2006 Watterson Invitational Wrestling Tournament
December 16, 2006

Format: Two 5-man pools with winners paired for finals.
145 and 152 were wrestled in Three Pools.

Most Vaulable Wrestler: 125 Pound Champion - Sean Collins from Coshocton

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2006 Watterson Invitational Scores
 1. Coshocton                 377.0
 2. Valley View               362.5
 3. Ben Logan                 338.0
 4. Canal Winchester          309.0
 5. Ready                     146.0
 6. East                      137.0
 7. West Muskingum            129.0
 8. Zane Trace                129.0
 9. Mt. Gilead                118.0
10. Harvest Prep               83.0
11. Watterson                  73.0
145 Pound Placers - Three Pools
1. Hunter Pool, Ben Logan
2. Harrison Rosch, Canal Winchester
3. Nick Perkins, Valley View
4. Jordan Bresciani, Coshocton
5. Clay Cole, West Muskingum
6. Eric Shiflett, Zane Trace

152 Pound Placers - Three Pools
1. Beau Lonsinger, Coshocton
2. Ryan Dalton, Valley View
3. Russell Morgan, East
4. Skylar Wohlgamuth, Ben Logan
5. Josh Morin, Harvest Prep
6. Gavin Spaeth, Zane Trace

See Three Pool Results at the bottom.

First Place - Two Pools
  103: Brandon Voss(Canal Winchester) pin Luke Smith(Ben Logan) 3:09
  112: Zack Tinch(Mt. Gilead) pin Damon Kress(Coshocton) 0:53
  119: Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Jon Wilson(Valley View) 1:32
  125: Sean Collins(Coshocton) dec. Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) 14-7
  130: D'von Brice(East) pin Ben Bowers(Coshocton) 5:15
  135: Jordan Penhorwood(Ben Logan) pin Jack Boswell(Canal Winchester) 3:22
  140: Kurt Seeley(Ben Logan) pin Ben Chovan(Canal Winchester) 3:02
  160: Seth Nolan(Coshocton) dec. Rex Pitsinger(Valley View) 4-3
  171: Mitch Westwood(Valley View) pin Nick Shaw(Coshocton) 1:57
  189: Jesse Sargent(Valley View) dec. Gary Sines(Coshocton) 6-5
  215: Zach Pummill(Valley View) tech. fall Josh Mummey(Zane Trace) 19-2
  285: Ty Woodard(West Muskingum) pin Cameron Smith(Harvest Prep) 3:34

Third Place - Two Pools
  103: Alex Kegelmeyer(Ready) dec. Albert Rozman*REA(X1) 12-11
  112: Cotey Hembree(Valley View) pin Andrew Thompson(Zane Trace) 0:55
  119: Conrad Rosch(Canal Winchester) pin Kevin Lepley(Coshocton) 4:04
  125: Chip Halko(Ready) maj. dec. Chris Everhart(Mt. Gilead) 12-4
  130: Nick Eckel(Watterson) pin Tim Howard(Canal Winchester) 2:28
  135: Mark Bell(Coshocton) maj. dec. Kyle Donson(Valley View) 12-0
  140: Colt McGinnis(Valley View) dec. David Dubiel(Ready) 7-2
  160: Nathan Tope(Canal Winchester) pin Jeff Richardson(Ready) 0:47
  171: Jacob Barnes(Ben Logan) dec. Chris Valdez(Canal Winchester) 9-7
  189: Tyler Kopchak(West Muskingum) pin Nick Thompson(Canal Winchester) 3:24
  215: Sean Coakley(Coshocton) pin Patrick Jones(East) 1:28
  285: Lonie Smith(Canal Winchester) pin John Clary(Ben Logan) 0:34

Fifth Place - Two Pools
  103: Jon Kimberley(Coshocton) over Brandan Stottsberry*COS(X2) default
  112: Shawn Crabtree(Canal Winchester) pin Rachel Lightner*REA(X1) 0:19
  119: Michael Land*VV(X2) pin Eddie Mesaros(Mt. Gilead) 3:58
  125: Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) pin Weston Davis(Zane Trace) 2:37
  130: Ryan White-Leonard(Valley View) maj. dec. Chris St. Felix(Ben Logan) 18-8
  135: Kevin Burke(Watterson) over Blake Pumphrey(West Muskingum) forfeit
  140: Taylor McKnight(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Trent McVey(West Muskingum) 14-2
  160: James Swanson(East) dec. Chris Horne(Ben Logan) 6-4
  171: Lonnie Davidson(East) pin Jonathan Nicklose(Mt. Gilead) 3:09
  189: Oleg Shevtsov(Harvest Prep) dec. Tom Schullar(Mt. Gilead) 9-7
  215: Ron Townsend(Ready) pin Kaleb Guinn(Ben Logan) 2:55
  285: Alex Jackson*BL(X1) pin Dorrian Smith*HP(X2) 2:25

