2010 Butler JV Invitational

January 30, 2010

Tournament Schedule

Entry Procedure:
Please enter rosters by 10:00 AM on Friday, January 29th using the Online Roster Form posted at www.baumspage.com/wr/vbjv.   Detailed instructions are posted on the Help Page!
  • We will allow extra wrestlers in a weight class as long as the bracket does not go over 24 wrestlers per weight.
  • We will attempt to separate wrestlers from the same school only if you use the online entry form. We can't do it the day of the tournament.
  • All accounts were deleted during the Summer and everyone will need to Apply for an account for the current school year!
  • If your Varsity coach already has an account, you will need to use that account and add the JVs to that roster.
    • Or request that a "B" or "JV" team for your school be added to the online school database.
  • For step-by-step instructions click the Help link on the Login Page and print the Online Entry Instructions for Wrestling.  If you have problems check the Help Page first.
  • Submit an “intended” roster early!  Return anytime before deadline to make changes!
    1. Use Add/Modify Athletes to enter your athlete’s names and grades into the database.
    2. Use Submit Event Rosters to enter wrestlers into their weight classes.
      • Enter the wrestler designated to score points on the roster.
      • Enter extra wrestlers at the bottom.  Make sure you click on the weight class!
    3. Click Save/Submit and Print Rosters to submit your tournament entry form.
    4. Click Printable Roster and Confirmation Form to print a copy for your records
  • You may make changes to your line-up when you check-in Saturday morning!
Saturday, January 29, 2010
7:45 Sign-in at the computer and make corrections to roster.
8:00-9:00 AM Weigh-in: Weigh-in by teams.
9:45 Coaches Meeting
10:00 First Round (2,3,3.5,4) *If more than 16 wrestlers on a bracket!
  Second Round (2,3,3.5,4)  and First Consolations (1,2,2.5,3) *If more than 24 wrestlers on a bracket!
  Second Consolations (1,2,2.5,3) *If more than 16 wrestlers on a bracket!
  Quarterfinals (2,3,3.5,4) & Third Consolation (1,2,2.5,3) *Wrestled simultaneously
  Fourth Consolation (1,2,2.5,3)
  Semifinals (12,13,13.5,14) & Consolation Quarterfinals (1,2,2.5,3) *Wrestled simultaneously
  Consolation Semifinals (5,6,6.5,7)
  Finals (4,5,5.5,6) & Third Place ( 3,4,4.5,5) *If neither wrestler has wrestled more than 5 times!
  • Note: No wrestler will be allowed to wrestle more than 5 times!   If only 1 wrestler who has already had 5 matches, the wrestler who has not wrestled 5 times will win by forfeit!  If both wrestlers have wrestled 5 times, there will be no match and no points will be awarded!
  • Finals and Third Place matches will be wrestled continuously until finished.  Awards will be presented after all wrestling concludes.
Final results will be posted at www.baumspage.com/wr/vbjv