2004 Western Brown Invitational Wrestling Tournament
January 24, 2004

Format: Four 4-man pools with winners paired for Semifinals and 2nd place in each pool for Consolation Semifinals

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2004 Western Brown - Hammer & Anvil Scores
 1. Western Brown             261.0
 2. New Lexington             256.0
 3. Gahanna Lincoln           248.5
 4. Spr. North                207.0
 5. Ryle                      198.5
 6. St. Charles               195.5
 7. Reading                   174.0
 8. Batavia                   154.0
 9. Oldham                    141.0
10. Wyoming                   128.0
11. Lincoln West               98.0
12. CHCA                       80.5
13. Lafayette                  60.0
14. Dayton Christian           54.0
15. Indian Hill                50.0
16. Williamsburg               32.0

First Place
  103: Kyle Ruschell(Ryle) pin Daniel Earley(Gahanna Lincoln) 5:59
  112: Kyle Curtin(St. Charles) dec. Tommy Fletcher(Reading) 5-3
  119: Kellen Ashworth(Ryle) pin Ryan Robbe(Batavia) 1:00
  125: Germane Lindsey*LC(X2) dec. Rob Aylor(Ryle) 3-2
  130: Alex Treneff(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) 1:30
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) dec. Jacob Ison(Batavia) 9-5
  140: Nick Spohn(CHCA) dec. Dustin Hawk(New Lexington) 10-6
  145: Jordan Spohn(New Lexington) maj. dec. John Bogucki(Reading) 10-2
  152: Keith Aksel(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Jason Porter(Western Brown) 10-5
  160: Antione Love(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Ian Lehn(Batavia) 7-3
  171: Dan Snell(Batavia) pin Shawn Johnston(Spr. North) 0:40
  189: Walter Fyda(St. Charles) pin Chris Schneider(Western Brown) 0:38
  215: Zach Reckman(Indian Hill) dec. Tim Dick(Reading) 5-1
  275: Dan Smith(Spr. North) dec. Micah Vance(Wyoming) 3-1

Third Place
  103: Ben Fondale(New Lexington) maj. dec. Trey Morlatt(Oldham) 14-1
  112: Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) pin Joe Heavener(New Lexington) 0:47
  119: Chris Hicks(New Lexington) over Jamie Mills(St. Charles) default
  125: Jeff Kneeland(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Travis Cook(New Lexington) 7-5
  130: Jason Robbe(Batavia) pin Jerry Robinson(New Lexington) 1:45
  135: Derek Mages(Reading) dec. Matt Uckotter(Lafayette) 5-0
  140: Andrew Koehler(Ryle) maj. dec. Tim Packer(Reading) 9-1
  145: Zeke Purnell(Spr. North) dec. Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) 7-1
  152: Jon Huffman(New Lexington) pin Corey Gould*WB(X1) 3:31
  160: Ryan Noble(Western Brown) dec. Omar Wahdan(Lincoln West) 14-7
  171: Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) over Andy Bridges(Western Brown) default
  189: Stephen Murphy(Lincoln West) dec. Robert Tuthill(Lafayette) 3-2
  215: Greg Ochab(St. Charles) dec. Christian Huckaby(Lincoln West) 2-1
  275: Nick Lowrey(Oldham) pin Keith Griffey(Western Brown) 3:21

Fifth Place
  103: Ben Ballentine(Spr. North) pin Joe Danielson*NL(X2) 2:45
  112: Kyle Deconnick(Gahanna Lincoln) maj. dec. Flazy Copen(Lincoln West) 15-2
  119: Matt Fisher(Wyoming) dec. Ben Wickboldt(Gahanna Lincoln) 6-1
  125: Jeff Hoppe(Dayton Christian) dec. Tyler Wilson(Oldham) 6-0
  130: Eric Powell(Spr. North) pin Frank Hull(Wyoming) 2:07
  135: Branden Quinlan(Oldham) pin Tyler Woodruff*WB(X2) 2:38
  140: Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) dec. Jonathan Dale(Oldham) 11-8
  145: Ryan Goy(Ryle) pin John Lalonde(CHCA) 0:16
  152: Matt Favazzo(St. Charles) maj. dec. Jeff Hamilton(Spr. North) 13-2
  160: Tom Freel(Reading) dec. Brendan Ryan(St. Charles) 6-3
  171: Josh Young(Oldham) pin Joe Sauer(St. Charles) 2:43
  189: Matt Robinson(Ryle) dec. Alex Wenninger(Oldham) 4-2
