2009 Raider Rumble 16 Team Pool Wrestling Tournament
Ryle High School - December 12, 2009

Format: Four 4-man pools with winners paired for semifinals and runner-ups paired in consolation semifinals.

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2009 Ryle Raider Rumble Scores
 1. Ryle                      318.0
 2. Grundy                    285.5
 3. Campbell Co.              247.5
 4. Trinity                   243.5
 5. So. Dearborn              212.0
 6. Woodford Co.              193.5
 7. Meade Co.                 172.0
 8. John Hardin               165.5
 9. Lafayette                 141.0
10. Henry Clay                 96.0
11. Cooper                     85.0
12. So. Oldham                 83.0
13. Union Co.                  81.5
14. Winton Woods               59.0
15. Sycamore                   34.0
16. Conner                     29.0
17. Boone Co.                  18.0

First Place
  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Luke Rearic(Lafayette) 20-5
  112: John Fahy(Trinity) maj. dec. T. J. Ruschell(Ryle) 15-2
  119: Myron Bradbury(Trinity) dec. Mark Hall(Ryle) 7-5
  125: Michael Osborn(Ryle) pin Mack Logsdon(Woodford Co.) 3:14
  130: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Austin Palmer(Ryle) 16-8
  135: John Dotson(Grundy) maj. dec. Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) 12-4
  140: Ethan Owens(Grundy) dec. Zack Roland(Ryle) 3-0
  145: Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) 11-3
  152: Josh Johnson(John Hardin) dec. Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) 10-5
  160: Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) dec. Connor Coyle(Ryle) 5-0
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) maj. dec. Jacob Lee(Campbell Co.) 8-0
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) dec. Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) 16-9
  215: Tyler Crow(Meade Co.) dec. Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) 10-8
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) dec. Adam Brown(So. Oldham) 5-2

Third Place
  103: Gus Adams(Ryle) pin Cody Haynes*RY(X3) 2:56
  112: Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Ricardo Camacho(Henry Clay) 0:24
  119: Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) dec. Will Bryant(Lafayette) 11-5
  125: Justin Street(Grundy) dec. Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) 2-1
  130: Dakota Vance(Grundy) dec. Brent Hitchings(Trinity) 5-4
  135: Travis Krauziewicz(Woodford Co.) tech. fall Ausdin Pender(Trinity) 17-2
  140: Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) dec. Lane Jones(Cooper) 12-11
  145: Cody Rife(Grundy) dec. Zack Bolog(Ryle) 7-6
  152: Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Matt Brewer(Cooper) 11-1
  160: Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Ryan Duzyk(Henry Clay) 10-0
  171: Court Mace(Ryle) pin Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) INJ
  189: Derek Campbell(Woodford Co.) dec. Andrew Ogg(Henry Clay) 8-2
  215: Taylor Pruett(Ryle) pin Daniel Lowe(Grundy) 5:47
  285: Chaz Nevitt(Meade Co.) maj. dec. Bruce Robinson(Lafayette) 11-2

Fifth Place
  103: Austin Compton(Grundy) pin Caleb Riffle(Winton Woods) 3:37
  112: Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) dec. Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 4-2
  119: Robert Bracco(Woodford Co.) dec. Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 6-2
  125: Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) dec. Brandon Birk(Trinity) 7-4
  130: Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) dec. Corey McCall(Woodford Co.) 4-2
  135: John Hale(Campbell Co.) dec. Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) 3-2
  140: Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) pin Emory Burroughs(Trinity) 2:38
  145: T.J. Bates(Cooper) dec. Joey Carter(Meade Co.) 9-6
  152: Brian White(Woodford Co.) dec. Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) 3-2
  160: Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) dec. Andy Gilliland(Cooper) 6-4
  171: Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) dec. Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) 4-3
  189: Tanner Mclanahan(Grundy) dec. Jake McCowen*GR(X1) 1-0
  215: Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Zach Boger(Conner) 0:54
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Cameron Springs(Sycamore) 0:16

Seventh Place
