Sycamore Invitational 2020

SycamoreInvitational 2020

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Wyoming (WY) 201.5 4 9 35 15 23 1 4
Blanchester (BLAN) 194.0 4 10 36 16 22 0 4
Northwest (NW) 152.0 4 7 27 16 19 0 2
Monroe (MON) 149.5 4 6 24 14 17 1 2
Sycamore (SYC) 105.5 1 6 23 19 14 1 0
Anderson (AND) 95.5 1 4 22 14 14 3 3
Valley View (VV) 84.5 2 4 20 14 11 1 2
Tippecanoe (TIPP) 79.0 1 5 16 26 14 0 2
Talawanda (TAL) 75.5 2 3 16 16 10 1 2
Holmes (HOL) 75.0 0 4 19 20 14 0 1
Miamisburg (MIA) 73.0 1 3 19 19 10 0 1
Stebbins (STEB) 57.5 1 3 12 8 7 1 0
Dixie Heights (DH) 55.5 0 4 15 15 5 3 1
Mt. Healthy (MTH) 55.0 1 3 12 13 6 0 2
Cooper (COOP) 50.5 1 4 11 25 5 1 0
Norwood (NOR) 47.0 1 2 10 15 7 2 0
Madeira (MAD) 46.0 0 3 15 22 8 0 2
Hamilton (HAM) 34.0 0 1 9 18 7 0 1
North College Hill (NCH) 30.5 0 1 9 17 5 1 0
Shroder (SHRO) 22.0 0 1 6 9 3 0 0
Cincinnati Country Day (CCD) 15.0 0 1 3 8 2 0 0
Waynesville (WAY) 11.5 0 0 4 10 1 1 0

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Caleb Thomas (Monroe)1. Caleb Thomas (MON)
Mat #2 AA1C. Thomas (MON)2. Colton Baker (TAL)
Aubrey Garrison (Miamisburg)Fall 1:023. Ian Zender (WY)
Mat #3 AA9C. Thomas (MON)4. Evan Wilcox (VV)
Brian Cole (Anderson)Fall 3:545. Hunter Smith (BLAN)
AA2B. Cole (AND)6. Oliver Murry (TIPP)
Mat #1 AA21C. Thomas (MON)
Ian Zender (Wyoming)Fall 3:49
AA3I. Zender (WY)
Mat #1 AA10I. Zender (WY)
Evan Wilcox (Valley View)10-8
Mat #3 AA4E. Wilcox (VV)
Hunter Smith (Blanchester)Major Dec. 13-4Champion
Mat #1 AA29C. Thomas (MON)
Ein Gipson (Holmes)Fall 3:07
Mat #4 AA5E. Gipson (HOL)
Jonathan Whittenburg (Sycamore)Fall 1:32
Mat #2 AA11O. Murry (TIPP)
Shamar Kelow (North College Hill)Fall 2:52
Mat #1 AA6O. Murry (TIPP)
Oliver Murry (Tippecanoe)Fall 1:33
Mat #1 AA22C. Baker (TAL)
Randy Cox (Northwest)Tech Fall 15-0 5:58
AA7R. Cox (NW)
Mat #3 AA12C. Baker (TAL)
Austin Bain (Cooper)Fall 2:56
Mat #2 AA8C. Baker (TAL)
Colton Baker (Talawanda)Fall 1:31
I. Zender (WY)
R. Cox (NW)L:AA21
Aubrey Garrison (Miamisburg)L:AA12Mat #1 AA17R. Cox (NW)Mat #1 AA25I. Zender (WY)
L:AA1AA13A. Garrison (MIA)7-1Fall 0:48
BYEMat #4 AA23H. Smith (BLAN)
L:AA2E. Gipson (HOL)Fall 1:46Third
L:AA11Mat #1 AA18H. Smith (BLAN)Mat #2 AA28I. Zender (WY)
L:AA3AA14H. Smith (BLAN)Fall 1:33Forfeit
Hunter Smith (Blanchester)BYEO. Murry (TIPP)
L:AA4E. Wilcox (VV)L:AA22
Jonathan Whittenburg (Sycamore)L:AA10Mat #4 AA19E. Wilcox (VV)Mat #2 AA26E. Wilcox (VV)
L:AA5Mat #1 AA15S. Kelow (NCH)Fall 0:41Major Dec. 18-4
Shamar Kelow (North College Hill)14-11Mat #4 AA24E. Wilcox (VV)
L:AA6B. Cole (AND)Tech Fall 19-4 3:18H. Smith (BLAN)Fifth
L:AA9Mat #1 AA20B. Cole (AND)L:AA25Mat #3 AA27H. Smith (BLAN)
L:AA7AA16A. Bain (COOP)Fall 4:26O. Murry (TIPP)Major Dec. 14-3
Austin Bain (Cooper)BYEL:AA26

