Taylor Invitational 2018 final

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Blanchester (BLAN) 337.0 19 22 41 8 33 0 2
New Richmond (NR) 197.5 9 19 25 23 20 1 0
Elder (ELD) 159.5 7 14 20 14 14 1 1
Taylor (TAY) 150.0 8 13 17 21 16 0 0
Ross (R) 149.0 9 11 17 8 16 0 0
Mount Healthy (MH) 142.5 7 12 16 12 12 1 2
All Star 1 (AS1) 130.0 5 14 13 22 9 0 0
Hamilton (HAM) 123.0 5 12 14 18 8 0 1
Oak Hills (OH) 107.5 4 9 13 16 11 1 1
Trotwood-Madison (TROT) 103.5 6 6 14 2 13 1 0
Ponitz Career Technology Center (PCTC) 95.0 3 9 11 15 9 0 0
Turpin (TUR) 74.5 4 5 10 4 8 1 0
Roger Bacon (RB) 67.0 3 7 7 14 6 0 0
North College Hill (NCH) 64.0 2 7 7 14 7 0 0
Aiken (AIK) 63.0 2 8 7 16 4 0 0
All Star 2 (AS2) 58.0 3 8 4 16 2 0 0
Shroder (SRO) 56.0 2 6 5 15 4 0 1
Cincinnati Country Day (CCD) 44.0 2 4 5 6 5 0 0
Miami Valley Christian Academy (MVCA) 34.5 2 2 5 0 2 1 1
All Star 3 (AS3) 30.0 1 4 2 8 1 0 0
St. Bernard (SB) 27.0 2 2 4 2 4 0 0
Taft (TFT) 24.0 1 2 3 2 3 0 0
All Star 4 (AS4) 19.0 1 2 1 4 1 0 0
All Star 6 (AS6) 10.0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0
All Star 5 (AS5) 9.0 0 1 1 2 1 0 0

113 (back to top)

Jorden Zigo (Trotwood-Madison)J. Zigo (TROT)1. Jorden Zigo (TROT)
AA1J. Zigo (TROT)from N:AA1Mat #2 AA4J. Zigo (TROT)2. Levi St. John (BLAN)
BYEN. Kennedy (NR)Pin 0:233. Bailey Edmonson (CCD)
from S:AA24. Nathan Kennedy (NR)
Cerenity Bergeron (Taylor)
Mat #1 AA2N. Kennedy (NR)from S:AA1Mat #3 AA5L. St. John (BLAN)
Nathan Kennedy (New Richmond)Pin 2:30L. St. John (BLAN)BYE
from S:AA3
Bailey Edmonson (Cincinnati Country Day)C. Bergeron (TAY)
Mat #2 AA3L. St. John (BLAN)from N:AA2Mat #3 AA6B. Edmonson (CCD)
Levi St. John (Blanchester)Pin 1:34B. Edmonson (CCD)Pin :17
from N:AA3
J. Zigo (TROT)J. Zigo (TROT)J. Zigo (TROT)
from N:AA4Mat #1 AA7J. Zigo (TROT)from N:AA7Mat #1 AA10J. Zigo (TROT)from N:AA10Mat #3 AA13J. Zigo (TROT)
L. St. John (BLAN)Pin 1:15B. Edmonson (CCD)Pin 0:49C. Bergeron (TAY)Pin :21
from S:AA5from S:AA8from S:AA11
N. Kennedy (NR)L. St. John (BLAN)B. Edmonson (CCD)
from S:AA4Mat #2 AA8B. Edmonson (CCD)from S:AA7Mat #1 AA11L. St. John (BLAN)from S:AA10Mat #1 AA14B. Edmonson (CCD)
B. Edmonson (CCD)Pin 0:11C. Bergeron (TAY)Pin 0:17BYE
from S:AA6from S:AA9from S:AA12
N. Kennedy (NR)L. St. John (BLAN)
from N:AA5Mat #3 AA9C. Bergeron (TAY)from N:AA8Mat #2 AA12N. Kennedy (NR)from N:AA11Mat #3 AA15L. St. John (BLAN)
C. Bergeron (TAY)BYEBYEN. Kennedy (NR)Pin :26
from N:AA6from N:AA9from N:AA12

106[1] (back to top)

Albert Horton (North College Hill)A. Horton (NCH)1. Jacob Hamm (BLAN)
AB1A. Horton (NCH)from N:AB1Mat #1 AB4A. Horton (NCH)2. Joe Doherty (ELD)
BYEJ. Ober (NR)Pin 3:203. Albert Horton (NCH)
from S:AB24. Jayden Ober (NR)
Jacob Hamm (Blanchester)
Mat #3 AB2J. Hamm (BLAN)from S:AB1Mat #3 AB5E. Olanrewaju (SRO)
Jayden Ober (New Richmond)Pin :35E. Olanrewaju (SRO)BYE
from S:AB3
Joe Doherty (Elder)J. Hamm (BLAN)
Mat #1 AB3J. Doherty (ELD)from N:AB2Mat #3 AB6J. Hamm (BLAN)
Emmanuel Olanrewaju (Shroder)Pin 1:19J. Doherty (ELD)Major Dec. 12-4
from N:AB3
A. Horton (NCH)A. Horton (NCH)A. Horton (NCH)
from N:AB4Mat #3 AB7A. Horton (NCH)from N:AB7Mat #1 AB10J. Doherty (ELD)from N:AB10Mat #2 AB13J. Hamm (BLAN)
E. Olanrewaju (SRO)Pin 2:34J. Doherty (ELD)Pin 1:45J. Hamm (BLAN)11-4
from S:AB5from S:AB8from S:AB11
J. Ober (NR)E. Olanrewaju (SRO)J. Doherty (ELD)
from S:AB4Mat #1 AB8J. Doherty (ELD)from S:AB7Mat #2 AB11J. Hamm (BLAN)from S:AB10Mat #2 AB14J. Doherty (ELD)
J. Doherty (ELD)4-2J. Hamm (BLAN)Pin 0:36BYE
from S:AB6from S:AB9from S:AB12
J. Ober (NR)E. Olanrewaju (SRO)
from N:AB5Mat #3 AB9J. Hamm (BLAN)from N:AB8Mat #2 AB12J. Ober (NR)from N:AB11Mat #3 AB15J. Ober (NR)
J. Hamm (BLAN)BYEBYEJ. Ober (NR)Tech Fall 17-2
from N:AB6from N:AB9from N:AB12

106[2] (back to top)

