pin Garland Cleek(Grundy) 3:49
       Jeremiah McGhee(John Hardin) pin Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) 1:48
  152: Dez Jakes(LaRue Co.) pin Andy Gilliland(Cooper) 0:40
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) dec. Erin McCauley(Trinity) 5-2
  160: Max Malito(John Hardin) dec. Josh Parker*RY(X7) 9-5
       Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) maj. dec. Adam Gunn(Trinity) 13-3
  171: Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) dec. Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) 5-1
       Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) pin Eric Zientek(Sycamore) 0:50
  189: Sam Bryant(Lafayette) pin Quincy Powell*WW(X2) 0:53
       Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) dec. Christian Caddell(Cooper) 16-12
  215: Steven Underwood(Trinity) maj. dec. Tony Napier(So. Dearborn) 11-0
       Shamon Brown(Lafayette) pin Brian Robertson(Boone Co.) 1:08
  285: Brandon Adams(Ryle) pin Brendan Darrow*TR(X3) 3:03
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Nathan Bell(LaRue Co.) 0:45

Round 3
  103: John Fahy(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) pin Brandon Gray(So. Dearborn) 1:30
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) pin Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) 3:38
       Danny Crittenden(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) pin Luke Rearic*LAF(X1) 5:23
       Caleb Canter(LaRue Co.) advanced with bye
       Logan Jones(Cooper) pin Cody Haynes*RY(X3) 1:52
  112: Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 0:19
       Danny Spille(Boone Co.) advanced with bye
       Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) pin Michael Bryant(Winton Woods) 0:25
       Jacob Penick(Cooper) advanced with bye
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Jacey Billups*WW(X6) 0:45
       Raymundo Perez*LC(X2) maj. dec. Kyle Sparks(Ryle) 13-2
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) dec. Nick Paden(LaRue Co.) 7-6
       Jacob Smith*TR(X4) advanced with bye
  119: Matt Zarth(Henry Clay) pin Caleb Nill(So. Oldham) 1:02
       Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) pin Tyler Gies(Boone Co.) 1:00
       Michael Osborne(Ryle) pin Justin Thompson(LaRue Co.) 5:03
       Josh Johnson(Conner) advanced with bye
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) dec. Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) 7-2
       Moges Tsegay(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) pin Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) INJ
       John Kurz(Sycamore) tech. fall Zach Burris(So. Dearborn) 17-0
  125: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) dec. Austin Palmer(Ryle) 7-5
       Channing Elswick*GR(X1) dec. Brandon Ward(LaRue Co.) 6-4
       Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) pin Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) 5:46
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) pin David English(Lafayette) 3:17
       Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) dec. Ryan Whitney(Sycamore) 7-0
       Matt Young(Union Co.) pin Max Norris(Conner) 1:03
       Derek Anderson(Grundy) pin Sean Gillespie(Trinity) 1:02
       Thomas Larkin(Winton Woods) maj. dec. Derek Gibbs(Boone Co.) 13-4
  130: Aaron Carr(Union Co.) pin Duck Yim(Sycamore) 1:57
       Curtis Lusco*RY(X3) pin Dionte Smith(Winton Woods) 3:01
       T.J. Bates(Cooper) pin Brandon Windisch(Conner) 1:11
       Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) pin Taylor Albert*LC(X2) 3:12
       Caleb Lonkard(Ryle) pin Brandon Birk(Trinity) 1:18
       Shelby Floyd(LaRue Co.) pin Joey Ratliff*GR(X1) 5:09
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin John Hale(Campbell Co.) 2:43
       Ronnie Whisman(So. Dearborn) pin Zach Brown*RY(X5) 1:57
  135: Ethan Owens(Grundy) dec. Logan Hull(LaRue Co.) 7-0
       Brandon Whitehouse(So. Oldham) pin Abe Wolke(Winton Woods) 1:19
       Zack Roland(Ryle) pin Kyle Pangallo(Sycamore) 2:35
