2010 Raider Rumble 16 Team Pool Wrestling Tournament
Ryle High School - December 11, 2010

Format: Four 4-man pools with winners paired for semifinals and runner-ups paired in consolation semifinals.

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2010 Ryle Raider Rumble Scores
 1. Ryle                      276.0
 2. Union Co.                 275.5
 3. Columbus East             275.0
 4. Grundy                    259.0
 5. Trinity                   245.5
 6. Glen Este                 198.0
 7. Woodford Co.              173.0
 8. Campbell Co.              137.0
 9. Valley View               136.0
10. Pleasure Ridge Park       132.5
11. So. Dearborn              125.0
12. Henry Clay                112.0
13. Meade Co.                  86.0
14. Lafayette                  75.0
15. Conner                     48.0
16. So. Oldham                 45.0

First Place - Pool 16
  103: Trae Blackwell(Union Co.) dec. Bryce Payton(Pleasure Ridge Park) 10-5
  112: Brock Ervin(Union Co.) tech. fall Ian Kahl(Trinity) 17-1
  119: T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) tech. fall Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) 16-0
  125: John Fahy(Trinity) maj. dec. Sean Vandyke(Grundy) 14-3
  130: Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) dec. Jayce Carr(Union Co.) 8-6
  135: Brent Hitchings(Trinity) maj. dec. Dakota Vance(Grundy) 14-3
  140: Justin Street(Grundy) dec. Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) 8-6
  145: Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) pin Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) 3:40
  152: Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) 3:08
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) tech. fall Anthony Wood(Pleasure Ridge Park) 16-0
  171: Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) maj. dec. Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) 10-2
  189: Tanner Mcclanhan(Grundy) maj. dec. Taylor Pruett(Ryle) 15-1
  215: Brian Day(Valley View) dec. Brendan Darrow(Trinity) 5-4
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) dec. Thomas Emmitt(Columbus East) 8-2

Third Place - Pool 16
  103: Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) dec. Chris Beeler(Meade Co.) 9-8
  112: Keegan North(Ryle) dec. Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 3-1
  119: Jake Carlile(Columbus East) pin A.J. Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) 2:20
  125: Will Bryant(Lafayette) dec. Baron Rieker(Columbus East) 6-1
  130: Brandon Birk(Trinity) dec. Zach Rieker(Columbus East) 5-0
  135: Steven Rieker(Columbus East) pin Joe Mims(Henry Clay) 3:40
  140: Tim Shuler(Columbus East) pin Damon Perry(Valley View) 4:35
  145: Kyle Stillinger(Columbus East) pin Brenden Tuggle(Henry Clay) 0:39
  152: Cody Rife(Grundy) dec. Brian White(Woodford Co.) 3-0
  160: Cory Burris(Glen Este) pin Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) INJ
  171: Court Mace(Ryle) pin Ashton Brierly(Columbus East) INJ
  189: Branden Simota(Meade Co.) pin Travis Jones(Glen Este) 4:59
  215: Cory Buckler(Ryle) pin Lowe Dan(Grundy) 1:40
  285: Dezmon Bott(Union Co.) pin Jon Case(So. Dearborn) 0:10

Fifth Place - Pool 16
  103: Luke Rearic(Lafayette) dec. Caleb Ervin(Glen Este) 6-5
  112: Rob Dezember*UNIO(X1) dec. Mitch Gilbert(Columbus East) 9-7
  119: Declan Mitchell(Woodford Co.) dec. Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) 7-6
  125: Robbie Vanderpool(Woodford Co.) dec. Trey Smith*GRUN(X1) 8-3
  130: Drew Kearns(Glen Este) pin Jamie Lawson(Valley View) 1:23
  135: Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) dec. Corey Ahern(Ryle) 6-3
  140: Kent Bachman(Campbell Co.) dec. Jimmy Shaw(So. Dearborn) 4-3
  145: Caleb Prinz(Glen Este) maj. dec. Clayton Williams(Valley View) 12-4
  152: Camryn Fields(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Josh Parker(Ryle) 3:30
  160: David Johnson(Columbus East) pin Beau Sheffer(Union Co.) 0:51
  171: Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) pin John Mikolay(Glen Este) 2:30
  189: Bobby Bryant(Trinity) pin Anthony Mathias(So. Dearborn) 2:14
  215: Michael Kennedy(Glen Este) dec. Welsey Morris(Woodford Co.) 4-2
  285: Kyle Turner(Glen Este) dec. Jonny Gripshover(Conner) 2-1

Seventh Place - Pool 16
  103: Dallas Pruett(Ryle) pin Jacob Erdman*RYLE(X3) 2:21