  103: Keegan North*RY(X1) pin Chris Abernathy(Meade Co.) 2:23
  112: Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) pin Justin Whitaker*UC(X1) INJ
  119: Corey Ahern*RY(X1) maj. dec. Kyle Sparks*RY(X2) 10-1
  125: Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) dec. Brandon Shugan(John Hardin) 4-0
  130: Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) dec. James Childress(Meade Co.) 3-2
  135: Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Garrett Kenealy(Meade Co.) 13-4
  140: Justin Ballard(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Tony Ancona(Sycamore) 12-2
  145: Jesse Adams(So. Dearborn) dec. Patrick Blevins(Woodford Co.) 8-3
  152: Josh Parker(Ryle) pin Mike Brown(Meade Co.) 4:10
  160: Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) dec. Beau Sheffer*UC(X3) 9-2
  171: Dusty Thompson(Lafayette) dec. Nelson Mason(Meade Co.) 6-0
  189: Cory Buckler(Ryle) pin William Johnson(Lafayette) 1:18
  215: Wesley Morris(Woodford Co.) pin Thomas Day(Boone Co.) INJ
  285: Darius Clay*LAF(X3) pin Austin Chatman*CON(X1) INJ

  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Gus Adams(Ryle) 18-3
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) pin Cody Haynes*RY(X3) 4:28
  112: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Ricardo Camacho(Henry Clay) 1:05
       T. J. Ruschell(Ryle) dec. Sean Vandyke(Grundy) 6-4
  119: Mark Hall(Ryle) maj. dec. Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) 10-0
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) pin Will Bryant(Lafayette) 2:15
  125: Michael Osborn(Ryle) dec. Justin Street(Grundy) 5-3
       Mack Logsdon(Woodford Co.) dec. Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) 7-4
  130: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) dec. Brent Hitchings(Trinity) 4-1
       Austin Palmer(Ryle) dec. Dakota Vance(Grundy) 7-5
  135: Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) tech. fall Ausdin Pender(Trinity) 22-6
       John Dotson(Grundy) dec. Travis Krauziewicz(Woodford Co.) 10-7
  140: Ethan Owens(Grundy) tech. fall Lane Jones(Cooper) 16-0
       Zack Roland(Ryle) dec. Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) 5-0
  145: Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) dec. Zack Bolog(Ryle) 5-3
       Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) dec. Cody Rife(Grundy) 12-7
  152: Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) dec. Matt Brewer(Cooper) 9-4
       Josh Johnson(John Hardin) dec. Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) 8-4
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Ryan Duzyk(Henry Clay) 1:24
       Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) dec. Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) 11-4
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) tech. fall Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) 19-3
       Jacob Lee(Campbell Co.) dec. Court Mace(Ryle) 10-3
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Andrew Ogg(Henry Clay) 2:56
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) dec. Derek Campbell(Woodford Co.) 9-7
  215: Tyler Crow(Meade Co.) pin Taylor Pruett(Ryle) 1:10
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) pin Daniel Lowe(Grundy) 1:24
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Bruce Robinson(Lafayette) 0:36
       Adam Brown(So. Oldham) pin Chaz Nevitt(Meade Co.) 5:34

Consolation Semifinals
  103: Austin Compton(Grundy) dec. Keegan North*RY(X1) 7-2
       Caleb Riffle(Winton Woods) dec. Chris Abernathy(Meade Co.) 10-7
  112: Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) 16-1
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) maj. dec. Justin Whitaker*UC(X1) 10-0
  119: Robert Bracco(Woodford Co.) dec. Corey Ahern*RY(X1) 2-1
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Kyle Sparks*RY(X2) 0:36
  125: Brandon Birk(Trinity) pin Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) 1:26
       Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) dec. Brandon Shugan(John Hardin) 4-1
  130: Corey McCall(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. James Childress(Meade Co.) 12-1
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 3:40
  135: John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) 4:18
       Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) tech. fall Garrett Kenealy(Meade Co.) 16-1
  140: Emory Burroughs(Trinity) dec. Tony Ancona(Sycamore) 9-8