Barish Agaliyev (Ponitz Career Technology Center)B. Agaliyev (PCTC)1. Brandon Mitchell (OH)
AC1B. Agaliyev (PCTC)from N:AC1Mat #1 AC4B. Agaliyev (PCTC)2. Jared Ullmann (TAY)
BYEB. Obringer (RB)Pin 2:493. Barish Agaliyev (PCTC)
from S:AC24. Michael Faillace*ELDE (AS1)
Michael Faillace*ELDE (All Star 1)
Mat #2 AC2B. Obringer (RB)from S:AC1Mat #3 AC5B. Mitchell (OH)
Ben Obringer (Roger Bacon)Pin 1:55B. Mitchell (OH)BYE
from S:AC3
Jared Ullmann (Taylor)M. Faillace*ELDE (AS1)
Mat #3 AC3B. Mitchell (OH)from N:AC2Mat #2 AC6J. Ullmann (TAY)
Brandon Mitchell (Oak Hills)Tech Fall 18-3J. Ullmann (TAY)Pin 1:01
from N:AC3
B. Agaliyev (PCTC)B. Agaliyev (PCTC)B. Agaliyev (PCTC)
from N:AC4Mat #2 AC7B. Mitchell (OH)from N:AC7Mat #3 AC10J. Ullmann (TAY)from N:AC10Mat #1 AC13M. Faillace*ELDE (AS1)
B. Mitchell (OH)Pin 0:11J. Ullmann (TAY)Pin 2:48M. Faillace*ELDE (AS1)Pin 5:48
from S:AC5from S:AC8from S:AC11
B. Obringer (RB)B. Mitchell (OH)J. Ullmann (TAY)
from S:AC4Mat #3 AC8J. Ullmann (TAY)from S:AC7Mat #1 AC11B. Mitchell (OH)from S:AC10Mat #3 AC14J. Ullmann (TAY)
J. Ullmann (TAY)Pin :22M. Faillace*ELDE (AS1)Pin :38BYE
from S:AC6from S:AC9from S:AC12
B. Obringer (RB)B. Mitchell (OH)
from N:AC5Mat #3 AC9M. Faillace*ELDE (AS1)from N:AC8Mat #2 AC12B. Obringer (RB)from N:AC11Mat #1 AC15B. Mitchell (OH)
M. Faillace*ELDE (AS1)BYEBYEB. Obringer (RB)Pin :15
from N:AC6from N:AC9from N:AC12

106-finals (back to top)

Joe Doherty (Elder)ThirdJacob Hamm (Blanchester)Champion1. Brandon Mitchell (OH)
Mat #2 AD1J. Doherty (ELD)Mat #2 AD2B. Mitchell (OH)2. Jacob Hamm (BLAN)
Jared Ullmann (Taylor)Pin 0:42Brandon Mitchell (Oak Hills)Major Dec. 13-53. Joe Doherty (ELD)
4. Jared Ullmann (TAY)

120[1] (back to top)

Jack Gardner (Oak Hills)1. Kevin White (MH)
Mat #1 AE1J. Gardner (OH)2. Nick Musselman (BLAN)
Isreal Olanrewaju (Shroder)Pin 3:363. Jack Gardner (OH)
4. Isreal Olanrewaju (SRO)
Kevin White (Mount Healthy)
Mat #2 AE2K. White (MH)
Nick Musselman (Blanchester)Pin 1:27
J. Gardner (OH)J. Gardner (OH)
from N:AE1Mat #2 AE3N. Musselman (BLAN)from N:AE3Mat #1 AE5K. White (MH)
N. Musselman (BLAN)Pin 1:27K. White (MH)Pin 1:09
from S:AE2from S:AE4
I. Olanrewaju (SRO)N. Musselman (BLAN)
from S:AE1Mat #3 AE4K. White (MH)from S:AE3Mat #2 AE6N. Musselman (BLAN)
K. White (MH)Pin 1:00I. Olanrewaju (SRO)Pin 0:57
from N:AE2from N:AE4

120[2] (back to top)

Logan Bruns (Ross)1. Logan Bruns (R)
Mat #3 AF1L. Bruns (R)2. Zach Asury (NR)
Zach Asury (New Richmond)Pin 1:183. Bonifcio Gutierrez Lopez (HAM)
4. Kyle Okamoto*OAKH (AS1)
Kyle Okamoto*OAKH (All Star 1)
Mat #2 AF2B. G. Lopez (HAM)
Bonifcio Gutierrez Lopez (Hamilton)Pin 0:34
L. Bruns (R)L. Bruns (R)
from N:AF1Mat #3 AF3L. Bruns (R)from N:AF3Mat #3 AF5L. Bruns (R)
B. G. Lopez (HAM)Pin :44K. Okamoto*OAKH (AS1)Pin :23
from S:AF2from S:AF4
Z. Asury (NR)B. G. Lopez (HAM)
from S:AF1Mat #1 AF4Z. Asury (NR)from S:AF3Mat #1 AF6Z. Asury (NR)
K. Okamoto*OAKH (AS1)Pin :31Z. Asury (NR)Pin :41
from N:AF2from N:AF4

120-finals (back to top)

Nick Musselman (Blanchester)ThirdKevin White (Mount Healthy)Champion1. Kevin White (MH)
Mat #2 AG1N. Musselman (BLAN)Mat #1 AG2K. White (MH)2. Logan Bruns (R)
Zach Asury (New Richmond)Pin 0:22Logan Bruns (Ross)Major Dec. 17-53. Nick Musselman (BLAN)
4. Zach Asury (NR)

126[1] (back to top)

Elijah Richards (New Richmond)E. Richards (NR)1. Adam Frump (BLAN)
AH1E. Richards (NR)from N:AH1Mat #1 AH4A. Frump (BLAN)2. Elijah Richards (NR)
BYEA. Frump (BLAN)8-23. Aidan Williams (ELD)
from S:AH24. Terry Taulbee (AIK)
Terry Taulbee (Aiken)
Mat #3 AH2A. Frump (BLAN)from S:AH1Mat #1 AH5G. RIchardson (HAM)
Adam Frump (Blanchester)Pin 1:48G. RIchardson (HAM)BYE
from S:AH3
Aidan Williams (Elder)T. Taulbee (AIK)
Mat #1 AH3A. Williams (ELD)from N:AH2Mat #2 AH6A. Williams (ELD)
Gregory RIchardson (Hamilton)Pin 1:40A. Williams (ELD)Pin 0:11
from N:AH3
E. Richards (NR)E. Richards (NR)E. Richards (NR)
from N:AH4Mat #2 AH7E. Richards (NR)from N:AH7Mat #1 AH10E. Richards (NR)from N:AH10Mat #2 AH13E. Richards (NR)
G. RIchardson (HAM)Pin 1:32A. Williams (ELD)9-6T. Taulbee (AIK)Pin 0:22
from S:AH5from S:AH8from S:AH11
A. Frump (BLAN)G. RIchardson (HAM)A. Williams (ELD)
from S:AH4Mat #2 AH8A. Frump (BLAN)from S:AH7Mat #2 AH11T. Taulbee (AIK)from S:AH10Mat #1 AH14A. Williams (ELD)
A. Williams (ELD)5-3T. Taulbee (AIK)Pin 0:57BYE
from S:AH6from S:AH9from S:AH12
A. Frump (BLAN)G. RIchardson (HAM)
from N:AH5Mat #1 AH9T. Taulbee (AIK)from N:AH8Mat #3 AH12A. Frump (BLAN)from N:AH11Mat #3 AH15A. Frump (BLAN)
T. Taulbee (AIK)BYEBYEA. Frump (BLAN)Pin :26
from N:AH6from N:AH9from N:AH12

126[2] (back to top)