  112: Camron Halton(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) 4:34
  119: Tyler Birk(Trinity) dec. Damien Plumblee(Conner) 11-6
  125: Jon Belk(Ryle) over Gabe Ervin(Union Co.) forfeit
  130: Justin Whitaker*UNIO(X4) pin Shane White(Woodford Co.) 2:57
  135: Blake Meyers(Glen Este) over David Day(Valley View) forfeit
  140: Clayton Smith(Trinity) pin Max Davis(Glen Este) 4:17
  145: Jacob Smith(Trinity) dec. Caleb Wolfe(Union Co.) 11-4
  152: Caleb Ogle(Columbus East) pin Nick Sarkis(Trinity) 2:47
  160: Aaron Abner(Valley View) over Garrett Emerick*VALL(X6) forfeit
  171: Chad Goodrich(Woodford Co.) pin Eric Willis(Valley View) 2:10
  189: Evan Kenealy*MEAD(X2) pin Coty Curry(Woodford Co.) 0:59
  215: Trevor Thompson(Conner) pin Zack Cooper(Henry Clay) 4:38
  285: Jason Maines(Ryle) pin Ryan Stitner(Grundy) 0:31

Semifinals - Pool 16
  103: Bryce Payton(Pleasure Ridge Park) maj. dec. Chris Beeler(Meade Co.) 20-11
       Trae Blackwell(Union Co.) maj. dec. Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) 11-0
  112: Brock Ervin(Union Co.) pin Keegan North(Ryle) 1:48
       Ian Kahl(Trinity) dec. Camden Hanley(Lafayette) 8-5
  119: T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) dec. Jake Carlile(Columbus East) 7-1
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) pin A.J. Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) 5:13
  125: John Fahy(Trinity) tech. fall Baron Rieker(Columbus East) 16-1
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) dec. Will Bryant(Lafayette) 7-3
  130: Jayce Carr(Union Co.) dec. Zach Rieker(Columbus East) 3-1
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) maj. dec. Brandon Birk(Trinity) 16-2
  135: Dakota Vance(Grundy) dec. Steven Rieker(Columbus East) 7-4
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Joe Mims(Henry Clay) 1:08
  140: Justin Street(Grundy) maj. dec. Tim Shuler(Columbus East) 15-5
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Damon Perry(Valley View) 1:49
  145: Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) dec. Brenden Tuggle(Henry Clay) 12-5
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. Kyle Stillinger(Columbus East) 18-8
  152: Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Brian White(Woodford Co.) 1:59
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) dec. Cody Rife(Grundy) 10-5
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Cory Burris(Glen Este) 1:19
       Anthony Wood(Pleasure Ridge Park) dec. Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) 5-4
  171: Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) pin Ashton Brierly(Columbus East) 1:58
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Court Mace(Ryle) 1:20
  189: Tanner Mcclanhan(Grundy) pin Travis Jones(Glen Este) 4:50
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) pin Branden Simota(Meade Co.) 3:49
  215: Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Cory Buckler(Ryle) 2:40
       Brian Day(Valley View) dec. Lowe Dan(Grundy) 5-1
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Jon Case(So. Dearborn) 3:48
       Thomas Emmitt(Columbus East) pin Dezmon Bott(Union Co.) 3:50

Consolation Semifinals - Pool 16
  103: Caleb Ervin(Glen Este) maj. dec. Dallas Pruett(Ryle) 13-3
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) pin Jacob Erdman*RYLE(X3) 0:58
  112: Mitch Gilbert(Columbus East) pin Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) 1:10
       Rob Dezember*UNIO(X1) maj. dec. Camron Halton(Pleasure Ridge Park) 16-8
  119: Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) pin Damien Plumblee(Conner) 2:39
       Declan Mitchell(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. Tyler Birk(Trinity) 11-2
  125: Trey Smith*GRUN(X1) dec. Gabe Ervin(Union Co.) 10-3
       Robbie Vanderpool(Woodford Co.) pin Jon Belk(Ryle) 1:02
  130: Drew Kearns(Glen Este) dec. Justin Whitaker*UNIO(X4) 7-0
       Jamie Lawson(Valley View) dec. Shane White(Woodford Co.) 13-6
  135: Corey Ahern(Ryle) pin David Day(Valley View) INJ
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) pin Blake Meyers(Glen Este) 2:58
  140: Jimmy Shaw(So. Dearborn) dec. Clayton Smith(Trinity) 5-1
       Kent Bachman(Campbell Co.) dec. Max Davis(Glen Este) 4-1
  145: Caleb Prinz(Glen Este) pin Caleb Wolfe(Union Co.) 2:30