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) dec. Justin Ballard(So. Dearborn) 15-8
  145: Joey Carter(Meade Co.) pin Jesse Adams(So. Dearborn) 2:40
       T.J. Bates(Cooper) pin Patrick Blevins(Woodford Co.) 3:43
  152: Brian White(Woodford Co.) pin Josh Parker(Ryle) 2:52
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Mike Brown(Meade Co.) 1:20
  160: Andy Gilliland(Cooper) pin Beau Sheffer*UC(X3) 4:21
       Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) dec. Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) 9-3
  171: Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) dec. Dusty Thompson(Lafayette) 6-4
       Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) dec. Nelson Mason(Meade Co.) 3-0
  189: Tanner Mclanahan(Grundy) dec. Cory Buckler(Ryle) 1-0
       Jake McCowen*GR(X1) pin William Johnson(Lafayette) 1:56
  215: Zach Boger(Conner) pin Thomas Day(Boone Co.) INJ
       Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Wesley Morris(Woodford Co.) 3:30
  285: Cameron Springs(Sycamore) pin Austin Chatman*CON(X1) INJ
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Darius Clay*LAF(X3) 0:27

Round 3
  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) pin Nathan Darland(Woodford Co.) 0:48
       Keegan North*RY(X1) maj. dec. Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) 16-3
       Gus Adams(Ryle) pin Austin Compton(Grundy) 5:48
       Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) advanced with bye
       Caleb Riffle(Winton Woods) pin Robert Swift(So. Dearborn) 4:59
       Cody Haynes*RY(X3) advanced with bye
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) maj. dec. Chris Abernathy(Meade Co.) 13-4
       Dallas Pruett*RY(X2) tech. fall Eugene Smith(Conner) 17-2
  112: John Fahy(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) dec. Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) 6-2
       Ricardo Camacho(Henry Clay) dec. Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) 13-7
       David Bryant(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       T. J. Ruschell(Ryle) pin Chance Evans(So. Dearborn) 1:00
       Justin Whitaker*UC(X1) advanced with bye
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Aaron Boh(Conner) 2:56
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) advanced with bye
  119: Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Corey Ahern*RY(X1) pin Evan Taylor(Meade Co.) 1:12
       Robert Bracco(Woodford Co.) advanced with bye
       Mark Hall(Ryle) tech. fall Jacob McCord(So. Dearborn) 18-3
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Nathanial Long(So. Oldham) 3:31
       Kyle Sparks*RY(X2) advanced with bye
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) pin Alec Marquis(Conner) 0:18
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
  125: Michael Osborn(Ryle) pin Moges Tsegay(Winton Woods) 2:04
       Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) pin Drew Jones(Conner) 0:55
       Brandon Birk(Trinity) maj. dec. Jake Sanders*RY(X2) 13-5
       Justin Street(Grundy) pin Ronnie Whisman(So. Dearborn) 4:57
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) pin Tony Pisacano(Henry Clay) 1:00
       Brandon Shugan(John Hardin) dec. Channing Elswick*GR(X1) 3-2
       Mack Logsdon(Woodford Co.) dec. Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) 5-3ot
       Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) pin Logan Jones(Cooper) 5:26
  130: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) pin Nick Spangler(So. Oldham) 2:43
       Corey McCall(Woodford Co.) tech. fall Zack Brown*RY(X1) 16-0
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Hussein Ayoub(Henry Clay) 0:30
       James Childress(Meade Co.) dec. Abdel Elmarouffi(Lafayette) 7-0
       Dakota Vance(Grundy) pin Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 0:54
       Devon Graves(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       Austin Palmer(Ryle) pin Marquis Fleet(John Hardin) 1:55
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Daryl Williams(Sycamore) 0:48
  135: Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) dec. Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) 12-5
       Roderick Lattimore(Winton Woods) pin Blaze Tremblay(Lafayette) 0:15
       Ausdin Pender(Trinity) dec. John Hale(Campbell Co.) 10-7
       Tino Velez(So. Oldham) advanced with bye
       John Dotson(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) pin Jacob Creemer(So. Dearborn) 1:16