  215: Bryan Howell(Wyoming) pin Jonathan Skeete(Gahanna Lincoln) 2:17
  275: Koy Dennis(New Lexington) pin Louis Young(Williamsburg) 2:06
  103: Kyle Ruschell(Ryle) tech. fall Trey Morlatt(Oldham) 19-3
       Daniel Earley(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Ben Fondale(New Lexington) 2:33
  112: Tommy Fletcher(Reading) dec. Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) 6-2
       Kyle Curtin(St. Charles) tech. fall Joe Heavener(New Lexington) 15-0
  119: Ryan Robbe(Batavia) over Jamie Mills(St. Charles) default
       Kellen Ashworth(Ryle) pin Chris Hicks(New Lexington) 1:19
  125: Rob Aylor(Ryle) dec. Travis Cook(New Lexington) 3-1
       Germane Lindsey*LC(X2) pin Jeff Kneeland(Gahanna Lincoln) 5:27
  130: Alex Treneff(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Jerry Robinson(New Lexington) 13-11
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) dec. Jason Robbe(Batavia) 6-4
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) pin Matt Uckotter(Lafayette) 3:16
       Jacob Ison(Batavia) pin Derek Mages(Reading) 5:24
  140: Nick Spohn(CHCA) tech. fall Andrew Koehler(Ryle) 20-4
       Dustin Hawk(New Lexington) dec. Tim Packer(Reading) 4-0
  145: Jordan Spohn(New Lexington) maj. dec. Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) 12-1
       John Bogucki(Reading) dec. Zeke Purnell(Spr. North) 3-2
  152: Jason Porter(Western Brown) pin Corey Gould*WB(X1) 1:22
       Keith Aksel(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Jon Huffman(New Lexington) 9-3
  160: Antione Love(Gahanna Lincoln) tech. fall Omar Wahdan(Lincoln West) 16-0
       Ian Lehn(Batavia) dec. Ryan Noble(Western Brown) 9-2
  171: Dan Snell(Batavia) pin Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) 5:11
       Shawn Johnston(Spr. North) over Andy Bridges(Western Brown) forfeit
  189: Walter Fyda(St. Charles) pin Robert Tuthill(Lafayette) 5:09
       Chris Schneider(Western Brown) dec. Stephen Murphy(Lincoln West) 2-1
  215: Tim Dick(Reading) dec. Greg Ochab(St. Charles) 8-5
       Zach Reckman(Indian Hill) pin Christian Huckaby(Lincoln West) 3:25
  275: Dan Smith(Spr. North) pin Keith Griffey(Western Brown) 5:34
       Micah Vance(Wyoming) pin Nick Lowrey(Oldham) 3:22

Consolation Semifinals
  103: Joe Danielson*NL(X2) maj. dec. Sam Scheuer*RYL(X1) 11-3
       Ben Ballentine(Spr. North) pin Nathan Speck(Lafayette) 0:25
  112: Flazy Copen(Lincoln West) pin Graham Marteney(Wyoming) 1:46
       Kyle Deconnick(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Mike Ward(Western Brown) 1:46
  119: Ben Wickboldt(Gahanna Lincoln) maj. dec. Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) 9-1
       Matt Fisher(Wyoming) pin Brian Painter(CHCA) 0:32
  125: Tyler Wilson(Oldham) dec. J.D. Holbrook(Spr. North) 7-2
       Jeff Hoppe(Dayton Christian) pin Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 4:11
  130: Eric Powell(Spr. North) pin Gregg Stacener(Ryle) 3:21
       Frank Hull(Wyoming) pin John Frodo Rorrer(Dayton Christian) 2:05
  135: Branden Quinlan(Oldham) dec. Shawn McIlwain(Lincoln West) 7-2
       Tyler Woodruff*WB(X2) pin Nathanial DeLeon(St. Charles) 4:58
  140: Jonathan Dale(Oldham) pin Brian Shepherd(Gahanna Lincoln) 4:20
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) pin Nathan Bowers(Dayton Christian) 4:45
  145: Ryan Goy(Ryle) pin Jamie Sexton(Gahanna Lincoln) 1:43
       John Lalonde(CHCA) maj. dec. Jeremy Sanders(St. Charles) 13-5
  152: Jeff Hamilton(Spr. North) pin Hovik Matsakyan*LW(X2) 0:29
       Matt Favazzo(St. Charles) maj. dec. Jeff Howell(Wyoming) 9-0
  160: Brendan Ryan(St. Charles) maj. dec. Theodore Adams(Spr. North) 14-2
       Tom Freel(Reading) dec. Todd Richman(Wyoming) 8-5
  171: Josh Young(Oldham) pin Max Miller(Wyoming) 2:04