       Clayton Williams(Valley View) dec. Jacob Smith(Trinity) 8-2
  152: Camryn Fields(Pleasure Ridge Park) tech. fall Nick Sarkis(Trinity) 16-0
       Josh Parker(Ryle) dec. Caleb Ogle(Columbus East) 6-4ot
  160: David Johnson(Columbus East) pin Aaron Abner(Valley View) 1:24
       Beau Sheffer(Union Co.) maj. dec. Garrett Emerick*VALL(X6) 13-0
  171: Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) dec. Chad Goodrich(Woodford Co.) 4-2
       John Mikolay(Glen Este) dec. Eric Willis(Valley View) 4-3ott
  189: Anthony Mathias(So. Dearborn) pin Evan Kenealy*MEAD(X2) 4:58
       Bobby Bryant(Trinity) pin Coty Curry(Woodford Co.) 0:26
  215: Welsey Morris(Woodford Co.) pin Zack Cooper(Henry Clay) 4:28
       Michael Kennedy(Glen Este) pin Trevor Thompson(Conner) 5:15
  285: Kyle Turner(Glen Este) pin Ryan Stitner(Grundy) 0:56
       Jonny Gripshover(Conner) dec. Jason Maines(Ryle) 7-3

Round 3 - Pool 16
  103: Bryce Payton(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Dallas Pruett(Ryle) 4:45
       Robert Swift(So. Dearborn) pin Cody Eggleston(Conner) 0:43
       Chris Beeler(Meade Co.) pin Austin Hurley(Grundy) 0:25
       Caleb Ervin(Glen Este) pin Dalton Noblitt(Columbus East) 1:33
       Trae Blackwell(Union Co.) pin Dominic VanderWoude(Trinity) 0:22
       Jacob Erdman*RYLE(X3) pin Stephen Maggard(Campbell Co.) 1:18
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) dec. Cody Haynes*RYLE(X2) 10-6
       Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Cody Borton(Valley View) 4:58
  112: Brock Ervin(Union Co.) maj. dec. Mark Lowery(Glen Este) 14-3
       Mitch Gilbert(Columbus East) pin Tristin Badida(Conner) 0:41
       Keegan North(Ryle) maj. dec. Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) 12-0
       Brydon Bussard(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) pin Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) 3:23
       Rob Dezember*UNIO(X1) advanced with bye
       Camron Halton(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Austin Compton(Grundy) INJ
       Ian Kahl(Trinity) advanced with bye
  119: T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) pin David Tuduri(Henry Clay) 0:30
       Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) dec. Jon Piatt(Glen Este) 6-2
       Jake Carlile(Columbus East) pin Brian Potter*GRUN(X1) 2:48
       Damien Plumblee(Conner) advanced with bye
       A.J. Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Zane Brady(Valley View) 0:47
       Tyler Birk(Trinity) maj. dec. Seth Upton(Meade Co.) 20-8
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) pin Dillion Raines(Grundy) 0:44
       Declan Mitchell(Woodford Co.) pin Chance Evans(So. Dearborn) 1:50
  125: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Kendall Strahan(Conner) 0:43
       Trey Smith*GRUN(X1) pin Nick Spangler(So. Oldham) 3:04
       Baron Rieker(Columbus East) pin Gabe Ervin(Union Co.) 5:07
       Michael Stamper(Glen Este) maj. dec. Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 13-4
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) 3:05
       Robbie Vanderpool(Woodford Co.) pin Brad Sturgill(Pleasure Ridge Park) 3:11
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Jean-Paul Jikang(Henry Clay) 0:46
       Jon Belk(Ryle) pin Cody Hayes*PLEA(X3) 5:51
  130: Jayce Carr(Union Co.) dec. Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 7-5
       Drew Kearns(Glen Este) dec. Chad Edwards(Pleasure Ridge Park) 5-1
       Zach Rieker(Columbus East) pin Jonathan Davis(Meade Co.) 1:54
       Justin Whitaker*UNIO(X4) pin Scott Hoskins(Ryle) 2:28
       Brandon Birk(Trinity) tech. fall Shane White(Woodford Co.) 16-0
       Noah Gawthorp*LAFA(X1) pin Hussein Ayoub(Henry Clay) 3:40
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) tech. fall Nathanial Long(So. Oldham) 18-1
       Jamie Lawson(Valley View) pin Tommy Withers(Lafayette) 2:39
  135: Dakota Vance(Grundy) pin Terry Ledford*PLEA(X1) 0:17
       David Day(Valley View) dec. Chad Gahafer(Union Co.) 12-6
       Steven Rieker(Columbus East) pin Blaze Tremblay(Lafayette) 0:40
       Corey Ahern(Ryle) pin Brandon Greene*PLEA(X2) 1:40
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) over Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) disq.