       Travis Krauziewicz(Woodford Co.) pin Cody Stephens(Ryle) 1:20
       Garrett Kenealy(Meade Co.) tech. fall Derek Brownfield(Sycamore) 16-0
  140: Ethan Owens(Grundy) pin Lee Smith(Lafayette) 0:30
       Emory Burroughs(Trinity) dec. Hamad Ayoub(Henry Clay) 13-9
       Lane Jones(Cooper) pin Tony Ancona(Sycamore) 0:37
       Taylor Gelnett(So. Oldham) advanced with bye
       Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) pin Dylan Watson(Campbell Co.) 4:50
       Justin Ballard(So. Dearborn) dec. Brian French(Union Co.) 11-4
       Zack Roland(Ryle) pin Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) 5:41
       Alonzia Murphy(Winton Woods) pin Austin Bejasona(Meade Co.) 1:24
  145: Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) pin Landis Mathis(Sycamore) 0:29
       Jesse Adams(So. Dearborn) pin Jake Talley(Conner) 1:15
       Zack Bolog(Ryle) pin Joey Carter(Meade Co.) 3:45
       Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) pin Eric Mortberg(So. Oldham) 0:57
       Cody Rife(Grundy) dec. T.J. Bates(Cooper) 8-7
       Ricky Caicedo(Trinity) pin Rafael Vazquez(Lafayette) 0:54
       Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Christain Makin(Henry Clay) 1:00
       Patrick Blevins(Woodford Co.) dec. Kenneth Brummett(Union Co.) 15-12
  152: Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) dec. Brian White(Woodford Co.) 6-4
       Jake Risinger(Union Co.) pin Adam Pelley(Conner) 1:51
       Matt Brewer(Cooper) maj. dec. Josh Parker(Ryle) 13-2
       Danial Zink(Campbell Co.) pin Gonzalo Canovas(Sycamore) 1:14
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) 11-2
       Jon Green(Lafayette) dec. Chrishawn Snell(Winton Woods) 13-6
       Josh Johnson(John Hardin) pin Anthony Potter(Grundy) INJ
       Mike Brown(Meade Co.) pin Mitchell Kithcart(So. Oldham) 2:39
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Beau Sheffer*UC(X3) 0:58
       Collin Huff(Conner) pin Courtney Gray(Winton Woods) 3:38
       Ryan Duzyk(Henry Clay) pin Zach Cassady(Trinity) 3:48
       Andy Gilliland(Cooper) dec. Zach Uhlig(Meade Co.) 5-1
       Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) pin Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) 5:34
       Spencer Hulett(Union Co.) pin Colin Wilkins(Lafayette) 3:46
       Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) tech. fall Ross Kok(John Hardin) 16-0
       Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) pin Matt Braunwart*CON(X1) 3:25
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Sam Steele(Boone Co.) 0:21
       Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) pin Zach Fisher(Conner) 0:38
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) pin Thomas Buckman(Union Co.) 5:52
       Dusty Thompson(Lafayette) pin Colin Friedly*CC(X1) 1:25
       Court Mace(Ryle) pin John Garrett(Henry Clay) 2:49
       Nelson Mason(Meade Co.) pin Brandon Campbell(Woodford Co.) 1:57
       Jacob Lee(Campbell Co.) dec. Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) 5-4
       Max Malito(John Hardin) dec. Sean Caddell(Cooper) 11-5
  189: Tanner Mclanahan(Grundy) pin Bobby Bryant*TR(X3) 4:11
       Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Brandon Simota(Meade Co.) 0:55
       Cory Buckler(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Andrew Ogg(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Nick Edwards(Boone Co.) 10-1
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) pin Andre Smith(Winton Woods) 1:41
       William Johnson(Lafayette) pin Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) 1:41
       Derek Campbell(Woodford Co.) pin Austin Piper(Union Co.) 1:50
       Jake McCowen*GR(X1) pin Kyle Boger(Cooper) 3:49
  215: Tyler Crow(Meade Co.) pin Alex Vasich*RY(X4) 0:13
       Zach Boger(Conner) advanced with bye
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) dec. Thomas Day(Boone Co.) 3-2
       Matt Johnson(So. Oldham) dec. Jordan Patterson(Henry Clay) 9-8
       Daniel Lowe(Grundy) pin Hayden Sutphin*CON(X2) 0:22
       Wesley Morris(Woodford Co.) advanced with bye
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) pin Brendan Darrow(Trinity) 4:25
       Thanos Sarlis(Sycamore) advanced with bye
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       Cameron Springs(Sycamore) pin Steve Ragan(Grundy) 2:44
       Trey Beal(Cooper) over Martin Jones(Boone Co.) disq.