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Justin Mills (Valley View)1. Justin Mills (VV)
Mat #3 AB1J. Mills (VV)2. Hunter Sproles (COOP)
Jeremy Cox (Norwood)Fall 1:333. Ramakrishna Gandhi (MAD)
Mat #3 AB9J. Mills (VV)4. Jacob Hamm (BLAN)
Fall 1:325. Jeremy Cox (NOR)
AB2R. Thomas (NCH)6. Trevor Miller (DH)
Ryan Thomas (North College Hill)BYE
Mat #3 AB21J. Mills (VV)
Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights)Fall 2:48
AB3T. Miller (DH)
Mat #4 AB10J. Hamm (BLAN)
Blake DeMoss (Holmes)14-4
Mat #4 AB4J. Hamm (BLAN)
Jacob Hamm (Blanchester)Fall 4:41Champion
Mat #2 AB29J. Mills (VV)
Ramakrishna Gandhi (Madeira)9-7
AB5R. Gandhi (MAD)
Mat #2 AB11R. Gandhi (MAD)
Cooper Campbell (Monroe)Fall 0:16
AB6C. Campbell (MON)
Mat #2 AB22H. Sproles (COOP)
AB7B. G. Lopez (HAM)
Bonifcio Gutierrez Lopez (Hamilton)BYE
Mat #4 AB12H. Sproles (COOP)
Ethan Henderson (Tippecanoe)Fall 1:44
Mat #1 AB8H. Sproles (COOP)
Hunter Sproles (Cooper)Tech Fall 16-1 1:51
J. Hamm (BLAN)
B. G. Lopez (HAM)L:AB21
Jeremy Cox (Norwood)L:AB12Mat #4 AB17J. Cox (NOR)Mat #2 AB25J. Hamm (BLAN)
L:AB1AB13J. Cox (NOR)Fall 2:276-4
BYEMat #4 AB23J. Cox (NOR)
L:AB2C. Campbell (MON)Fall 1:57Third
L:AB11Mat #2 AB18C. Campbell (MON)Mat #4 AB28R. Gandhi (MAD)
L:AB3AB14B. DeMoss (HOL)Fall 3:3211-2
Blake DeMoss (Holmes)BYER. Gandhi (MAD)
L:AB4T. Miller (DH)L:AB22
L:AB10AB19T. Miller (DH)Mat #2 AB26R. Gandhi (MAD)
L:AB5AB15BYEFall 2:34
Mat #4 AB24T. Miller (DH)
L:AB6R. Thomas (NCH)Fall 2:33J. Cox (NOR)Fifth
L:AB9Mat #4 AB20E. Henderson (TIPP)L:AB25Mat #4 AB27J. Cox (NOR)
L:AB7AB16E. Henderson (TIPP)Fall 1:16T. Miller (DH)Tech Fall 16-1 3:15
Ethan Henderson (Tippecanoe)BYEL:AB26

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Jacob Bryan (Wyoming)1. Jacob Bryan (WY)
Mat #1 AC1J. Bryan (WY)2. Quinton Harris-Baird (NW)
Pepe MBaye (North College Hill)Fall 0:203. Amir Isakov (SYC)
Mat #2 AC9J. Bryan (WY)4. Carson Robbins (TIPP)
Tech Fall 16-1 4:055. Caleb Welsh (MON)
AC2N. Opichka (MAD)6. Nathan Opichka (MAD)
Nathan Opichka (Madeira)BYE
Mat #1 AC21J. Bryan (WY)
Caleb Welsh (Monroe)Fall 3:19
Mat #3 AC3C. Welsh (MON)
Emmanuel Olanrewaju (Shroder)Fall 0:39
Mat #4 AC10C. Welsh (MON)
Brad Caldwell (Anderson)Fall 4:37
AC4B. Caldwell (AND)
Mat #1 AC29J. Bryan (WY)
Quinton Harris-Baird (Northwest)Fall 3:02
Mat #1 AC5Q. Harris-Baird (NW)
Ayden Tussey (Miamisburg)Fall 1:36
Mat #3 AC11Q. Harris-Baird (NW)
Phillip Stevens (Waynesville)Fall 1:22
AC6P. Stevens (WAY)
Mat #2 AC22Q. Harris-Baird (NW)
Carson Robbins (Tippecanoe)Fall 4:31
AC7C. Robbins (TIPP)
Mat #2 AC12A. Isakov (SYC)
Drew Johnson (Cooper)12-6
Mat #4 AC8A. Isakov (SYC)
Amir Isakov (Sycamore)Fall 0:54
C. Welsh (MON)
C. Robbins (TIPP)L:AC21
Pepe MBaye (North College Hill)L:AC12Mat #3 AC17C. Robbins (TIPP)Mat #1 AC25C. Robbins (TIPP)
L:AC1AC13P. MBaye (NCH)Fall 0:34Fall 4:14
BYEMat #4 AC23C. Robbins (TIPP)
L:AC2P. Stevens (WAY)Fall 1:32Third
Emmanuel Olanrewaju (Shroder)L:AC11Mat #4 AC18E. Olanrewaju (SHRO)Mat #4 AC28A. Isakov (SYC)
L:AC3AC14E. Olanrewaju (SHRO)Fall 0:405-0
BYEA. Isakov (SYC)
L:AC4B. Caldwell (AND)L:AC22
Ayden Tussey (Miamisburg)L:AC10Mat #3 AC19A. Tussey (MIA)Mat #2 AC26A. Isakov (SYC)
L:AC5AC15A. Tussey (MIA)Fall 3:547-0
BYEMat #4 AC24N. Opichka (MAD)
L:AC6N. Opichka (MAD)Fall 2:49C. Welsh (MON)Fifth
L:AC9Mat #3 AC20N. Opichka (MAD)L:AC25Mat #3 AC27C. Welsh (MON)
L:AC7AC16D. Johnson (COOP)Fall 1:46N. Opichka (MAD)Fall 2:35
Drew Johnson (Cooper)BYEL:AC26