       Joe Mims(Henry Clay) pin Davon Shumake(Pleasure Ridge Park) 1:44
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) dec. Blake Meyers(Glen Este) 2-0
       Andrew Utterback(So. Dearborn) dec. Damon Reed(Woodford Co.) 8-7
  140: Justin Street(Grundy) pin Justin Williams(Meade Co.) 1:49
       Jimmy Shaw(So. Dearborn) pin Chris Mullins(Woodford Co.) 3:59
       Tim Shuler(Columbus East) pin Johnny Meiman(Ryle) 0:48
       Clayton Smith(Trinity) dec. Rafael Vazquez(Lafayette) 10-4
       Kent Bachman(Campbell Co.) dec. Jerron Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) 12-6
       Damon Perry(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Tino Velez(So. Oldham) 5:41
       Max Davis(Glen Este) pin Milo Mullins*GRUN(X1) 3:24
  145: Brenden Tuggle(Henry Clay) pin Caleb Wolfe(Union Co.) 3:48
       Channing Elswick(Grundy) dec. Alvaro Agular(Pleasure Ridge Park) 5-1
       Caleb Prinz(Glen Este) pin Cody Stephens(Ryle) 1:33
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) pin Joe King*PLEA(X3) 1:16
       Kyle Stillinger(Columbus East) pin Jamie Barron(So. Dearborn) 0:47
       Clayton Williams(Valley View) pin Logan Smyrichinesky(So. Oldham) 1:16
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) pin Jacob Smith(Trinity) 5:20
       Joey Ratliff*GRUN(X1) pin Solo Doumbia(Lafayette) 1:26
  152: Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) over Hugo Galon*RYLE(X4) forfeit
       Jake Emerson(So. Dearborn) dec. Nick Sarkis(Trinity) 10-3
       Brian White(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. Camryn Fields(Pleasure Ridge Park) 8-0
       Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) pin Dustin Turner(Campbell Co.) INJ
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Spencer Hullette*UNIO(X2) 1:02
       Caleb Ogle(Columbus East) pin Jake Simon(Glen Este) 1:38
       Cody Rife(Grundy) pin Jacob Marshall(Lafayette) 0:47
       Josh Parker(Ryle) pin Seth Pile(Meade Co.) 1:24
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Brayden Hannah(Campbell Co.) 0:12
       David Johnson(Columbus East) pin Christian Makin(Henry Clay) 0:30
       Cory Burris(Glen Este) pin Aaron Abner(Valley View) 1:26
       Branden Thies(So. Dearborn) pin Jordan McCowen(Grundy) 3:38
       Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) pin Steven Stickrod(Trinity) 2:47
       Garrett Emerick*VALL(X6) pin Andrew Madden(Conner) 0:26
       Anthony Wood(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Jackson Avant(Lafayette) 0:54
       Beau Sheffer(Union Co.) dec. Jonah Shacklett(Meade Co.) 12-7
  171: Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) tech. fall Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) 17-1
       Cody Hoskins(Meade Co.) pin Brett Keeton(Campbell Co.) INJ
       Chad Goodrich(Woodford Co.) over Shawn Phelps(So. Oldham) default
       Ashton Brierly(Columbus East) pin Travis Stadtmiller*CAMP(X1) 1:23
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Devin Smith(Union Co.) 1:49
       Eric Willis(Valley View) pin Shawn Graham*MEAD(X2) 3:04
       Court Mace(Ryle) dec. John Mikolay(Glen Este) 8-3
       Zack Fisher(Conner) pin Jordan McIntosh(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:21
  189: Tanner Mcclanhan(Grundy) pin Evan Kenealy*MEAD(X2) 0:36
       Joe Gaines(Lafayette) pin John Stader(So. Oldham) 0:43
       Travis Jones(Glen Este) pin Jordan Leonard*MEAD(X1) 0:38
       Anthony Mathias(So. Dearborn) pin Mike Ganey(Pleasure Ridge Park) 1:35
       Branden Simota(Meade Co.) advanced with bye
       Coty Curry(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. Brian Carter(Union Co.) 19-7
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) pin Dakota Key(Campbell Co.) 0:33
       Bobby Bryant(Trinity) dec. Clayton Ferguson(Columbus East) 8-2
  215: Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Donald Lee Craven*RYLE(X2) 1:17
       Zack Cooper(Henry Clay) pin Corbin Ryle(So. Dearborn) 5:06
       Cory Buckler(Ryle) over Jake Mcowan*GRUN(X1) disq.