       Bruce Robinson(Lafayette) pin Austin Chatman*CON(X1) 1:00
       Chaz Nevitt(Meade Co.) pin Joey Bloomfield(Trinity) 0:18
       Darius Clay*LAF(X3) advanced with bye
       Adam Brown(So. Oldham) pin Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) 5:04
       Johnny Gripshover(Conner) advanced with bye

Round 2
  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) pin Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) 1:26
       Keegan North*RY(X1) pin Nathan Darland(Woodford Co.) 2:50
       Austin Compton(Grundy) pin Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) 3:17
       Gus Adams(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Cody Haynes*RY(X3) pin Caleb Riffle(Winton Woods) 3:42
       Robert Swift(So. Dearborn) advanced with bye
       Chris Abernathy(Meade Co.) dec. Dallas Pruett*RY(X2) 8-6ot
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) pin Eugene Smith(Conner) 0:30
  112: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) 0:43
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Ricardo Camacho(Henry Clay) advanced with bye
       Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) pin David Bryant(Winton Woods) 1:07
       T. J. Ruschell(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Justin Whitaker*UC(X1) pin Chance Evans(So. Dearborn) 3:30
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) pin Aaron Boh(Conner) 1:44
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) advanced with bye
  119: Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) pin Corey Ahern*RY(X1) 1:35
       Evan Taylor(Meade Co.) advanced with bye
       Jacob McCord(So. Dearborn) advanced with bye
       Mark Hall(Ryle) dec. Robert Bracco(Woodford Co.) 4-2
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Kyle Sparks*RY(X2) dec. Nathanial Long(So. Oldham) 10-6
       Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) pin Alec Marquis(Conner) 0:30
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) advanced with bye
  125: Michael Osborn(Ryle) pin Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) 0:57
       Moges Tsegay(Winton Woods) pin Drew Jones(Conner) 1:00
       Ronnie Whisman(So. Dearborn) pin Jake Sanders*RY(X2) 2:41
       Justin Street(Grundy) dec. Brandon Birk(Trinity) 7-1
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) dec. Brandon Shugan(John Hardin) 4-1
       Channing Elswick*GR(X1) pin Tony Pisacano(Henry Clay) 1:23
       Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) tech. fall Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) 16-0
       Mack Logsdon(Woodford Co.) tech. fall Logan Jones(Cooper) 17-1
  130: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) pin Zack Brown*RY(X1) 2:22
       Corey McCall(Woodford Co.) pin Nick Spangler(So. Oldham) 1:38
       Abdel Elmarouffi(Lafayette) pin Hussein Ayoub(Henry Clay) 0:47
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) maj. dec. James Childress(Meade Co.) 10-0
       Dakota Vance(Grundy) pin Devon Graves(Winton Woods) 0:23
       Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Marquis Fleet(John Hardin) pin Daryl Williams(Sycamore) 1:37
       Austin Palmer(Ryle) dec. Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) 7-6
  135: Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) pin Blaze Tremblay(Lafayette) 2:29
       Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Roderick Lattimore(Winton Woods) 20-9
       Ausdin Pender(Trinity) advanced with bye
       John Hale(Campbell Co.) pin Tino Velez(So. Oldham) 0:26
       John Dotson(Grundy) tech. fall Jacob Creemer(So. Dearborn) 15-0
       Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) advanced with bye
       Derek Brownfield(Sycamore) dec. Cody Stephens(Ryle) 5-1
       Travis Krauziewicz(Woodford Co.) tech. fall Garrett Kenealy(Meade Co.) 19-3
  140: Ethan Owens(Grundy) pin Emory Burroughs(Trinity) 1:32
       Hamad Ayoub(Henry Clay) pin Lee Smith(Lafayette) 5:32
       Tony Ancona(Sycamore) dec. Taylor Gelnett(So. Oldham) 7-0