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Leshawn Simmons (Holmes)1. Izumi Harney (SYC)
Mat #1 AD1L. Simmons (HOL)2. Tyler Harkins (NOR)
Anthony Hamilton (Monroe)Fall 4:223. Malachi O'Leary (WY)
Mat #2 AD9L. Simmons (HOL)4. Austin Sodemann (NW)
Henry Murry (Tippecanoe)Fall 5:215. Leshawn Simmons (HOL)
AD2H. Murry (TIPP)6. Zach Myers (VV)
Mat #4 AD21T. Harkins (NOR)
Zach Myers (Valley View)Tech Fall 22-6 5:22
Mat #4 AD3Z. Myers (VV)
Rashid Dewees (Mt. Healthy)Fall 2:42
Mat #3 AD10T. Harkins (NOR)
Nick Musselman (Blanchester)Fall 4:37
Mat #2 AD4T. Harkins (NOR)
Tyler Harkins (Norwood)Fall 3:46Champion
Mat #2 AD29I. Harney (SYC)
Malachi O'Leary (Wyoming)14-10
Mat #1 AD5M. O'Leary (WY)
Tamar Payne-Thomas (Miamisburg)Fall 1:59
Mat #1 AD11M. O'Leary (WY)
Tori Jurgens (Cooper)Major Dec. 10-1
Mat #1 AD6A. Sodemann (NW)
Austin Sodemann (Northwest)Fall 0:21
Mat #4 AD22I. Harney (SYC)
Fall 2:23
AD7K. Jones (MAD)
Kobe Jones (Madeira)BYE
Mat #3 AD12I. Harney (SYC)
Cheyenne Wright (Shroder)Fall 2:30
Mat #3 AD8I. Harney (SYC)
Izumi Harney (Sycamore)Fall 0:16
L. Simmons (HOL)
K. Jones (MAD)L:AD21
Anthony Hamilton (Monroe)L:AD12Mat #2 AD17K. Jones (MAD)Mat #1 AD25A. Sodemann (NW)
L:AD1AD13A. Hamilton (MON)3-06-5
BYEMat #3 AD23A. Sodemann (NW)
L:AD2A. Sodemann (NW)Fall 1:33Third
Rashid Dewees (Mt. Healthy)L:AD11Mat #3 AD18A. Sodemann (NW)Mat #4 AD28M. O'Leary (WY)
L:AD3Mat #1 AD14R. Dewees (MTH)Fall 1:36Forfeit
Nick Musselman (Blanchester)Major Dec. 12-4M. O'Leary (WY)
L:AD4Z. Myers (VV)L:AD22
Tamar Payne-Thomas (Miamisburg)L:AD10Mat #1 AD19Z. Myers (VV)Mat #2 AD26M. O'Leary (WY)
L:AD5Mat #2 AD15T. Payne-Thomas (MIA)4-216-11
Tori Jurgens (Cooper)Fall 0:26Mat #3 AD24Z. Myers (VV)
L:AD6H. Murry (TIPP)Fall 2:23L. Simmons (HOL)Fifth
L:AD9Mat #4 AD20H. Murry (TIPP)L:AD25Mat #3 AD27L. Simmons (HOL)
L:AD7AD16C. Wright (SHRO)Fall 0:24Z. Myers (VV)Forf
Cheyenne Wright (Shroder)BYEL:AD26

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Collin Lovett (Miamisburg)1. Collin Lovett (MIA)
Mat #2 AE1C. Lovett (MIA)2. Joseph Rivera (MON)
Owen Gill (Madeira)Fall 1:203. Gage Berwanger (BLAN)
Mat #4 AE9C. Lovett (MIA)3. Cain Monk (AND)
Albert Long (North College Hill)Fall 0:525. Charlie Blanton (STEB)
Mat #3 AE2T. Bruno (TIPP)6. Evan Kilgard (SYC)
Tyler Bruno (Tippecanoe)Fall 1:35
Mat #2 AE21C. Lovett (MIA)
Tanner Bailey (Cooper)4-0
Mat #4 AE3B. Green (HOL)
Braidin Green (Holmes)9-4
Mat #2 AE10C. Blanton (STEB)
Davis Williams (Talawanda)3-1
Mat #2 AE4C. Blanton (STEB)
Charlie Blanton (Stebbins)Fall 5:02Champion
Mat #1 AE29C. Lovett (MIA)
Charles Pickett (Wyoming)3-2
Mat #3 AE5C. Pickett (WY)
Nikolai Johnstone (Northwest)Major Dec. 15-7
Mat #3 AE11E. Kilgard (SYC)
Davis Tristen (Cincinnati Country Day)Tech Fall 16-0 2:54
Mat #4 AE6E. Kilgard (SYC)
Evan Kilgard (Sycamore)15-8
Mat #4 AE22J. Rivera (MON)
Vianchi Banderas (Norwood)Fall 1:32
Mat #3 AE7G. Berwanger (BLAN)
Gage Berwanger (Blanchester)Fall 1:12
Mat #4 AE12J. Rivera (MON)
Cain Monk (Anderson)Fall 1:44
Mat #4 AE8J. Rivera (MON)
Joseph Rivera (Monroe)Fall 1:06
C. Blanton (STEB)
G. Berwanger (BLAN)L:AE21
Owen Gill (Madeira)L:AE12Mat #3 AE17G. Berwanger (BLAN)Mat #1 AE25G. Berwanger (BLAN)
L:AE1Mat #4 AE13O. Gill (MAD)Fall 3:005-4
Albert Long (North College Hill)Fall 2:09Mat #4 AE23G. Berwanger (BLAN)
L:AE2C. Pickett (WY)Fall 2:53
Tanner Bailey (Cooper)L:AE11Mat #4 AE18D. Williams (TAL)Mat #2 AE28Tie for Third
L:AE3Mat #2 AE14D. Williams (TAL)Fall 1:52
Davis Williams (Talawanda)Fall 3:38E. Kilgard (SYC)
L:AE4B. Green (HOL)L:AE22
Nikolai Johnstone (Northwest)L:AE10Mat #1 AE19B. Green (HOL)Mat #2 AE26C. Monk (AND)
L:AE5Mat #4 AE15N. Johnstone (NW)7-2Major Dec. 16-4
Davis Tristen (Cincinnati Country Day)6-5Mat #3 AE24C. Monk (AND)
L:AE6T. Bruno (TIPP)Fall 2:16C. Blanton (STEB)Fifth
Vianchi Banderas (Norwood)L:AE9Mat #2 AE20C. Monk (AND)L:AE25Mat #3 AE27C. Blanton (STEB)
L:AE7Mat #3 AE16C. Monk (AND)Fall 2:04E. Kilgard (SYC)Fall 1:53
Cain Monk (Anderson)Fall 3:25L:AE26