Round 5 - Two Pools
  103: Brandon Voss(Canal Winchester) pin Alex Kegelmeyer(Ready) 3:20
       Justin Schrader(Zane Trace) advanced with bye
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Albert Rozman*REA(X1) 1:23
       Brandan Stottsberry*COS(X2) advanced with bye
  112: Zack Tinch(Mt. Gilead) pin Shawn Crabtree(Canal Winchester) 3:13
       Abe Chiapetta(Ready) advanced with bye
       Damon Kress(Coshocton) pin Josh Elzey(Ben Logan) 39
       Andrew Thompson(Zane Trace) advanced with bye
  119: Jon Wilson(Valley View) pin Kevin Worley(Zane Trace) 29
       Eddie Mesaros(Mt. Gilead) dec. Ryan McClincy(Ready) 7-0
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Mike McCarthy(Watterson) 1:12
       Conrad Rosch(Canal Winchester) pin Matt Bare(West Muskingum) 2:54
  125: Sean Collins(Coshocton) dec. Chris Everhart(Mt. Gilead) 13-6
       Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) pin Aaron Teters(West Muskingum) 31
       Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) dec. Chip Halko(Ready) 2-0ot
       Weston Davis(Zane Trace) pin Robert Young(Watterson) 40
  130: Ben Bowers(Coshocton) pin Tim Howard(Canal Winchester) 3:05
       Troy Gundelfinger(Ready) pin Brian Gress(Mt. Gilead) 20
       D'von Brice(East) tech. fall Nick Eckel(Watterson) 17-2
       Ryan White-Leonard(Valley View) pin Chris Jones(West Muskingum) 2:45
  135: Mark Bell(Coshocton) over Blake Pumphrey(West Muskingum) default
       Jordan Penhorwood(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Jack Boswell(Canal Winchester) dec. Kevin Burke(Watterson) 6-3
       Kyle Donson(Valley View) pin Shawn Garrison(Ready) 33
  140: Ben Chovan(Canal Winchester) pin David Dubiel(Ready) 1:14
       David Christian(Harvest Prep) advanced with bye
       Kurt Seeley(Ben Logan) tech. fall Colt McGinnis(Valley View) 16-0
       Taylor McKnight(Zane Trace) advanced with bye
  160: Seth Nolan(Coshocton) over Cody Stonerock*ZT(X3) default
       Chris Horne(Ben Logan) pin Josh Funk(Watterson) 3:27
       Rex Pitsinger(Valley View) pin John Penn(Zane Trace) 1:37
       Nathan Tope(Canal Winchester) pin Landon Schmelzer*BL(X1) 40
  171: Zack Darrow(Watterson) pin Jeremy McGrew(West Muskingum) 2:39
       Chris Valdez(Canal Winchester) pin Lonnie Davidson(East) 5:43
       Mitch Westwood(Valley View) pin Jonathan Nicklose(Mt. Gilead) 22
       Josh Flint(Zane Trace) pin Nick Fridenmaker(Ready) 37
  189: Payton Rose(Ben Logan) pin Ryan Dennis*WM(X2) 3:28
       Nick Thompson(Canal Winchester) dec. Tom Schullar(Mt. Gilead) 9-3
       Oleg Shevtsov(Harvest Prep) maj. dec. Jesse Sargent(Valley View) 14-6
       Jeff Conkle(Watterson) pin Tom Orr(Zane Trace) 40
  215: Zach Pummill(Valley View) pin Drew Hill(West Muskingum) 14
       Patrick Jones(East) pin Kaleb Guinn(Ben Logan) 1:15
       Josh Mummey(Zane Trace) pin Sean Coakley(Coshocton) 30
       Ron Townsend(Ready) pin Rickie Campbell(Mt. Gilead) 3:34
  285: Ty Woodard(West Muskingum) pin Lonie Smith(Canal Winchester) 5:27
       Dorrian Smith*HP(X2) over Fabian Weiss(Zane Trace) default
       Cameron Smith(Harvest Prep) pin Michael Wilson(Coshocton) 50
       John Clary(Ben Logan) pin Ben Wolf(Mt. Gilead) 58