       Joe Sauer(St. Charles) dec. Robert Watkins(Reading) 5-4
  189: Alex Wenninger(Oldham) pin Nathan Sidwell(New Lexington) 2:35
       Matt Robinson(Ryle) maj. dec. Lawrence Kemp(Spr. North) 13-2
  215: Jonathan Skeete(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Wes Wiseman(New Lexington) 3-1
       Bryan Howell(Wyoming) dec. Michael Planalp*WYO(X1) 8-3
  275: Louis Young(Williamsburg) pin Chris Malone(Gahanna Lincoln) 2:14
       Koy Dennis(New Lexington) pin J.P. Sullivan(St. Charles) 0:23

Round 3
  103: Kyle Ruschell(Ryle) pin Joe Danielson*NL(X2) 0:53
       Tola Suon(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Trey Morlatt(Oldham) advanced with bye
       Sam Scheuer*RYL(X1) dec. Jon Mills(St. Charles) 11-9 OT
       Ben Fondale(New Lexington) pin Andrew Isler*RYL(X3) 3:25
       Nathan Speck(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Daniel Earley(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Ben Ballentine(Spr. North) 1:52
       Thomas Gossard(Dayton Christian) advanced with bye
  112: Tommy Fletcher(Reading) pin Brian Boothby(Batavia) 0:59
       Graham Marteney(Wyoming) pin Ryan Traylor(Lafayette) 1:34
       Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) pin Flazy Copen(Lincoln West) 4:33
       Vanessa Powell(Spr. North) advanced with bye
       Joe Heavener(New Lexington) pin James Zanoni*WYO(X1) 1:30
       Mike Ward(Western Brown) pin Justin Hollingsworth(Ryle) 5:29
       Kyle Curtin(St. Charles) tech. fall Kyle Deconnick(Gahanna Lincoln) 15-0
       Kevin Devore(CHCA) over Ray Frantz(Oldham) default
  119: Ryan Robbe(Batavia) pin Alex Allman(Lafayette) 0:09
       Ben Wickboldt(Gahanna Lincoln) advanced with bye
       Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Jamie Mills(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Kellen Ashworth(Ryle) pin Matt Fisher(Wyoming) 1:28
       Charles Vaughn(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Chris Hicks(New Lexington) pin Calvin So(Reading) 0:35
       Brian Painter(CHCA) advanced with bye
  125: Rob Aylor(Ryle) pin J.D. Holbrook(Spr. North) 0:37
       Austen Downs(Reading) pin Deonte Johnson(Lincoln West) 2:19
       Travis Cook(New Lexington) pin Max Cobey(Wyoming) 0:40
       Tyler Wilson(Oldham) pin Robert Stagge(CHCA) 0:53
       Jeff Kneeland(Gahanna Lincoln) advanced with bye
       Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) dec. Zac Amnah(St. Charles) 10-8 OT
       Jeff Hoppe(Dayton Christian) pin Tevis Edwards*RYL(X1) 0:39
       Germane Lindsey*LC(X2) pin Katherine Trivisonno(Lafayette) 1:30
  130: Alex Treneff(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Eric Powell(Spr. North) 5:09
       Michael Rochford(St. Charles) over Michael Culver(Oldham) default
       Jerry Robinson(New Lexington) pin J.P. Sprovach(Indian Hill) 2:34
       Gregg Stacener(Ryle) over Jacob Larter*WB(X1) forfeit
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) pin Chao Chen*RYL(X2) 1:33
       Frank Hull(Wyoming) pin Nick Coomer(Lafayette) 5:07
       Jason Robbe(Batavia) advanced with bye
       John Frodo Rorrer(Dayton Christian) pin Ray Oetzel(Williamsburg) 2:19
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) dec. Branden Quinlan(Oldham) 8-6
       Chad Bender(New Lexington) advanced with bye
       Matt Uckotter(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Shawn McIlwain(Lincoln West) dec. Clint Hovekamp(Ryle) 7-1
       Derek Mages(Reading) tech. fall Sam Brown(Gahanna Lincoln) 18-1
       Nathanial DeLeon(St. Charles) pin Will Morgan*RYL(X1) 0:55
       Jacob Ison(Batavia) pin Steve Jordan(Williamsburg) 0:58
       Tyler Woodruff*WB(X2) advanced with bye
  140: Nick Spohn(CHCA) tech. fall Artashes Ter-Isahakyan(Lafayette) 19-4