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Johnny Schirmer (Blanchester)1. Maclain Morency (AND)
Mat #1 AF1J. Schirmer (BLAN)2. Johnny Schirmer (BLAN)
Matthew Neal (Sycamore)Fall 3:343. C.J. Hester (WY)
Mat #1 AF9J. Schirmer (BLAN)4. Grant Middleton (MIA)
Laura Oh (Cooper)Fall 2:325. Kaden Lameier (DH)
Mat #2 AF2I. Dane (HAM)6. Sean Kelly (TIPP)
Isaac Dane (Hamilton)Fall 1:24
Mat #3 AF21J. Schirmer (BLAN)
Sam Richards (Monroe)Fall 2:30
Mat #4 AF3S. Richards (MON)
Dekodus Rainey (Norwood)Fall 3:46
Mat #3 AF10K. Lameier (DH)
Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights)Fall 1:02
Mat #3 AF4K. Lameier (DH)
Louis Ba (Mt. Healthy)Fall 0:22Champion
Mat #1 AF29M. Morency (AND)
Maclain Morency (Anderson)Tech Fall 16-1 2:32
Mat #1 AF5M. Morency (AND)
Sean Kelly (Tippecanoe)Tech Fall 17-2 5:11
Mat #2 AF11M. Morency (AND)
Grant Middleton (Miamisburg)Fall 1:32
Mat #1 AF6G. Middleton (MIA)
Brennan Sodemann (Northwest)Fall 0:40
Mat #1 AF22M. Morency (AND)
Roman Thompson (Madeira)Major Dec. 11-0
Mat #2 AF7C. Hester (WY)
C.J. Hester (Wyoming)Fall 1:17
Mat #3 AF12C. Hester (WY)
Nick Inglehard (Talawanda)Fall 0:37
Mat #1 AF8C. Spicer (HOL)
Caige Spicer (Holmes)Fall 1:09
K. Lameier (DH)
C. Spicer (HOL)L:AF21
Matthew Neal (Sycamore)L:AF12Mat #2 AF17C. Spicer (HOL)Mat #1 AF25G. Middleton (MIA)
L:AF1Mat #4 AF13M. Neal (SYC)12-3Fall 2:08
Laura Oh (Cooper)Fall 0:46Mat #4 AF23G. Middleton (MIA)
L:AF2G. Middleton (MIA)4-0Third
Dekodus Rainey (Norwood)L:AF11Mat #3 AF18G. Middleton (MIA)Mat #4 AF28C. Hester (WY)
L:AF3Mat #3 AF14D. Rainey (NOR)Fall 0:51Forfeit
Louis Ba (Mt. Healthy)Fall 1:33C. Hester (WY)
L:AF4S. Richards (MON)L:AF22
Sean Kelly (Tippecanoe)L:AF10Mat #4 AF19S. Kelly (TIPP)Mat #2 AF26C. Hester (WY)
L:AF5Mat #3 AF15S. Kelly (TIPP)11-3Fall 0:57
Brennan Sodemann (Northwest)Fall 0:41Mat #4 AF24S. Kelly (TIPP)
L:AF6I. Dane (HAM)Fall 1:28K. Lameier (DH)Fifth
Roman Thompson (Madeira)L:AF9Mat #2 AF20I. Dane (HAM)L:AF25Mat #3 AF27K. Lameier (DH)
L:AF7Mat #4 AF16N. Inglehard (TAL)Fall 2:28S. Kelly (TIPP)Forfeit
Nick Inglehard (Talawanda)Fall 2:07L:AF26

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Nathan Bryan (Wyoming)1. Nathan Bryan (WY)
Mat #3 AG1N. Bryan (WY)2. Abraham Garcia (MTH)
Shae Dillingham (Talawanda)Fall 1:163. Alex Pitsch (MON)
Mat #4 AG9N. Bryan (WY)4. Curtis Flores (MAD)
Levi Morgan (Waynesville)Fall 1:035. Anthony Kopp (DH)
Mat #2 AG2L. Morgan (WAY)5. Logan Scott (STEB)
Cader Rowe (Cincinnati Country Day)Tech Fall 21-4 4:40
Mat #3 AG21N. Bryan (WY)
Andrew Frump (Blanchester)11-9
Mat #4 AG3A. Pitsch (MON)
Alex Pitsch (Monroe)Tech Fall 17-1 3:30
Mat #4 AG10A. Pitsch (MON)
Zackary Shellhammer (Tippecanoe)11-2
Mat #2 AG4K. Lawson-West (MIA)
Kaelon Lawson-West (Miamisburg)10-3Champion
Mat #2 AG29N. Bryan (WY)
Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights)Fall 3:26
Mat #2 AG5A. Kopp (DH)
Wes Fox (Hamilton)Tech Fall 15-0 3:22
Mat #1 AG11A. Garcia (MTH)
Curtis Flores (Madeira)Major Dec. 13-2
Mat #3 AG6A. Garcia (MTH)
Abraham Garcia (Mt. Healthy)8-3
Mat #3 AG22A. Garcia (MTH)
Caleb Cox (Valley View)Fall 3:31
Mat #1 AG7C. Cox (VV)
Owen Newberry (Anderson)Fall 3:56
Mat #2 AG12L. Scott (STEB)
Jalen Stanford (North College Hill)Fall 0:39
Mat #3 AG8L. Scott (STEB)
Logan Scott (Stebbins)Fall 2:00
A. Pitsch (MON)
C. Cox (VV)L:AG21
Shae Dillingham (Talawanda)L:AG12Mat #2 AG17C. Cox (VV)Mat #2 AG25A. Pitsch (MON)
L:AG1Mat #1 AG13S. Dillingham (TAL)8-2Fall 2:34
Cader Rowe (Cincinnati Country Day)6-1Mat #2 AG23A. Kopp (DH)
L:AG2A. Kopp (DH)Major Dec. 8-0Third
Andrew Frump (Blanchester)L:AG11Mat #4 AG18A. Kopp (DH)Mat #2 AG28A. Pitsch (MON)
L:AG3Mat #2 AG14A. Frump (BLAN)6-2Forfeit
Zackary Shellhammer (Tippecanoe)Fall 2:59L. Scott (STEB)
L:AG4K. Lawson-West (MIA)L:AG22
Wes Fox (Hamilton)L:AG10Mat #3 AG19C. Flores (MAD)Mat #1 AG26C. Flores (MAD)
L:AG5Mat #3 AG15C. Flores (MAD)7-58-6
Curtis Flores (Madeira)Major Dec. 13-0Mat #3 AG24C. Flores (MAD)
L:AG6L. Morgan (WAY)Fall 2:10A. Kopp (DH)
Owen Newberry (Anderson)L:AG9Mat #4 AG20O. Newberry (AND)L:AG25Mat #1 AG27Tie for Fifth
L:AG7Mat #2 AG16O. Newberry (AND)11-8L. Scott (STEB)
Jalen Stanford (North College Hill)Fall 2:26L:AG26