Round 4 - Two Pools
  103: Brandon Voss(Canal Winchester) advanced with bye
       Alex Kegelmeyer(Ready) pin Jon Kimberley(Coshocton) 2:58
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) pin Brandan Stottsberry*COS(X2) 42
       Albert Rozman*REA(X1) advanced with bye
  112: Zack Tinch(Mt. Gilead) advanced with bye
       Cotey Hembree(Valley View) tech. fall Shawn Crabtree(Canal Winchester) 23-8
       Josh Elzey(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Damon Kress(Coshocton) pin Rachel Lightner*REA(X1) 37
  119: Jon Wilson(Valley View) pin Eddie Mesaros(Mt. Gilead) 3:57
       Kevin Lepley(Coshocton) pin Kevin Worley(Zane Trace) 43
       Mike McCarthy(Watterson) dec. Matt Bare(West Muskingum) 9-7
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Michael Land*VV(X2) 31
  125: Sean Collins(Coshocton) pin Aaron Teters(West Muskingum) 54
       Chris Everhart(Mt. Gilead) pin Andrew Clarke*REA(X1) 41
       Chip Halko(Ready) pin Weston Davis(Zane Trace) 58
       Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) pin Tymar Walls(East) 1:15
  130: Ben Bowers(Coshocton) pin Troy Gundelfinger(Ready) 49
       Tim Howard(Canal Winchester) pin Chris St. Felix(Ben Logan) 1:30
       Nick Eckel(Watterson) pin Chris Jones(West Muskingum) 43
       D'von Brice(East) pin Matt Boedeker(Zane Trace) 38
  135: Mark Bell(Coshocton) advanced with bye
       Blake Pumphrey(West Muskingum) pin Marcus Boedeker(Zane Trace) 3:09
       Jack Boswell(Canal Winchester) pin Kyle Donson(Valley View) 3:18
       Kevin Burke(Watterson) pin Kody Taylor*WM(X1) 1:45
  140: Ben Chovan(Canal Winchester) advanced with bye
       David Dubiel(Ready) dec. Trent McVey(West Muskingum) 9-6
       Kurt Seeley(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) pin Matt Guza(Watterson) 3:06
  160: Seth Nolan(Coshocton) maj. dec. Josh Funk(Watterson) 11-3
       Jeff Richardson(Ready) pin Cody Stonerock*ZT(X3) 28
       John Penn(Zane Trace) dec. Landon Schmelzer*BL(X1) 10-6
       Rex Pitsinger(Valley View) pin James Swanson(East) 2:19
  171: Lonnie Davidson(East) pin Zack Darrow(Watterson) 2:31
       Nick Shaw(Coshocton) pin Jeremy McGrew(West Muskingum) 1:42
       Jonathan Nicklose(Mt. Gilead) pin Nick Fridenmaker(Ready) 3:32
       Mitch Westwood(Valley View) pin Jacob Barnes(Ben Logan) 25
  189: Tom Schullar(Mt. Gilead) pin Payton Rose(Ben Logan) 1:30
       Gary Sines(Coshocton) pin Ryan Dennis*WM(X2) 59
       Jesse Sargent(Valley View) pin Jeff Conkle(Watterson) 1:19
       Tyler Kopchak(West Muskingum) pin Oleg Shevtsov(Harvest Prep) 2:40
  215: Zach Pummill(Valley View) pin Kaleb Guinn(Ben Logan) 28
       Drew Hill(West Muskingum) pin Michael Young(Canal Winchester) 2:34
       Josh Mummey(Zane Trace) dec. Ron Townsend(Ready) 12-11
       Sean Coakley(Coshocton) pin David Elliott*EAS(X2) 45
  285: Ty Woodard(West Muskingum) pin Dorrian Smith*HP(X2) 12
       Lonie Smith(Canal Winchester) pin Chris Castorano(Ready) 29
       Ben Wolf(Mt. Gilead) pin Michael Wilson(Coshocton) 1:49
       Cameron Smith(Harvest Prep) pin Alex Jackson*BL(X1) 1:04