       Brian Shepherd(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. John Busteed(Wyoming) 12-5
       Andrew Koehler(Ryle) pin Matthew Rochford(St. Charles) 1:18
       Jonathan Dale(Oldham) pin Codie Light*LW(X2) 0:32
       Nathan Bowers(Dayton Christian) dec. Broc French(Spr. North) 6-4
       Tim Packer(Reading) pin Gideon Scott*OLD(X1) 3:46
       Dustin Hawk(New Lexington) pin Robby Gacad(Batavia) 3:25
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) pin Thomas Schmid(Williamsburg) 1:31
  145: Jordan Spohn(New Lexington) maj. dec. Ryan Goy(Ryle) 22-8
       Jeremy Rich(Indian Hill) pin Alex Woodcock(Lafayette) 0:40
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Jamie Sexton(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Matt Martin(Oldham) 13-10
       Zeke Purnell(Spr. North) pin Adam Kinion(Dayton Christian) 2:29
       Jeremy Sanders(St. Charles) pin Casey O'Hara*WB(X1) 2:46
       John Bogucki(Reading) pin David Rigg(Batavia) 1:01
       John Lalonde(CHCA) dec. Ben Arnold(Williamsburg) 10-4
  152: Jason Porter(Western Brown) pin Adam Dahl*RYL(X5) 1:21
       Hovik Matsakyan*LW(X2) pin Jacob Dehner(Williamsburg) 1:25
       Jeff Hamilton(Spr. North) pin Ova Halloran(Batavia) 0:54
       Corey Gould*WB(X1) pin Dariel Delgado(Lincoln West) 2:50
       Keith Aksel(Gahanna Lincoln) advanced with bye
       Matt Favazzo(St. Charles) tech. fall Brett Williams*OLD(X3) 17-2
       Jon Huffman(New Lexington) over Wes Combs(Oldham) default
       Jeff Howell(Wyoming) dec. Gregg Ashworth(Ryle) 8-4
  160: Antione Love(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Theodore Adams(Spr. North) 1:27
       Pedro Prensa*LW(X1) pin Dylan Silbinger*WYO(X2) 1:28
       Omar Wahdan(Lincoln West) pin Brendan Ryan(St. Charles) 1:58
       Max Streeter*WYO(X3) advanced with bye
       Ryan Noble(Western Brown) maj. dec. Brad Hettmansperger(Ryle) 11-2
       Tom Freel(Reading) pin Peter Golemboski(Oldham) 3:28
       Ian Lehn(Batavia) advanced with bye
       Todd Richman(Wyoming) dec. Paul Davis(New Lexington) 15-9
  171: Dan Snell(Batavia) dec. Josh Young(Oldham) 7-2
       Thomas Hunter(CHCA) pin Danny Hertzog(Lafayette) 0:37
       Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) pin Max Miller(Wyoming) 1:26
       Derrick Brown(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Ryan Griffith(Williamsburg) 2:39
       Andy Bridges(Western Brown) dec. Joe Sauer(St. Charles) 11-5
       Joel Addington(New Lexington) advanced with bye
       Shawn Johnston(Spr. North) pin Alex Amend*CHCA(X2) 1:25
       Robert Watkins(Reading) pin Beau Gilliland(Ryle) 1:48
  189: Walter Fyda(St. Charles) pin Juan Silva*LW(X2) 0:37
       Nathan Sidwell(New Lexington) advanced with bye
       Robert Tuthill(Lafayette) tech. fall Joseph Gord(Dayton Christian) 18-1
       Alex Wenninger(Oldham) pin Mike DeNoma(CHCA) 1:23
       Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Kevin McFarland(Indian Hill) 0:36
       Lawrence Kemp(Spr. North) pin Chris Owens(Batavia) 2:41
       Stephen Murphy(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Matt Robinson(Ryle) pin Kyle Johnson*SN(X1) 0:41
  215: Tim Dick(Reading) pin Jonathan Skeete(Gahanna Lincoln) 3:41
       Dyami Dilia*RYL(X2) pin Evan Bullock(Lafayette) 4:31
       Greg Ochab(St. Charles) maj. dec. Wes Wiseman(New Lexington) 14-4
       Brian Campbell(Spr. North) pin Robert Taylor*WB(X4) 2:46
       Christian Huckaby(Lincoln West) dec. Michael Planalp*WYO(X1) 5-3
       Terry Manning(Western Brown) maj. dec. Reid Broadus(Ryle) 15-3
       Mike McCord*RYL(X3) pin Zach Reckman(Indian Hill) 1:24
       Bryan Howell(Wyoming) pin Travis Young(Oldham) 0:43
  275: Dan Smith(Spr. North) pin Chris Malone(Gahanna Lincoln) 5:10
       Adam Spears*WB(X1) pin Steve Bodenbender(Ryle) 0:24