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Blake Ballard (Tippecanoe)1. Gage Starett (NW)
Mat #2 AH1B. Ballard (TIPP)2. Blake Ballard (TIPP)
D'Shaun James (North College Hill)Fall 2:523. Matthew Barga (MIA)
Mat #3 AH9B. Ballard (TIPP)3. Jacob Lanham (BLAN)
Shawn Bell (Mt. Healthy)Fall 1:275. Logan Crauder (TAL)
Mat #3 AH2S. Bell (MTH)6. Jaden Lewis (COOP)
Tom Coyne (Sycamore)Fall 2:00
Mat #2 AH21B. Ballard (TIPP)
Shooter Napier (Valley View)Major Dec. 15-5
Mat #2 AH3J. Cockerham (WAY)
Joseph Cockerham (Waynesville)Fall 1:21
Mat #4 AH10J. Lewis (COOP)
Jaden Lewis (Cooper)Fall 2:35
Mat #3 AH4J. Lewis (COOP)
Terence Gragston (Wyoming)Fall 3:41Champion
Mat #1 AH29G. Starett (NW)
Gage Starett (Northwest)Major Dec. 17-5
Mat #1 AH5G. Starett (NW)
Jacob Lanham (Blanchester)Fall 3:34
Mat #4 AH11G. Starett (NW)
Youssef Elkholti (Holmes)20-10
Mat #4 AH6M. Barga (MIA)
Matthew Barga (Miamisburg)Fall 4:00
Mat #4 AH22G. Starett (NW)
Ethan Wilson (Dixie Heights)Fall 1:49
Mat #1 AH7L. Crauder (TAL)
Logan Crauder (Talawanda)9-4
Mat #3 AH12L. Crauder (TAL)
Gus Kyser (Madeira)Major Dec. 13-2
Mat #3 AH8Q. Bullard (HAM)
Quinn Bullard (Hamilton)Major Dec. 13-4
J. Lewis (COOP)
Q. Bullard (HAM)L:AH21
D'Shaun James (North College Hill)L:AH12Mat #3 AH17D. James (NCH)Mat #1 AH25M. Barga (MIA)
L:AH1Mat #4 AH13D. James (NCH)Fall 1:476-5
Tom Coyne (Sycamore)8-10Mat #4 AH23M. Barga (MIA)
L:AH2M. Barga (MIA)5-2
Shooter Napier (Valley View)L:AH11Mat #1 AH18M. Barga (MIA)Mat #4 AH28Tie for Third
L:AH3Mat #3 AH14T. Gragston (WY)Major Dec. 15-5
Terence Gragston (Wyoming)Fall 5:00L. Crauder (TAL)
L:AH4J. Cockerham (WAY)L:AH22
Jacob Lanham (Blanchester)L:AH10Mat #1 AH19J. Lanham (BLAN)Mat #1 AH26J. Lanham (BLAN)
L:AH5Mat #1 AH15J. Lanham (BLAN)Fall 2:027-2
Youssef Elkholti (Holmes)Fall 1:40Mat #3 AH24J. Lanham (BLAN)
L:AH6S. Bell (MTH)7-2J. Lewis (COOP)Fifth
Ethan Wilson (Dixie Heights)L:AH9Mat #2 AH20E. Wilson (DH)L:AH25Mat #3 AH27L. Crauder (TAL)
L:AH7Mat #4 AH16E. Wilson (DH)12-5L. Crauder (TAL)6-5
Gus Kyser (Madeira)Tech Fall 15-0 3:40L:AH26

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Bobby Green (Northwest)1. Bobby Green (NW)
Mat #4 AI1B. Green (NW)2. Jared Hancock (WY)
Roy Creech (Norwood)Fall 1:513. Gage Huston (BLAN)
Mat #3 AI9B. Green (NW)4. Zander James (AND)
Fall 2:005. Stepan Stepanyan (SYC)
AI2S. Stepanyan (SYC)6. Griffin Anderson (TIPP)
Stepan Stepanyan (Sycamore)BYE
Mat #1 AI21B. Green (NW)
Taevin Alldred (Valley View)Fall 2:56
Mat #2 AI3T. Alldred (VV)
Hannah Thompson (Cooper)Fall 1:51
Mat #3 AI10G. Anderson (TIPP)
Griffin Anderson (Tippecanoe)Fall 1:59
Mat #1 AI4G. Anderson (TIPP)
Kyle Byrne (Miamisburg)Fall 1:43Champion
Mat #2 AI29B. Green (NW)
Gage Huston (Blanchester)Fall 3:29
Mat #3 AI5G. Huston (BLAN)
Mario Meadows (Hamilton)Fall 1:12
Mat #1 AI11G. Huston (BLAN)
Zander James (Anderson)Major Dec. 12-1
Mat #4 AI6Z. James (AND)
Arius Collier (Talawanda)Fall 5:39
Mat #3 AI22J. Hancock (WY)
Fall 1:51
AI7D. Michalski (CCD)
Devon Michalski (Cincinnati Country Day)BYE
Mat #4 AI12J. Hancock (WY)
Tommy Young (Shroder)Fall 0:21
Mat #1 AI8J. Hancock (WY)
Jared Hancock (Wyoming)Fall 0:48
G. Anderson (TIPP)
D. Michalski (CCD)L:AI21
Roy Creech (Norwood)L:AI12Mat #3 AI17R. Creech (NOR)Mat #2 AI25Z. James (AND)
L:AI1AI13R. Creech (NOR)Fall 0:30Major Dec. 14-5
BYEMat #1 AI23Z. James (AND)
L:AI2Z. James (AND)Fall 0:31Third
Hannah Thompson (Cooper)L:AI11Mat #3 AI18Z. James (AND)Mat #2 AI28G. Huston (BLAN)
L:AI3Mat #3 AI14K. Byrne (MIA)Fall 1:51Forfeit
Kyle Byrne (Miamisburg)10-4G. Huston (BLAN)
L:AI4T. Alldred (VV)L:AI22
Mario Meadows (Hamilton)L:AI10Mat #4 AI19T. Alldred (VV)Mat #4 AI26G. Huston (BLAN)
L:AI5Mat #2 AI15M. Meadows (HAM)11-8Fall 1:48
Arius Collier (Talawanda)Fall 4:20Mat #2 AI24S. Stepanyan (SYC)
L:AI6S. Stepanyan (SYC)Fall 2:09G. Anderson (TIPP)Fifth
L:AI9Mat #1 AI20S. Stepanyan (SYC)L:AI25Mat #3 AI27S. Stepanyan (SYC)
L:AI7AI16T. Young (SHRO)Fall 3:43S. Stepanyan (SYC)Fall 0:54
Tommy Young (Shroder)BYEL:AI26