       Ausdin Pender(Trinity) pin Kreig Studer(So. Dearborn) 2:41
       Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) pin Sam Cooper(Henry Clay) 1:55
       Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Emory Burroughs*TR(X1) 1:42
       Lane Jones(Cooper) pin Sheldon McLetchie(Lafayette) 1:24
  140: Josh Johnson(John Hardin) pin Hugo Galon(Ryle) 1:30
       Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Shaquille Cox(LaRue Co.) dec. Caleb Whitcomb-Dixon(Sycamore) 8-6
       Tyler Witte(So. Dearborn) pin Caleb Taylor*RY(X2) 1:00
       Cody Guiler(Henry Clay) pin Damien Lucas*RY(X1) 0:25
       Matt Matheny(Trinity) advanced with bye
       John Dotson(Grundy) pin Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) 1:25
       Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) pin Jonathon Jones(Winton Woods) 3:23
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Dan Garfield(Sycamore) 2:33
       Shawn Hull(LaRue Co.) advanced with bye
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Matt Brewer(Cooper) 2:56
       Garland Cleek(Grundy) pin Collin Wilkins(Lafayette) 0:32
       Luke Ervin(Union Co.) advanced with bye
       Jeremiah McGhee(John Hardin) pin Wes Walters(Conner) 3:45
       Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) pin Taylor Bosse(Ryle) 0:23
       Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) pin Desmond Pritchard(Henry Clay) 3:01
  152: Dez Jakes(LaRue Co.) pin Austin Cadle(Lafayette) 0:21
       Justin Black(Campbell Co.) pin Jakup Baker(Union Co.) 3:57
       Ryan Duyzk(Henry Clay) dec. Andy Gilliland(Cooper) 9-4
       DeMarco Thomas(Winton Woods) pin Adam Pelley(Conner) INJ
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) pin Zach Griffin(Boone Co.) 1:40
       Court Mace(Ryle) pin Ross Kok(John Hardin) 2:38
       Erin McCauley(Trinity) dec. Jake Schwarberg(Sycamore) 7-1
       Tyler McClanahan(Grundy) maj. dec. Cole Proctor(So. Oldham) 14-2
  160: Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) pin Randy Minten(Union Co.) 1:39
       Max Malito(John Hardin) pin Kris Sutherland(LaRue Co.) 2:48
       Preston Adams(Conner) pin Jude Remillion(Henry Clay) 0:54
       Josh Parker*RY(X7) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 3:57
       Conner Coyle(Ryle) pin John Garrett*HC(X2) 0:44
       Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) pin Chris Fitch(Sycamore) 2:57
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) pin Vince Couch*LC(X3) 1:47
       Adam Gunn(Trinity) pin Tyler Justus(Grundy) 2:25
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) 4:32
       Cory Buckler*RY(X2) pin Cody Williams*LC(X3) 2:15
       Tanner McClanahan(Grundy) dec. Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) 7-2
       Kyle Knight(So. Oldham) pin Ian Gorvetieta(Henry Clay) 4:56
       Bernard Ray(LaRue Co.) pin Mark Sneed(Winton Woods) 2:14
       Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) pin Tyler Sweeden*TR(X4) 0:52
       Will Hogben(Ryle) pin Eric Zientek(Sycamore) 5:02
       Jake McCowen*GR(X1) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 3:15
  189: Jake Bradford(Ryle) pin Damien McVaigh(Conner) 0:23
       Quincy Powell*WW(X2) advanced with bye
       Daniel Lowe(Grundy) dec. Sam Bryant(Lafayette) 3-2
       David Masure(LaRue Co.) pin Juwan Johnson(Winton Woods) 1:57
       Josh Lewis(Trinity) pin Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) 1:08
       Darrin Connors*WW(X3) advanced with bye
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) pin Taylor Pruett*RY(X1) 4:57
       Christian Caddell(Cooper) pin Miranda Hurst(Henry Clay) 0:21
  215: Ryan Houchens(So. Oldham) pin Tony Napier(So. Dearborn) 2:33
       Blake Carlson(John Hardin) pin Jake Williamson*RY(X3) 1:42
       Shane Smith(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       Steven Underwood(Trinity) pin Eli Meredith*LC(X2) 0:49
       Drew Newberry(LaRue Co.) pin Brian Robertson(Boone Co.) 1:15