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Louis Young(Williamsburg) pin Paul Gardner*GL(X4) 2:58
       Nick Lowrey(Oldham) dec. J.P. Sullivan(St. Charles) 6-0
       Brian Kent(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Micah Vance(Wyoming) advanced with bye
       Koy Dennis(New Lexington) dec. Joe Edwards*WYO(X2) 13-10

Round 2
  103: Kyle Ruschell(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Joe Danielson*NL(X2) pin Tola Suon(Lincoln West) 4:13
       Sam Scheuer*RYL(X1) advanced with bye
       Trey Morlatt(Oldham) pin Jon Mills(St. Charles) 0:19
       Ben Fondale(New Lexington) advanced with bye
       Nathan Speck(Lafayette) dec. Andrew Isler*RYL(X3) 2-1
       Ben Ballentine(Spr. North) advanced with bye
       Daniel Earley(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Thomas Gossard(Dayton Christian) 1:48
  112: Tommy Fletcher(Reading) pin Graham Marteney(Wyoming) 2:38
       Ryan Traylor(Lafayette) maj. dec. Brian Boothby(Batavia) 16-4
       Flazy Copen(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Vanessa Powell(Spr. North) over Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) default
       Joe Heavener(New Lexington) pin Mike Ward(Western Brown) 3:36
       Justin Hollingsworth(Ryle) pin James Zanoni*WYO(X1) 4:22
       Kyle Deconnick(Gahanna Lincoln) over Ray Frantz(Oldham) default
       Kyle Curtin(St. Charles) pin Kevin Devore(CHCA) 2:40
  119: Ryan Robbe(Batavia) advanced with bye
       Ben Wickboldt(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Alex Allman(Lafayette) 1:02
       Jamie Mills(St. Charles) dec. Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) 5-1
       Matt Fisher(Wyoming) advanced with bye
       Kellen Ashworth(Ryle) pin Charles Vaughn(Lincoln West) 1:16
       Brian Painter(CHCA) pin Calvin So(Reading) 3:59
       Chris Hicks(New Lexington) advanced with bye
  125: Rob Aylor(Ryle) pin Austen Downs(Reading) 0:15
       J.D. Holbrook(Spr. North) pin Deonte Johnson(Lincoln West) 0:44
       Robert Stagge(CHCA) pin Max Cobey(Wyoming) 5:30
       Travis Cook(New Lexington) maj. dec. Tyler Wilson(Oldham) 11-2
       Jeff Kneeland(Gahanna Lincoln) tech. fall Zac Amnah(St. Charles) 15-0
       Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Germane Lindsey*LC(X2) pin Tevis Edwards*RYL(X1) 1:53
       Katherine Trivisonno(Lafayette) over Jeff Hoppe(Dayton Christian) forfeit
  130: Alex Treneff(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Michael Rochford(St. Charles) 1:06
       Eric Powell(Spr. North) pin Michael Culver(Oldham) 3:59
       J.P. Sprovach(Indian Hill) over Jacob Larter*WB(X1) forfeit
       Jerry Robinson(New Lexington) pin Gregg Stacener(Ryle) 1:07
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) pin Frank Hull(Wyoming) 0:39
       Nick Coomer(Lafayette) pin Chao Chen*RYL(X2) 2:29
       Ray Oetzel(Williamsburg) advanced with bye
       Jason Robbe(Batavia) tech. fall John Frodo Rorrer(Dayton Christian) 20-3
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) maj. dec. Chad Bender(New Lexington) 15-4
       Branden Quinlan(Oldham) advanced with bye
       Shawn McIlwain(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Matt Uckotter(Lafayette) tech. fall Clint Hovekamp(Ryle) 18-3
       Derek Mages(Reading) pin Will Morgan*RYL(X1) 0:33
       Nathanial DeLeon(St. Charles) maj. dec. Sam Brown(Gahanna Lincoln) 13-2
       Tyler Woodruff*WB(X2) pin Steve Jordan(Williamsburg) 0:56
       Jacob Ison(Batavia) advanced with bye
  140: Nick Spohn(CHCA) pin Brian Shepherd(Gahanna Lincoln) 3:29
       John Busteed(Wyoming) pin Artashes Ter-Isahakyan(Lafayette) 1:13
       Codie Light*LW(X2) maj. dec. Matthew Rochford(St. Charles) 31-20
       Andrew Koehler(Ryle) dec. Jonathan Dale(Oldham) 10-3