Amir Harris (Trotwood-Madison)A. Harris (TROT)1. Amir Harris (TROT)
AI1A. Harris (TROT)from N:AI1Mat #2 AI4A. Harris (TROT)2. Rashid Dewees (MH)
BYET. Gordon (OH)Pin 0:373. Tantorrian Campbell (PCTC)
from S:AI24. Issah Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)
Rashid Dewees (Mount Healthy)
Mat #1 AI2R. Dewees (MH)from S:AI1Mat #1 AI5T. Campbell (PCTC)
Trevor Gordon (Oak Hills)Pin :16T. Campbell (PCTC)BYE
from S:AI3
Issah Hopkins*OAKH (All Star 1)R. Dewees (MH)
Mat #2 AI3T. Campbell (PCTC)from N:AI2Mat #2 AI6R. Dewees (MH)
Tantorrian Campbell (Ponitz Career Technology Center)ForfI. Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)Pin 1:25
from N:AI3
A. Harris (TROT)A. Harris (TROT)A. Harris (TROT)
from N:AI4Mat #3 AI7A. Harris (TROT)from N:AI7Mat #2 AI10A. Harris (TROT)from N:AI10Mat #1 AI13A. Harris (TROT)
T. Campbell (PCTC)Tech Fall 18-2I. Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)Pin 0:19R. Dewees (MH)Pin 1:52
from S:AI5from S:AI8from S:AI11
T. Gordon (OH)T. Campbell (PCTC)I. Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)
from S:AI4Mat #3 AI8I. Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)from S:AI7Mat #2 AI11R. Dewees (MH)from S:AI10Mat #1 AI14I. Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)
I. Hopkins*OAKH (AS1)Pin :17R. Dewees (MH)Major Dec. 9-1BYE
from S:AI6from S:AI9from S:AI12
T. Gordon (OH)T. Campbell (PCTC)
from N:AI5Mat #1 AI9R. Dewees (MH)from N:AI8Mat #3 AI12T. Gordon (OH)from N:AI11Mat #3 AI15T. Campbell (PCTC)
R. Dewees (MH)BYEBYET. Gordon (OH)Pin 4:24
from N:AI6from N:AI9from N:AI12

126-finals (back to top)

Elijah Richards (New Richmond)ThirdAdam Frump (Blanchester)Champion1. Amir Harris (TROT)
Mat #2 AJ1E. Richards (NR)Mat #1 AJ2A. Harris (TROT)2. Adam Frump (BLAN)
Rashid Dewees (Mount Healthy)Pin 0:25Amir Harris (Trotwood-Madison)Pin 0:473. Elijah Richards (NR)
4. Rashid Dewees (MH)

132[1] (back to top)

Gage Berwanger (Blanchester)Champion1. Gage Berwanger (BLAN)
Mat #3 AK1G. Berwanger (BLAN)2. Schuyler Ireland (TAY)
Schuyler Ireland (Taylor)Pin 1:20

132[2] (back to top)

Malik Graham (Aiken)1. Anthony DiTullio (ELD)
AL1M. Graham (AIK)2. Malik Graham (AIK)
BYE3. Ricardo Torres*OAKH (AS3)
Ricardo Torres*OAKH (All Star 3)
Mat #3 AL2A. DiTullio (ELD)
Anthony DiTullio (Elder)Pin 2:54
M. Graham (AIK)M. Graham (AIK)
from N:AL1Mat #3 AL3A. DiTullio (ELD)from N:AL3Mat #2 AL5M. Graham (AIK)
A. DiTullio (ELD)10-9R. Torres*OAKH (AS3)15-14
from S:AL2from S:AL4
A. DiTullio (ELD)
from S:AL1Mat #1 AL4R. Torres*OAKH (AS3)from S:AL3Mat #3 AL6A. DiTullio (ELD)
from N:AL2from N:AL4

132[3] (back to top)

Devy Gifford (Ponitz Career Technology Center)1. Zane Naegele (NR)
AM1D. Gifford (PCTC)2. Liam Qui*TAYL (AS2)
BYE3. Devy Gifford (PCTC)
Zane Naegele (New Richmond)
Mat #1 AM2Z. Naegele (NR)
Liam Qui*TAYL (All Star 2)Pin :52
D. Gifford (PCTC)D. Gifford (PCTC)
from N:AM1Mat #3 AM3L. Qui*TAYL (AS2)from N:AM3Mat #3 AM5Z. Naegele (NR)
L. Qui*TAYL (AS2)Pin 3:25Z. Naegele (NR)Pin 1:10
from S:AM2from S:AM4
L. Qui*TAYL (AS2)
from S:AM1Mat #3 AM4Z. Naegele (NR)from S:AM3Mat #2 AM6L. Qui*TAYL (AS2)
Z. Naegele (NR)BYEBYE
from N:AM2from N:AM4

132[4] (back to top)

Max Lane (Hamilton)1. Andrew Frump*BLAN (AS1)
AN1M. Lane (HAM)2. Caleb Abel (OH)
BYE3. Max Lane (HAM)
Andrew Frump*BLAN (All Star 1)
Mat #3 AN2A. Frump*BLAN (AS1)
Caleb Abel (Oak Hills)11-6
M. Lane (HAM)M. Lane (HAM)
from N:AN1Mat #2 AN3C. Abel (OH)from N:AN3Mat #1 AN5A. Frump*BLAN (AS1)
C. Abel (OH)Pin 1:10A. Frump*BLAN (AS1)Pin :27
from S:AN2from S:AN4
C. Abel (OH)
from S:AN1Mat #2 AN4A. Frump*BLAN (AS1)from S:AN3Mat #1 AN6C. Abel (OH)
from N:AN2from N:AN4

132-finals (back to top)

Gage Berwanger (Blanchester)1. Andrew Frump*BLAN (AS1)
Mat #1 AO1A. Frump*BLAN (AS1)2. Zane Naegele (NR)
Andrew Frump*BLAN (All Star 1)Pin 2:58Champion3. Gage Berwanger (BLAN)
Mat #1 AO4A. Frump*BLAN (AS1)4. Anthony DiTullio (ELD)
Zane Naegele (New Richmond)Pin 3:38
Mat #2 AO2Z. Naegele (NR)
Anthony DiTullio (Elder)6-0
G. Berwanger (BLAN)Third
L:AO1Mat #2 AO3G. Berwanger (BLAN)
A. DiTullio (ELD)Pin 1:07

138[1] (back to top)

Johnny Schirmer (Blanchester)J. Schirmer (BLAN)1. Johnny Schirmer (BLAN)
AP1J. Schirmer (BLAN)from N:AP1Mat #1 AP4J. Schirmer (BLAN)2. Dalton Johnson (R)
BYEC. McGee (OH)Pin 1:443. Chris McGee (OH)
from S:AP24. Tristan Shepherd (NR)
Aaliyah Henderson (Taylor)
Mat #2 AP2C. McGee (OH)from S:AP1Mat #1 AP5D. Johnson (R)
Chris McGee (Oak Hills)Pin 1:16D. Johnson (R)BYE
from S:AP3
Tristan Shepherd (New Richmond)A. Henderson (TAY)
Mat #1 AP3D. Johnson (R)from N:AP2Mat #1 AP6T. Shepherd (NR)
Dalton Johnson (Ross)Pin 2:16T. Shepherd (NR)Pin :34
from N:AP3
J. Schirmer (BLAN)J. Schirmer (BLAN)J. Schirmer (BLAN)
from N:AP4Mat #1 AP7J. Schirmer (BLAN)from N:AP7Mat #1 AP10J. Schirmer (BLAN)from N:AP10Mat #3 AP13J. Schirmer (BLAN)
D. Johnson (R)Pin 1:50T. Shepherd (NR)Pin 1:59A. Henderson (TAY)Pin :31
from S:AP5from S:AP8from S:AP11
C. McGee (OH)D. Johnson (R)T. Shepherd (NR)
from S:AP4Mat #2 AP8C. McGee (OH)from S:AP7Mat #2 AP11D. Johnson (R)from S:AP10Mat #2 AP14T. Shepherd (NR)
T. Shepherd (NR)Pin 1:09A. Henderson (TAY)Pin 1:38BYE
from S:AP6from S:AP9from S:AP12
C. McGee (OH)D. Johnson (R)
from N:AP5Mat #1 AP9A. Henderson (TAY)from N:AP8Mat #2 AP12C. McGee (OH)from N:AP11Mat #3 AP15D. Johnson (R)
A. Henderson (TAY)BYEBYEC. McGee (OH)Pin :59
from N:AP6from N:AP9from N:AP12