Round 3 - Two Pools
  103: Brandon Voss(Canal Winchester) over Justin Schrader(Zane Trace) forfeit
       Jon Kimberley(Coshocton) advanced with bye
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Brandan Stottsberry*COS(X2) advanced with bye
  112: Zack Tinch(Mt. Gilead) pin Abe Chiapetta(Ready) 32
       Cotey Hembree(Valley View) advanced with bye
       Andrew Thompson(Zane Trace) pin Josh Elzey(Ben Logan) 1:52
       Rachel Lightner*REA(X1) advanced with bye
  119: Jon Wilson(Valley View) pin Ryan McClincy(Ready) 1:01
       Kevin Lepley(Coshocton) pin Eddie Mesaros(Mt. Gilead) 1:23
       Conrad Rosch(Canal Winchester) tech. fall Mike McCarthy(Watterson) 16-1
       Michael Land*VV(X2) dec. Matt Bare(West Muskingum) 13-11
  125: Sean Collins(Coshocton) pin Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) 3:10
       Aaron Teters(West Muskingum) pin Andrew Clarke*REA(X1) 55
       Chip Halko(Ready) pin Robert Young(Watterson) 1:04
       Weston Davis(Zane Trace) pin Tymar Walls(East) 1:49
  130: Ben Bowers(Coshocton) pin Brian Gress(Mt. Gilead) 12
       Chris St. Felix(Ben Logan) pin Troy Gundelfinger(Ready) 3:50
       Nick Eckel(Watterson) maj. dec. Ryan White-Leonard(Valley View) 15-3
       Matt Boedeker(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Chris Jones(West Muskingum) 16-2
  135: Jordan Penhorwood(Ben Logan) dec. Mark Bell(Coshocton) 11-7
       Marcus Boedeker(Zane Trace) advanced with bye
       Jack Boswell(Canal Winchester) pin Shawn Garrison(Ready) 44
       Kyle Donson(Valley View) pin Kody Taylor*WM(X1) 1:39
  140: Ben Chovan(Canal Winchester) pin David Christian(Harvest Prep) 29
       Trent McVey(West Muskingum) advanced with bye
       Kurt Seeley(Ben Logan) pin Taylor McKnight(Zane Trace) 1:36
       Matt Guza(Watterson) advanced with bye
  160: Seth Nolan(Coshocton) pin Chris Horne(Ben Logan) 1:44
       Jeff Richardson(Ready) pin Josh Funk(Watterson) 4:45
       Nathan Tope(Canal Winchester) pin John Penn(Zane Trace) 47
       James Swanson(East) pin Landon Schmelzer*BL(X1) 2:55
  171: Chris Valdez(Canal Winchester) dec. Zack Darrow(Watterson) 10-8
       Nick Shaw(Coshocton) pin Lonnie Davidson(East) 1:18
       Jonathan Nicklose(Mt. Gilead) pin Josh Flint(Zane Trace) 38
       Jacob Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Nick Fridenmaker(Ready) 1:26
  189: Nick Thompson(Canal Winchester) dec. Payton Rose(Ben Logan) 9-8
       Gary Sines(Coshocton) dec. Tom Schullar(Mt. Gilead) 3-1
       Jesse Sargent(Valley View) pin Tom Orr(Zane Trace) 22
       Tyler Kopchak(West Muskingum) pin Jeff Conkle(Watterson) 37
  215: Zach Pummill(Valley View) pin Patrick Jones(East) 1:02
       Kaleb Guinn(Ben Logan) pin Michael Young(Canal Winchester) 58
       Josh Mummey(Zane Trace) pin Rickie Campbell(Mt. Gilead) 1:07
       Ron Townsend(Ready) pin David Elliott*EAS(X2) 2:36
  285: Ty Woodard(West Muskingum) pin Fabian Weiss(Zane Trace) 1:01
       Dorrian Smith*HP(X2) pin Chris Castorano(Ready) 16
       John Clary(Ben Logan) pin Michael Wilson(Coshocton) 1:26
       Alex Jackson*BL(X1) pin Ben Wolf(Mt. Gilead) 1:01