       Lane Jones(Cooper) advanced with bye
       Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) maj. dec. Justin Ballard(So. Dearborn) 11-3
       Dylan Watson(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Brian French(Union Co.) 19-4
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) pin Austin Bejasona(Meade Co.) 2:42
       Zack Roland(Ryle) pin Alonzia Murphy(Winton Woods) 2:41
  145: Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) pin Jake Talley(Conner) 0:18
       Jesse Adams(So. Dearborn) pin Landis Mathis(Sycamore) 2:44
       Joey Carter(Meade Co.) pin Eric Mortberg(So. Oldham) 1:29
       Zack Bolog(Ryle) pin Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) 0:50
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin Ricky Caicedo(Trinity) 0:46
       T.J. Bates(Cooper) pin Rafael Vazquez(Lafayette) 2:36
       Kenneth Brummett(Union Co.) pin Christain Makin(Henry Clay) 0:45
       Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Patrick Blevins(Woodford Co.) 3:32
  152: Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) pin Jake Risinger(Union Co.) 1:12
       Brian White(Woodford Co.) tech. fall Adam Pelley(Conner) 15-0
       Josh Parker(Ryle) pin Gonzalo Canovas(Sycamore) 1:05
       Matt Brewer(Cooper) pin Danial Zink(Campbell Co.) 1:31
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Chrishawn Snell(Winton Woods) 1:22
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Jon Green(Lafayette) 4:27
       Mike Brown(Meade Co.) dec. Anthony Potter(Grundy) 3-1
       Josh Johnson(John Hardin) pin Mitchell Kithcart(So. Oldham) 0:20
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Collin Huff(Conner) 0:29
       Beau Sheffer*UC(X3) pin Courtney Gray(Winton Woods) 3:38
       Andy Gilliland(Cooper) tech. fall Zach Cassady(Trinity) 16-0
       Ryan Duzyk(Henry Clay) pin Zach Uhlig(Meade Co.) 1:20
       Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) pin Spencer Hulett(Union Co.) 0:59
       Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) pin Colin Wilkins(Lafayette) 0:48
       Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. Ross Kok(John Hardin) 14-2
       Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) pin Matt Braunwart*CON(X1) 0:16
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Zach Fisher(Conner) 0:09
       Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) pin Sam Steele(Boone Co.) 0:55
       Thomas Buckman(Union Co.) pin Colin Friedly*CC(X1) 2:57
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) dec. Dusty Thompson(Lafayette) 8-1
       Court Mace(Ryle) dec. Nelson Mason(Meade Co.) 6-4
       Brandon Campbell(Woodford Co.) pin John Garrett(Henry Clay) 3:33
       Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) pin Sean Caddell(Cooper) 3:15
       Jacob Lee(Campbell Co.) dec. Max Malito(John Hardin) 10-3
  189: Tanner Mclanahan(Grundy) pin Brandon Simota(Meade Co.) 3:14
       Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Bobby Bryant*TR(X3) 3:55
       Andrew Ogg(Henry Clay) advanced with bye
       Cory Buckler(Ryle) pin Nick Edwards(Boone Co.) 1:57
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) 15-7
       William Johnson(Lafayette) pin Andre Smith(Winton Woods) 1:33
       Austin Piper(Union Co.) pin Kyle Boger(Cooper) 3:57
       Derek Campbell(Woodford Co.) dec. Jake McCowen*GR(X1) 3-2otu
  215: Tyler Crow(Meade Co.) advanced with bye
       Zach Boger(Conner) pin Alex Vasich*RY(X4) 1:41
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) pin Matt Johnson(So. Oldham) 4:35
       Thomas Day(Boone Co.) pin Jordan Patterson(Henry Clay) 0:40
       Daniel Lowe(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Wesley Morris(Woodford Co.) pin Hayden Sutphin*CON(X2) 1:43
       Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Thanos Sarlis(Sycamore) 1:20
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) advanced with bye
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Cameron Springs(Sycamore) 0:19