       Ryan Jefferds(Ryle) dec. Mike Morgan*SO(X1) 13-9
       Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Mirza Pravasic(Henry Clay) 3:16
       Shamon Brown(Lafayette) pin Corrie Bennett*WW(X4) 0:14
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Daniel Mayes(Union Co.) 0:26
       Brendan Darrow*TR(X3) pin Dominick Gagliardi(Conner) 0:54
       Jake Cooper(Henry Clay) pin Thomas Day(Boone Co.) 4:59
       Brandon Adams(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Shaun Smith(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Sarlis Athanasios(Sycamore) 0:34
       Alex Edwards(Grundy) pin John Heile(Trinity) 2:24
       Steven Kleeman(So. Dearborn) dec. Nathan Bell(LaRue Co.) 4-2

Round 2
  103: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 2:44
       Brandon Gray(So. Dearborn) advanced with bye
       Danny Crittenden(John Hardin) pin Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) 1:08
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Luke Rearic*LAF(X1) advanced with bye
       Logan Jones(Cooper) advanced with bye
       Caleb Canter(LaRue Co.) pin Cody Haynes*RY(X3) 1:15
  112: Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Danny Spille(Boone Co.) 1:09
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Michael Bryant(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) pin Jacob Penick(Cooper) 4:22
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Kyle Sparks(Ryle) 1:18
       Raymundo Perez*LC(X2) pin Jacey Billups*WW(X6) 0:26
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Nick Paden(LaRue Co.) dec. Jacob Smith*TR(X4) 10-4
  119: Matt Zarth(Henry Clay) pin Tyler Gies(Boone Co.) 1:57
       Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) pin Caleb Nill(So. Oldham) 0:57
       Justin Thompson(LaRue Co.) pin Josh Johnson(Conner) 1:05
       Michael Osborne(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Moges Tsegay(Winton Woods) 1:00
       Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Zach Burris(So. Dearborn) 15-0
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) maj. dec. John Kurz(Sycamore) 19-5
  125: Austin Palmer(Ryle) pin Channing Elswick*GR(X1) 1:43
       Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) pin Brandon Ward(LaRue Co.) 0:58
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) 15-6
       Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) pin David English(Lafayette) 1:51
       Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) pin Matt Young(Union Co.) 5:32
       Ryan Whitney(Sycamore) pin Max Norris(Conner) 1:31
       Sean Gillespie(Trinity) pin Thomas Larkin(Winton Woods) 0:54
       Derek Anderson(Grundy) pin Derek Gibbs(Boone Co.) 0:20
  130: Aaron Carr(Union Co.) pin Curtis Lusco*RY(X3) 3:07
       Duck Yim(Sycamore) pin Dionte Smith(Winton Woods) 1:21
       Brandon Windisch(Conner) dec. Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) 11-4
       T.J. Bates(Cooper) tech. fall Taylor Albert*LC(X2) 15-0
       Caleb Lonkard(Ryle) pin Joey Ratliff*GR(X1) 1:41
       Shelby Floyd(LaRue Co.) pin Brandon Birk(Trinity) 5:43
       John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Zach Brown*RY(X5) 3:54
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin Ronnie Whisman(So. Dearborn) 0:40
  135: Ethan Owens(Grundy) tech. fall Brandon Whitehouse(So. Oldham) 16-1
       Logan Hull(LaRue Co.) pin Abe Wolke(Winton Woods) 1:59
       Ausdin Pender(Trinity) dec. Kyle Pangallo(Sycamore) 6-0
       Zack Roland(Ryle) pin Kreig Studer(So. Dearborn) 3:56
       Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) maj. dec. Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) 19-6
       Sam Cooper(Henry Clay) advanced with bye
       Emory Burroughs*TR(X1) pin Sheldon McLetchie(Lafayette) 2:57
       Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Lane Jones(Cooper) 3:31
  140: Josh Johnson(John Hardin) pin Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) 0:28