       Tim Packer(Reading) dec. Nathan Bowers(Dayton Christian) 6-3
       Broc French(Spr. North) pin Gideon Scott*OLD(X1) 4:58
       Robby Gacad(Batavia) pin Thomas Schmid(Williamsburg) 3:24
       Dustin Hawk(New Lexington) dec. Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) 7-1
  145: Jordan Spohn(New Lexington) pin Alex Woodcock(Lafayette) 0:57
       Ryan Goy(Ryle) pin Jeremy Rich(Indian Hill) 1:41
       Jamie Sexton(Gahanna Lincoln) advanced with bye
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Matt Martin(Oldham) 3:51
       Zeke Purnell(Spr. North) pin Casey O'Hara*WB(X1) 3:49
       Jeremy Sanders(St. Charles) dec. Adam Kinion(Dayton Christian) 10-3
       John Lalonde(CHCA) dec. David Rigg(Batavia) 15-9
       John Bogucki(Reading) tech. fall Ben Arnold(Williamsburg) 15-0
  152: Jason Porter(Western Brown) pin Hovik Matsakyan*LW(X2) 1:38
       Jacob Dehner(Williamsburg) tech. fall Adam Dahl*RYL(X5) 17-0
       Dariel Delgado(Lincoln West) pin Ova Halloran(Batavia) 0:27
       Corey Gould*WB(X1) dec. Jeff Hamilton(Spr. North) 6-4
       Keith Aksel(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Matt Favazzo(St. Charles) 8-6
       Brett Williams*OLD(X3) advanced with bye
       Jeff Howell(Wyoming) pin Wes Combs(Oldham) 1:57
       Jon Huffman(New Lexington) dec. Gregg Ashworth(Ryle) 5-3
  160: Antione Love(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Pedro Prensa*LW(X1) 3:19
       Theodore Adams(Spr. North) pin Dylan Silbinger*WYO(X2) 1:35
       Brendan Ryan(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Omar Wahdan(Lincoln West) pin Max Streeter*WYO(X3) 0:31
       Ryan Noble(Western Brown) pin Peter Golemboski(Oldham) 1:19
       Tom Freel(Reading) dec. Brad Hettmansperger(Ryle) 15-13
       Paul Davis(New Lexington) advanced with bye
       Ian Lehn(Batavia) maj. dec. Todd Richman(Wyoming) 9-1
  171: Dan Snell(Batavia) pin Thomas Hunter(CHCA) 0:51
       Josh Young(Oldham) pin Danny Hertzog(Lafayette) 0:22
       Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) pin Ryan Griffith(Williamsburg) 1:56
       Max Miller(Wyoming) pin Derrick Brown(Gahanna Lincoln) 2:28
       Andy Bridges(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Joe Sauer(St. Charles) maj. dec. Joel Addington(New Lexington) 10-0
       Robert Watkins(Reading) pin Alex Amend*CHCA(X2) 0:31
       Shawn Johnston(Spr. North) pin Beau Gilliland(Ryle) 0:54
  189: Walter Fyda(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Nathan Sidwell(New Lexington) pin Juan Silva*LW(X2) 1:15
       Alex Wenninger(Oldham) pin Joseph Gord(Dayton Christian) 2:47
       Robert Tuthill(Lafayette) dec. Mike DeNoma(CHCA) 5-0
       Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Chris Owens(Batavia) 0:58
       Lawrence Kemp(Spr. North) pin Kevin McFarland(Indian Hill) 0:28
       Kyle Johnson*SN(X1) advanced with bye
       Stephen Murphy(Lincoln West) dec. Matt Robinson(Ryle) 4-3 OT
  215: Tim Dick(Reading) pin Evan Bullock(Lafayette) 0:27
       Jonathan Skeete(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Dyami Dilia*RYL(X2) 4:27
       Wes Wiseman(New Lexington) pin Brian Campbell(Spr. North) 1:28
       Greg Ochab(St. Charles) pin Robert Taylor*WB(X4) 5:31
       Christian Huckaby(Lincoln West) dec. Terry Manning(Western Brown) 8-3
       Michael Planalp*WYO(X1) pin Reid Broadus(Ryle) 1:08
       Travis Young(Oldham) pin Mike McCord*RYL(X3) 1:13
       Zach Reckman(Indian Hill) pin Bryan Howell(Wyoming) 1:35
  275: Dan Smith(Spr. North) pin Steve Bodenbender(Ryle) 0:20
       Chris Malone(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Adam Spears*WB(X1) 5:50
       Louis Young(Williamsburg) advanced with bye
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Paul Gardner*GL(X4) 1:43