       Steve Ragan(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Austin Chatman*CON(X1) pin Trey Beal(Cooper) 5:49
       Bruce Robinson(Lafayette) pin Martin Jones(Boone Co.) 2:30
       Chaz Nevitt(Meade Co.) advanced with bye
       Darius Clay*LAF(X3) pin Joey Bloomfield(Trinity) 1:54
       Adam Brown(So. Oldham) pin Johnny Gripshover(Conner) 1:19
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye

Round 1
  103: Garth Yenter(Campbell Co.) pin Keegan North*RY(X1) 1:58
       Nathan Darland(Woodford Co.) pin Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) 1:06
       Austin Compton(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Gus Adams(Ryle) pin Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) 3:48
       Caleb Riffle(Winton Woods) advanced with bye
       Cody Haynes*RY(X3) pin Robert Swift(So. Dearborn) 3:21
       Chris Abernathy(Meade Co.) pin Eugene Smith(Conner) 0:49
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) maj. dec. Dallas Pruett*RY(X2) 12-4
  112: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) 2:21
       Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) advanced with bye
       Ricardo Camacho(Henry Clay) pin David Bryant(Winton Woods) 3:56
       Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) advanced with bye
       T. J. Ruschell(Ryle) maj. dec. Justin Whitaker*UC(X1) 12-0
       Chance Evans(So. Dearborn) advanced with bye
       Aaron Boh(Conner) advanced with bye
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 0:29
  119: Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) pin Evan Taylor(Meade Co.) 0:41
       Corey Ahern*RY(X1) advanced with bye
       Mark Hall(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Robert Bracco(Woodford Co.) dec. Jacob McCord(So. Dearborn) 2-0
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Kyle Sparks*RY(X2) 0:58
       Nathanial Long(So. Oldham) advanced with bye
       Alec Marquis(Conner) advanced with bye
       Myron Bradbury(Trinity) pin Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 0:48
  125: Michael Osborn(Ryle) pin Drew Jones(Conner) 0:37
       Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) pin Moges Tsegay(Winton Woods) 5:47
       Justin Street(Grundy) maj. dec. Jake Sanders*RY(X2) 13-1
       Brandon Birk(Trinity) pin Ronnie Whisman(So. Dearborn) 2:54
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) pin Channing Elswick*GR(X1) 3:29
       Brandon Shugan(John Hardin) pin Tony Pisacano(Henry Clay) 1:31
       Jimmy Lacy(Lafayette) pin Logan Jones(Cooper) 3:58
       Mack Logsdon(Woodford Co.) pin Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) 1:37
  130: Tyler Clark(So. Dearborn) dec. Corey McCall(Woodford Co.) 6-0
       Zack Brown*RY(X1) pin Nick Spangler(So. Oldham) 3:14
       James Childress(Meade Co.) pin Hussein Ayoub(Henry Clay) 3:40
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Abdel Elmarouffi(Lafayette) 3:10
       Dakota Vance(Grundy) advanced with bye
       Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) pin Devon Graves(Winton Woods) 3:43
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Marquis Fleet(John Hardin) 3:11
       Austin Palmer(Ryle) pin Daryl Williams(Sycamore) 0:20
  135: Isaac Thomas(Union Co.) maj. dec. Roderick Lattimore(Winton Woods) 18-8
       Brendan Tuggle(Henry Clay) pin Blaze Tremblay(Lafayette) 0:35
       Ausdin Pender(Trinity) pin Tino Velez(So. Oldham) 1:10
       John Hale(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       John Dotson(Grundy) tech. fall Wade Holtsclaw(John Hardin) 15-0
       Jacob Creemer(So. Dearborn) advanced with bye
       Garrett Kenealy(Meade Co.) pin Cody Stephens(Ryle) 0:57
       Travis Krauziewicz(Woodford Co.) pin Derek Brownfield(Sycamore) 1:35
  140: Ethan Owens(Grundy) pin Hamad Ayoub(Henry Clay) 1:07
       Emory Burroughs(Trinity) pin Lee Smith(Lafayette) 0:15
       Tony Ancona(Sycamore) advanced with bye
       Lane Jones(Cooper) pin Taylor Gelnett(So. Oldham) 1:31