138[2] (back to top)

Sam Audretch*OAKH (All Star 1)1. Jedeon Morales (MH)
Mat #1 AQ1S. Audretch*OAKH (AS1)2. Sam Audretch*OAKH (AS1)
Jerry Carrol (Turpin)Pin 1:363. Jerry Carrol (TUR)
4. Braeden Glasgow (AS2)
Braeden Glasgow (All Star 2)
Mat #1 AQ2J. Morales (MH)
Jedeon Morales (Mount Healthy)Pin 2:23
S. Audretch*OAKH (AS1)S. Audretch*OAKH (AS1)
from N:AQ1Mat #2 AQ3J. Morales (MH)from N:AQ3Mat #1 AQ5S. Audretch*OAKH (AS1)
J. Morales (MH)14-9B. Glasgow (AS2)Forfeit
from S:AQ2from S:AQ4
J. Carrol (TUR)J. Morales (MH)
from S:AQ1Mat #3 AQ4J. Carrol (TUR)from S:AQ3Mat #1 AQ6J. Morales (MH)
B. Glasgow (AS2)ForfeitJ. Carrol (TUR)Pin 2:16
from N:AQ2from N:AQ4

138-finals (back to top)

Dalton Johnson (Ross)ThirdJohnny Schirmer (Blanchester)Champion1. Johnny Schirmer (BLAN)
Mat #2 AR1D. Johnson (R)Mat #1 AR2J. Schirmer (BLAN)2. Jedeon Morales (MH)
Sam Audretch*OAKH (All Star 1)6-0Jedeon Morales (Mount Healthy)Pin 1:183. Dalton Johnson (R)
4. Sam Audretch*OAKH (AS1)

145[1] (back to top)

Casey Washburn (New Richmond)1. Casey Washburn (NR)
AS1C. Washburn (NR)2. Will Lawless (TAY)
BYE3. Matthew Godbey (ELD)
Will Lawless (Taylor)
Mat #2 AS2W. Lawless (TAY)
Matthew Godbey (Elder)Pin 0:40
C. Washburn (NR)C. Washburn (NR)
from N:AS1Mat #2 AS3C. Washburn (NR)from N:AS3Mat #3 AS5C. Washburn (NR)
M. Godbey (ELD)Pin 1:30W. Lawless (TAY)Pin 1:07
from S:AS2from S:AS4
M. Godbey (ELD)
from S:AS1Mat #3 AS4W. Lawless (TAY)from S:AS3Mat #2 AS6M. Godbey (ELD)
W. Lawless (TAY)BYEBYE
from N:AS2from N:AS4

145[2] (back to top)

Casey Redemeier (Ross)1. Casey Redemeier (R)
AT1C. Redemeier (R)2. Brandon Hillesheim (OH)
BYE3. Cader Rowe (CCD)
Brandon Hillesheim (Oak Hills)
Mat #3 AT2B. Hillesheim (OH)
Cader Rowe (Cincinnati Country Day)Pin :56
C. Redemeier (R)C. Redemeier (R)
from N:AT1Mat #2 AT3C. Redemeier (R)from N:AT3Mat #1 AT5C. Redemeier (R)
C. Rowe (CCD)Pin 0:58B. Hillesheim (OH)Pin 3:21
from S:AT2from S:AT4
C. Rowe (CCD)
from S:AT1Mat #2 AT4B. Hillesheim (OH)from S:AT3Mat #1 AT6C. Rowe (CCD)
B. Hillesheim (OH)BYEBYE
from N:AT2from N:AT4

145[3] (back to top)

Ethan Dornbusch*TAYL (All Star 1)1. Nolan Wall (RB)
AU1E. Dornbusch*TAYL (AS1)2. Quintavion Benjamin (PCTC)
BYE3. Ethan Dornbusch*TAYL (AS1)
Quintavion Benjamin (Ponitz Career Technology Center)
Mat #3 AU2N. Wall (RB)
Nolan Wall (Roger Bacon)Pin 1:32
E. Dornbusch*TAYL (AS1)E. Dornbusch*TAYL (AS1)
from N:AU1Mat #1 AU3N. Wall (RB)from N:AU3Mat #1 AU5Q. Benjamin (PCTC)
N. Wall (RB)Pin :45Q. Benjamin (PCTC)Pin 1:19
from S:AU2from S:AU4
N. Wall (RB)
from S:AU1Mat #1 AU4Q. Benjamin (PCTC)from S:AU3Mat #3 AU6N. Wall (RB)
Q. Benjamin (PCTC)BYEBYE
from N:AU2from N:AU4

145[4] (back to top)

Philip Hodge*MHEA (All Star 2)1. Philip Hodge*MHEA (AS2)
AV1P. Hodge*MHEA (AS2)2. Shawn Bell (MH)
BYE3. Ethan Ruben*OAKH (AS3)
Ethan Ruben*OAKH (All Star 3)
Mat #2 AV2S. Bell (MH)
Shawn Bell (Mount Healthy)Tech Fall 18-2
P. Hodge*MHEA (AS2)P. Hodge*MHEA (AS2)
from N:AV1Mat #3 AV3P. Hodge*MHEA (AS2)from N:AV3Mat #3 AV5P. Hodge*MHEA (AS2)
S. Bell (MH)11-9 SVE. Ruben*OAKH (AS3)11-9
from S:AV2from S:AV4
S. Bell (MH)
from S:AV1Mat #3 AV4E. Ruben*OAKH (AS3)from S:AV3Mat #2 AV6S. Bell (MH)
from N:AV2from N:AV4

145-finals (back to top)

Casey Washburn (New Richmond)1. Casey Washburn (NR)
Mat #3 AW1C. Washburn (NR)2. Casey Redemeier (R)
Philip Hodge*MHEA (All Star 2)Pin 1:08Champion3. Nolan Wall (RB)
Mat #2 AW4C. Washburn (NR)4. Philip Hodge*MHEA (AS2)
Nolan Wall (Roger Bacon)6-2
Mat #3 AW2C. Redemeier (R)
Casey Redemeier (Ross)Pin 4:52
P. Hodge*MHEA (AS2)Third
L:AW1Mat #3 AW3N. Wall (RB)
N. Wall (RB)16-11

152[1] (back to top)

