Hy-Tek Reports: Data for Web or Media

Purpose:  To provide data in formats that can be posted directly on a web site or e-mailed to the media. 

Solution:  Hy-Tek Meet Manager creates files in the needed formats whenever reports are generated.  Web files are HTML files and have an extension of .HTM after the file names.  Newspapers need a file formatted as ASCII (text) file.  Unfortunately Hy-Tek does not generate a file with CC results that's easy for the newpapers. Send them the same file you generate for the web!

In Meet Manager for Windows use:
  1. For the web site, while in the Cross Country / Road Race Module
    • Use FlatHTML | List and Team Scores
    • Note the File Name and Location and click Save.
      • Change file names so each can be identified!
        • Examples: hsboys.htm, d1b.htm, d2g.htm, HSboysopen.htm, MSGirlsteam.htm, etc.
    • Repeat for the other races.
  2. For the media, send them the same files you create in for the web site.