       Hugo Galon(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Caleb Whitcomb-Dixon(Sycamore) tech. fall Caleb Taylor*RY(X2) 15-0
       Shaquille Cox(LaRue Co.) dec. Tyler Witte(So. Dearborn) 13-7
       Cody Guiler(Henry Clay) advanced with bye
       Matt Matheny(Trinity) pin Damien Lucas*RY(X1) 1:01
       Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) pin Jonathon Jones(Winton Woods) 1:30
       John Dotson(Grundy) maj. dec. Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) 14-2
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Shawn Hull(LaRue Co.) 1:20
       Dan Garfield(Sycamore) advanced with bye
       Garland Cleek(Grundy) pin Matt Brewer(Cooper) 0:58
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Collin Wilkins(Lafayette) 1:10
       Luke Ervin(Union Co.) pin Wes Walters(Conner) 1:08
       Jeremiah McGhee(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       Taylor Bosse(Ryle) pin Desmond Pritchard(Henry Clay) 3:00
       Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) pin Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) 1:30
  152: Dez Jakes(LaRue Co.) pin Jakup Baker(Union Co.) 3:07
       Justin Black(Campbell Co.) pin Austin Cadle(Lafayette) 0:35
       Andy Gilliland(Cooper) pin DeMarco Thomas(Winton Woods) 1:22
       Ryan Duyzk(Henry Clay) pin Adam Pelley(Conner) 0:35
       Court Mace(Ryle) dec. Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) 3-2
       Ross Kok(John Hardin) pin Zach Griffin(Boone Co.) 2:25
       Tyler McClanahan(Grundy) pin Jake Schwarberg(Sycamore) 5:54
       Erin McCauley(Trinity) pin Cole Proctor(So. Oldham) 1:45
  160: Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) tech. fall Max Malito(John Hardin) 17-1
       Randy Minten(Union Co.) dec. Kris Sutherland(LaRue Co.) 6-2
       Josh Parker*RY(X7) pin Jude Remillion(Henry Clay) 3:18
       Preston Adams(Conner) dec. Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 6-5
       Conner Coyle(Ryle) dec. Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) 4-3
       Chris Fitch(Sycamore) pin John Garrett*HC(X2) 1:19
       Tyler Justus(Grundy) pin Vince Couch*LC(X3) 3:02
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) pin Adam Gunn(Trinity) 2:52
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Cody Williams*LC(X3) 1:24
       Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) pin Cory Buckler*RY(X2) 0:38
       Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) pin Ian Gorvetieta(Henry Clay) 0:55
       Tanner McClanahan(Grundy) pin Kyle Knight(So. Oldham) 4:13
       Bernard Ray(LaRue Co.) maj. dec. Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) 13-4
       Mark Sneed(Winton Woods) dec. Tyler Sweeden*TR(X4) 9-7
       Eric Zientek(Sycamore) dec. Jake McCowen*GR(X1) 4-3
       Will Hogben(Ryle) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 0:36
  189: Jake Bradford(Ryle) pin Quincy Powell*WW(X2) 0:43
       Damien McVaigh(Conner) advanced with bye
       Daniel Lowe(Grundy) pin David Masure(LaRue Co.) 2:20
       Sam Bryant(Lafayette) dec. Juwan Johnson(Winton Woods) 11-6
       Josh Lewis(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) pin Darrin Connors*WW(X3) 0:43
       Christian Caddell(Cooper) pin Taylor Pruett*RY(X1) 3:27
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) pin Miranda Hurst(Henry Clay) 0:13
  215: Ryan Houchens(So. Oldham) pin Blake Carlson(John Hardin) 0:56
       Tony Napier(So. Dearborn) pin Jake Williamson*RY(X3) 1:13
       Steven Underwood(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Shane Smith(Winton Woods) pin Eli Meredith*LC(X2) 0:42
       Drew Newberry(LaRue Co.) pin Mike Morgan*SO(X1) 1:36
       Brian Robertson(Boone Co.) tech. fall Ryan Jefferds(Ryle) 18-1
       Mirza Pravasic(Henry Clay) pin Corrie Bennett*WW(X4) 0:19
       Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Shamon Brown(Lafayette) 0:59
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Dominick Gagliardi(Conner) 0:37
       Brendan Darrow*TR(X3) pin Daniel Mayes(Union Co.) 0:34