       Nick Lowrey(Oldham) pin Brian Kent(Lincoln West) 2:23
       J.P. Sullivan(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Koy Dennis(New Lexington) advanced with bye
       Micah Vance(Wyoming) pin Joe Edwards*WYO(X2) 2:26

Round 1
  103: Kyle Ruschell(Ryle) pin Tola Suon(Lincoln West) 0:45
       Joe Danielson*NL(X2) advanced with bye
       Jon Mills(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Trey Morlatt(Oldham) pin Sam Scheuer*RYL(X1) 1:23
       Ben Fondale(New Lexington) pin Nathan Speck(Lafayette) 0:17
       Andrew Isler*RYL(X3) advanced with bye
       Ben Ballentine(Spr. North) pin Thomas Gossard(Dayton Christian) 0:28
       Daniel Earley(Gahanna Lincoln) advanced with bye
  112: Tommy Fletcher(Reading) pin Ryan Traylor(Lafayette) 1:19
       Graham Marteney(Wyoming) dec. Brian Boothby(Batavia) 17-11
       Flazy Copen(Lincoln West) pin Vanessa Powell(Spr. North) 0:32
       Robel Campbell(Dayton Christian) advanced with bye
       Joe Heavener(New Lexington) pin Justin Hollingsworth(Ryle) 1:03
       Mike Ward(Western Brown) pin James Zanoni*WYO(X1) 4:32
       Kyle Deconnick(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Kevin Devore(CHCA) 3:36
       Kyle Curtin(St. Charles) pin Ray Frantz(Oldham) 1:22
  119: Ryan Robbe(Batavia) tech. fall Ben Wickboldt(Gahanna Lincoln) 17-1
       Alex Allman(Lafayette) advanced with bye
       Jamie Mills(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Rickey Campbell(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Matt Fisher(Wyoming) pin Charles Vaughn(Lincoln West) 2:38
       Kellen Ashworth(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Calvin So(Reading) advanced with bye
       Chris Hicks(New Lexington) tech. fall Brian Painter(CHCA) 17-1
  125: Rob Aylor(Ryle) pin Deonte Johnson(Lincoln West) 0:25
       J.D. Holbrook(Spr. North) tech. fall Austen Downs(Reading) 21-6
       Tyler Wilson(Oldham) pin Max Cobey(Wyoming) 1:05
       Travis Cook(New Lexington) pin Robert Stagge(CHCA) 0:40
       Jeff Kneeland(Gahanna Lincoln) dec. Daniel Tucker(Western Brown) 8-7
       Zac Amnah(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Tevis Edwards*RYL(X1) pin Katherine Trivisonno(Lafayette) 0:24
       Germane Lindsey*LC(X2) maj. dec. Jeff Hoppe(Dayton Christian) 13-3
  130: Alex Treneff(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Michael Culver(Oldham) 1:04
       Eric Powell(Spr. North) pin Michael Rochford(St. Charles) 5:17
       Gregg Stacener(Ryle) dec. J.P. Sprovach(Indian Hill) 10-6
       Jerry Robinson(New Lexington) over Jacob Larter*WB(X1) default
       Kyle Hollingsworth(Western Brown) tech. fall Nick Coomer(Lafayette) 17-1
       Frank Hull(Wyoming) pin Chao Chen*RYL(X2) 1:42
       John Frodo Rorrer(Dayton Christian) advanced with bye
       Jason Robbe(Batavia) pin Ray Oetzel(Williamsburg) 1:02
  135: Ryan Brownlee(Western Brown) advanced with bye
       Branden Quinlan(Oldham) dec. Chad Bender(New Lexington) 15-9
       Clint Hovekamp(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Matt Uckotter(Lafayette) dec. Shawn McIlwain(Lincoln West) 13-7
       Derek Mages(Reading) maj. dec. Nathanial DeLeon(St. Charles) 10-1
       Sam Brown(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Will Morgan*RYL(X1) 3:15
       Steve Jordan(Williamsburg) advanced with bye
       Jacob Ison(Batavia) pin Tyler Woodruff*WB(X2) 1:40
  140: Nick Spohn(CHCA) pin John Busteed(Wyoming) 2:58
       Brian Shepherd(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Artashes Ter-Isahakyan(Lafayette) 2:46
       Jonathan Dale(Oldham) tech. fall Matthew Rochford(St. Charles) 15-0
       Andrew Koehler(Ryle) pin Codie Light*LW(X2) 0:27
       Nathan Bowers(Dayton Christian) tech. fall Gideon Scott*OLD(X1) 15-0