Clayton Schirmer (Blanchester)1. Clayton Schirmer (BLAN)
Mat #2 AX1C. Schirmer (BLAN)2. Travis Hall (PCTC)
John Johnston Jr. (Oak Hills)Pin 0:133. John Johnston Jr. (OH)
4. Jalen Stanford (NCH)
Travis Hall (Ponitz Career Technology Center)
Mat #1 AX2T. Hall (PCTC)
Jalen Stanford (North College Hill)Pin 2:05
C. Schirmer (BLAN)C. Schirmer (BLAN)
from N:AX1Mat #2 AX3C. Schirmer (BLAN)from N:AX3Mat #3 AX5C. Schirmer (BLAN)
J. Stanford (NCH)Pin 0:48T. Hall (PCTC)Pin :57
from S:AX2from S:AX4
J. Johnston Jr. (OH)J. Stanford (NCH)
from S:AX1Mat #2 AX4T. Hall (PCTC)from S:AX3Mat #1 AX6J. Johnston Jr. (OH)
T. Hall (PCTC)Pin 1:09J. Johnston Jr. (OH)Pin 3:21
from N:AX2from N:AX4

152[2] (back to top)

Dalton Craft*ham (All Star 3)1. Abraham Garcia (MH)
Mat #2 AY1N. Daniels (NR)2. Taylor Joyner (AIK)
Nathaniel Daniels (New Richmond)10-63. Nathaniel Daniels (NR)
4. Dalton Craft*ham (AS3)
Abraham Garcia (Mount Healthy)
Mat #1 AY2A. Garcia (MH)
Taylor Joyner (Aiken)Pin :46
D. Craft*ham (AS3)D. Craft*ham (AS3)
from N:AY1Mat #1 AY3T. Joyner (AIK)from N:AY3Mat #2 AY5A. Garcia (MH)
T. Joyner (AIK)Pin 4:15A. Garcia (MH)Pin 0:46
from S:AY2from S:AY4
N. Daniels (NR)T. Joyner (AIK)
from S:AY1Mat #1 AY4A. Garcia (MH)from S:AY3Mat #3 AY6T. Joyner (AIK)
A. Garcia (MH)Pin 3:09N. Daniels (NR)17-11
from N:AY2from N:AY4

152[3] (back to top)

Derrick Davidson (Taylor)1. Zaak Morrell (R)
Mat #3 AZ1Z. Morrell (R)2. Derrick Davidson (TAY)
Zaak Morrell (Ross)Pin 1:333. Austin Hannons*ham (AS5)
4. Antonio Buccino*OAKH (AS1)
Antonio Buccino*OAKH (All Star 1)
Mat #2 AZ2A. Hannons (AS5)
Austin Hannons*ham (All Star 5)Pin 1:13
D. Davidson (TAY)D. Davidson (TAY)
from N:AZ1Mat #3 AZ3D. Davidson (TAY)from N:AZ3Mat #1 AZ5D. Davidson (TAY)
A. Hannons (AS5)Pin 1:32A. Buccino*OAKH (AS1)Pin 2:40
from S:AZ2from S:AZ4
Z. Morrell (R)A. Hannons (AS5)
from S:AZ1Mat #1 AZ4Z. Morrell (R)from S:AZ3Mat #1 AZ6Z. Morrell (R)
A. Buccino*OAKH (AS1)Pin :20Z. Morrell (R)Pin 0:13
from N:AZ2from N:AZ4

152[4] (back to top)

Jose Chavarria*ham (All Star 6)1. Dilyn Boyle (HAM)
BA1J. Chavarria*ham (AS6)2. Jose Chavarria*ham (AS6)
BYE3. Skyler Walker*MHEA (AS4)
Dilyn Boyle (Hamilton)
Mat #2 BA2D. Boyle (HAM)
Skyler Walker*MHEA (All Star 4)Pin 0:23
J. Chavarria*ham (AS6)J. Chavarria*ham (AS6)
from N:BA1Mat #3 BA3J. Chavarria*ham (AS6)from N:BA3Mat #3 BA5D. Boyle (HAM)
S. Walker*MHEA (AS4)10-6D. Boyle (HAM)10-6
from S:BA2from S:BA4
S. Walker*MHEA (AS4)
from S:BA1Mat #2 BA4D. Boyle (HAM)from S:BA3Mat #1 BA6S. Walker*MHEA (AS4)
from N:BA2from N:BA4

152-finals (back to top)

Clayton Schirmer (Blanchester)1. Clayton Schirmer (BLAN)
Mat #3 BB1C. Schirmer (BLAN)2. Zaak Morrell (R)
Dilyn Boyle (Hamilton)Pin 1:05Champion3. Dilyn Boyle (HAM)
Mat #1 BB4C. Schirmer (BLAN)4. Abraham Garcia (MH)
Zaak Morrell (Ross)Pin 0:55
Mat #1 BB2Z. Morrell (R)
Abraham Garcia (Mount Healthy)Pin 4:53
D. Boyle (HAM)Third
L:BB1Mat #2 BB3D. Boyle (HAM)
A. Garcia (MH)Pin 1:17

160[1] (back to top)

Seth Henderson (Miami Valley Christian Academy)1. Seth Henderson (MVCA)
Mat #3 BC1S. Henderson (MVCA)2. Mario Meadows*HAM (AS3)
Mario Meadows*HAM (All Star 3)Tech Fall 16-13. Derrian Wilkins (AIK)
4. D'Shaun James (NCH)
D'Shaun James (North College Hill)
Mat #3 BC2D. Wilkins (AIK)
Derrian Wilkins (Aiken)Pin 2:56
S. Henderson (MVCA)S. Henderson (MVCA)
from N:BC1Mat #2 BC3S. Henderson (MVCA)from N:BC3Mat #3 BC5S. Henderson (MVCA)
D. Wilkins (AIK)Pin 0:37D. James (NCH)Pin 1:49
from S:BC2from S:BC4
M. Meadows*HAM (AS3)D. Wilkins (AIK)
from S:BC1Mat #2 BC4M. Meadows*HAM (AS3)from S:BC3Mat #2 BC6M. Meadows*HAM (AS3)
D. James (NCH)Pin 1:43M. Meadows*HAM (AS3)7-6
from N:BC2from N:BC4

160[2] (back to top)

Joshua Chapman (Taylor)1. Joshua Chapman (TAY)
BD1J. Chapman (TAY)2. Heath Deffenbaugh*ELDE (AS1)
BYE3. Hayden Tedrick (BLAN)
Heath Deffenbaugh*ELDE (All Star 1)
Mat #1 BD2H. Deffenbaugh*ELDE (AS1)
Hayden Tedrick (Blanchester)Pin 1:12
J. Chapman (TAY)J. Chapman (TAY)
from N:BD1Mat #2 BD3J. Chapman (TAY)from N:BD3Mat #1 BD5J. Chapman (TAY)
H. Tedrick (BLAN)Pin 0:42H. Deffenbaugh*ELDE (AS1)Pin 3:17
from S:BD2from S:BD4
H. Tedrick (BLAN)
from S:BD1Mat #3 BD4H. Deffenbaugh*ELDE (AS1)from S:BD3Mat #2 BD6H. Tedrick (BLAN)
H. Deffenbaugh*ELDE (AS1)BYEBYE
from N:BD2from N:BD4

160[3] (back to top)

Jayden Naegele (New Richmond)1. Dylan Deck (HAM)
Mat #3 BE1J. Mumper (RB)2. Jake Mumper (RB)
Jake Mumper (Roger Bacon)Pin 5:063. Jayden Naegele (NR)
4. Landen Heiland*OAKH (AS2)
Landen Heiland*OAKH (All Star 2)
Mat #1 BE2D. Deck (HAM)
Dylan Deck (Hamilton)Pin 1:27
J. Naegele (NR)J. Naegele (NR)
from N:BE1Mat #1 BE3D. Deck (HAM)from N:BE3Mat #2 BE5J. Naegele (NR)
D. Deck (HAM)Pin 1:06L. Heiland*OAKH (AS2)Pin 1:47
from S:BE2from S:BE4
J. Mumper (RB)D. Deck (HAM)
from S:BE1Mat #3 BE4J. Mumper (RB)from S:BE3Mat #1 BE6D. Deck (HAM)
L. Heiland*OAKH (AS2)Pin :16J. Mumper (RB)Major Dec. 13-3
from N:BE2from N:BE4