170 (back to top)

Colt Conover (Blanchester)1. Colt Conover (BLAN)
Mat #4 AJ1C. Conover (BLAN)2. Orbin Creech (VV)
James Beckett (Talawanda)Fall 3:163. Keenan King (SHRO)
Mat #1 AJ9C. Conover (BLAN)4. Geoffrey Johnson (HOL)
Austin Hannahs (Hamilton)3-05. Greg Miller (MTH)
Mat #3 AJ2M. Reardon (SYC)6. Coleman Blair (COOP)
Mitchell Reardon (Sycamore)Fall 0:58
Mat #4 AJ21C. Conover (BLAN)
Greg Miller (Mt. Healthy)Fall 0:20
AJ3G. Miller (MTH)
Mat #2 AJ10G. Miller (MTH)
Cole Honeycutt (Anderson)Fall 2:41
Mat #2 AJ4C. Honeycutt (AND)
Jake Harris (Dixie Heights)Fall 4:20Champion
Mat #2 AJ29C. Conover (BLAN)
Fall 1:03
AJ5J. Smith (TIPP)
Jacob Smith (Tippecanoe)BYE
Mat #4 AJ11C. Blair (COOP)
Keenan King (Shroder)14-8
Mat #4 AJ6C. Blair (COOP)
Coleman Blair (Cooper)11-5
Mat #2 AJ22O. Creech (VV)
Fall 2:56
AJ7O. Creech (VV)
Orbin Creech (Valley View)BYE
Mat #2 AJ12O. Creech (VV)
Grant Henry (Waynesville)Fall 5:34
Mat #1 AJ8G. Johnson (HOL)
Geoffrey Johnson (Holmes)Fall 3:04
G. Miller (MTH)
G. Johnson (HOL)L:AJ21
James Beckett (Talawanda)L:AJ12Mat #1 AJ17G. Johnson (HOL)Mat #4 AJ25G. Johnson (HOL)
L:AJ1Mat #4 AJ13J. Beckett (TAL)Fall 3:00Fall 2:40
Austin Hannahs (Hamilton)Fall 2:10Mat #3 AJ23G. Johnson (HOL)
L:AJ2J. Smith (TIPP)Fall 2:06Third
L:AJ11Mat #2 AJ18J. Harris (DH)Mat #4 AJ28K. King (SHRO)
L:AJ3AJ14J. Harris (DH)Fall 3:38Forfeit
Jake Harris (Dixie Heights)BYEC. Blair (COOP)
L:AJ4C. Honeycutt (AND)L:AJ22
L:AJ10Mat #3 AJ19K. King (SHRO)Mat #4 AJ26K. King (SHRO)
L:AJ5AJ15K. King (SHRO)Fall 4:0010-5
Keenan King (Shroder)BYEMat #4 AJ24K. King (SHRO)
L:AJ6M. Reardon (SYC)Fall 0:27G. Miller (MTH)Fifth
L:AJ9Mat #1 AJ20G. Henry (WAY)L:AJ25Mat #4 AJ27G. Miller (MTH)
L:AJ7AJ16G. Henry (WAY)Injury Def.C. Blair (COOP)Forfeit
Grant Henry (Waynesville)BYEL:AJ26

182 (back to top)

Marvelous Rutledge (Stebbins)1. Marvelous Rutledge (STEB)
Mat #3 AK1M. Rutledge (STEB)2. Kadin Berwanger (BLAN)
Julian Askren (Talawanda)Fall 2:543. Evan McHugh (AND)
Mat #3 AK9M. Rutledge (STEB)4. Isaiah Benson (NW)
Xavier Poffenberger (Tippecanoe)Tech Fall 17-1 4:305. Ian Daugherty (COOP)
Mat #2 AK2E. Hartwig (SYC)5. Eddie Hartwig (SYC)
Eddie Hartwig (Sycamore)Fall 1:24
Mat #1 AK21M. Rutledge (STEB)
Jack Swisher (Miamisburg)8-4
Mat #1 AK3J. Swisher (MIA)
Jesus Reynoso (Hamilton)Fall 3:45
Mat #2 AK10E. McHugh (AND)
Bryce Hickson (Wyoming)Fall 3:05
Mat #4 AK4E. McHugh (AND)
Evan McHugh (Anderson)Tech Fall 17-2 3:37Champion
Mat #2 AK29M. Rutledge (STEB)
Aidan Reid (Madeira)Fall 4:38
Mat #3 AK5K. Berwanger (BLAN)
Kadin Berwanger (Blanchester)Fall 0:52
Mat #3 AK11K. Berwanger (BLAN)
Ian Daugherty (Cooper)Major Dec. 15-4
Mat #1 AK6I. Daugherty (COOP)
Hayden Hughes (Waynesville)Fall 0:09
Mat #2 AK22K. Berwanger (BLAN)
Seth Hinton (Norwood)7-6
Mat #2 AK7S. Hinton (NOR)
Noah Hesson (Monroe)Fall 1:50
Mat #1 AK12I. Benson (NW)
Emauryon Arnold (Holmes)Fall 2:37
Mat #3 AK8I. Benson (NW)
Isaiah Benson (Northwest)4-2 7:00 SV
E. McHugh (AND)
S. Hinton (NOR)L:AK21
Julian Askren (Talawanda)L:AK12Mat #3 AK17J. Askren (TAL)Mat #2 AK25E. McHugh (AND)
L:AK1Mat #2 AK13J. Askren (TAL)Fall 4:29Fall 2:49
Xavier Poffenberger (Tippecanoe)Fall 0:43Mat #1 AK23I. Daugherty (COOP)
L:AK2I. Daugherty (COOP)15-10Third
Jesus Reynoso (Hamilton)L:AK11Mat #2 AK18I. Daugherty (COOP)Mat #4 AK28E. McHugh (AND)
L:AK3Mat #1 AK14B. Hickson (WY)Fall 2:533-1 5:00 SV
Bryce Hickson (Wyoming)Fall 1:28I. Benson (NW)
L:AK4J. Swisher (MIA)L:AK22
Aidan Reid (Madeira)L:AK10Mat #2 AK19A. Reid (MAD)Mat #1 AK26I. Benson (NW)
L:AK5Mat #3 AK15A. Reid (MAD)3-010-8
Hayden Hughes (Waynesville)Fall 0:31Mat #3 AK24E. Hartwig (SYC)
L:AK6E. Hartwig (SYC)Fall 2:39I. Daugherty (COOP)
Noah Hesson (Monroe)L:AK9Mat #1 AK20E. Hartwig (SYC)L:AK25Mat #1 AK27Tie for Fifth
L:AK7Mat #2 AK16E. Arnold (HOL)Fall 1:54E. Hartwig (SYC)
Emauryon Arnold (Holmes)Fall 0:35L:AK26