       Tim Packer(Reading) dec. Broc French(Spr. North) 8-3
       Kyle Patrick(Western Brown) pin Robby Gacad(Batavia) 1:07
       Dustin Hawk(New Lexington) pin Thomas Schmid(Williamsburg) 2:09
  145: Jordan Spohn(New Lexington) pin Jeremy Rich(Indian Hill) 1:33
       Ryan Goy(Ryle) pin Alex Woodcock(Lafayette) 1:37
       Matt Martin(Oldham) advanced with bye
       Brandon Naylor(Western Brown) pin Jamie Sexton(Gahanna Lincoln) 2:55
       Zeke Purnell(Spr. North) pin Jeremy Sanders(St. Charles) 3:17
       Casey O'Hara*WB(X1) dec. Adam Kinion(Dayton Christian) 13-10
       Ben Arnold(Williamsburg) pin David Rigg(Batavia) 4:28
       John Bogucki(Reading) pin John Lalonde(CHCA) 1:09
  152: Jason Porter(Western Brown) pin Jacob Dehner(Williamsburg) 1:28
       Hovik Matsakyan*LW(X2) pin Adam Dahl*RYL(X5) 2:29
       Corey Gould*WB() pin Ova Halloran(Batavia) 0:10
       Jeff Hamilton(Spr. North) dec. Dariel Delgado(Lincoln West) 8-5
       Keith Aksel(Gahanna Lincoln) tech. fall Brett Williams*OLD(X3) 15-0
       Matt Favazzo(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Gregg Ashworth(Ryle) pin Wes Combs(Oldham) 2:54
       Jon Huffman(New Lexington) dec. Jeff Howell(Wyoming) 12-11 OT
  160: Antione Love(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Dylan Silbinger*WYO(X2) 1:48
       Theodore Adams(Spr. North) pin Pedro Prensa*LW(X1) 5:09
       Brendan Ryan(St. Charles) pin Max Streeter*WYO(X3) 1:02
       Omar Wahdan(Lincoln West) advanced with bye
       Ryan Noble(Western Brown) pin Tom Freel(Reading) 3:21
       Brad Hettmansperger(Ryle) pin Peter Golemboski(Oldham) 5:46
       Todd Richman(Wyoming) advanced with bye
       Ian Lehn(Batavia) maj. dec. Paul Davis(New Lexington) 11-1
  171: Dan Snell(Batavia) pin Danny Hertzog(Lafayette) 0:42
       Josh Young(Oldham) pin Thomas Hunter(CHCA) 1:36
       Gerhardt Jetter*WB(X1) pin Derrick Brown(Gahanna Lincoln) 3:32
       Max Miller(Wyoming) pin Ryan Griffith(Williamsburg) 3:27
       Andy Bridges(Western Brown) maj. dec. Joel Addington(New Lexington) 15-2
       Joe Sauer(St. Charles) advanced with bye
       Beau Gilliland(Ryle) pin Alex Amend*CHCA(X2) 0:50
       Shawn Johnston(Spr. North) dec. Robert Watkins(Reading) 9-5
  189: Walter Fyda(St. Charles) pin Nathan Sidwell(New Lexington) 1:38
       Juan Silva*LW(X2) advanced with bye
       Mike DeNoma(CHCA) pin Joseph Gord(Dayton Christian) 1:09
       Robert Tuthill(Lafayette) dec. Alex Wenninger(Oldham) 4-3
       Chris Schneider(Western Brown) pin Lawrence Kemp(Spr. North) 4:43
       Kevin McFarland(Indian Hill) pin Chris Owens(Batavia) 1:26
       Matt Robinson(Ryle) advanced with bye
       Stephen Murphy(Lincoln West) pin Kyle Johnson*SN(X1) 0:23
  215: Tim Dick(Reading) pin Dyami Dilia*RYL(X2) 0:59
       Jonathan Skeete(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Evan Bullock(Lafayette) 0:51
       Wes Wiseman(New Lexington) pin Robert Taylor*WB(X4) 1:41
       Greg Ochab(St. Charles) pin Brian Campbell(Spr. North) 2:59
       Christian Huckaby(Lincoln West) pin Reid Broadus(Ryle) 1:03
       Michael Planalp*WYO(X1) pin Terry Manning(Western Brown) 1:07
       Bryan Howell(Wyoming) pin Mike McCord*RYL(X3) 0:53
       Zach Reckman(Indian Hill) pin Travis Young(Oldham) 1:22
  275: Dan Smith(Spr. North) pin Adam Spears*WB(X1) 1:59
       Chris Malone(Gahanna Lincoln) pin Steve Bodenbender(Ryle) 0:40
       Paul Gardner*GL(X4) advanced with bye
       Keith Griffey(Western Brown) pin Louis Young(Williamsburg) 2:44
       Nick Lowrey(Oldham) advanced with bye
       J.P. Sullivan(St. Charles) pin Brian Kent(Lincoln West) 3:19
       Joe Edwards*WYO(X2) advanced with bye
       Micah Vance(Wyoming) pin Koy Dennis(New Lexington) 0:28