160[4] (back to top)

Sam Burns (Oak Hills)1. Hans Taylor (ELD)
Mat #1 BF1H. Taylor (ELD)2. Brady Salmons (TUR)
Hans Taylor (Elder)Pin 3:073. Sam Burns (OH)
4. Tommy Young (SRO)
Tommy Young (Shroder)
Mat #3 BF2B. Salmons (TUR)
Brady Salmons (Turpin)Pin 1:53
S. Burns (OH)S. Burns (OH)
from N:BF1Mat #1 BF3B. Salmons (TUR)from N:BF3Mat #1 BF5S. Burns (OH)
B. Salmons (TUR)Tech Fall 15-0T. Young (SRO)Pin 3:34
from S:BF2from S:BF4
H. Taylor (ELD)B. Salmons (TUR)
from S:BF1Mat #1 BF4H. Taylor (ELD)from S:BF3Mat #2 BF6H. Taylor (ELD)
T. Young (SRO)Pin :36H. Taylor (ELD)14-7
from N:BF2from N:BF4

160-finals (back to top)

Seth Henderson (Miami Valley Christian Academy)1. Seth Henderson (MVCA)
Mat #3 BG1S. Henderson (MVCA)2. Dylan Deck (HAM)
Hans Taylor (Elder)7-2Champion3. Hans Taylor (ELD)
Mat #1 BG4S. Henderson (MVCA)4. Joshua Chapman (TAY)
Dylan Deck (Hamilton)Major Dec. 11-3
Mat #2 BG2D. Deck (HAM)
Joshua Chapman (Taylor)11-7
H. Taylor (ELD)Third
L:BG1Mat #2 BG3H. Taylor (ELD)
J. Chapman (TAY)Tech Fall 19-4

170[1] (back to top)

Ramiro Torres (Blanchester)1. Ramiro Torres (BLAN)
BH1R. Torres (BLAN)2. Keane Warner (CCD)
BYE3. Kristopher Richardson (HAM)
Keane Warner (Cincinnati Country Day)
Mat #2 BH2K. Warner (CCD)
Kristopher Richardson (Hamilton)Pin 1:28
R. Torres (BLAN)R. Torres (BLAN)
from N:BH1Mat #2 BH3R. Torres (BLAN)from N:BH3Mat #3 BH5R. Torres (BLAN)
K. Richardson (HAM)Pin 0:12K. Warner (CCD)Pin 5:33
from S:BH2from S:BH4
K. Richardson (HAM)
from S:BH1Mat #3 BH4K. Warner (CCD)from S:BH3Mat #2 BH6K. Richardson (HAM)
from N:BH2from N:BH4

170[2] (back to top)

Dallas Rice (Aiken)1. De'Angelo Edwards (PCTC)
Mat #1 BI1E. Hines (MH)2. Dakotah Ritter (TAY)
Emarai Hines (Mount Healthy)Pin 2:543. Emarai Hines (MH)
4. Dallas Rice (AIK)
De'Angelo Edwards (Ponitz Career Technology Center)
Mat #1 BI2D. Edwards (PCTC)
Dakotah Ritter (Taylor)Pin 2:58
D. Rice (AIK)D. Rice (AIK)
from N:BI1Mat #1 BI3D. Ritter (TAY)from N:BI3Mat #3 BI5D. Edwards (PCTC)
D. Ritter (TAY)Pin 1:46D. Edwards (PCTC)Pin 1:08
from S:BI2from S:BI4
E. Hines (MH)D. Ritter (TAY)
from S:BI1Mat #2 BI4D. Edwards (PCTC)from S:BI3Mat #1 BI6D. Ritter (TAY)
D. Edwards (PCTC)Pin 1:30E. Hines (MH)Pin 1:47
from N:BI2from N:BI4

170[3] (back to top)

Joey Mazzaro*TAYL (All Star 2)1. Montana Klayman (ELD)
BJ1J. Mazzaro*TAYL (AS2)2. Joey Mazzaro*TAYL (AS2)
BYE3. Ben Powers (RB)
Montana Klayman (Elder)
Mat #2 BJ2M. Klayman (ELD)
Ben Powers (Roger Bacon)Pin 1:43
J. Mazzaro*TAYL (AS2)J. Mazzaro*TAYL (AS2)
from N:BJ1Mat #1 BJ3J. Mazzaro*TAYL (AS2)from N:BJ3Mat #1 BJ5M. Klayman (ELD)
B. Powers (RB)Pin :49M. Klayman (ELD)Pin 3:40
from S:BJ2from S:BJ4
B. Powers (RB)
from S:BJ1Mat #1 BJ4M. Klayman (ELD)from S:BJ3Mat #3 BJ6B. Powers (RB)
M. Klayman (ELD)BYEBYE
from N:BJ2from N:BJ4

170[4] (back to top)

Joseph Carter (Shroder)1. Perez Crawford (TFT)
Mat #3 BK1G. Anderson (NCH)2. Cameron Ladrick (TUR)
Glenn Anderson (North College Hill)Pin 1:053. Glenn Anderson (NCH)
4. Joseph Carter (SRO)
Perez Crawford (Taft)
Mat #2 BK2P. Crawford (TFT)
Cameron Ladrick (Turpin)Pin 1:01
J. Carter (SRO)J. Carter (SRO)
from N:BK1Mat #1 BK3C. Ladrick (TUR)from N:BK3Mat #3 BK5P. Crawford (TFT)
C. Ladrick (TUR)Pin :30P. Crawford (TFT)Pin :24
from S:BK2from S:BK4
G. Anderson (NCH)C. Ladrick (TUR)
from S:BK1Mat #2 BK4P. Crawford (TFT)from S:BK3Mat #2 BK6C. Ladrick (TUR)
P. Crawford (TFT)Pin 1:29G. Anderson (NCH)Pin 1:21
from N:BK2from N:BK4

170-finals (back to top)

Ramiro Torres (Blanchester)1. Ramiro Torres (BLAN)
Mat #2 BL1R. Torres (BLAN)2. Montana Klayman (ELD)
Perez Crawford (Taft)Pin 1:25Champion3. De'Angelo Edwards (PCTC)
Mat #1 BL4R. Torres (BLAN)4. Perez Crawford (TFT)
Montana Klayman (Elder)3-1
Mat #1 BL2M. Klayman (ELD)
De'Angelo Edwards (Ponitz Career Technology Center)8-5
P. Crawford (TFT)Third
L:BL1Mat #2 BL3D. Edwards (PCTC)
D. Edwards (PCTC)Injury Def.