       Welsey Morris(Woodford Co.) advanced with bye
       Brian Day(Valley View) pin Trevor Thompson(Conner) 2:10
       Chris Jones(Meade Co.) pin Seth Booth(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:33
       Lowe Dan(Grundy) pin J.J. Huddleston(Columbus East) 1:11
       Michael Kennedy(Glen Este) pin Reshawd Wilkins(Union Co.) 3:25
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Jordan Miller(Trinity) 1:18
       Kyle Turner(Glen Este) pin Alec Mielke*MEAD(X1) 0:56
       Ryan Stitner(Grundy) pin Zack Rohrman*PLEA(X2) 3:56
       Jon Case(So. Dearborn) pin Noah Emerick(Valley View) 1:50
       Jonny Gripshover(Conner) pin Brad Weber*RYLE(X3) 2:46
       Dezmon Bott(Union Co.) pin Austin LaSelva(Pleasure Ridge Park) 1:30
       Thomas Emmitt(Columbus East) pin Bailey Rodgers*PLEA(X4) 0:43
       Jason Maines(Ryle) pin Mark Hall(Meade Co.) 2:16

Round 2 - Pool 16
  103: Bryce Payton(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Robert Swift(So. Dearborn) 0:24
       Dallas Pruett(Ryle) pin Cody Eggleston(Conner) 0:28
       Dalton Noblitt(Columbus East) pin Austin Hurley(Grundy) 0:40
       Chris Beeler(Meade Co.) dec. Caleb Ervin(Glen Este) 15-13
       Trae Blackwell(Union Co.) pin Jacob Erdman*RYLE(X3) 1:23
       Stephen Maggard(Campbell Co.) pin Dominic VanderWoude(Trinity) 0:45
       Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) dec. Cody Haynes*RYLE(X2) 12-6
       Luke Rearic(Lafayette) pin Cody Borton(Valley View) 1:48
  112: Brock Ervin(Union Co.) pin Tristin Badida(Conner) 0:54
       Mitch Gilbert(Columbus East) dec. Mark Lowery(Glen Este) 10-5
       Keegan North(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) pin Brydon Bussard(Valley View) 3:34
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Rob Dezember*UNIO(X1) pin Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) 3:14
       Ian Kahl(Trinity) pin Camron Halton(Pleasure Ridge Park) 1:58
       Austin Compton(Grundy) advanced with bye
  119: T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) pin Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) 5:56
       Jon Piatt(Glen Este) pin David Tuduri(Henry Clay) 1:00
       Damien Plumblee(Conner) pin Brian Potter*GRUN(X1) 3:36
       Jake Carlile(Columbus East) advanced with bye
       A.J. Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Seth Upton(Meade Co.) 0:50
       Tyler Birk(Trinity) dec. Zane Brady(Valley View) 9-6
       Declan Mitchell(Woodford Co.) pin Dillion Raines(Grundy) 1:33
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Chance Evans(So. Dearborn) 22-6
  125: John Fahy(Trinity) pin Nick Spangler(So. Oldham) 0:44
       Trey Smith*GRUN(X1) pin Kendall Strahan(Conner) 1:40
       Gabe Ervin(Union Co.) pin Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 2:45
       Baron Rieker(Columbus East) tech. fall Michael Stamper(Glen Este) 20-2
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Brad Sturgill(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:44
       Robbie Vanderpool(Woodford Co.) dec. Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) 8-2
       Jon Belk(Ryle) pin Jean-Paul Jikang(Henry Clay) 1:08
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Cody Hayes*PLEA(X3) 0:53
  130: Jayce Carr(Union Co.) pin Chad Edwards(Pleasure Ridge Park) 2:40
       Drew Kearns(Glen Este) dec. Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) 4-3
       Justin Whitaker*UNIO(X4) maj. dec. Jonathan Davis(Meade Co.) 14-6
       Zach Rieker(Columbus East) pin Scott Hoskins(Ryle) 1:35
       Brandon Birk(Trinity) pin Noah Gawthorp*LAFA(X1) 0:54
       Shane White(Woodford Co.) maj. dec. Hussein Ayoub(Henry Clay) 15-1
       Nathanial Long(So. Oldham) dec. Tommy Withers(Lafayette) 5-0
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) pin Jamie Lawson(Valley View) 0:52
  135: Dakota Vance(Grundy) dec. Chad Gahafer(Union Co.) 9-3
       David Day(Valley View) pin Terry Ledford*PLEA(X1) 1:49
       Corey Ahern(Ryle) pin Blaze Tremblay(Lafayette) 2:56
       Steven Rieker(Columbus East) pin Brandon Greene*PLEA(X2) 1:03
       Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) pin Davon Shumake(Pleasure Ridge Park) 3:15
       Joe Mims(Henry Clay) over Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) disq.