       Kirby Goodwine(John Hardin) pin Brian French(Union Co.) 5:40
       Justin Ballard(So. Dearborn) dec. Dylan Watson(Campbell Co.) 6-4
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) pin Alonzia Murphy(Winton Woods) 3:34
       Zack Roland(Ryle) pin Austin Bejasona(Meade Co.) 1:58
  145: Jordan Murphy(John Hardin) maj. dec. Jesse Adams(So. Dearborn) 14-6
       Landis Mathis(Sycamore) pin Jake Talley(Conner) 0:29
       Joey Carter(Meade Co.) pin Pryde Geh(Winton Woods) 2:27
       Zack Bolog(Ryle) pin Eric Mortberg(So. Oldham) 1:00
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin Rafael Vazquez(Lafayette) 1:45
       T.J. Bates(Cooper) pin Ricky Caicedo(Trinity) 5:15
       Patrick Blevins(Woodford Co.) pin Christain Makin(Henry Clay) 1:42
       Korey Shotwell(Campbell Co.) pin Kenneth Brummett(Union Co.) 2:56
  152: Grant Ohlmann(Trinity) pin Adam Pelley(Conner) 0:48
       Brian White(Woodford Co.) pin Jake Risinger(Union Co.) 4:59
       Josh Parker(Ryle) pin Danial Zink(Campbell Co.) 1:40
       Matt Brewer(Cooper) pin Gonzalo Canovas(Sycamore) 0:49
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Jon Green(Lafayette) 1:15
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Chrishawn Snell(Winton Woods) 1:43
       Anthony Potter(Grundy) dec. Mitchell Kithcart(So. Oldham) 10-5
       Josh Johnson(John Hardin) pin Mike Brown(Meade Co.) 3:15
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Courtney Gray(Winton Woods) 0:41
       Beau Sheffer*UC(X3) pin Collin Huff(Conner) 5:28
       Zach Uhlig(Meade Co.) pin Zach Cassady(Trinity) 2:51
       Ryan Duzyk(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Andy Gilliland(Cooper) 10-0
       Nick Harrell(So. Dearborn) pin Colin Wilkins(Lafayette) 0:24
       Nick Meirose(Campbell Co.) dec. Spencer Hulett(Union Co.) 8-6
       Ross Kok(John Hardin) pin Matt Braunwart*CON(X1) 5:37
       Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) tech. fall Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) 17-2
  171: Brad Hitchings(Trinity) pin Iel Freeman(Winton Woods) 3:50
       Sam Steele(Boone Co.) dec. Zach Fisher(Conner) 10-9
       Dusty Thompson(Lafayette) dec. Thomas Buckman(Union Co.) 5-2
       Jacob Felser(So. Dearborn) pin Colin Friedly*CC(X1) 2:51
       Court Mace(Ryle) pin Brandon Campbell(Woodford Co.) 3:20
       Nelson Mason(Meade Co.) pin John Garrett(Henry Clay) 1:34
       Spencer Warren(So. Oldham) maj. dec. Max Malito(John Hardin) 12-1
       Jacob Lee(Campbell Co.) pin Sean Caddell(Cooper) 1:55
  189: Nathan Ilg(Campbell Co.) pin Tanner Mclanahan(Grundy) 3:49
       Brandon Simota(Meade Co.) dec. Bobby Bryant*TR(X3) 10-8
       Nick Edwards(Boone Co.) advanced with bye
       Andrew Ogg(Henry Clay) dec. Cory Buckler(Ryle) 7-6
       Kevin Wilger(So. Dearborn) pin William Johnson(Lafayette) 3:07
       Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) pin Andre Smith(Winton Woods) 0:45
       Jake McCowen*GR(X1) pin Austin Piper(Union Co.) 2:30
       Derek Campbell(Woodford Co.) pin Kyle Boger(Cooper) 1:12
  215: Tyler Crow(Meade Co.) pin Zach Boger(Conner) 0:22
       Alex Vasich*RY(X4) advanced with bye
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) pin Jordan Patterson(Henry Clay) 2:36
       Thomas Day(Boone Co.) pin Matt Johnson(So. Oldham) 1:23
       Daniel Lowe(Grundy) pin Wesley Morris(Woodford Co.) 0:20
       Hayden Sutphin*CON(X2) advanced with bye
       Brendan Darrow(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Ron Forman(So. Dearborn) pin Thanos Sarlis(Sycamore) 1:22
  285: Glenn Frost(John Hardin) pin Steve Ragan(Grundy) 0:14
       Cameron Springs(Sycamore) advanced with bye
       Bruce Robinson(Lafayette) pin Trey Beal(Cooper) 2:34
       Austin Chatman*CON(X1) pin Martin Jones(Boone Co.) 1:40
       Chaz Nevitt(Meade Co.) pin Darius Clay*LAF(X3) 1:13
       Joey Bloomfield(Trinity) advanced with bye
       Adam Brown(So. Oldham) advanced with bye
       Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Johnny Gripshover(Conner) 1:43