182[1] (back to top)

Steven Latchford (Blanchester)1. Steven Latchford (BLAN)
BM1S. Latchford (BLAN)2. Jason Waight (RB)
BYE3. Isaac McKinney (MH)
Isaac McKinney (Mount Healthy)
Mat #1 BM2J. Waight (RB)
Jason Waight (Roger Bacon)Pin 1:00
S. Latchford (BLAN)S. Latchford (BLAN)
from N:BM1Mat #3 BM3S. Latchford (BLAN)from N:BM3Mat #2 BM5S. Latchford (BLAN)
J. Waight (RB)Pin :13I. McKinney (MH)Pin 1:16
from S:BM2from S:BM4
J. Waight (RB)
from S:BM1Mat #2 BM4I. McKinney (MH)from S:BM3Mat #1 BM6J. Waight (RB)
I. McKinney (MH)BYEBYE
from N:BM2from N:BM4

182[2] (back to top)

Timothy Smith (North College Hill)1. Timothy Smith (NCH)
Mat #2 BN1T. Smith (NCH)2. Devon Hicks (SB)
Devon Hicks (St. Bernard)Pin 1:223. Connor O'Dell (OH)
4. Brayden Linville*AIKE (AS2)
Connor O'Dell (Oak Hills)
Mat #2 BN2C. O'Dell (OH)
Brayden Linville*AIKE (All Star 2)Pin 0:55
T. Smith (NCH)T. Smith (NCH)
from N:BN1Mat #1 BN3T. Smith (NCH)from N:BN3Mat #1 BN5T. Smith (NCH)
B. Linville*AIKE (AS2)Pin :10C. O'Dell (OH)Pin :54
from S:BN2from S:BN4
D. Hicks (SB)B. Linville*AIKE (AS2)
from S:BN1Mat #1 BN4D. Hicks (SB)from S:BN3Mat #3 BN6D. Hicks (SB)
C. O'Dell (OH)Pin :57D. Hicks (SB)Pin :16
from N:BN2from N:BN4

182[3] (back to top)

Brady Stokes (Taylor)1. Brady Stokes (TAY)
BO1B. Stokes (TAY)2. Ryan Roell (ELD)
BYE3. Jordan Gray*BLAN (AS1)
Jordan Gray*BLAN (All Star 1)
Mat #2 BO2R. Roell (ELD)
Ryan Roell (Elder)Major Dec. 13-2
B. Stokes (TAY)B. Stokes (TAY)
from N:BO1Mat #1 BO3B. Stokes (TAY)from N:BO3Mat #1 BO5B. Stokes (TAY)
R. Roell (ELD)8-6J. Gray*BLAN (AS1)Pin :34
from S:BO2from S:BO4
R. Roell (ELD)
from S:BO1Mat #3 BO4J. Gray*BLAN (AS1)from S:BO3Mat #2 BO6R. Roell (ELD)
from N:BO2from N:BO4

182[4] (back to top)

Keyon Ward (Aiken)1. Hayden Hughes (HAM)
Mat #2 BP1H. Hughes (HAM)2. Zack Williams*BLAN (AS4)
Hayden Hughes (Hamilton)Pin 1:123. J.D. Abner (NR)
4. Keyon Ward (AIK)
Zack Williams*BLAN (All Star 4)
Mat #3 BP2J. Abner (NR)
J.D. Abner (New Richmond)Pin 1:44
K. Ward (AIK)K. Ward (AIK)
from N:BP1Mat #3 BP3K. Ward (AIK)from N:BP3Mat #1 BP5Z. Williams*BLAN (AS4)
J. Abner (NR)DQZ. Williams*BLAN (AS4)Pin 5:26
from S:BP2from S:BP4
H. Hughes (HAM)J. Abner (NR)
from S:BP1Mat #2 BP4H. Hughes (HAM)from S:BP3Mat #1 BP6H. Hughes (HAM)
Z. Williams*BLAN (AS4)Pin 0:04H. Hughes (HAM)DQ
from N:BP2from N:BP4

182-finals (back to top)

Steven Latchford (Blanchester)1. Steven Latchford (BLAN)
Mat #3 BQ1S. Latchford (BLAN)2. Timothy Smith (NCH)
Hayden Hughes (Hamilton)Pin :27Champion3. Brady Stokes (TAY)
Mat #1 BQ4S. Latchford (BLAN)4. Hayden Hughes (HAM)
Brady Stokes (Taylor)Pin 2:13
Mat #3 BQ2T. Smith (NCH)
Timothy Smith (North College Hill)Pin 3:58
H. Hughes (HAM)Third
L:BQ1Mat #2 BQ3B. Stokes (TAY)
B. Stokes (TAY)Pin 1:04

195[1] (back to top)

Christian Stubbs (Blanchester)1. Christian Stubbs (BLAN)
Mat #2 BR1C. Stubbs (BLAN)2. Ke'Shawn Huguely (TROT)
Ke'Shawn Huguely (Trotwood-Madison)Pin 1:373. Camren Hollingsworth (AIK)
4. Trey Campbell (R)
Camren Hollingsworth (Aiken)
Mat #1 BR2C. Hollingsworth (AIK)
Trey Campbell (Ross)Pin 3:09
C. Stubbs (BLAN)C. Stubbs (BLAN)
from N:BR1Mat #3 BR3C. Stubbs (BLAN)from N:BR3Mat #3 BR5C. Stubbs (BLAN)
T. Campbell (R)Pin :56C. Hollingsworth (AIK)Pin :43
from S:BR2from S:BR4
K. Huguely (TROT)T. Campbell (R)
from S:BR1Mat #3 BR4K. Huguely (TROT)from S:BR3Mat #1 BR6K. Huguely (TROT)
C. Hollingsworth (AIK)Pin 1:12K. Huguely (TROT)Pin 0:44
from N:BR2from N:BR4

195[2] (back to top)

Zach Rana (Turpin)1. Zach Rana (TUR)
Mat #3 BS1Z. Rana (TUR)2. Noah Wise (CCD)
Joey Palermo (Roger Bacon)Pin :223. Tajvion Pogue*TMAD (AS1)
4. Joey Palermo (RB)
Noah Wise (Cincinnati Country Day)
Mat #2 BS2N. Wise (CCD)
Tajvion Pogue*TMAD (All Star 1)Pin 1:36
Z. Rana (TUR)Z. Rana (TUR)
from N:BS1Mat #2 BS3Z. Rana (TUR)from N:BS3Mat #2 BS5Z. Rana (TUR)
T. Pogue*TMAD (AS1)Pin 1:26N. Wise (CCD)Pin 0:49
from S:BS2from S:BS4
J. Palermo (RB)T. Pogue*TMAD (AS1)
from S:BS1Mat #2 BS4N. Wise (CCD)from S:BS3Mat #2 BS6T. Pogue*TMAD (AS1)
N. Wise (CCD)Pin 1:31J. Palermo (RB)Forf
from N:BS2from N:BS4

195[3] (back to top)

Eddie Clark (St. Bernard)1. A.J.Tepe (ELD)
Mat #1 BT1E. Clark (SB)2. Eddie Clark (SB)
Daniel Mcintosh (Ponitz Career Technology Center)Pin 1:293. Kanye Dunson (SRO)
4. Daniel Mcintosh (PCTC)
Kanye Dunson (Shroder)
Mat #3 BT2A.J.Tepe (ELD)
A.J.Tepe (Elder)Pin :51
E. Clark (SB)E. Clark (SB)
from N:BT1Mat #1 BT3A.J.Tepe (ELD)from N:BT3Mat #3 BT5E. Clark (SB)
A.J.Tepe (ELD)Pin 1:38K. Dunson (SRO)Pin 3:33
from S:BT2from S:BT4
D. Mcintosh (PCTC)A.J.Tepe (ELD)
from S:BT1Mat #3 BT4K. Dunson (SRO)from S:BT3Mat #1 BT6A.J.Tepe (ELD)
K. Dunson (SRO)Pin 1:29D. Mcintosh (PCTC)Pin :16
from N:BT2from N:BT4