195 (back to top)

Christian Stubbs (Blanchester)1. Sam Oaks (MON)
Mat #4 AL1C. Stubbs (BLAN)2. Bruce Wagers (WY)
Brock Vogel (Anderson)16-93. Timothy Smith (NCH)
Mat #2 AL9C. Stubbs (BLAN)4. Corey Roberts (HAM)
Scott Rains (Norwood)Fall 4:415. Noah Wise (CCD)
Mat #1 AL2A. Adkins (MIA)6. Christian Stubbs (BLAN)
Alexander Adkins (Miamisburg)Fall 1:28
Mat #1 AL21B. Wagers (WY)
Corey Roberts (Hamilton)Fall 2:50
AL3C. Roberts (HAM)
Mat #3 AL10B. Wagers (WY)
Jaden Richardson (Shroder)Major Dec. 14-4
Mat #3 AL4B. Wagers (WY)
Bruce Wagers (Wyoming)Fall 0:19Champion
Mat #1 AL29S. Oaks (MON)
Timothy Smith (North College Hill)8-5
AL5T. Smith (NCH)
Mat #4 AL11S. Oaks (MON)
Peter Magenheim (Madeira)9-1
Mat #2 AL6S. Oaks (MON)
Sam Oaks (Monroe)Fall 0:18
Mat #1 AL22S. Oaks (MON)
Angel Soriano (Northwest)11-5
Mat #3 AL7A. Soriano (NW)
Elijah Moore (Tippecanoe)Fall 1:19
Mat #4 AL12N. Wise (CCD)
Mak Gaydarov (Stebbins)Fall 0:36
Mat #1 AL8N. Wise (CCD)
Noah Wise (Cincinnati Country Day)Fall 2:59
C. Stubbs (BLAN)
A. Soriano (NW)L:AL21
Brock Vogel (Anderson)L:AL12Mat #4 AL17B. Vogel (AND)Mat #2 AL25T. Smith (NCH)
L:AL1Mat #1 AL13B. Vogel (AND)Fall 2:3711-5
Scott Rains (Norwood)Fall 1:00Mat #4 AL23T. Smith (NCH)
L:AL2T. Smith (NCH)Tech Fall 18-3 3:34Third
L:AL11Mat #4 AL18T. Smith (NCH)Mat #3 AL28T. Smith (NCH)
L:AL3AL14J. Richardson (SHRO)Fall 0:23Fall 2:14
Jaden Richardson (Shroder)BYEN. Wise (CCD)
L:AL4C. Roberts (HAM)L:AL22
L:AL10Mat #1 AL19C. Roberts (HAM)Mat #4 AL26C. Roberts (HAM)
L:AL5AL15P. Magenheim (MAD)Fall 0:379-5
Peter Magenheim (Madeira)BYEMat #2 AL24C. Roberts (HAM)
L:AL6A. Adkins (MIA)Fall 1:41C. Stubbs (BLAN)Fifth
Elijah Moore (Tippecanoe)L:AL9Mat #3 AL20M. Gaydarov (STEB)L:AL25Mat #3 AL27N. Wise (CCD)
L:AL7Mat #4 AL16M. Gaydarov (STEB)4-0N. Wise (CCD)Forf
Mak Gaydarov (Stebbins)Fall 1:14L:AL26

220 (back to top)