       Blake Meyers(Glen Este) pin Andrew Utterback(So. Dearborn) 5:45
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Damon Reed(Woodford Co.) 3:44
  140: Justin Street(Grundy) dec. Jimmy Shaw(So. Dearborn) 3-1
       Chris Mullins(Woodford Co.) pin Justin Williams(Meade Co.) 1:32
       Johnny Meiman(Ryle) dec. Rafael Vazquez(Lafayette) 7-4
       Tim Shuler(Columbus East) pin Clayton Smith(Trinity) 2:31
       Damon Perry(Valley View) dec. Jerron Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) 7-5
       Kent Bachman(Campbell Co.) advanced with bye
       Max Davis(Glen Este) dec. Tino Velez(So. Oldham) 8-2
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) pin Milo Mullins*GRUN(X1) 1:31
  145: Brenden Tuggle(Henry Clay) pin Channing Elswick(Grundy) 5:15
       Caleb Wolfe(Union Co.) pin Alvaro Agular(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:50
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) pin Cody Stephens(Ryle) 0:51
       Caleb Prinz(Glen Este) pin Joe King*PLEA(X3) 0:35
       Jamie Barron(So. Dearborn) pin Logan Smyrichinesky(So. Oldham) 1:38
       Kyle Stillinger(Columbus East) pin Clayton Williams(Valley View) 3:58
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) pin Joey Ratliff*GRUN(X1) 1:35
       Jacob Smith(Trinity) pin Solo Doumbia(Lafayette) 5:34
  152: Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Jake Emerson(So. Dearborn) 0:47
       Nick Sarkis(Trinity) pin Hugo Galon*RYLE(X4) 4:20
       Brian White(Woodford Co.) pin Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) 3:28
       Camryn Fields(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Dustin Turner(Campbell Co.) INJ
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Jake Simon(Glen Este) 1:12
       Caleb Ogle(Columbus East) dec. Spencer Hullette*UNIO(X2) 7-5
       Seth Pile(Meade Co.) pin Jacob Marshall(Lafayette) 0:59
       Cody Rife(Grundy) maj. dec. Josh Parker(Ryle) 11-1
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin David Johnson(Columbus East) 1:10
       Brayden Hannah(Campbell Co.) pin Christian Makin(Henry Clay) 5:57
       Aaron Abner(Valley View) dec. Branden Thies(So. Dearborn) 14-7
       Cory Burris(Glen Este) pin Jordan McCowen(Grundy) 0:59
       Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) pin Andrew Madden(Conner) 0:15
       Garrett Emerick*VALL(X6) pin Steven Stickrod(Trinity) 1:25
       Beau Sheffer(Union Co.) pin Jackson Avant(Lafayette) 3:39
       Anthony Wood(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Jonah Shacklett(Meade Co.) 1:17
  171: Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) pin Brett Keeton(Campbell Co.) 1:52
       Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) pin Cody Hoskins(Meade Co.) 5:17
       Travis Stadtmiller*CAMP(X1) pin Shawn Phelps(So. Oldham) INJ
       Ashton Brierly(Columbus East) maj. dec. Chad Goodrich(Woodford Co.) 18-8
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Eric Willis(Valley View) 1:00
       Devin Smith(Union Co.) pin Shawn Graham*MEAD(X2) 0:27
       John Mikolay(Glen Este) pin Jordan McIntosh(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:29
       Court Mace(Ryle) pin Zack Fisher(Conner) 1:24
  189: Tanner Mcclanhan(Grundy) pin Joe Gaines(Lafayette) 0:33
       Evan Kenealy*MEAD(X2) pin John Stader(So. Oldham) 2:54
       Jordan Leonard*MEAD(X1) pin Mike Ganey(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:28
       Travis Jones(Glen Este) pin Anthony Mathias(So. Dearborn) 1:25
       Branden Simota(Meade Co.) pin Coty Curry(Woodford Co.) 1:58
       Brian Carter(Union Co.) advanced with bye
       Bobby Bryant(Trinity) maj. dec. Dakota Key(Campbell Co.) 14-4
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) maj. dec. Clayton Ferguson(Columbus East) 13-0
  215: Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Zack Cooper(Henry Clay) 0:36
       Donald Lee Craven*RYLE(X2) dec. Corbin Ryle(So. Dearborn) 4-3
       Jake Mcowan*GRUN(X1) advanced with bye
       Cory Buckler(Ryle) pin Welsey Morris(Woodford Co.) 2:23
       Brian Day(Valley View) pin Seth Booth(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:14