195[4] (back to top)

Lebron Timmons*PONI (All Star 2)1. Dillon Davidson (TAY)
Mat #2 BU1D. Davidson (TAY)2. Austin Kimmerly (NR)
Dillon Davidson (Taylor)Pin 1:123. Corey Roberts (HAM)
4. Lebron Timmons*PONI (AS2)
Austin Kimmerly (New Richmond)
Mat #3 BU2A. Kimmerly (NR)
Corey Roberts (Hamilton)Pin 4:55
L. Timmons*PONI (AS2)L. Timmons*PONI (AS2)
from N:BU1Mat #1 BU3C. Roberts (HAM)from N:BU3Mat #3 BU5A. Kimmerly (NR)
C. Roberts (HAM)Pin 1:23A. Kimmerly (NR)Pin :55
from S:BU2from S:BU4
D. Davidson (TAY)C. Roberts (HAM)
from S:BU1Mat #3 BU4D. Davidson (TAY)from S:BU3Mat #2 BU6D. Davidson (TAY)
A. Kimmerly (NR)Pin 3:28D. Davidson (TAY)Pin 1:10
from N:BU2from N:BU4

195-finals (back to top)

Christian Stubbs (Blanchester)1. Zach Rana (TUR)
Mat #3 BV1C. Stubbs (BLAN)2. Christian Stubbs (BLAN)
Dillon Davidson (Taylor)Major Dec. 14-5Champion3. Dillon Davidson (TAY)
Mat #1 BV4Z. Rana (TUR)4. A.J.Tepe (ELD)
A.J.Tepe (Elder)Pin 4:55
Mat #3 BV2Z. Rana (TUR)
Zach Rana (Turpin)Pin 1:34
D. Davidson (TAY)Third
L:BV1Mat #2 BV3D. Davidson (TAY)
A.J.Tepe (ELD)Pin 1:36

220[1] (back to top)

James Peters (Blanchester)1. James Peters (BLAN)
BW1J. Peters (BLAN)2. Camron Griffey (NR)
BYE3. Jawonya Johnson (AIK)
Camron Griffey (New Richmond)
Mat #3 BW2C. Griffey (NR)
Jawonya Johnson (Aiken)Pin 5:20
J. Peters (BLAN)J. Peters (BLAN)
from N:BW1Mat #2 BW3J. Peters (BLAN)from N:BW3Mat #1 BW5J. Peters (BLAN)
J. Johnson (AIK)Pin 1:22C. Griffey (NR)Forf
from S:BW2from S:BW4
J. Johnson (AIK)
from S:BW1Mat #3 BW4C. Griffey (NR)from S:BW3Mat #2 BW6J. Johnson (AIK)
C. Griffey (NR)BYEBYE
from N:BW2from N:BW4

220[2] (back to top)

Griffin Peacock (Ross)1. Griffin Peacock (R)
Mat #1 BX1G. Peacock (R)2. Shane Garrett*BLAN (AS1)
Jack Tucker (Elder)Pin :503. Jack Tucker (ELD)
4. Matthew Reed (TAY)
Matthew Reed (Taylor)
Mat #2 BX2S. Garrett*BLAN (AS1)
Shane Garrett*BLAN (All Star 1)Pin 1:42
G. Peacock (R)G. Peacock (R)
from N:BX1Mat #1 BX3G. Peacock (R)from N:BX3Mat #3 BX5G. Peacock (R)
S. Garrett*BLAN (AS1)Pin 1:32M. Reed (TAY)Pin :32
from S:BX2from S:BX4
J. Tucker (ELD)S. Garrett*BLAN (AS1)
from S:BX1Mat #3 BX4J. Tucker (ELD)from S:BX3Mat #2 BX6S. Garrett*BLAN (AS1)
M. Reed (TAY)Pin :24J. Tucker (ELD)Pin 0:16
from N:BX2from N:BX4

220-finals (back to top)

Camron Griffey (New Richmond)ThirdJames Peters (Blanchester)Champion1. James Peters (BLAN)
Mat #2 BY1S. Garrett*BLAN (AS1)Mat #1 BY2J. Peters (BLAN)2. Griffin Peacock (R)
Shane Garrett*BLAN (All Star 1)Inj DefGriffin Peacock (Ross)9-33. Shane Garrett*BLAN (AS1)
4. Camron Griffey (NR)

285[1] (back to top)

Austin Clems (Roger Bacon)1. Zadok Isrea (SRO)
Mat #3 BZ1C. Huckleby (MH)2. Matt Isbell (NR)
Cortez Huckleby (Mount Healthy)Pin :363. Cortez Huckleby (MH)
4. Austin Clems (RB)
Matt Isbell (New Richmond)
Mat #2 BZ2Z. Isrea (SRO)
Zadok Isrea (Shroder)Pin 0:26
A. Clems (RB)A. Clems (RB)
from N:BZ1Mat #2 BZ3Z. Isrea (SRO)from N:BZ3Mat #2 BZ5M. Isbell (NR)
Z. Isrea (SRO)Pin 1:43M. Isbell (NR)Pin 1:01
from S:BZ2from S:BZ4
C. Huckleby (MH)Z. Isrea (SRO)
from S:BZ1Mat #1 BZ4M. Isbell (NR)from S:BZ3Mat #3 BZ6Z. Isrea (SRO)
M. Isbell (NR)Pin 1:14C. Huckleby (MH)Pin 3:10
from N:BZ2from N:BZ4

285[2] (back to top)

Tina Edwards (North College Hill)1. Antwan Blackshear (TROT)
Mat #2 CA1A. Blackshear (TROT)2. Ryan Rumpke (HAM)
Antwan Blackshear (Trotwood-Madison)Pin 1:293. Jahbar Banks (PCTC)
4. Tina Edwards (NCH)
Ryan Rumpke (Hamilton)
Mat #1 CA2R. Rumpke (HAM)
Jahbar Banks (Ponitz Career Technology Center)5-1
T. Edwards (NCH)T. Edwards (NCH)
from N:CA1Mat #1 CA3J. Banks (PCTC)from N:CA3Mat #3 CA5R. Rumpke (HAM)
J. Banks (PCTC)Pin :36R. Rumpke (HAM)7-0
from S:CA2from S:CA4
A. Blackshear (TROT)J. Banks (PCTC)
from S:CA1Mat #2 CA4A. Blackshear (TROT)from S:CA3Mat #3 CA6A. Blackshear (TROT)
R. Rumpke (HAM)Pin 1:40A. Blackshear (TROT)Pin 1:00
from N:CA2from N:CA4

285-finals (back to top)

Matt Isbell (New Richmond)ThirdZadok Isrea (Shroder)Champion1. Zadok Isrea (SRO)
Mat #2 CB1M. Isbell (NR)Mat #1 CB2Z. Isrea (SRO)2. Antwan Blackshear (TROT)
Ryan Rumpke (Hamilton)Pin 1:01Antwan Blackshear (Trotwood-Madison)Major Dec. 11-33. Matt Isbell (NR)
4. Ryan Rumpke (HAM)