Round 2 - Two Pools
  103: Jon Kimberley(Coshocton) over Justin Schrader(Zane Trace) default
       Alex Kegelmeyer(Ready) advanced with bye
       Albert Rozman*REA(X1) dec. Brandan Stottsberry*COS(X2) 9-2
  112: Cotey Hembree(Valley View) pin Abe Chiapetta(Ready) 1:33
       Shawn Crabtree(Canal Winchester) advanced with bye
       Andrew Thompson(Zane Trace) tech. fall Rachel Lightner*REA(X1) 16-0
       Damon Kress(Coshocton) advanced with bye
  119: Kevin Lepley(Coshocton) pin Ryan McClincy(Ready) 1:32
       Eddie Mesaros(Mt. Gilead) pin Kevin Worley(Zane Trace) 2:57
       Conrad Rosch(Canal Winchester) pin Michael Land*VV(X2) 1:37
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) pin Matt Bare(West Muskingum) 3:16
  125: Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) pin Andrew Clarke*REA(X1) 15
       Chris Everhart(Mt. Gilead) pin Aaron Teters(West Muskingum) 52
       Tymar Walls(East) pin Robert Young(Watterson) 1:55
       Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) pin Weston Davis(Zane Trace) 1:28
  130: Chris St. Felix(Ben Logan) pin Brian Gress(Mt. Gilead) 18
       Tim Howard(Canal Winchester) pin Troy Gundelfinger(Ready) 1:06
       Ryan White-Leonard(Valley View) pin Matt Boedeker(Zane Trace) 40
       D'von Brice(East) pin Chris Jones(West Muskingum) 1:47
  135: Jordan Penhorwood(Ben Logan) pin Marcus Boedeker(Zane Trace) 30
       Blake Pumphrey(West Muskingum) advanced with bye
       Shawn Garrison(Ready) pin Kody Taylor*WM(X1) 3:31
       Kyle Donson(Valley View) pin Kevin Burke(Watterson) 1:55
  140: Trent McVey(West Muskingum) pin David Christian(Harvest Prep) 55
       David Dubiel(Ready) advanced with bye
       Taylor McKnight(Zane Trace) dec. Matt Guza(Watterson) 4-0
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) advanced with bye
  160: Jeff Richardson(Ready) pin Chris Horne(Ben Logan) 45
       Josh Funk(Watterson) pin Cody Stonerock*ZT(X3) 2:40
       Nathan Tope(Canal Winchester) dec. James Swanson(East) 15-13
       Rex Pitsinger(Valley View) pin Landon Schmelzer*BL(X1) 19
  171: Nick Shaw(Coshocton) pin Chris Valdez(Canal Winchester) 3:45
       Lonnie Davidson(East) pin Jeremy McGrew(West Muskingum) 2:32
       Jacob Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Josh Flint(Zane Trace) 2:27
       Mitch Westwood(Valley View) pin Nick Fridenmaker(Ready) 22
  189: Gary Sines(Coshocton) maj. dec. Nick Thompson(Canal Winchester) 15-6
       Tom Schullar(Mt. Gilead) pin Ryan Dennis*WM(X2) 5:06
       Tyler Kopchak(West Muskingum) pin Tom Orr(Zane Trace) 55
       Oleg Shevtsov(Harvest Prep) pin Jeff Conkle(Watterson) 1:29
  215: Patrick Jones(East) pin Michael Young(Canal Winchester) 42
       Kaleb Guinn(Ben Logan) pin Drew Hill(West Muskingum) 56
       Rickie Campbell(Mt. Gilead) maj. dec. David Elliott*EAS(X2) 12-3
       Sean Coakley(Coshocton) pin Ron Townsend(Ready) 3:54
  285: Fabian Weiss(Zane Trace) pin Chris Castorano(Ready) 1:00
       Lonie Smith(Canal Winchester) pin Dorrian Smith*HP(X2) 1:01
       John Clary(Ben Logan) over Alex Jackson*BL(X1) default
       Cameron Smith(Harvest Prep) pin Ben Wolf(Mt. Gilead) 17