       Thomas Day(Boone Co.) advanced with bye
       Jake Cooper(Henry Clay) pin Brandon Adams(Ryle) 0:25
       Shaun Smith(Winton Woods) pin Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) 4:49
       Sarlis Athanasios(Sycamore) advanced with bye
       John Heile(Trinity) pin Steven Kleeman(So. Dearborn) 3:15
       Alex Edwards(Grundy) pin Nathan Bell(LaRue Co.) 1:47

Round 1
  103: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Brandon Gray(So. Dearborn) 1:15
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) advanced with bye
       Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Danny Crittenden(John Hardin) 9-0
       T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Luke Rearic*LAF(X1) advanced with bye
       Cody Haynes*RY(X3) advanced with bye
       Caleb Canter(LaRue Co.) pin Logan Jones(Cooper) 2:30
  112: Sean Vandyke(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Danny Spille(Boone Co.) 4:38
       Jacob Penick(Cooper) pin Michael Bryant(Winton Woods) 0:56
       Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) dec. Raymundo Perez*LC(X2) 10-3
       Kyle Sparks(Ryle) pin Jacey Billups*WW(X6) 1:57
       Jacob Smith*TR(X4) pin Will Bryant(Lafayette) 2:59
       Nick Paden(LaRue Co.) advanced with bye
  119: Matt Zarth(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) 19-7
       Tyler Gies(Boone Co.) pin Caleb Nill(So. Oldham) 3:00
       Justin Thompson(LaRue Co.) advanced with bye
       Michael Osborne(Ryle) pin Josh Johnson(Conner) 0:22
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) pin Moges Tsegay(Winton Woods) 2:20
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) advanced with bye
       John Kurz(Sycamore) pin Sean Hammons(Campbell Co.) INJ
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) tech. fall Zach Burris(So. Dearborn) 17-2
  125: Austin Palmer(Ryle) dec. Brandon Ward(LaRue Co.) 6-1
       Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) pin Channing Elswick*GR(X1) 1:30
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin David English(Lafayette) 4:15
       Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) maj. dec. Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) 13-2
       Caleb Schneider(Campbell Co.) pin Max Norris(Conner) 0:30
       Ryan Whitney(Sycamore) dec. Matt Young(Union Co.) 5-4
       Sean Gillespie(Trinity) pin Derek Gibbs(Boone Co.) 0:52
       Derek Anderson(Grundy) pin Thomas Larkin(Winton Woods) 0:19
  130: Aaron Carr(Union Co.) pin Dionte Smith(Winton Woods) 0:40
       Curtis Lusco*RY(X3) dec. Duck Yim(Sycamore) 6-3
       Brandon Windisch(Conner) pin Taylor Albert*LC(X2) 3:20
       T.J. Bates(Cooper) pin Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) 1:01
       Caleb Lonkard(Ryle) pin Shelby Floyd(LaRue Co.) 0:42
       Joey Ratliff*GR(X1) maj. dec. Brandon Birk(Trinity) 15-7
       John Hale(Campbell Co.) dec. Ronnie Whisman(So. Dearborn) 7-4
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin Zach Brown*RY(X5) 0:50
  135: Ethan Owens(Grundy) pin Abe Wolke(Winton Woods) 1:04
       Brandon Whitehouse(So. Oldham) dec. Logan Hull(LaRue Co.) 2-0ot
       Kreig Studer(So. Dearborn) pin Kyle Pangallo(Sycamore) 2:39
       Zack Roland(Ryle) dec. Ausdin Pender(Trinity) 8-2
       Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) pin Sam Cooper(Henry Clay) 1:19
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Lane Jones(Cooper) pin Emory Burroughs*TR(X1) 1:35
       Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Sheldon McLetchie(Lafayette) 0:21
  140: Josh Johnson(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       Hugo Galon(Ryle) pin Tyler Burlingham(Lafayette) 1:15
       Tyler Witte(So. Dearborn) pin Caleb Whitcomb-Dixon(Sycamore) 3:29
       Shaquille Cox(LaRue Co.) pin Caleb Taylor*RY(X2) 1:31
       Cody Guiler(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Matt Matheny(Trinity) 13-1
       Damien Lucas*RY(X1) advanced with bye
       Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) maj. dec. Daniel Zink(Campbell Co.) 20-8
       John Dotson(Grundy) pin Jonathon Jones(Winton Woods) 0:25
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Shawn Hull(LaRue Co.) dec. Dan Garfield(Sycamore) 18-16ot
       Matt Brewer(Cooper) tech. fall Collin Wilkins(Lafayette) 15-0
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) tech. fall Garland Cleek(Grundy) 15-0
       Luke Ervin(Union Co.) tech. fall Jeremiah McGhee(John Hardin) 20-5
       Wes Walters(Conner) advanced with bye
       Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) pin Taylor Bosse(Ryle) 0:18
       Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) pin Desmond Pritchard(Henry Clay) 1:15
  152: Justin Black(Campbell Co.) dec. Dez Jakes(LaRue Co.) 6-5
       Jakup Baker(Union Co.) pin Austin Cadle(Lafayette) 1:30
       Andy Gilliland(Cooper) tech. fall Adam Pelley(Conner) 15-0
       Ryan Duyzk(Henry Clay) pin DeMarco Thomas(Winton Woods) 1:17
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) pin Ross Kok(John Hardin) 1:50
       Court Mace(Ryle) pin Zach Griffin(Boone Co.) 1:30
       Cole Proctor(So. Oldham) dec. Jake Schwarberg(Sycamore) 9-2
       Tyler McClanahan(Grundy) maj. dec. Erin McCauley(Trinity) 15-1
  160: Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) pin Kris Sutherland(LaRue Co.) 5:30
       Max Malito(John Hardin) tech. fall Randy Minten(Union Co.) 16-0
       Jude Remillion(Henry Clay) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 3:30
       Preston Adams(Conner) pin Josh Parker*RY(X7) 5:30
       Conner Coyle(Ryle) pin Chris Fitch(Sycamore) 1:24
       Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) tech. fall John Garrett*HC(X2) 16-1
       Adam Gunn(Trinity) pin Vince Couch*LC(X3) 2:30
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) pin Tyler Justus(Grundy) 4:37
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Cory Buckler*RY(X2) 1:44
       Jake Lee(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Cody Williams*LC(X3) 17-1
       Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) pin Kyle Knight(So. Oldham) 2:38
       Tanner McClanahan(Grundy) pin Ian Gorvetieta(Henry Clay) 1:58
       Bernard Ray(LaRue Co.) pin Tyler Sweeden*TR(X4) 2:00
       Dustin Thompson(Lafayette) pin Mark Sneed(Winton Woods) 1:23
       Eric Zientek(Sycamore) pin Lucas Schmeing(Conner) 0:54
       Will Hogben(Ryle) pin Jake McCowen*GR(X1) 1:59
  189: Jake Bradford(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Quincy Powell*WW(X2) pin Damien McVaigh(Conner) 0:22
       Daniel Lowe(Grundy) dec. Juwan Johnson(Winton Woods) 3-2
       Sam Bryant(Lafayette) pin David Masure(LaRue Co.) 1:54
       Josh Lewis(Trinity) pin Darrin Connors*WW(X3) 0:09
       Colin Friedly(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Taylor Pruett*RY(X1) pin Miranda Hurst(Henry Clay) 1:15
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) pin Christian Caddell(Cooper) 3:35
  215: Ryan Houchens(So. Oldham) pin Jake Williamson*RY(X3) 1:16
       Tony Napier(So. Dearborn) pin Blake Carlson(John Hardin) 1:30
       Eli Meredith*LC(X2) advanced with bye
       Shane Smith(Winton Woods) maj. dec. Steven Underwood(Trinity) 18-8
       Drew Newberry(LaRue Co.) pin Ryan Jefferds(Ryle) 0:55
       Brian Robertson(Boone Co.) pin Mike Morgan*SO(X1) 1:39
       Shamon Brown(Lafayette) pin Mirza Pravasic(Henry Clay) 1:00
       Jacob Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Corrie Bennett*WW(X4) 1:15
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Brendan Darrow*TR(X3) 0:08
       Daniel Mayes(Union Co.) pin Dominick Gagliardi(Conner) 1:50
       Brandon Adams(Ryle) dec. Thomas Day(Boone Co.) 9-4
       Jake Cooper(Henry Clay) advanced with bye
       Shaun Smith(Winton Woods) pin Sarlis Athanasios(Sycamore) 0:19
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Nathan Bell(LaRue Co.) pin John Heile(Trinity) 2:34
       Alex Edwards(Grundy) pin Steven Kleeman(So. Dearborn) 0:50