       Trevor Thompson(Conner) pin Chris Jones(Meade Co.) 3:48
       Reshawd Wilkins(Union Co.) dec. J.J. Huddleston(Columbus East) 7-5ot
       Lowe Dan(Grundy) dec. Michael Kennedy(Glen Este) 9-2
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) dec. Kyle Turner(Glen Este) 7-2
       Alec Mielke*MEAD(X1) pin Jordan Miller(Trinity) 3:37
       Jon Case(So. Dearborn) pin Ryan Stitner(Grundy) 2:21
       Noah Emerick(Valley View) pin Zack Rohrman*PLEA(X2) 0:50
       Jonny Gripshover(Conner) pin Austin LaSelva(Pleasure Ridge Park) 2:51
       Dezmon Bott(Union Co.) pin Brad Weber*RYLE(X3) 1:48
       Jason Maines(Ryle) pin Bailey Rodgers*PLEA(X4) 0:30
       Thomas Emmitt(Columbus East) pin Mark Hall(Meade Co.) 1:57

Round 1 - Pool 16
  103: Bryce Payton(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Cody Eggleston(Conner) 0:31
       Dallas Pruett(Ryle) pin Robert Swift(So. Dearborn) 3:11
       Caleb Ervin(Glen Este) pin Austin Hurley(Grundy) 1:00
       Chris Beeler(Meade Co.) pin Dalton Noblitt(Columbus East) 2:50
       Trae Blackwell(Union Co.) pin Stephen Maggard(Campbell Co.) 0:53
       Jacob Erdman*RYLE(X3) pin Dominic VanderWoude(Trinity) 1:12
       Cody Haynes*RYLE(X2) pin Cody Borton(Valley View) 0:44
       Michael Whalen(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Luke Rearic(Lafayette) 9-1
  112: Brock Ervin(Union Co.) pin Mitch Gilbert(Columbus East) 0:41
       Mark Lowery(Glen Este) pin Tristin Badida(Conner) 1:26
       Keegan North(Ryle) pin Brydon Bussard(Valley View) 0:53
       Chris McKenna(So. Oldham) advanced with bye
       Camden Hanley(Lafayette) dec. Rob Dezember*UNIO(X1) 9-3
       Lance Kelly(Meade Co.) advanced with bye
       Camron Halton(Pleasure Ridge Park) advanced with bye
       Ian Kahl(Trinity) pin Austin Compton(Grundy) 0:55
  119: T.J. Ruschell(Ryle) tech. fall Jon Piatt(Glen Este) 16-1
       Jeffery Wurth(Union Co.) pin David Tuduri(Henry Clay) 2:50
       Brian Potter*GRUN(X1) advanced with bye
       Jake Carlile(Columbus East) pin Damien Plumblee(Conner) 1:50
       A.J. Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Tyler Birk(Trinity) 2:43
       Zane Brady(Valley View) pin Seth Upton(Meade Co.) 3:27
       Chance Evans(So. Dearborn) pin Dillion Raines(Grundy) 0:43
       Sean Fausz(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Declan Mitchell(Woodford Co.) 21-5
  125: John Fahy(Trinity) tech. fall Trey Smith*GRUN(X1) 16-1
       Nick Spangler(So. Oldham) pin Kendall Strahan(Conner) 1:06
       Gabe Ervin(Union Co.) pin Michael Stamper(Glen Este) 1:41
       Baron Rieker(Columbus East) tech. fall Zach Fryer(Campbell Co.) 20-4
       Will Bryant(Lafayette) pin Robbie Vanderpool(Woodford Co.) 3:22
       Brandon Scott(Meade Co.) pin Brad Sturgill(Pleasure Ridge Park) 3:14
       Cody Hayes*PLEA(X3) pin Jean-Paul Jikang(Henry Clay) 0:56
       Sean Vandyke(Grundy) pin Jon Belk(Ryle) 1:43
  130: Jayce Carr(Union Co.) tech. fall Drew Kearns(Glen Este) 18-3
       Paul Hamilton(Campbell Co.) pin Chad Edwards(Pleasure Ridge Park) 3:29
       Scott Hoskins(Ryle) pin Jonathan Davis(Meade Co.) 2:42
       Zach Rieker(Columbus East) pin Justin Whitaker*UNIO(X4) 1:35
       Brandon Birk(Trinity) pin Hussein Ayoub(Henry Clay) 0:24
       Shane White(Woodford Co.) pin Noah Gawthorp*LAFA(X1) 0:57
       Jamie Lawson(Valley View) maj. dec. Nathanial Long(So. Oldham) 13-4
       Jeremy Hurley(Grundy) tech. fall Tommy Withers(Lafayette) 16-0
  135: Dakota Vance(Grundy) dec. David Day(Valley View) 10-9
       Chad Gahafer(Union Co.) pin Terry Ledford*PLEA(X1) 1:30
       Blaze Tremblay(Lafayette) pin Brandon Greene*PLEA(X2) 3:48
       Steven Rieker(Columbus East) dec. Corey Ahern(Ryle) 6-1
       Joe Mims(Henry Clay) dec. Roy Bisenius(So. Oldham) 8-5
       Corbin Woods(Campbell Co.) tech. fall Davon Shumake(Pleasure Ridge Park) 15-0
       Blake Meyers(Glen Este) pin Damon Reed(Woodford Co.) 1:18
       Brent Hitchings(Trinity) pin Andrew Utterback(So. Dearborn) 3:24
  140: Justin Street(Grundy) pin Chris Mullins(Woodford Co.) 3:05
       Jimmy Shaw(So. Dearborn) pin Justin Williams(Meade Co.) 2:31
       Clayton Smith(Trinity) pin Johnny Meiman(Ryle) 3:38