Round 1 - Two Pools
  103: Brandon Voss(Canal Winchester) pin Jon Kimberley(Coshocton) 43
       Alex Kegelmeyer(Ready) maj. dec. Justin Schrader(Zane Trace) 14-5
       Luke Smith(Ben Logan) advanced with bye
       Albert Rozman*REA(X1) advanced with bye
  112: Zack Tinch(Mt. Gilead) pin Cotey Hembree(Valley View) 4:50
       Shawn Crabtree(Canal Winchester) pin Abe Chiapetta(Ready) 1:38
       Rachel Lightner*REA(X1) pin Josh Elzey(Ben Logan) 2:53
       Damon Kress(Coshocton) pin Andrew Thompson(Zane Trace) 55
  119: Jon Wilson(Valley View) dec. Kevin Lepley(Coshocton) 7-0
       Ryan McClincy(Ready) pin Kevin Worley(Zane Trace) 1:21
       Michael Land*VV(X2) maj. dec. Mike McCarthy(Watterson) 19-11
       Heath Allen(Ben Logan) dec. Conrad Rosch(Canal Winchester) 9-2
  125: Sean Collins(Coshocton) pin Andrew Clarke*REA(X1) 40
       Chris Everhart(Mt. Gilead) tech. fall Brian Levingston(Ben Logan) 15-0
       Chip Halko(Ready) pin Tymar Walls(East) 46
       Andy Wellbaum(Valley View) pin Robert Young(Watterson) 43
  130: Ben Bowers(Coshocton) pin Chris St. Felix(Ben Logan) 2:46
       Tim Howard(Canal Winchester) pin Brian Gress(Mt. Gilead) 21
       Nick Eckel(Watterson) pin Matt Boedeker(Zane Trace) 59
       D'von Brice(East) pin Ryan White-Leonard(Valley View) 1:16
  135: Mark Bell(Coshocton) pin Marcus Boedeker(Zane Trace) 29
       Jordan Penhorwood(Ben Logan) dec. Blake Pumphrey(West Muskingum) 7-4
       Jack Boswell(Canal Winchester) pin Kody Taylor*WM(X1) 1:08
       Kevin Burke(Watterson) pin Shawn Garrison(Ready) 2:37
  140: Ben Chovan(Canal Winchester) pin Trent McVey(West Muskingum) 1:11
       David Dubiel(Ready) pin David Christian(Harvest Prep) 5:54
       Kurt Seeley(Ben Logan) pin Matt Guza(Watterson) 3:23
       Colt McGinnis(Valley View) pin Taylor McKnight(Zane Trace) 3:49
  160: Seth Nolan(Coshocton) pin Jeff Richardson(Ready) 2:41
       Chris Horne(Ben Logan) pin Cody Stonerock*ZT(X3) 30
       James Swanson(East) pin John Penn(Zane Trace) 51
       Rex Pitsinger(Valley View) dec. Nathan Tope(Canal Winchester) 16-15
  171: Nick Shaw(Coshocton) pin Zack Darrow(Watterson) 3:53
       Chris Valdez(Canal Winchester) pin Jeremy McGrew(West Muskingum) 2:50
       Jacob Barnes(Ben Logan) pin Jonathan Nicklose(Mt. Gilead) 45
       Mitch Westwood(Valley View) pin Josh Flint(Zane Trace) 26
  189: Gary Sines(Coshocton) pin Payton Rose(Ben Logan) 2:24
       Nick Thompson(Canal Winchester) pin Ryan Dennis*WM(X2) 2:17
       Jesse Sargent(Valley View) pin Tyler Kopchak(West Muskingum) 1:09
       Oleg Shevtsov(Harvest Prep) pin Tom Orr(Zane Trace) 54
  215: Zach Pummill(Valley View) pin Michael Young(Canal Winchester) 1:13
       Patrick Jones(East) pin Drew Hill(West Muskingum) 45
       Josh Mummey(Zane Trace) pin David Elliott*EAS(X2) 31
       Sean Coakley(Coshocton) pin Rickie Campbell(Mt. Gilead) 1:04
  285: Ty Woodard(West Muskingum) pin Chris Castorano(Ready) 1:13
       Lonie Smith(Canal Winchester) pin Fabian Weiss(Zane Trace) 1:13
       Alex Jackson*BL(X1) pin Michael Wilson(Coshocton) 3:10
       Cameron Smith(Harvest Prep) pin John Clary(Ben Logan) 2:28

 Three Pool Results

 Final 1 - Three Pools
  145: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) tech. fall Nick Perkins(Valley View) 21-3
  152: Beau Lonsinger(Coshocton) pin Russell Morgan(East) 5:26

Final 2 - Three Pools
  145: Harrison Rosch(Canal Winchester) dec. Nick Perkins(Valley View) 7-6
  152: Ryan Dalton(Valley View) pin Russell Morgan(East) 1:25