James Peters (Blanchester)1. James Peters (BLAN)
Mat #1 AM1J. Peters (BLAN)2. Terell Wills (TAL)
Ky'ree Mccray-brown (Madeira)Fall 2:413. Onyx Mendenhall (WY)
Mat #1 AM9J. Peters (BLAN)3. Rashun Thomas-Newbolt (SYC)
Jahlil Davis (Mt. Healthy)Fall 1:295. Makarrie Harden (NW)
Mat #2 AM2E. Pierson (NCH)6. Jaden Kinman (HOL)
Elijah Pierson (North College Hill)Fall 0:40
Mat #2 AM21J. Peters (BLAN)
Billy Davis (Stebbins)Fall 4:00
Mat #4 AM3M. Harden (NW)
Makarrie Harden (Northwest)Fall 0:46
Mat #3 AM10M. Harden (NW)
Noah Thompson (Cooper)Injury Def.
Mat #1 AM4N. Thompson (COOP)
Gabe Maxwell (Monroe)18-14Champion
Mat #2 AM29J. Peters (BLAN)
Onyx Mendenhall (Wyoming)5-2
Mat #2 AM5O. Mendenhall (WY)
Keith Kinner (Valley View)Fall 3:08
Mat #2 AM11J. Kinman (HOL)
Jaden Kinman (Holmes)Fall 2:36
Mat #2 AM6J. Kinman (HOL)
Julian Spivey (Norwood)Fall 1:44
Mat #2 AM22T. Wills (TAL)
Jared Webber (Dixie Heights)Fall 3:22
Mat #4 AM7G. Ramirez (HAM)
Gabe Ramirez (Hamilton)Fall 1:13
Mat #4 AM12T. Wills (TAL)
Rashun Thomas-Newbolt (Sycamore)Fall 0:40
Mat #1 AM8T. Wills (TAL)
Terell Wills (Talawanda)Major Dec. 10-2
M. Harden (NW)
G. Ramirez (HAM)L:AM21
Ky'ree Mccray-brown (Madeira)L:AM12Mat #2 AM17G. Ramirez (HAM)Mat #4 AM25O. Mendenhall (WY)
L:AM1Mat #1 AM13K. Mccray-brown (MAD)Fall 2:2011-3
Jahlil Davis (Mt. Healthy)Fall 0:47Mat #1 AM23O. Mendenhall (WY)
L:AM2O. Mendenhall (WY)Fall 4:01
Billy Davis (Stebbins)L:AM11Mat #1 AM18O. Mendenhall (WY)Mat #2 AM28Tie for Third
L:AM3Mat #2 AM14B. Davis (STEB)Fall 0:40
Gabe Maxwell (Monroe)4-3J. Kinman (HOL)
L:AM4N. Thompson (COOP)L:AM22
Keith Kinner (Valley View)L:AM10Mat #2 AM19K. Kinner (VV)Mat #1 AM26R. Thomas-Newbolt (SYC)
L:AM5Mat #4 AM15K. Kinner (VV)Injury Def.7-6
Julian Spivey (Norwood)Fall 0:43Mat #1 AM24R. Thomas-Newbolt (SYC)
L:AM6E. Pierson (NCH)7-5 5:19 SVM. Harden (NW)Fifth
Jared Webber (Dixie Heights)L:AM9Mat #3 AM20R. Thomas-Newbolt (SYC)L:AM25Mat #3 AM27M. Harden (NW)
L:AM7Mat #2 AM16R. Thomas-Newbolt (SYC)Fall 0:29J. Kinman (HOL)Fall 3:29
Rashun Thomas-Newbolt (Sycamore)Fall 1:32L:AM26

285 (back to top)

DaShaun Stevenson (Holmes)1. Zach Hagedorn (MON)
AN1D. Stevenson (HOL)2. Simieon Salter (NW)
BYE3. DaShaun Stevenson (HOL)
Mat #2 AN9D. Stevenson (HOL)4. Matthew Maudsley (DH)
Aidan Fertig (Madeira)Fall 0:175. Cortez Huckleby (MTH)
AN2A. Fertig (MAD)6. A.J. Howard (WY)
Mat #1 AN21S. Salter (NW)
David Swanson (Miamisburg)Fall 2:38
AN3D. Swanson (MIA)
Mat #3 AN10S. Salter (NW)
Hiawatha Golden (Sycamore)Fall 1:47
Mat #3 AN4S. Salter (NW)
Simieon Salter (Northwest)Fall 0:30Champion
Mat #1 AN29Z. Hagedorn (MON)
Matthew Maudsley (Dixie Heights)Fall 3:11
AN5M. Maudsley (DH)
Mat #1 AN11M. Maudsley (DH)
Tina Edwards (North College Hill)Tech Fall 17-0 5:12
Mat #2 AN6T. Edwards (NCH)
Dominic Rulli (Cooper)Fall
Mat #1 AN22Z. Hagedorn (MON)
Zach Hagedorn (Monroe)Fall 3:14
AN7Z. Hagedorn (MON)
Mat #2 AN12Z. Hagedorn (MON)
A.J. Howard (Wyoming)Fall 5:02
Mat #3 AN8C. Huckleby (MTH)
Cortez Huckleby (Mt. Healthy)Fall 0:32
D. Stevenson (HOL)
C. Huckleby (MTH)L:AN21
L:AN12AN17C. Huckleby (MTH)Mat #2 AN25D. Stevenson (HOL)
L:AN1AN13BYEFall 4:12
Mat #4 AN23C. Huckleby (MTH)
L:AN2T. Edwards (NCH)Fall 0:27Third
L:AN11Mat #1 AN18H. Golden (SYC)Mat #4 AN28D. Stevenson (HOL)
L:AN3AN14H. Golden (SYC)Injury Def.Fall 1:30
Hiawatha Golden (Sycamore)BYEM. Maudsley (DH)
L:AN4D. Swanson (MIA)L:AN22
L:AN10Mat #1 AN19D. Swanson (MIA)Mat #1 AN26M. Maudsley (DH)
L:AN5AN15D. Rulli (COOP)Injury Def.Fall 0:52
Dominic Rulli (Cooper)BYEMat #2 AN24A. Howard (WY)
L:AN6A. Fertig (MAD)Fall 2:35C. Huckleby (MTH)Fifth
L:AN9Mat #4 AN20A. Howard (WY)L:AN25Mat #4 AN27C. Huckleby (MTH)
L:AN7AN16A. Howard (WY)Fall 0:30A. Howard (WY)Fall 0:19
A.J. Howard (Wyoming)BYEL:AN26

Pigtail matches (back to top)

James Hardyman (Waynesville)132Matthew Bonn (Sycamore)145Alex Floyd (Holmes)145
Mat #1 AEp1J. Rivera (MON)Mat #2 AGp1L. Morgan (WAY)Mat #3 AGp2O. Newberry (AND)
Joseph Rivera (Monroe)Fall 0:35Levi Morgan (Waynesville)6-5Owen Newberry (Anderson)Fall 2:12
Zackary Shellhammer (Tippecanoe)145Joseph Carter (Shroder)182
Mat #4 AGp3Z. Shellhammer (TIPP)Mat #1 AKp1K. Berwanger (BLAN)
Gage Edwards (Northwest)Fall 4:25Kadin Berwanger (Blanchester)Fall 0:17