       Tim Shuler(Columbus East) pin Rafael Vazquez(Lafayette) 3:40
       Jerron Roberson(Pleasure Ridge Park) advanced with bye
       Damon Perry(Valley View) dec. Kent Bachman(Campbell Co.) 10-6
       Tino Velez(So. Oldham) pin Milo Mullins*GRUN(X1) 0:53
       Keaton Thomas(Union Co.) dec. Max Davis(Glen Este) 10-6
  145: Brenden Tuggle(Henry Clay) maj. dec. Alvaro Agular(Pleasure Ridge Park) 11-1
       Caleb Wolfe(Union Co.) pin Channing Elswick(Grundy) 4:29
       Cody Stephens(Ryle) pin Joe King*PLEA(X3) 2:57
       Eric Spahr(Campbell Co.) dec. Caleb Prinz(Glen Este) 13-7
       Clayton Williams(Valley View) dec. Jamie Barron(So. Dearborn) 14-8
       Kyle Stillinger(Columbus East) pin Logan Smyrichinesky(So. Oldham) 0:26
       Wyatt Courtney(Woodford Co.) pin Solo Doumbia(Lafayette) 1:14
       Jacob Smith(Trinity) dec. Joey Ratliff*GRUN(X1) 8-7
  152: Caleb Ervin(Union Co.) pin Nick Sarkis(Trinity) 0:22
       Hugo Galon*RYLE(X4) pin Jake Emerson(So. Dearborn) 5:14
       Brian White(Woodford Co.) pin Dustin Turner(Campbell Co.) 0:54
       Camryn Fields(Pleasure Ridge Park) tech. fall Caleb Isaacs(Valley View) 18-3
       Joe Whalen(Henry Clay) pin Caleb Ogle(Columbus East) 4:17
       Spencer Hullette*UNIO(X2) pin Jake Simon(Glen Este) 4:28
       Josh Parker(Ryle) pin Jacob Marshall(Lafayette) 0:45
       Cody Rife(Grundy) tech. fall Seth Pile(Meade Co.) 15-0
  160: Connor Coyle(Ryle) pin Christian Makin(Henry Clay) 0:39
       David Johnson(Columbus East) pin Brayden Hannah(Campbell Co.) 0:08
       Aaron Abner(Valley View) pin Jordan McCowen(Grundy) 1:15
       Cory Burris(Glen Este) pin Branden Thies(So. Dearborn) 2:53
       Curtis Graham(Woodford Co.) pin Garrett Emerick*VALL(X6) 2:53
       Steven Stickrod(Trinity) pin Andrew Madden(Conner) 3:09
       Jonah Shacklett(Meade Co.) pin Jackson Avant(Lafayette) 0:38
       Anthony Wood(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Beau Sheffer(Union Co.) 3:55
  171: Tyler Mcclanahan(Grundy) pin Cody Hoskins(Meade Co.) 3:30
       Trenton Kulmer(Trinity) pin Brett Keeton(Campbell Co.) 0:39
       Ashton Brierly(Columbus East) pin Shawn Phelps(So. Oldham) 0:09
       Chad Goodrich(Woodford Co.) pin Travis Stadtmiller*CAMP(X1) 0:50
       Nick Manning(So. Dearborn) pin Shawn Graham*MEAD(X2) 2:30
       Eric Willis(Valley View) pin Devin Smith(Union Co.) 5:13
       John Mikolay(Glen Este) dec. Zack Fisher(Conner) 12-10
       Court Mace(Ryle) pin Jordan McIntosh(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:15
  189: Tanner Mcclanhan(Grundy) maj. dec. John Stader(So. Oldham) 13-1
       Evan Kenealy*MEAD(X2) dec. Joe Gaines(Lafayette) 10-4
       Anthony Mathias(So. Dearborn) dec. Jordan Leonard*MEAD(X1) 12-6
       Travis Jones(Glen Este) pin Mike Ganey(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:35
       Branden Simota(Meade Co.) pin Brian Carter(Union Co.) 0:52
       Coty Curry(Woodford Co.) advanced with bye
       Clayton Ferguson(Columbus East) maj. dec. Dakota Key(Campbell Co.) 10-0
       Taylor Pruett(Ryle) dec. Bobby Bryant(Trinity) 3-2
  215: Brendan Darrow(Trinity) pin Corbin Ryle(So. Dearborn) 1:30
       Zack Cooper(Henry Clay) pin Donald Lee Craven*RYLE(X2) 3:43
       Welsey Morris(Woodford Co.) over Jake Mcowan*GRUN(X1) default
       Cory Buckler(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Brian Day(Valley View) pin Chris Jones(Meade Co.) 2:19
       Trevor Thompson(Conner) pin Seth Booth(Pleasure Ridge Park) 0:26
       Michael Kennedy(Glen Este) dec. J.J. Huddleston(Columbus East) 6-2
       Lowe Dan(Grundy) pin Reshawd Wilkins(Union Co.) 1:12
  285: Mason Franck(Campbell Co.) pin Alec Mielke*MEAD(X1) 3:33
       Kyle Turner(Glen Este) pin Jordan Miller(Trinity) 2:03
       Ryan Stitner(Grundy) dec. Noah Emerick(Valley View) 7-5
       Jon Case(So. Dearborn) pin Zack Rohrman*PLEA(X2) 2:22
       Dezmon Bott(Union Co.) pin Jonny Gripshover(Conner) 1:25
       Austin LaSelva(Pleasure Ridge Park) pin Brad Weber*RYLE(X3) 0:39
       Mark Hall(Meade Co.) pin Bailey Rodgers*PLEA(X4) 0:12
       Thomas Emmitt(Columbus East) pin Jason Maines(Ryle) 3:53