Final 3 - Three Pools
  145: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) pin Harrison Rosch(Canal Winchester) 3:18
  152: Beau Lonsinger(Coshocton) pin Ryan Dalton(Valley View) 5:51

Consolation 1 - Three Pools
  145: Jordan Bresciani(Coshocton) dec. Clay Cole(West Muskingum) 4-2
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Josh Morin(Harvest Prep) 5:25

Consolation 2 - Three Pools
  145: Jordan Bresciani(Coshocton) pin Eric Shiflett(Zane Trace) 5:25
  152: Josh Morin(Harvest Prep) pin Gavin Spaeth(Zane Trace) 1:12

Consolation 3 - Three Pools
  145: Clay Cole(West Muskingum) pin Eric Shiflett(Zane Trace) 4:50
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Gavin Spaeth(Zane Trace) 0:25

Round 3 - Three Pools
  145: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) tech. fall Clay Cole(West Muskingum) 20-5
       Caleb Cox(Mt. Gilead) dec. David Martello(Ready) 10-6
       Nick Perkins(Valley View) pin Rollan Keys(Harvest Prep) 1:08
       Jordan Bresciani(Coshocton) pin Jordan Bellomy*CW(X2) 2:48
       Harrison Rosch(Canal Winchester) pin Antonio Goodwin(East) 3:30
       Ben Rossi(Watterson) dec. Eric Shiflett(Zane Trace) 12-7
  152: Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) maj. dec. Rashaad Calloway(Canal Winchester) 12-4
       Beau Lonsinger(Coshocton) pin Shawn Lowe(Watterson) 41
       Josh Morin(Harvest Prep) pin Casee Dreher*COS(X1) 5:58
       Russell Morgan(East) maj. dec. Justin Moore(West Muskingum) 18-4
       Ryan Dalton(Valley View) pin Christian Mayer(Ready) 1:30
       Gavin Spaeth(Zane Trace) pin Josh Harruff(Mt. Gilead) 44

Round 2 - Three Pools
  145: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) pin Caleb Cox(Mt. Gilead) 2:43
       Clay Cole(West Muskingum) tech. fall David Martello(Ready) 20-5
       Nick Perkins(Valley View) dec. Jordan Bresciani(Coshocton) 9-7
       Jordan Bellomy*CW(X2) dec. Rollan Keys(Harvest Prep) 11-8
       Harrison Rosch(Canal Winchester) pin Ben Rossi(Watterson) 3:36
       Eric Shiflett(Zane Trace) pin Antonio Goodwin(East) 3:51
  152: Beau Lonsinger(Coshocton) dec. Rashaad Calloway(Canal Winchester) 9-8
       Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) pin Shawn Lowe(Watterson) 1:54
       Russell Morgan(East) maj. dec. Casee Dreher*COS(X1) 9-1
       Josh Morin(Harvest Prep) pin Justin Moore(West Muskingum) 1:53
       Ryan Dalton(Valley View) pin Josh Harruff(Mt. Gilead) 32
       Gavin Spaeth(Zane Trace) tech. fall Christian Mayer(Ready) 15-0

Round 1 - Three Pools
  145: Hunter Pool(Ben Logan) pin David Martello(Ready) 28
       Clay Cole(West Muskingum) pin Caleb Cox(Mt. Gilead) 2:30
       Nick Perkins(Valley View) pin Jordan Bellomy*CW(X2) 1:59
       Jordan Bresciani(Coshocton) pin Rollan Keys(Harvest Prep) 2:48
       Harrison Rosch(Canal Winchester) pin Eric Shiflett(Zane Trace) 3:57
       Antonio Goodwin(East) pin Ben Rossi(Watterson) 2:22
  152: Rashaad Calloway(Canal Winchester) pin Shawn Lowe(Watterson) 1:21
       Beau Lonsinger(Coshocton) pin Skylar Wohlgamuth(Ben Logan) 3:03
       Casee Dreher*COS(X1) dec. Justin Moore(West Muskingum) 13-12
       Russell Morgan(East) pin Josh Morin(Harvest Prep) 4:00
       Ryan Dalton(Valley View) pin Gavin Spaeth(Zane Trace) 3:44
       Christian Mayer(Ready) dec. Josh Harruff(Mt. Gilead) 2-0ot